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Chapter 1


I just finished closing up the store for the day, when my cousin Rosalie and best friend Alice were standing behind me.

"Hey what are you both doing here?" I asked confused by them being here.

I just wanted to go home. It has be one hard year for me, with my father passing away. Then finding out that I had a brother I never knew about.

Once I found out who he was, I had actually known him for years.

What really topped the cake was that I walked in on my boyfriend of over two years in bed with another guy.

So all I wanted to do was go home and do nothing. But I had a feeling with both of them here, I wasn't going home.

"Rose, I just want to go home," I said locking the door.

"No can do, B. It's time that you get out there and live again."

"What are you talking about?" I looked at her like she was crazy.

"Bella, we are taking you away from here. Your bags are packed, we've arranged for Angela to take care of the store. We are going to paradise for three months," Alice said as she waved tickets in my face.

I stood there just staring at them

"Wh..what? I can't just leave."

"You can and we are, tonight. There's nothing you can do, we are kidnapping you," Rose said as she pushed me towards the car.

"Get in Bella," Alice said as she held the door.

Shit, how am I going to get out of this.

I got in the car and folded my arms over my chest.

"Bella, smile. It's three months in paradise. Nothing but sun, fun and sex," Rose said as she pulled out in traffic, headed toward the airport.

"Damn straight," chirped Alice from the backseat.

"What?" I shrieked.

"We are headed for Hawaii, for some sun, fun and sex," Rose said again slightly annoyed with me.

I sat there with my mouth gaping open as I looked at my cousin and best friend. They have totally lost their minds.

Once in Hawaii, I'll just ditch them and fly back home.

They can't keep me, I'm over twenty-one and I have my own money.

"Bella, I know what you are thinking and once we get to Hawaii you're not going to fly back home," Alice said.

"How did you know what I was thinking?"

"Because you're so predictable."

"Am not," I argued.

"You are. What were you going to do tonight?"

"Go home have dinner, and read."

"Yep, you'd stop on the way home grab some take out and go home put on the boring pj's you always wear and read some sappy romance novel. Then go and eat some ice cream because you want what you just read," Alice said.

"So, maybe I would have."

"B, we want more for you than that. What if you go to Hawaii and you find the love of your life there," Rose said.

"So not gonna happen," I said rolling my eyes.

"We'll see."

"Whatever, Rosalie. You might but I will sit and read while I'm there."

They both smirked at each other, thinking that they've won. But in reality I'm just letting them think that way.

Rosalie parked her car in the valet section of the airport and got out. She gave her keys to the attendant as another attendant took our bags.

We walked behind him into the terminal, where we proceeded to check in.

As we waited, I decided I might as well enjoy this little vacation and later I'd kick their asses.


I was sitting at my desk thinking about what has happened in my life.

The worst thing possible happened.

I walked in on my girlfriend Amber, in my bed with two other guys.

We had been dating for two years and I was so ready to as her to marry me.

When I saw her, I just told her that she could have fun fucking whoever she wanted because she lost me.

I also told her that she better be gone by the time I got back and to leave the key on the table.

When I got home later that night she was gone and the key was on the table.

Looking back at it now it was the best thing to that happened to me. I mean I loved her with everything in me but if she was cheating on me then she would do it again.

I missed her but I was not going to be with someone like that.

I was just about finished with my office stuff when Emmett my cousin and our best friend Jasper Whitlock walked in.

I could tell by the look on their faces that they were up to something.

They stopped in the doorway of my office.

"What do you guys want? You two are up to something."

"Well there Eddie my boy we are taking you on a trip to a sunny, fun filled place for three months."

"I can't be away for that long. I have this place to run."

"Nope you are going and we took care of that already. Ben will be doing that until we get back."

I just looked at them.

"Jasper did you help plan this?"

"Yep, sure did man. You need to get away for awhile and have some fun. Maybe you will even find someone to treat you right."

"How many times do I have to tell you that I don't want to be in a relationship right now."

"Eddie stop this. You need to meet someone and some good sexy time man."

I just looked at them. I could not believe what Emmett was saying and them planning this trip.

"We already have your stuff packed in the car and the flight is booked. We leave in two hours, so hurry the hell up."

I logged off my computer and closed it.

I got up from behind my desk and walked towards the door.

I stopped right before walking out of the office and looked over my shoulder, "you guys coming?"

I turned and walked out the door.

I could tell they were behind me. I could hear Emmett saying that it was easier than he thought it would be.

"No Emmett it wasn't that easy. I really don't want to go. I just want to go home and be by myself. For the record I don't need to get laid. I think after what I walked in on with Amber that I just don't want anything right now okay."

He just looked at me like I was crazy.

"Edward it will go you some good to get away for a bit. Just have fun and don't even think about that crazy bitch of an ex," Jasper said.

I had a thought in that moment about my car being at the store the whole time I was gone.

"Hey, do you want to follow me back to my place so I can drop off my car?"

They just shook their heads. I got in my car and drove to my house.

Maybe the guys were right. Maybe I do need to have fun.

I pulled up in my drive way and locked my car.

I went over to their car and got in.

The drive to the airport was short.

We parked the car and made our way in. We checked our luggage and waited for our plane to board.

Finally our flight was called to board.

I heard Emmett telling Jasper about some girl he saw boarding the plane.

I looked up and saw the most beautiful girl. She had the biggest brown eyes, long wavy brown hair and a nice body.

Snap out of it Cullen, you don't need to think about any girl's right now.

As I took her in she looked like she did not want to be here either.

I shook my head from thinking those thoughts and took my seat.