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Stupid, STUPID Potter. Draco had always known that he had not despised the 'boy who lived' because he envied him. What kind of rubbish did people come up with those days? He despised him because he was such a naïve and idiotic numb-skull.

Draco let himself get dragged by the snatchers to his home. To his own bleeding house. Well, that was partly his fault. If Greyback hadn't been in the group of snatchers, nobody would have recognized him. Then they would've probably be led somewhere else instead. Probably the ministry. They could've pulled some stunt there to escape. But apparently it had been in the prophet that Malfoy was with the trio. Even someone with a fewer brain cells like Greyback could figure out that he had just caught the posse with the Undesirable No. 1 as soon as he recognized Malfoy.

But why, why, WHY did Potter have to let the Dark Lords name slip his ruddy mouth? How many times had Draco told him the name was taboo? Everything had been going perfectly. Draco heard Hermione whimper behind him in Scabior's hands. Draco growled. He wanted nothing but to rip Hermione out of that git's grip. He knew that Scabior was the perverted one from the lot. He heard Weasley grunting, still hurt from trying to protect Hermione. He knew that Thomas was with them as well, from Merlin knows where.

"Remember home sweet home?" Greyback rasped at him.

Malfoy simply grunted in reply. He looked up at the big manor that loomed up. It still looked the same. Gloomy, dark and cold.

"Don't think you deserve her now." Some snatcher sneered. "Not to a ruddy lot of blood traitors."

Malfoy clenched his teeth together. Two years ago, if someone had told him that he would be dragged in to his house like this, treated like scum because he was a blood traitor, Draco Malfoy would have laughed. But now, it didn't seem that amusing.

"What's that filth you've brought in, Greyback?" A high pitch voice came from the drawing room as they entered it.

Shit, shit, shit.

Draco didn't dare look up to meet his aunt's eyes. But he knew that she recognized him by the tell-tale blonde hair. His Dark Mark suddenly burned.


Bellatrix breathed out seeing the tall pale figure. She walked right up to Draco. He felt her breath hit his face, laced with a hint of firewhisky.

"You filthy BLOOD TRAITOR." She screamed.

Draco couldn't help flinch. Oh, he knew how aunty's temper went. Suddenly something wet flew in to his face. Draco's face grew hard as he realized that Bellatrix had spat at him.

"There's more." Greyback finally quipped in. "We got Potter."

Bellatrix literally did a double take.

"Potter?" She whispered. Her attention went right up to the swollen faced boy Greyback was clutching. She went and drew her wand.

"No!" Hermione shrieked. Bellatrix ignored her and simply moved Harry's messy overgrown hair out from his forehead. The scar seemed to smirk at watched Bellatrix's face turn something in to a gleeful look. She suddenly laughed wildly, giving her a crazed impression.

"Well, well, well. The Dark Lord must be summoned!" she cried like a twelve year old kid who had got a valuable gift. She hesitated when her eyes fell on Draco. Her eyes gleamed for a second.

"Draco." She purred. "Why don't you summon him yourself with that mark on your arm which shows your loyalty to him."

Draco stiffened.

He wouldn't. Hermione thought.

"Prove me, Draco. You'll be given another chance." Bellatrix said circling him slowly.

"Malfoy, don't you—" Ron started to say but got a smack across his jaw by his captor.

"Prove me." Bellatrix sneered.

Draco's palms were sweaty behind his back. They were screwed. They couldn't get out from here. The manor had an anti- apparition ward. They didn't have wands. They were out numbered and Bellatrix would never hesitate to use a killing curse. What were the odds that they would get out from here?


Bellatrix's smile flickered. Hermione closed her eyes with relief. Ron and Harry's mind whirred back, frantically trying to figure out a way to get out.

"Of course." Bellatrix whispered. "I can't trust you…..and I don't trust what you'll do next." Her whispers were barely audible. "Like your father."

Draco's heart sped. It bumped in to his chest as if it wanted to get the hell out of his chest.

"You're such a coward."

Draco clenched his fists that were behind his back. She knew that he hated been called that. Even though he was a Slytherin, and even though he had been cowardly half of his life, Draco hated been called one. What made people think that he didn't know that he was one? He didn't need people to remind him that.

"Shut up." Draco scowled. The anger that was building in him was giving him courage, though how stupid it maybe due to the circumstance. Bellatrix was about to flick her wand at Draco when she saw something red glinting. Her face grew noticeably pale before everyone's eyes.

"You." She whispered dangerously at the snatcher by Ron with wide eyes. "Where did you find that?" her eyes were staring at the ruby encrusted sword.

"In the tent." The snatcher replied with a smirk, proud of his discovery. "It's mine now."

And before Ron could blink his eyes, the snatcher beside him fell stunned, the Gryffindor Sword falling with a crash on the marble floor.

"How? How did they have it?" Bellatrix muttered to her self. "The vault, it's not safe….." She seemed not to realize that she was talking out loud. "Take them to the cellar. NOW!" Bellatrix shrieked.

She paused.

"No, leave the Mudblood. And the blood traitor—No, not that one—Our new blood traitor."

Fear bubbled in Draco's guts. What did she want with Hermione? And from him?Greyback and Scabior easily dragged Harry and Ron to a nearby hallway, despite their struggles. The snatchers looked uneasy, Draco couldn't help notice. He turned his attention back to his demented aunt who was pacing back and forth like a caged lioness, now holding the sword in her hands.

She suddenly turned to Draco. "Where did you get this?" Her voice was dangerous.

"I don't know." Draco sound of the slap across his face echoed the walls.

"LIAR." she cried. "Did you break in to my vault? You, you filthy SCUM."

Draco couldn't help feeling a bit confused. "Vault? What vault?"

"SHUT UP." Bellatrix positively looked mad. She suddenly went over to Hermione, as if she had made up her mind.

"Don't touch her." Draco growled, writhing his wrists trying to get the binds off in an hopeless attempt. His captor gripped his hold firmer on Draco.

"What did you say?"

"I said don't touch her."

Bellatrix grabbed a fistful of Hermione's hair and dragged her to Malfoy, ignoring her whimpers. Draco winced.

"Why not, Draco?"

"You'll get your filth all over her." Draco seethed.

Bellatrix's face contoured in to a deep scowl that Draco regretted what he said. "You're in love with this dirt, aren't you?"

Draco didn't answer but he heard gags from the snatchers.

"I'll give you a little show Draco. And then like old times you're going to be sent in to your room. I'm pretty sure the Dark Lord would love to deal with you later." Bellatrix said sweetly as she pushed Hermione on to the floor.

Draco's face paled. And Bellatrix noticed with glee. With a grand flourish she waved her wand and pointed it directly at Hermione.


"NO" Malfoy yelled in anguish but his voice was drowned by Hermione's screams.

Draco struggled in his captors grasp, watching with horror at Hermione's pained face.

"Stop it. Please." Malfoy 's screams kept ringing on. Malfoy struggled. His ears hurt, his heart hurt and his wrists hurt but he didn't back down.

"DAMN YOU, WOMAN." Draco bellowed as he struggled wildly and to his luck he felt a slight loose in the hands that gripped him. Draco heaved himself suddenly at the snatcher behind him. Taken completely off-guard from the attack, the snatcher staggered back almost tripping on the furniture. The screams had almost reached Bellatrix when he was suddenly hit by a pain in the leg. Draco staggered and fell on the floor, only a few inches away from Hermione. Pain ripped his leg in a blinding way.

"Lock him in his room. The little brat." He heard Bellatrix say. Draco managed to turn his face to look at Hermione's still figure nearby. She was breathing hard, thank Merlin.

"Hermione?" Draco whispered. "Hermione, please—" Draco felt rough hands grab him and drag him along the floor, away from Hermione. "No—No, Hermione!" he cried helplessly.

And before he knew it he was tossed in to his room and he heard the doors click as they slightly panted as he tried hard to ignore the pain in his leg. He looked around at his room. It was the same as he had left it. A distant scream snapped his head towards the door. Hermione. Draco managed to crawl towards the door. Turning his back on the door, he took a few seconds to somehow prop himself on to his feet and lean against the door. His hands were still tied behind him but it felt looser than it used to be. He took a few moments to regain his could still make out the screams coming from the drawing room. He heard Bellatrix shrieking over the noise. Malfoy gritted his teeth.

How do I get out, dammit?

He heaved himself at the door in unsuccessful attempts to get the doors opened, ignoring his throbbing leg.

"Get me OUT OF HERE." Draco roared yelled again. Pleaded, banged the door with his body seven times, causing it to ache. He bellowed again, his voice almost cracking. There was no reply. He looked around wildly, trying to find something, anything, to get himself to save Hermione. Suddenly all his fancy decorations and expensive furniture in his room was utterly useless to him. They were loads of crap. There was nothing useful.

He noticed that the screaming had stopped. He froze. What was happening? Had Bellatrix simply got tired of torturing Hermione? Or ….. No, he couldn't think of the alternative. Hermione was too strong for that.

Way too strong.

"House-elves" Draco realized. He searched his memory for a name of a house elf in the manor. They had to help him. He was Malfoy. They belonged to him.

"Beck" Draco gasped.

A loud crack made Draco jump and he hoped nobody heard it. Beck, the house elf bowed low in front of Draco. If his arms had been free, Draco would've hugged the little creature.


"Untie these ropes."

The House-Elf stared at him as if he didn't understand the order. "B-Beck cannot do that, Master Draco. Beck has been given orders not to take orders from any Malfoy."

Draco stared at Beck with disbelief. "What? But you can't, you belong to me. You belong to the Malfoys and the priorities of the House-Elves at the Manor are to obey the Malfoys only."

The House-Elf fidgeted in his spot. "But the Mistress renamed the role last year to the Master and Mistress Lestrange, Master Snape and the Dark Lord. Beck is sorry, Beck cannot obey Master Malfoy anymore."

"But-but …Damn you, you useless animal." Draco spat.

His hope was so shattered and he felt such boiling frustration that he was tempted to kick the bloody Elf. But Hermione's returning screams stopped him. She was still fighting against the torturing. He had to hurry. And he couldn't do anything to the elf, knowing what Hermione would say if she knew.

"Alright." Draco said taking a deep breath. "Okay…..I need someone who would take orders from me, who would help me."

"None of the Elves are allowed to help you, Master." Beck whispered.

"I know! Don't you kno—"

"Beck is been summoned. Beck has to go." The Elf said abruptly and with a loud crack, Draco was left back to where he started.

Draco swore loudly. His cheek started to get streaked with frustrated tears. He wished he was dead. Draco trudged to the door and heaved himself to the door. He did it again and again.

"I'm sorry Hermione." He whispered and banged the door. He repeated himself till he felt his left shoulder get numb with the blunt ache. He muttered to himself. I'm sorry Hermione, I'm sorry Hermione, I'm sorry Hermione, I'm sorry Hermione…..

He heaved himself once more at the door but instead of feeling the hard wooden door, he hit something comparatively soft, felt himself falling and with a loud thud he hit the floor. With someone under him. Draco blinked and looked at what he had landed on. Surely the door couldn't have broken?

Draco found himself looking at an unconscious Scabior under him. The snatcher had hit his head on the near by pillar and he was out cold. Draco couldn't believe his luck. He looked behind him and saw that the door was wide open. Draco had crashed in to Scabior when he had opened the door.

Gathering up his strength Draco rolled away from Scabior. There was no one in the hallways. Draco pulled himself in to a sitting position, and with much struggle he scooted over to the dropped wand which belonged to Scabior. His finger hungrily gripped the piece of wood.

"Relashio." Draco muttered and his wrists were finally free.

Feeling dizzy, his heart banging in to his chest, tears dry on his face, Draco stood up giddily and without hesitation limped his way silently to the drawing room after putting Scabior in to a full body bind curse. He heard voices. And they sounded unfamiliar wand held ready in his hand he peeked in to the drawing room.

He saw Bellatrix waving her arms around, clearly a sign that she had lost her temper. Draco spied the expensive chandelier shattered on the floor. He looked around for Hermione. She was nowhere in sight.Where was she? Draco wondered panicked. He saw a couple of snatchers on the floor. They looked like they were stunned.

"Where's Scabior?" Bellatrix suddenly cried, dragging Draco's attention towards her. "We need the Draco now that the Mudblood escaped." She seethed.

Draco's eyes widened. Hermione escaped? He felt relieved and also alarmed. He was left alone here. and he had no idea where or how to join Hermione. He had to get out first. Now. He quickly made his way to the kitchens, knowing that the back door was the ideal way out. As soon as he was out of the gates, he could apparate.

Draco momentarily wondered if Hermione was alright, as he limped briskly-if that was even possible. That was a stupid question. Who would be alright after been tortured by Bellatrix? Draco just hoped she will be alright. He wondered if Wonder Boy and Weasel had somehow managed to get out with her. He hoped so.

From the corner of his heart he felt hurt that he was forgotten and left behind. Even a bit angry. How could Hermione do this to him? Did he really deserve that?Draco finally found himself out form the gates. Without hesitation he apparated to his destination:


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