The Ways of the Force

Recruitment Day

The planet of Alderaan was beautiful. The sun shined today, the light reflecting off the snow capped mountains. The birds sung in unity. The air was warm, and the breeze was gentle. In a small community of villagers today was a day of celebration. One of their own was found to be force sensitive a few months back. Today they were expecting a Jedi Master to arrive to take her for her formal training into the Jedi Order.

As the celebration went on around them, the family of the young girl that was to be trained was doing their best to enjoy the festivities. It was hard for them to because they were losing their little girl. Unsure if they will ever see her again once she becomes a Jedi. They were sad, worried, and yet they were glad their little girl will have a good life. Their little girl stuck close to them. She was nervous and scared. She didn't know what to expect. She was too young to really understand what was to happen to her. All she knew is that she was going to be taken to a special school.

As the parents and little girl were lost in their thoughts the party around them quickly became quiet as if someone press mute on a holocommunicator. They wondered what happened, as they looked at the community square they saw a man walk up and stop a few feet from them. He was dressed in the robes of the Jedi Order. He head and face were covered by a hood that did not yet reveal his facial features. The parents bowed in respect to the Jedi Master. The Jedi didn't do anything, he remained silent his head tilted slightly down. He eyes peering at the young girl. A moment later he revealed himself by removing his hood. He was a middle age man, face worn from many years of study and battle. Yet his features were soft and warm. His eyes were gentle.

"I am Master Eldren Skye of the Jedi Order, it is a honor to meet you, young one." He spoke. The little girl was so nervous she just stared at him for a little while. The nervous look she had on her face quickly became one of serenity looking at the man. "I am Silvara Durron, sir." She spoke softly. He parents followed up quickly. "You grace us, Master Jedi." They both said in unison. Master Skye smiled gently. "The force has guided me to your child, to teach her in the way of the force. It is my honor to do so. If you are ready Silvara we must depart. I have much to teach you." Master Skye said gently.

Silvara turned around to her parents and hugged them for a moment and looked up at them. "Mama..Papa do not worry about me, I will be ok. I can feel it." She said before taking her small pack and walking next to Master Skye. The Jedi bowed to the parents and turned around and walked out of the small community the way he came. Silvara followed. She gave everyone a quick way before fading into the distance…

Meanwhile in another part of the galaxy those that are force sensitive are not so fortunate to have a celebration with friends and family. For most in the Empire having a force sensitive child is a death sentence if they don't cooperate. This is the case for one such imperial family doing research on the planet Belsavis. They have been on the run for weeks, hungry, lost and out of options they huddle in an abandon hovel planning their next move.

"What do we do? We can run anymore we are about out of food. We have to cooperate at this point my husband." The woman said. "Never, that damn captain just said our child was force sensitive because he was upset I revealed his corruption to his superiors. I will not subject our son to those Sith dogs on Korriban, I've been there I have seen the things they do to Acolytes." The man said in a stern voice. The child didn't say a word he was too scared, too frighten.

"But he is darling. You know the imperial law, we have to cooperate." The woman pleaded. "Silence, I think I … "Before the man said a word the fragile door broke open and Imperial troops stormed the hovel. There was nowhere for them to go. They just huddled in the corner. One of the soldiers tried to drag the child away from the parents. The father quickly tried to knock down the solider, however the other soldiers shot him dead. The woman and child screamed in horror and began to cry. The mother looked up at the men as they parted for another. This one was dressed in black, his face was covered with a hood. The mother had the look of fear in her eyes. The child felt the room get colder around them. His mother tried to speak.

"I tried pleading with my hus…."she was cut short as the life was being taken away from her by the dark man using a force choke. A moment later her body dropped lifeless on the ground. The boy tried to wake her up. "Mama! Mama! Wake up!" the boy yelled. The man revealed his face. He had a wicked grin on his scarred, corrupted face. "Boy look at me." The Sith said. The boy looked up at him. Anger filled his face.

"I am Lord Maeven, I was the one that killed your pathetic parents. I see you have hatred and anger in your eyes already. Good.. feast on your hatred and anger. Let it make you strong and powerful. When you have feasted on your anger and hatred enough, when it has given you untold power, seek me out and I will give you a chance at vengeance." As the Sith Lord turned to leave the boy was dragged out by the troops, the last sight he saw was the bodies of his dead parents.

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