Summary: After the battle at the D.O.M, Harry is found guilty of a multitude of crimes and banished from the Wizarding World and England. He finds himself in the USA and he ends up joining the United States army, his new name John Rambo. Set after the fourth film.

AN: I've been watching the Rambo and Harry Potter films again and I wondered what it would be like if Harry Potter was John Rambo after been banished from England, so here is my attempt at just that. Let's see what Voldemort and his army make of a Harry Potter who finds his home in war.

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"Will the defendant please rise." Chief Warlock Albus Dumbledore spoke loudly into the packed out court room 10. Anyone who looked at the aged Headmaster could tell that he was hating every minute of this as he watched his favourite pupil Harry James Potter stand up from his chair behind the defendants table along with his lawyer David Rooks.

"Harry James Potter, you have been charged with a multitude of crimes and have been tried by this court." Dumbledore began in an official voice as he looked at Harry.

"On the charge of using magic outside of a school setting you are found guilty." He read aloud from a piece of parchment in his hand.

"On the charge of breaking and entering the Ministry of Magic you are found guilty." He continued. Almost everyone in the public gallery were muttering and shaking their heads in disgust at this whole affair. This boy had exposed the return of the Dark Lord and had helped to capture 11 inner circle Death Eaters and this was how Fudge thanked him.

"On the charge of entering a restricted area of the Ministry without supervision or permission from the Minister you are found guilty." Dumbledore continued the mutterings of the public getting louder.

"On the charge of damage to Ministry property you are found guilty." He continued as he looked upon Harry who was handcuffed, dressed in the standard black and white stripped prisoner uniform and surrounded by four armed Auror's who stood at the four corners of defendants table.

Harry just stood looking at his headmaster with dull, lifeless eyes. It had only been a week since the battle had taken place and Sirius had died. He'd not even had time to grieve before a squad of 10 Auror's had come marching into the great hall with a warrant for his arrest. They had arrested him right there in the middle of dinner to the loud protests of the Gryffindors, Ravenclaw's, Hufflepuff's and loud laughing and cheering of Draco Malfoy and his friends.

As he looked up at the headmaster, he knew the man had done all within his power to stop this from even happening but Fudge would not be denied this time. The buffoon was heading for a fall as minister and wanted to take Harry down with him. Most of the court had dismissed the idea of charging him with the crimes after he had exposed Voldemort and helped capture 11 inner circle Death Eaters that is until Fudge had announced the final charge.

"And finally on the charge of the use of an unforgivable curse on another you are found guilty." Dumbledore announced reading of the last charge to which the public started shouting and yelling their protests.

"Bullshit, Harry would never use an unforgivable curse." Ronald Weasley bellowed over the shouting public, he and the rest of the Weasleys were red faced and steaming mad at this whole farce.

"Silence, silence otherwise I'll have you all removed." Dumbledore shouted over the protesting public. He wouldn't have them removed as he knew that they were starting to get on the Minister's nerves and right now anything that annoyed Fudge was fine with him, but he had to appear official and all that rot. Once the crowd had settled, he continued with the sentencing.

"After due consideration, we the Wizengamot have decided not to send you to Azkaban prison." Dumbledore announced with a small smile and twinkle returning to his eyes as the crowd cheered.

"WHAT, the boy has been found guilty of all crimes that means' he must spend the rest of his life in Azkaban." Yelled a purple faced Cornelius Fudge as he glared at Dumbledore who just shrugged at him.

"Tough." Dumbledore smirked at Fudge before he turned his attention back to Harry. "This court has taken into account all of your efforts in fighting the Dark Lord known as Voldemort." Here the people in the room all flinched at the name.

"First is of course your defeat over Voldemort in 1981 and then again in 1992 your first year, then in 1993 your second year, then in 1995 your fourth year and then again this year when you exposed Voldemort's return and helped capture 11 inner circle Death Eaters, taking all of these actions into account this court had decided that instead of been sent to Azkaban you will instead be banished from the British Wizarding world and England itself." Dumbledore explained sadly to the absolute shock of everyone in the court room, all except Fudge who was looking very gleeful in finally getting rid of Harry, not in the exact way he wanted but he was happy enough with the banishment.

"You will be given two weeks to get all of your affairs in order after which you will be given an international Port-key to the country of your choice." Dumbledore continued as the watching public began to start muttering again as they got over their shock of the sentence; when Dumbledore had read out that Harry would not be going to Azkaban, most had expected Harry to receive a fine and it would all be forgotten about.

"Do you understand your sentence as it has been given?" Dumbledore asked after a moments' pause in which he looked sadly at Harry.

"Yes." Harry replied in a monotone of voice.

"Do you have anything to say to this court before the case is dismissed?" Dumbledore asked which wasn't normally done but Dumbledore wanted to know what Harry was thinking.

"I guess thank you for not sending me to Azkaban." Harry said in a sarcastic tone before he turned to glare at Fudge his eyes suddenly burning with inner fire.

"When Voldemort comes knocking, killing all you're Aurors and taking over the Wizarding World, don't come crying to me because I'll just tell you to kiss my skinny little arse." Harry then gave a middle fingered salute to the Minister as Dumbledore banged his gravel closing the trial.

Over the next two weeks Dumbledore and the Gringott's Goblins helped Harry setup a new identity with a full Muggle background including school records. When asked why he wanted a new identity Harry replied that he didn't want to make it too easy for Voldemort to find him and that he wanted a new start in life after everything that had happened in his life so far. His chosen destination was Muggle America and the head of the American DMLE helped him attain an American visa that would allow him to work and live in Muggle USA under his new name.

A month after arriving in America Harry had been unable to find work and was getting low on the money he had taken with him when he left England so he walked into an army recruitment center.

"Hello how may I help you?" Asked a dark haired man who was sat behind a desk that had a computer on it and pieces of paper in neat piles.

"I'd like to sign up for the army." Harry replied in a polite voice as he stood in front of the desk.

"Well you have come to the right place lad, take a seat." The man said with a smile gesturing to the chair in front of his desk. "Now then first things first, your name?" he asked as he brought up the program for signing up new recruits on his computer screen.

"John Rambo." Harry replied catching himself before he replied with his birth name.

Over the next twenty years Voldemort would take over the Ministries of Magic in England, France, Germany, Spain, and Bulgaria and was making plans to take over Russia. Voldemort and the Death Eaters pretty much left the Muggle's alone as they were concentrating all their efforts on taking over the whole of the Wizarding world before they launched their war on the Muggle's. Voldemort had had Death Eaters searching for Harry Potter but gave up after five years of not finding him.

Hogwarts had become the last strong hold for the light and was were Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix trained themselves and new recruits and also made plans to attack Death Eater safe-houses, plans that usually went wrong some way or another.

In the year 2015 just as Harry was finishing a battle against the Burmese army, Albus Dumbledore stood from his seat in front of the great hall.

"I have great news on our search for Harry Potter." He announced with twinkling eyes and a large full smile on his aged face. "It seems that when Harry arrived in America he joined the U.S Army." As he said this muttering broke out amongst the Order members.

"And do you know where to find him." Hermione Weasley asked from her seat beside her husband Percy Weasley.

"No but I know where to find the man who trained him, retired Colonel, Samuel Trautman." Dumbledore replied with that same large smile.

"And you think he might know where Harry is?" Ron Weasley asked who was sat between his wife Lavender and his father.

"That is my hope yes." Dumbledore nodded at Ron before he continued. "I shall be going to see Mr. Trautman in a few weeks after I've sent a letter to him and I was hoping for volunteers' to come with me to not only talk with Mr. Trautman but also with Harry if we manage to find him." He soon had to pick the people to go with him as nearly every Order member had jumped to their feet to volunteer themselves to go to America to speak with the retired Colonel and hopefully Harry if they could find him.

End of chapter

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