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I got the idea for this story from 'The Rebel and the Chosen' by 'chelseyb1010'.

Chapter 1

First Meetings

Harry Potter stiffened. He saw figures prowling across his lawn. Death Eaters? It'd make sense,a great follow up to a dementor attack. The Dursleys were out and now would be the perfect time for them to move in. Then he saw the unmistakeable silhouettes of Remus Lupin and Mad Eye Moody, he automatically recognised Remus' walk and Mad Eyes limp. Pulling his wand out of his jeans, he also noted five others with them, and they were now inside the house.

"What are they doing here?" Harry murmured to himself. Wondering if they were finally here to take him somewhere else, he continued to listen, they were now currently in the kitchen, this was verified by the huge crash coming from the kitchen.

Once he heard the crash, he got into position, considering that for all of least year he thought he was in the presence of the real Mad Eye Moody, who turned out to be a polyjuiced Death Eater, he wasn't going to take any chances. As soon as he heard the click of the door unlocking, and saw the door itself actually open, he sprang onto the nearest person, his momentum sending them crashing down the stairs.

That person however, turned out turned out to be Mad Eye Moody, and when they crashed down the stairs, they landed at the foot of the stairs, and Harry landed on top of Mad Eye, eliciting an "oof!" on his part.

"What were your first words to Albus Dumbledore when we opened the trunk?" Harry snarled, accompanied by Harry pressing his wand uncomfortably in Mad Eye's throat.

"What?" Came the muffled grunt.

"I said, what were your first words to Dumbledore after the trunk?" Harry snarled again, pressing his knee into Mad Eye's face for good measure.

"I'm sorry Albus." Mad Eye rasped, the wand pressed to his throat having taken its toll.

"What in the hell was that about Harry?" Remus asked in a heated voice.

"Safety precautions" Harry grunted.

"You say that like there are Death Eaters following you Harry." Remus joked.

Harry then pushed Remus up against the wall pinning him. "Don't joke about that Remus." Harry snarled.

"Look out the window, can you see a haze, somewhere in the distance?" He queried.

"It looks like a disillusionment cha-." Realisation dawned in Remus' voice. " You have Death Eaters following you?" Remus said sharply.

"Yep, four. Bellatrix Lestrange-"

"What!" Remus whispered furiously. "You have her following you!"

"And Fenrir Greyback, as well."

"Greyback." Remus moaned, slumping against the wall. "Who else?"

"Antonin Dolohov and Augustus Rookwood."

"Oh god." Remus continued to moan. "How can we get out?"

"We'll think of that later." Came a woman's voice. "Let's turn the light on first."

The lights came on, Harry saw a variety of different people. There was Remus, Mad Eye, a tall bald black man, a purpled haired woman, a black haired, rosy cheeked woman, an old, silver haired man, a man with, straw-coloured thick hair, and a familiar man with a violet top hat.

"Harry, you look different." Remus said, noticing his multiple piercings(snakebites), and his hair (green fringe with blonde mixed in).

"What, these?" Harry asked, indicating his piercings and hair (he was wearing a beanie).

"Yes, those!" Remus started to rant, getting worked up. "You have piercings on your lip!"

"Wait 'til you see the tongue piercing and tattoo."


"Here, I'll show you." Harry said, pulling up his shirt and exposing his chestpiece tattoo, that had a werewolf, a grim, and a stag prowling about with a lily blooming in the distance all with a full-moon background, and the words 'I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good' across his collarbone.

"Harry?" Remus said weakly.

"It's good isn't it? it's not finished though. I was going to put a rat in Sirius' mouth, but I didn't want to be reminded of him every time I looked at it." Harry started out anxiously, then finished off venomously.

"It's amazing, when did you get it done?" Remus asked faintly.

"This summer, why?"

"How did you manage to get those done with four Death Eaters watching you?" The purple haired woman asked.

"It's easy to get away, if they don't know where to look for you." Harry said matter-of-factly.

"Well Potter, since you have experience of getting away from them without them noticin-" Mad Eye started to grunt, but was cut off by Harry.

"Well, if we're going to leave I suggest we do introductions,get my stuff, and leave, because they'll notice within the first fifteen minutes." Harry ordered.

"Alright." Remus began. "The tall black one is Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Kingsley nodded his head in response.

"The purpled haired woman is Nymaphadora To-" Remus was cut off by a slap to the back of the head.

"It's just 'Tonks.'" The woman muttered.

Remus continued on. "The black haired woman is Hestia Jones."

Hestia smiled.

"The straw haired man is Sturgis Podmore."

Podmore winked.

The man with the top hat is Dedalus Diggle

Dedalus dropped his hat in excitement. "We've met." he exclaimed excitedly.

"The old man is Elphias Doge"

Doge waved at Harry.

"Enough introductions!" Mad Eye snarled. "Get your things, Potter, and be back in a minute. Tonks, go with him"

"Alright." Harry then walked up the stairs, got his trunk (everything was already packed), and changed into a tank top. He was quite oblivious to Tonks watching him while he was getting changed.

"Why is your stuff already packed?" Tonks asked, confused.

"I packed it in case I needed to escape quickly, with all the Death Eaters around."

"Good thinking." Tonks remarked, in an impressed tone.

"Anyway, let's go downstairs."

"What took so long!" Mad Eye barked when they got back.

"Keep your shirt on, Mad Eye, we were just talking." Tonks stuck out her tongue at Mad Eye. Harry couldn't help but laugh at this.

"Be serious, Tonks!" Mad Eye snapped, then turned to Harry. "Alright, Potter. How are we going to leave without them knowing?"

"Jump the back fences. It stumps them every time, but after we get away from them, how are we getting to wherever we're going? As a matter of fact, where are we going?"

"Relax, Harry. We're flying. We can't tell you until we get there." Remus said.

"All right." Harry agreed."Let's go then."

Harry threw his trunk over the first fence. "Is there anything I can do about the trunk?"

"Are we outside the wards on the house?" Remus asked.

"Well, if I jump the fence, could you cast a charm without anything being connected to me?" Harry pondered.

"As I'm overage, the ministry shouldn't detect anything, as long as we're out of the vicinity of #4 Privet Drive." Remus explained.

"All right." Harry accepted that."Everyone over the fence."

As soon as all of them cleared the first of five fences, Harry stopped. "Wait." Everyone was wondering why Harry stopped, until he said. "Hedwig." Those who didn't know Harry personally, had no idea what he was talking about. But everyone gasped when they saw the female snowy white owl fly and land on Harry's shoulder five seconds later.

"Hedwig, follow me and fly low from tree to tree. Try not to be seen." Hedwig hooted in affirmative.

Harry turned to Remus. "Remus, we're out of the vicinity, can you put a shrinking charm on it?"

"All right." Remus complied, and shrunk Harry's trunk so it would fit in the palm of Harry's hand. Harry immediately put it in one of his pockets, with his wallet, and wand, amongst other things.

"All right, meet you at the end, but hurry up! Bellatrix and Greyback will realise we're gone, they were watching you come in." Harry said, before he sprinted and jumped and cleared the fence and started sprinting again, Hedwig flying right behind him, hot on his heels.

"He's quick!" he heard Hestia exclaim, before he vaulted over the second fence.

Harry reached the end very quickly. By the time all of the others caught up to Harry, they were completely puffing and wheezing all over the place. "What took you so long?" Harry remarked in a mocking voice to Mad Eye, while everyone else looked on in disbelief.

"Shut it, Potter" Mad Eye snarled.

"Not what we used to be are we, Mad Eye?" Harry said, in the same tone.

"You've got nerve, saying that to me, Potter!" Mad Eye grunted.

"I've been in worse situations, haven't I?" Harry smirked.

"That you have, that you have." Mad Eye smiled. Don't see that every day.

"Anyway, aren't we flying now?" Tonks asked.

"All right, flyers on me, that's you too, Potter." Mad Eye grunted. "The rest apparate back." Harry, Remus,Tonks and Kingsley converged on Mad Eye, while Hestia, Dedalus, Podmore and Doge all went to leave.

"Brooms, Everyone!" Mad Eye barked. Everyone got their brooms out.

"Wow, Harry! A Firebolt!" Tonks exclaimed, awe-inspired by the Firebolt.

"Yep, I got it third year, but who got it for me is what's more important." Harry said proudly.

"Who by?" Tonks asked.

"Ask Remus." Harry said before kicking off, up into the air.

Meanwhile, Mad Eye was taking charge. "Potter! You follow Tonks!" Mad Eye yelled up at him. "Everyone let's go!

When they were up in the air, Harry felt exhilarated, after everything that happened, Voldemort's return, Cedric's death, the slandering from the Daily Prophet and all the other things that happened, none of that could touch him here, he was finally free. After about thirty minutes of what Harry felt was pure ecstasy, no matter what the weather was like, Harry would just about always have the time of his life, flying on a broomstick.

When they neared London, Harry noticed Tonks get a cheeky grin on her face, he was wondering as to why she was grinning like that, when she sent a hex Mad Eye's way, cursing his fake eye off and startling him, so he nearly ended up cursing Tonks all the way to Africa. Harry, on the other hand, flew after Mad Eye's, well, mad eye. It was spinning around so much, that it shot off in random directions, it was like a snitch. But it was wilder than a snitch, and it was a lot more slippery than a snitch. But it was wild, so it didn't have the sense not to be captured like a snitch did. So, when it veered off to the right, Harry snatched it.

Little did Harry realise he had a crowd watching him. Everyone was standing next to the wall of two old house. Mad Eye was looking thoroughly angry, and gave Tonks a look that instantly promised a furious berating. Tonks looked ashamed. Remus looked proud, and the rest were looking damn impressed. Harry landed on the ground next to them, threw Mad Eye's fake eye to him, who promptly caught it and put it back in.

"WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!" Mad Eye roared at Tonks.

"I just wanted to make people laugh." Tonks mumbled.

"YOU IDIOT!" Mad Eye's face was now purple and a vein was throbbing in his head, reminiscent of Uncle Vernon.

"I-I-I'm sorry." Tonks choked out, looking on the verge of tears, Harry decided then that enough was enough.

"FOOLI-" Mad Eye was cut off by Harry.

"Enough" Harry said in a cold voice.

Mad Eye turned to Harry "What gives you the right to tell me what to do, Potter" Mad Eye snarled.

"What gives you the right to yell at a person where she's to the point of tears!" Harry snarled right back. "You also forgot what happened less then two hours ago, or do you need a forceful reminder?" Harry said, pinning him to the wall.

Mad Eye then realised what he was doing. "I'm sorry." Mad Eye said, eyes downcast. "I forgot myself."

Harry sneered. "Don't apologise to me, apologise to Tonks!"

Mad Eye looked at Tonks. "I'm sorry, Tonks. I overreacted."

"It's alright, I shouldn't have done that." Tonks stated.

"Ah, now that's cleared up, what now?" Harry wondered.

"We go inside, now read the parchment." Came the deep voice of Kingsley, as he placed a sheaf of parchment into Harry's hand that read: 'The headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix can be found at #12 Grimmauld place.'

As soon as he finished reading that, he heard a scraping sound. When he looked up, he saw a house materialise from in between #11 and #13. Kingsley took back the parchment.

"All right." Remus said, gesturing to the front door. "Into the house then."

And with that, Harry Potter walked into #12 Grimmauld place for the first time.

Nymphadora Tonks was confused. Why would Harry Potter, someone I just met, stick up for me against Mad Eye Moody, one of the most intimidating people in the world, for something that was my fault? I guess Remus definitely wasn't exaggerating when he said Harry was a great person. Little did Nymphadora Tonks know, she just started developing feelings for Harry Potter.

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