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Chapter 3

Fred and George

Harry stared. Buckbeak stared back. Harry bowed, trying not to anger the Hippogriff, as he'd seen what Buckbeak had done when angered. To Harry's immense relief, Buckbeak bowed back. Harry went in to pet him. "It's been a while hasn't it? The last time I saw you, you were in the cave with Sirius." Harry decided this room would be a good place to wait until smiled, he was looking forward to that, though, I wonder what everyone's reactions to my tattoo would be? Granger didn't seem to like it, but she was too preoccupied to keep ranting about it. Harry noted his use of Hermione's surname, but felt he couldn't call her by her first name either, he felt the same with Ron too.

Shaking himself from his thoughts, he noticed he was still absentmindedly petting Buckbeak the whole time. Moving away from Buckbeak, something that Buckbeak protested with a squawk, he started searching the cupboards, hoping to find something to feed Buckbeak with. Finding a bag of dead ferrets, He took one and threw it in the corner, watching Buckbeak walk towards it. Also walking towards the corner, he sat down next to the now feeding Buckbeak, and started petting him again. Buckbeak clearly was happy with this, as he made a content sort of croak, and they had a form of communication; every time Buckbeak would finish, he'd make a squawk and would get a new one from Harry. This continued for a while, Harry deep in thought the entire time.

He started think about the plan. There was no other way to do it, it was the only option if he don't want a war to last until his mid-twenties! I have a rough idea of how to do it, but it all depends on Voldemort. I can goad him into it. Harry smiled, that was a part of the plan completed. Now to perfect it, he'd have to get to a magical library, hopefully this place has one. Then he remembered: this house belonged to dark wizards! Mentally rejoicing at this information, he decided that was enough planning for the day. He decided to wait until someone came and found him, until then, he'd stay with Buckbeak.

He certainly wasn't expecting the door to suddenly open, with two familiar identical faces looking straight at him. "Harry!" They yelled in perfect unison. "We've been looking for you for a while now!" Fred exclaimed.

"Fred, George! Nice to see you." Harry got up and went to greet the twins, while they were bowing to Buckbeak, who bowed back.

"Well, it looks like our Ickle Harrikens changed changed quite a but, hasn't he, George?"

"I do believe Harry has changed his appearance, dear brother!" George responded.

"And he's got a tattoo now!" Fred eyed the tattoo. "Wait." He was looking at the partially exposed words in the tattoo. "That looks like some of the phrase for the Marauder's map!"

"It is. The Marauder's are on there too." Harry pulled up his shirt to reveal his tattoo.

"Hang on, how do you know the Marauder's, and why are they animals?"

"You may want to sit down, this may take a while." The twins sat down. "The Marauder's?" They nodded. "I'm surprised Sirius or Remus haven't told you."

"What would they know about them?" Fred and George both looked confused.

"Moony. Padfoot." Harry enunciated clearly.

"What have they got to do with those two?"

Harry gave them a hint. "Name two important things about Sirius and Remus."

"Sirius is a dog animagus, and Remus is a werewolf?"


George understood. "Sirius is Padfoot, and Remus is Moony!"

"Correct, and my dad was Prongs, and Peter Pettigrew was Wormtail."

"And their your dad was a stag, and Pettigrew was a rat?" Fred guessed.

"Yep, do you two know about Wormtail?"

"That he was the one to betray your parents? Yeah, we know that. Is the lily for your mother?" George asked.

"Yeah, for both questions. You should ask Sirius and Remus about the history of the Marauder's when you get the chance." Harry advised, then remembered what the twins first said. "So you've been looking for me?"

"Yeah, we heard about the Ron and Hermione incident." George added.

"They told you?" Harry asked, concerned.

"No, actually I'm surprised you didn't notice what we laid in the hallway." Fred frowned.

"Was that the fleshy string thing?"

"Ah, yes!" George answered, pulling the same fleshy string out, but attached to both ends was a single ear.

"What in the the hell is that?" Harry was truly bewildered.

"Well, Harry. With your funding, you see, we've been creating more products." Fred answered. "And this," George held the stringy invention up. " Is the Extendable Ear!" George handed the device to Harry, who started examining it.

"Does this let you hear what people are saying from a distance, if you lay the ear close by?"

"Correct in one, Harry!" George sounded impressed. "So with that, we were able to hear Ron and Hermione scheming before. We've never been so disappointed with family before." He frowned.

Fred continued. " Today was the first day we tested the Extendable Ears on them. We're sorry for what they've been doing, we didn't know. If it helps, when we walked by the room, Ron was still on the floor, and Hermione was hysterical."

Harry shook his head. "Don't worry, from what I've heard, you two and Sirius are the only people who've tried telling me anything important. I also heard you did something to Dumbledore. What did you two do?" He asked, curiosity laced in his voice.

"We tested our new products on him." George said gleefully.

"What sort of product?" Harry had a smile on his face now.

"Remember our Canary Creams?"


"We expanded with that idea, we now have a Skiving Snackbox line, which includes Puking Pastilles, Nosebleed Nougats, and Fainting Fancies, they're designed to get you out of class, because they're all colour coded. Bite the orange end, you get sick. Bite the purple end, you're instantly better!" George explained.

"And you used them on Dumbledore?"

"Yes, we took off the purple ends, and liquidated the orange ends, we absorbed it into Dumbledore's food while everyone was distracted-" Fred started.

"-So he returned to eating his food, and subsequently fainted, woke up, got a nosebleed, vomited, and when we offered him an antidote, he desperately accepted it. But what he didn't realise it was a Canary Cream, so he turned into a bird as well!" George finished for him. Everyone was laughing by this point, sans Buckbeak, who just looked confused by the whole situation.

"Then we got into a huge argument with Dumbledore and Mum, and we haven't talked to any of them since, it's making her furious, it's great!" Fred looked happy at the thought, then the smile vanished off his face. "So, we heard about the Dementors. What happened?"

"I don't know, I was at the park with Dudley, then the Dementors came. I used a patronus, then I got expelled, then that turned into a suspension, pending a hearing." Harry told them.

"What are you going to do about the hearing?"

"Don't worry, I'm pretty sure I've got that covered." Harry's face took on a frown. I hope it works, otherwise I'm screwed.

"Let's hope, Harry. Anyway, dinner's going to be ready soon, and if you don't want mum to kill you, you may want to put a jumper on. Fred advised Harry seriously.

Harry decided that was a smart option, so he pulled his shrunken trunk out of his pocket, and cast a spell on it. "Engorgio!." The trunk grew to the normal size.

"Harry, what the hell are you doing!?" George said, completely serious for once.

Fred joined in. "You're already facing a hearing with the ministry, what the fuck do you think you're doing!?"

"Don't worry, this house is warded, the ministry can't tell if I do magic!" Fred and George visibly calmed down at this.

"Really?" George looked surprised.

"Yeah, the wards here stop magic being detected inside." Harry explained to them. He opened his trunk, and fished a jumper out, and put it on.

"Oh, good." Fred looked relieved, then he looked mischievous. "We're not telling anyone else, are we?"

Harry smirked at them. "No."

George looked at Harry's jumper. "Harry, did you get a new wardrobe or something?"

"Yeah, I got sick of wearing all of Dudley's cast-offs."

Fred changed the conversation. "Well anyway, young Harry. We have more things to do, so we'll have to be going, we'll come by and tell you when dinner is actually ready." And with that, the twins walked out the door.

Harry walked back into the corner, and resumed his petting and feeding of the deeply annoyed Buckbeak. Approximately an half an hour later, the twins came back.

"Harry, Dinner's ready! Everyone's dying to see you." Fred informed him.

"Come on, follow us!" George told Harry.

Getting up, Harry followed the twins out of the room. Closing the door behind him, and nodding goodbye to Buckbeak, he followed the twins down the stairs, and nearly walked into Fred when the twins suddenly stopped.

"See these, Harry?" Fred motioned to the decapitated house-elf heads on the wall.

"Yeah, why are there decapitated house-elf heads on the wall?" Harry's face only showed confusion.

"Apparently it's tradition." George answered. "Whenever a faithful house-elf that serves this house dies, their head gets put on the wall."

"For some reason, it's an aspiration for every house-elf that worked here. I wouldn't be surprised if they were all as mental as Kreacher." Fred explained further.

Harry was getting more confused by the minute. "Who's Kreacher?"

George answered the question."Sirius' house-elf, they hate each other, mind you, and Kreacher's literally insane. He's had no living people to talk to for over a decade, and the only company he had was Mrs Black's portrait."

"Who in the hell is Mrs Black?"

"Sirius' mum. She hates him, he hates her. And she's even more insane than Kreacher, but instead of muttering insults at you like Kreacher, if she's woken up, she screams the house down and shrieks insults at anyone who walks past her, except for Kreacher."

"This house is insane." Harry remarked.

"That's true, but it's fairly entertaining. We also have to clean the house out, and there's infestations of nearly every creature in this house, so we can get ingredients fairly easy. But cleaning the house out is just terrible, especially when it fights back." The twins started walking again, with Harry following.

"So what's the purpose of gathering everyone here? I was going to ask, but they said they'd explain everything at dinner." Harry was dying to know at this point.

"Well, this place is the headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix." Fred answered.

"Let me guess, Dumbledore started it?" Harry said dryly.

"Yeah, how did you know?" George wanted to know.

"It says 'Phoenix', so it's obviously going to be Dumbledore's group. He's basically showing off that he has a phoenix." Harry said, bitter with Dumbledore. "What is Order of the Phoenix, and what do they do?"

"They were formed during the first war against you-know-wh-" Fred started to explain, but was cut off by Harry.

"Call him Voldemort."

"Against Voldemort." Fred looked at Harry pointedly. "And they're basically a group dedicated to stopping him. Your parents were in the order too."

"That would make sense." Harry reasoned. "I'm guessing you two aren't in the order?"

"No." George looked as bitter as Harry did before. "You have to be of age."

"You two are of age, though. You were going on about last year with the goblet of fire!"

"That's true, but apparently you have to have finished school as well." Fred said looking sour. "But heaps of people are in the order, McGonagall, Sirius, Remus, Snape, Mum and Dad, and a few of people who you might have met, like Kingsley, or Tonks."

"Good for a laugh, she is." George said to Harry. "Easy on the eyes, too, when she isn't changing her nose to look like a pigs."

"I noticed- wait, what? How does she change her face to look like a pigs?"

"Blimey! You don't know, do you?" Fred looked surprised. Harry shook his head.

"She's a metamorph, mate." George explained simply. At Harry's blank look he continued. "Metamorphs can change their appearance, so they could look like me or you. They're also incredibly rare, did you get that?" Harry nodded this time. "Good, now we're nearly in the kitchen now."

Harry noted that they were in the room that he was in before, when he was talking to Remus and the others. What he didn't notice last time, was a sleeping portrait of woman with unenviable looks. Fred saw Harry look at the portrait. "Yeah, that's Sirius' mum. Look exactly alike, don't they?" He asked jokingly. "Except Sirius' isn't a complete hag."

"Too right, Fred." George agreed and pointing to the room at the end of the hallway. " Anyway, the kitchen's just down this hallway."

Harry wondered what the reactions to his changes would be. Only one way to find out. And Harry Potter walked into the kitchen.