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His skin burned. It was past noon enough that the temperature was chilly, but the heat spreading from the center of his chest all over his body made him gasp for air. He needed somewhere to hide. Merlin dashed down the steps of the castle, which seemed to tilt left and right. He kept one hand against the wall, partly to keep his balance, but also to stop himself from pressing against the rough surface and getting the friction that he so desperately needed.

The blush that spanned his cheeks and neckline contrasted so sharply against his pale skin that anybody would be able to guess what Merlin wanted right at this moment. And if the blush wasn't hint enough, the shameful state of the front of his pants, as well as the wetness between his thighs, made the message more than clear.

A shadow crossed his vision, and then a hand reached out to grab his wrist.

Oh gods, it was a knight. A foreign one, though his confused mind was in no state to remember from which kingdom. The man's hand was rough and warm on his wrist, and Merlin moaned as it travelled up his arm. It was so good, he needed those hands all over him.

"Are you part-Fae, pretty boy? You couldn't possibly be human..."

The knight pinned him against the wall, and Merlin made a noise that was absolutely indecent.

But despite the strength of the aphrodisiac, Merlin was still inexperienced. He had only been with Arthur, and only a few times. The knight's touch felt foreign, just foreign enough to make him shy.

Two strong hands parted his thighs, and suddenly Merlin became more aware of his situation. He needed to be claimed so badly, but this man was not Arthur.

He would only be able to resist for a few seconds more. Merlin's eyes flared, and his magic threw the knight against the wall. The man fell down, unconscious. He casted a forgetting-spell, and then hurried on his way.

He could not fight the aphrodisiac much longer. He would surrender to the next man who crossed his path, he knew for sure.

He had to get to the forest. He would find the unicorns, they would help him. If he couldn't find them, he could at least wait it out alone in the woods.

Rience slowly pushed open the chamber doors and slipped inside. He looked around, unsure if Cobalt was still in an angry mood, or worse, in a cold and cruel mood.

He was surprised to see his master dressed for hunting.

"My lord?"

Cobalt smiled coldly. "Arthur is leading a hunt before the feast tonight. But I am hunting more than animals. I've set the bait, and it will lead us to my prey."

"I don't understand, my lord."

"Merlin is the bait. And he will lead me straight to the unicorns." Cobalt picked up his hunting whip and headed for the door.

Rience rushed forward, "Why do you keep trying to harm Merlin? And what have you against unicorns?"

Cobalt cracked the whip, forcing Rience to jump back.

"The unicorns? Because they have a pair of rings I greatly desire. And Merlin? Because he is Emrys!"

Cobalt raised a hand, and flung Rience onto the floor with his magic.

"Uther and Arthur are fools. They have the unicorns, the rings, and Emrys himself right under their noses. All the keys to absolute power, right here in Camelot, and they don't even know it."

He hissed a spell under his breath, and a bright, semi-circle of blue flames appeared around the chamber doors.

"If I did not have further use for you, boy, you would be dead by now. You will stay in these rooms, you will not interfere. Take one step over the half-circle, and it's magic will burn your flesh."

With that, Cobalt threw the doors shut behind him, leaving Rience helpless and frustrated.

Arthur struggled to keep from signing. Uther had insisted he show the foreign knights the rich hunting grounds in Camelot's forest. He had paid no attention to Arthur's explanation that there was simply no way he could bring so many knights into the forest without making a racket and scaring the prey.

Now that they were actually in the forest, he realized the situation was far worse. Half the foreign knights were loud, stumbling imbeciles. Arthur was sure the prey had long since scampered.

Two knights had already bumped into him because he had 'so much stealth' they couldn't hear him.

The only man worthy of his armour here was Cobalt, but Arthur refused to invite him to hunt by his right side. After the nobleman's treatment of Merlin, the prince would not grant him that privilege.

Suddenly there was a rustle in the distance. Cobalt hissed under his breath.

"That way! We have to stalk it. It could be a deer!"

Arthur moved steadily out of his hiding place and led the rest of the men forward.

Merlin was half-way to the unicorns when he began to get the feeling that he was being followed. He stopped, gasping, and ducked behind a bush.

Sure enough, within a few moments, he saw the hunting party move past him. Somehow he managed to cover his heavy breathing until the last knight had passed.

He crawled out of the undergrowth.

But the drug in his blood made him clumsy, and his knees scraped and rustled against the leaves on the ground.

Someone yelled, "Get the deer! We've gone past it!"

Merlin stumbled upright and ran for his life.

Arthur had never been this unenthusiastic for a hunt in his life. With the sheer number of inexperienced knights, the chances of them catching that deer was small, and he was already anticipating the annoyance in Uther's eyes when they returned empty-handed.

For this reason, he was not at the forefront of the group. When he heard the rustle of leaves behind him, he turned just quickly enough to see the familiar red-scarf and worn-down jacket.

A chill raced through his heart.

Someone yelled, "Get the deer! We've gone past it!"

Oh god, they have been following Merlin, what was Merlin doing in the woods?

It suddenly occurred to Arthur that the unicorns might be drawn to Merlin's presence, and if any of those magical horses showed themselves, there would be no stopping the lords and kings in their attempts to capture them.

It would be a disaster for the alliance Uther had in mind.

Cursing Merlin's stupidity for being in the woods, Arthur began gradually to decrease the speed of the chase. He kept to the back of the group, stalked at a pace he knew Merlin could outrun. The other knights, although eager to hunt what they thought was the deer, did not want to outpace the prince. Finally, even the most eager knights, Cobalt included, slowed their pace a little to match Arthur's.

None of the knights had his skills in hunting. When a few minutes later they reached a forked path in the woods, Arthur knew none of them could tell which way Merlin went. They did not see the subtle disturbances of the dried leaves, could not tell the difference between how a bush shook moments after someone had passed by, and how it shook moments after the wind had blown.

Arthur pointed to the wrong direction first.

"Leon, lead the knights that way. I think it is likely you will find the deer. I am going the other way, just to make sure."

"Are you sure you don't want a companion?" asked Leon.

"No, I'll be fine. For goodness' sake, make haste! The deer is most likely gone that way!"

The knights went down the path he pointed. Arthur headed down the correct way, making sure his steps were absolutely silent, in case he frightened Merlin into running further.

He entered the small clearing where his manservant hid.

Merlin was on the ground, curled against a tree. He was blushing, and so obviously aroused. His manservant arced his neck, eyes closed, and moaned softly. The sound stroked the fiery lust within Arthur, and roused his possessive nature. Didn't Merlin realize how vulnerable he was right now? What was he doing in the woods anyway?

"If any other man had found you here, he would have claimed you against that tree by now."

Merlin opened his eyes at the sound of Arthur's voice. Oh, thank the gods, Arthur was here, and he looked so strong and good in his armour.

"It..I..." the fiery need increased with the presence of his prince, "I'd have you know...a knight did find me, and I didn't...let him claim me."

Suddenly Arthur was upon him, pinning him against the tree. Merlin shivered at the strength and heat emanating from him.

"What knight! Who?"

"I didn't let him do anything...I've drunk aphrodisiac, it was an accident...I really need...need-

He was cut off as Arthur pressed their lips together, and moaned as his prince dominated his mouth, as Arthur firmly and roughly invaded every part of his mouth. Somehow or another, Arthur managed to take most of their clothes off even as he kissed Merlin.

The all-consuming fire within him burned, as Arthur grinded against him in harsh, slow circles, raising Merlin's need higher and higher, until he cried out again and again.

"Please...please, Arthur..."

He whimpered as a hand wrapped itself around his neck, strong enough to establish dominance.

Arthur spoke in a low, dangerous voice.

"Show me."

Merlin lowered his eyes, and pressing his wrists together, offered them up to Arthur. The prince used his other hand to capture Merlin's wrists, and effortlessly pinned them above his head.

Then Merlin spread his legs as wide as they would go. He was utterly opened to Arthur, he had surrended utterly.

Shaking with shame and need, he whispered, "Please..."

With one stroke, Arthur entered him. Merlin gasped Arthur rammed unyieldingly into him. Then one of the hard strokes hit the spot deep inside Merlin, ripping a wanton cry from him that made Arthur growl and force Merlin's legs even wider open with his thighs.

This was so good, Arthur knew exactly what he needed. The aching pleasure grew more and more intense, until with an almost inaudible mewl, Merlin spurted white fluid all over his stomach. Moments later, Arthur rammed once more into Merlin before branding his insides with spurt after spurt of hot fluid.

Gradually they descended from the height of pleasure, listening to each other's breath becoming more rhythmic.

Suddenly, Arthur tensed, and quickly withdrew from Merlin.

"I can hear the hunting party. They're near the forked path."

Merlin couldn't hear it yet, but he knew Arthur's acute senses would make no mistake. Arthur jumped up and dressed himself. Merlin tried to follow suit, but found that his bones had turned to jelly. He could barely stand.

Arthur pressed a kiss to his forehead, "Stay here. Don't come out of the clearing. I'm going to send the knights away, and then I'll come back for you."

Arthur stepped out of the clearing. Merlin let his head fall back against the earth, and closed his eyes in weariness.

Moments later, as his magic returned to him, he opened his eyes as he realized that the unicorns were around him. Oh gods, they had seen it all.

Merlin sighed as he whispered, "You can come out now."

Wincing, he slowly eased himself up, and turned his body slighly to face the unicorns that were quietly emerging from the trees.

It occured to him that he was naked, his body showing bruises and bites and all the markings of Arthur's claim. Yet he remembered his promise to learn about the bond the unicorns spoke of, and somehow he knew that this was the right time.

"I'm ready. Tell me what I need to know about this bond between me and Arthur."

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