Hey, this is my very first White Collar ff. As I am not a native speaker I really hope that you'll find the language and grammar okay. If you find very bad mistakes or have any complaints concerning my english, go ahead and tell my and I will consider working with a beta-reader ;-) But I really hope I did the translation well because it took me a lot of time after all...

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Neal Caffrey walked up the stairs to the two-story house of the Burkes and glanced carefully through a window. No doubt, there were still lights switched on on the ground floor. With a slightly smugly face he began messing around on the door with some of his special tools and short after he was standing in the house he had become so familiar with during the last months.

He'd been out with Moz for a late dinner nearby and had after a good glas of wine decided to visit his friend and partner Peter to see how he was doing. The two of them hadn't been on a case together for some time now and it seemed like the listnessness and lethargy typical for the cold and rainy november had also devolved on the criminals. Maybe it was due to the season that Neal felt lonely these days, a feeling he wasn't used to. Even though he didn't want to commit it, he knew that he was missing the work and hustle at the FBI.

Now he was standing in the Burke's hallway and crept to the direction of the dining-/livingroom from which he could see a dim light shining out. Neal was curious if he could surprise Peter. In a nearly childish pleasant anticipation he slid open the door and found his partner sound asleep. Neal was a bit diappointed even if not very surprised since the agent was the only person he knew that could fall asleep sitting on a chair. Peter sat at the dining table, a pile of paperwork in front of him, next to a black laptop which seemed to be in stand-by mode already. The man seemed to be asleep for a while already. He had slipped far down on the chair and sunk down. Neal wondered what made the documents interesting enough for Peter to deal with them after work.

He tiptoed around the sleeping man and peeked over his shoulder onto the sheet lying on top of the pile. As far as he could make out it was a list with several vouchers for flights throughout most parts of Europe: London, Rome, Athena, Hamburg, Lisbon, Madrid and Bern. Impressive, especially because all flights happened within three months. Could these infomation maybe lead to a new case for the FBI in which he could join Peter and the team again? Neal caught himself hoping for it with all his heart. He tiptoed back until he stood between hallway and living room again to look as if he'd just stepped in and said aloud and sarcastically: „I always find it impressive how hard you FBI guys have to work!" Peter startled heavily and nearly fell down the chair as he opened his eyes and stared around in shock. His sleepy and a bit puffy eyes finally found Neal. His face turned in a relieved, angry and confused expression. „Caffrey? What the hell are you doing here? How'd you get in?" he asked with a hoarse voice. „Through the door...you know what I mean..." Neal gave him a telling look. „Neal, I told you not to do this all the time. You could have just rang the bell you know?"