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Kendall picked Logan up Saturday morning, texting him the night before if he wanted to hang out with him and Carlos. Logan assumed what Kendall really was trying to get at was to try and sway the brunette into not wanting to go to Wayne Wayne's party tonight but Logan was firmly set on it. He had the clothes Camille bought for him already washed and hiding under his bed, just in case his mother came into his room and saw the clothing far out of Logan's usual taste for clothes. He hoped that if he saw James at the party, he wouldn't notice that it was the same outfit he wore when he met him, maybe it will be dark in Wayne Wayne's house so James won't be able to see it very well.

A lot of hope. Hope that they'll go to the party, hope that he'll see James.

Hope that finally he would be able to confess how much he liked him.

Kendall picked Carlos up from his home, the freshman smiling brightly at Logan and Logan just giving a friendly smile back, Kendall starting up the ignition again and driving off down the street towards the Town Square. Carlos tilted himself so he could get a good look at the side of Logan's face, smiling eagerly.

"You're coming with us?"

"More like Kendall trying to change my mind," Logan said, giving Kendall a flutter of the eyes and Kendall's hands gripped tight at the wheel. But as usual when he drove, Kendall didn't speak. Logan didn't continue any conversation after that, the three of them just driving in silence down and through the streets of the small town in the direction of Town Square. Logan didn't go down to Town Square that many times, mostly because if he should go down there, he'd feel alone. So many students from the high school went to Town Square to hang out, whether it be going to catch a movie, go bowling, go shopping or going out to eat at the many restaurants that lined up and down the streets. It was like a miniature little city for them, and Logan was often the lone person walking around while large groups of five or seven walked around him laughing and enjoying each others company.

He hated feeling like he was by himself, that's why he hated going to Town Square.

The truck calmly rolled down the street, vibrant and people walking around with their shopping bags and smoothies in hand from the smoothie hut across the way, Kendall snagging a spot by the parking meter and putting the truck into park. He dug into his pocket, pulling out a couple of quarters and turned to grin at Carlos and Logan both, "I have enough for about two hours here. Think it'll be long?"

"Can we see all the stores? I never been here before," Carlos replied and Kendall shrugged.

"I'll drive around once I'm done taking you to the Sports Center, okay?"

"Okay," Carlos chirped, getting out of the truck and already beginning to soak in his surroundings. Logan raised an eyebrow as Kendall began to unbuckle his seatbelt, Kendall only slowing when he noticed the brunette's eyes on him.

"He's trying out for track and needs some running shoes," Kendall replied and Logan just slowly nodded, unbuckling himself and getting out of the truck. Logan never really was the athletic kind, he more preferred to be behind the sidelines and cheering someone on. He was like that when it came to going to Kendall's hockey games, Kendall coaxing him to try and just see what it's like skating but honestly, Logan was horrible at sports and wouldn't be caught dead trying to try out for one. Carlos was already ahead of them on the sidewalk, Kendall placing his quarters in the meter before walking side by side with Logan at a simple and slow pace.

"So I guess getting him to try out hockey is a no?" Logan asked and Kendall scoffed.

"I'm going to get him on the ice. As my Little, it's his duty to learn hockey like his Big Brother," Kendall replied and Logan smiled.

"You make him sound like he really is your brother," Logan said and Kendall blushed.

"Well. . .it's nice having a little brother. And he's a real sweetheart, I don't know why his mom-"

Kendall quickly closed his mouth and Logan looked at Kendall in confusion. Logan never heard anything about Carlos' past, not sure of what the Latino's homelife was with his grandmother. He never even heard talk about Carlos' parents, Logan wondered what happened to them or if they were still involved in Carlos' life. But Kendall was already looking reluctant to answering any questions about Carlos' family, already looking like he was regretting at letting it slip so Logan gave a small sigh and rocked his arms back and forth.

"So. . .what are you going to wear for Wayne Wayne's party?" Logan asked and Kendall scoffed.

"Logan, we don't know if we're going to go."

"Well we might. If you're nice to him if we see him," Logan replied. And really, they probably would. Logan knew the places around Town Square the cliques at Palm Woods hung out at, Wayne Wayne and his posse like to hang around Main Street Plaza, the area having a lot of video stores and record shops. The Jennifers domain was Gardner Ave., Sephora and other cosmetic stores dominating that area. Football jocks were around the park, vast open area to play a little bit of rugby. Drama students always down at the culture center and the Tills Playhouse to see performances. Kendall and his other group of friends would be down in the Staten Park, smack dab in the middle of the Town Square and near by all of the food joints and an abundance of trees to kick back in the shade.

And James and his popular table would always be at Cordello Dr., where the large fountain was by the movie theater and close by Staten.

Oh, what if he passes by James today? Logan found himself absently biting his lip in slight anticipation.

"I don't know if I could handle being nice to him," Kendall murmured, seeing Carlos slowing up ahead and waiting for them. Since the freshman didn't even know where the Sport Center even was and was already giving a shy and embarrassed smile their way. "It's down this way, come on," Kendall replied, throwing an arm around Carlos' shoulders and his other arm slipping around Logan's torso as well, smiling to himself and leading the three of them to the left past the little planters to the large building in the quad.

People were scarce, not really many people sitting at the tables underneath the umbrellas out front and the three of them strolled down inside the entrance. The center was full of anything and everything sports, Logan already feeling out of his element. There was stuff for hiking, stuff for rock climbing, stuff for canoeing of all things when there wasn't even a river miles from here. Kendall pointed over at in the area of track, "Go and pick out your shoes and maybe some good pants."

"Okay," Carlos replied, letting Kendall give him a tiny squeeze before letting the freshman boy rush over to that area. Logan crossed his arms, giving Kendall a wry look.

"Now I'm starting to think Dak is right."

"About what?"

"Do you like Carlos?" Logan asked and Kendall blushed.

"No! Not like that! Geez, he's like three years younger than me!"

"So? Age is nothing but a number," Logan said with a shrug and Kendall pouted.

"It isn't when you start feeling like you're dating a child. Maybe if Carlos acted a bit less. . .innocent and naïve. . .maybe," Kendall replied and Logan felt his heart quiver for a second before swallowing down that little bit of insecurity and gave a little smile.

"You're just so openly affectionate to him, everyone's going to think that you two are dating or something," Logan said, walking over to the tennis display and picking up one of the racquets to give a playful swing. Kendall walked over and picked up a racquet as well to toss from hand to hand.

"Well, I think I'm affectionate with everyone. . .some people more than others. . ."

"Like with that person you like?" Logan asked and Kendall gave a shy nod. "And how do they respond?"

". . .I don't think they get it," Kendall said softly and Logan smiled.

"Then maybe you should just grab them and kiss them, that ought to get your point across," Logan joked and gave a laugh. But when he turned expecting to see Kendall laughing as well, Kendall was just staring at him, eyes dull and as if he was debating about something in his head. His grip on the tennis racquet was tight and he was biting his lower lip and Logan slowly stopped swinging his racquet, looking concerned, "Kendall? Are you okay?"

"U-Uh, yeah. I'm fine, I-I'll just go check on Carlos," Kendall stuttered out, quickly putting the tennis racquet back and rushing away to the track are. Logan just stared after him before he put his own tennis racquet away too. Geez, he didn't expect Kendall to get so worked up over a joke. Usually Kendall always laughed at Logan's lame tries at a joke, no matter how corny or how many times it's already been heard by the more cooler of people. He walked over, hands in his pockets and down the aisles of shoes until he spotted Carlos and Kendall at the end. It looked like Carlos already went through a couple, boxes at his feet and paper all pulled out with shoes sprawled all around him. Kendall was putting the shoes away, Logan walking over and helping clean up as well.

"Sorry for making a mess," Carlos apologized and Kendall scoffed.

"It's okay, I'm even sloppier," he said with a toothy grin and Carlos laughed, Kendall placing some of the shoes back on the shelves behind him, "Did you find some?"

"No, these are too tight on my feet."

"You don't want them to be too big either."

"Yeah. . .let me keep looking," Carlos said, getting up and grabbing another box from off the shelf and sitting down, beginning to open it. Logan leaned against the wall, giving a soft sigh as Kendall sat down beside Carlos and talked to his Little, Logan hearing a couple of light laughs floating from Carlos' lips. Then the brown eyes flickered over down the aisle, widening when he saw a familiar face and his posse strolling down with exaggerated swagger and he bit his lip.

"Kendall, Kendall," Logan whispered out but Wayne Wayne already noticed Kendall sitting down, Logan seeing a smile coming to the boy's lip at the thought of being able to mess with Kendall.

"Hey! Ken-dork!" Wayne Wayne shouted out, Kendall looking over his shoulder and frowning as he got onto his feet, "What are you doing here, huh? Last time I remembered, this was my area."

"Oh shut up, you don't own the store," Kendall said and Logan nudged him in the side. Kendall growled, lips twisting and turning, "I mean, I'm just here to get some things and then we're leaving."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah. . .nice hat," Kendall grumbled and Wayne Wayne pulled back his glasses, giving a confused look in the blond's direction before looking at Logan.

"What's with the suck-up attitude?" he asked and Logan could see Kendall's hands balling into fists, clearly already beginning to grow aggravated and Logan gave Wayne Wayne a tiny little smile.

"Well. . .we were both wondering if. . .maybe we can come to your party tonight," Logan replied and Wayne Wayne looked up at Kendall, sly smile coming over his lips and his posse began to circle around the two of them.

"Is that so, huh? Knight wants to get cool and hop aboard the Wayne Wayne Express? I want you to say it."

Kendall looked so ready to punch the teen's mocking smile clear off but the bottle green eyes flickered over to Logan's face and he just gritted his teeth, "Uh yeah, I want to get cool and hop aboard the Wayne Wayne Express," Kendall said through clenched teeth and Logan smiled at him. He really was trying hard to get the both of them in the party, Kendall was such a good friend to Logan. Wayne Wayne tilted his head from side to side, trying out what Kendall had said and liking what he was hearing so he gave a shrug.

"Okay then, maybe you guys can come. I don't want you cramping my style though, Ken-dork," Wayne Wayne replied and Kendall just remained silent, brooding and bottle green eyes intense and angry. Logan felt someone brushing up behind him, Carlos trying to wedge himself between the two of them with a pair of running shoes in his hands.

"Kendall, I think I found some shoes that are. . .who's this?" Carlos asked and Kendall bit his lip down hard.

". . .This is Wayne Wayne," Kendall said, tone neutral and dead while Logan just turned to beam to Carlos.

"We're going to go to his party tonight," Logan replied and Wayne Wayne frowned.

"Whoa whoa, I didn't say he could come. . .how old are you anyways?" the teen asked, eyebrow quirked in interest and Carlos glanced between Kendall's stone face to Wayne Wayne's.

"Um. . .fourteen."

"No. No babies at the party," Wayne Wayne responded and Kendall frowned, Logan now beginning to get nervous.

"And why can't he come? He's mature."

"Why do you want some baby freshman to come to a party meant for our class?. . .Oh I get it, you're tired of Logan here being your little butt buddy so you moved onto that piece of jailbait?" Wayne Wayne asked, mocking and cruel smile on his lips that Logan's eyes widened. He could see Carlos' face flushing with embarrassment and Kendall's face flaring with anger as the teen laughed out loud at his joke.

And that laugh was cut off by a swift fist landing in Wayne Wayne's nose.

He stumbled back into his shocked posse, Logan's eyes widening as Wayne Wayne's hands went up to hold his nose, blood beginning to seep through his fingers and Kendall was gritting his teeth.

"Don't you ever talk about my friends like that again," Kendall hissed and Wayne Wayne growled, stumbling to get back onto his feet and hand clenching his nose tight.

"Oh yeah? Well you and your boy toys can forget about coming to my party! Have fun fucking each other, Ken-dork!" Wayne Wayne hissed back and Kendall took a threatening step forward that made the four of the teens step back in slight fear. Wayne Wayne shook his head, turning fast and storming out of the aisle with his friends following close behind, tiny trail of blood drops being left behind. Kendall seethed for a couple of minutes, Logan's face beginning to fall at the thought of what happened. He wasn't going to be able to go to the party now. . .he won't see James and James won't see him.

". . .Come on, let's go," Kendall muttered, turning and placing a hand on Carlos' back to lead the freshman to the check out stands while Logan slowly followed after them. Kendall paid for Carlos' shoes, the boy not buying anything else and the three of them walked out of the Sports Center without even saying another word. No one spoke up saying they wanted to go out and just walk around, matter of fact, Logan just wanted to go home right now. And the way that Kendall's face was starting to look solemn and sick, he figured he wanted to go home and lie down too.

They all went to Kendall's truck, maybe half an hour left on the parking meter for someone else to use and they all climbed in, Kendall beginning to start the ignition and pull out of the small space. Logan crossed his arms, staring down at the dashboard and biting his lower lip.

". . .You didn't have to punch him," Logan murmured and Kendall quickly switched off the ignition to glare at Logan.

"Seriously? Logan, I'm not going to let him just fucking say anything what he wants and think he can get away with that. I knew going to his party was a bad idea, we're going bowling. That's that," Kendall snapped and Logan could see Carlos' eyes lighting up with excitement at the sound of getting to go bowling. But no, Logan's frown came over his lips and he began to grow red.

"But you took things too far!"

"I would have done more than punched him in the nose. I'm not going to act fake to get into a party, we all are above doing something like that."

"But I wanted to go to the party! What about doing what you have to do for me?"

"You only want to go to that party to see James. Logan, just face it. He's not interested in you, he doesn't want to date you, he doesn't even know you exist! Just let it go!" Kendall shouted and Logan stared dead into Kendall's face, eyes growing sad and hurt at the truth. Kendall stared into Logan's eyes, those bottle green eyes of his now looking apologetic; he knew he struck a nerve in Logan's heart and was now regretting it. Yet, he just turned back around, starting the ignition back up again and pulling onto the street to begin making his way out of Town Square.

Everything was quiet in the car, not even Carlos commenting on what had just happened at the store, just holding onto his brand new shoes and keeping his head down low until they arrived on his street and Kendall stopped in front of his grandmother's house.

"I'll pick you up at around seven, make sure you have money for your shoes and for some pizza, okay?" Kendall told the boy and Carlos nodded his head, Logan seeing Carlos' eyes flicker over to him one last moment before getting out of the truck and heading up the walkway. Once Carlos was inside, Kendall started the ignition again and slowly began to make his way up the street, but instead of going the usual way to Logan's home, he went another way.

To the park.

And Kendall pulled into a vacant parking space underneath the branch of a large tree, putting the truck in park and looking over at Logan. "I'm sorry," he said softly and Logan turned red, looking away from Kendall's apologetic gaze.

"Can you just take me home?"

"Can we just talk?"

"Nothing to talk about. You think I'm being a delusional romantic and I think you're being a selfish friend."

"Selfish?" Kendall asked astonished, eyebrows beginning to furrow, "You call sticking up for my friends being selfish?"

"But I wanted to go to the party!"

"Do you even hear yourself? Logan, you're the one that's being selfish! I just want the three of us to have fun tonight and it isn't going to be the same if we go to Wayne Wayne's party. Just. . ." Kendall sighed, running a hand through his hair, ". . .I'm sorry for saying those things about you and James. . .and I hope you still want to go bowling with me and Carlos."

". . .I'll think about it," Logan mumbled and Kendall sat there in silence looking at him before turning back to put the truck in reverse and pull out of the space, making his way back onto the street and driving in the direction of Logan's home. There were no words exchanged, not even Logan just talking to Kendall and letting the blond ruminate on his words. Just dead silence, Logan biting hard on his lower lip just thinking about tonight. It was only a couple moments later until Kendall arrived at the Mitchell home, Kendall pulling up alongside the curb.

". . .I'm sorry," Kendall said again and Logan just sighed.

"Yeah. . .I know. I think I'll just lie down when I get inside, kind of feeling like I got a headache," Logan murmured and Kendall just turned to look at the wheel he was gripping tight.

"Okay. . .I'll uh, see you later?"

"Sure Kendall," Logan replied with a small and slightly humorless smile, getting out of the truck and walking up the path to get to the front door. He turned to give a small wave to Kendall, his friend honking his horn back in response before pulling away from the curb and driving down the street. And Logan just sighed.

The boy sat on his bed, taking some catnaps in between checking the Twitter feed and the statuses on Facebook. He knew Wayne Wayne's party was already starting, in his mind debating on whether or not he should just crash the party. Cons would be that Wayne Wayne catches him and throws him out, making himself look like a total loser in James' eyes and not to mention Kendall would be disappointed in him and give him a long lecture making Logan feel he was driving himself insane over this. And pros would be that maybe Wayne Wayne would never find out that Logan was at his party and James and him could dance all night long, could have the time of their life and Logan would be able to confess how he felt about James. . .how he always felt about James.

His phone buzzed, Logan unlocking it to look at the screen and eyes growing wide at the latest status update. James had him as a friend on Facebook, Logan believing that he at least seen his face around school and recognized him. He saw James' smiling face in the little picture beside the text, 'Going to Wayne Wayne's party. Hope 'the one' is there! *fingers crossed*'.

The one. The one. And Logan wasn't going to be there, Logan was never going to find out if he was the one for James. . .he had to go to that party, he had to get there somehow. And Logan got off from his bed, getting onto the floor and pulling out those clothes Camille bought for him, settling the items on his bedsheets. He hastily began to strip, flinging his shirt off and trying to hop out of his pants to get on the new and cooler clothes. The ones that he wore when he charmed James for the first time, those clothes had that magic in them that he needed and hey, if James wasn't able to recognize it was Logan underneath those aviator shades and that tight fitting black shirt with those skinny jeans that he now was starting to sag, maybe Wayne Wayne won't either.

Logan smiled, looking into the mirror and running a hand through his hair.

Yeah, he's going to be all over you once he sees you. Look out, James. Cause-

Logan's cell phone buzzed and he jumped, looking over at the device and quickly rushing over to it to snatch it off of his bed and unlock it once more to see that he got a text message from Kendall.

Hey, u still wanna go bowling w/ us?

Logan bit his lower lip, he forgot all about how Kendall still wanted to go bowling. . .and how he still wanted all three of them to be hanging out together. But the party. . .Logan might be able to get in. . .he found his thumbs swiping over the keypad rapidly fast to type out a reply and get ready.

Sorry, still feeling sick :( maybe nxt time?

He was beginning to feel sick, but it was from the lie he just told to his friend through a text. Logan almost never lied through his phone before, hell Logan barely told lies to begin with. But. . .but he just couldn't miss this opportunity up. There will be other days where he can go bowling with Kendall and Carlos, there won't be any other night like this where Logan could make such an important impression. He waited for Kendall to respond back, it only being a couple of minutes before his phone buzzed again and he unlocked it.

Oh okay :( see u tmrw?

yeah tmrw

Logan bit his lip, he knew Kendall was upset. But no way was the boy going to cancel the outing and disappoint Carlos. . .he was going to let them have their fun together this time while he gets to hang out with James. That's okay, right? Nothing wrong with that, right? Everyone is going to have fun tonight, that's all that mattered right?

Right now, getting to that party was the only thing that mattered to Logan.