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The day after Masamune was standing outside the bookstore 10.45 in the morning. He was here to get the book that the kind bookstore owner had been so kind to put away for Masamune. Masamune was on his way up the three stairs, but stopped himself before he even touched the first, since it was a Friday he would usually be at work, but 'Hell Week' had just ended, and he used this well-deserved free day to go early to his favourite place in the world (maybe he was even so lucky to be the only customer)? He stood for a while, before deciding to light a cigarette. He stood outside the bookstore and to his luck the weather had a better mood this day, and the sun was out. While he was puffing on the flavoured stick, he stood and wondered, 'why didn't I just walk straight in? What am I waiting for? Maybe I'm just not sure of what to say; besides asking for my book'.

Inside the bookstore the young owner was resting his head on the counter. He was used to not having customers before noon, but he did always open the store 09.45 in the morning, since you never knew if someone was in a rush to get their hands on the newest book.

Masamune had finished his cigarette and walked up the three stairs to the door. When he walked in the bells went off and echoed through the whole store. No living soul was in sight. He made his way towards the faction area, and scanned some of the books. The only thought running through his head was 'I can't make this too obvious'!

The young owner was still resting at the counter, but had fallen asleep. He was dreaming of books flying around in his store, unsatisfied customers and no one to sell books too.

Masamune was now on his way to the counter. When he noticed a brown mop of hair lying on the counter, he approached it closer, and it was no one rather than the young bookstore owner who was playing Sleeping Beauty. Masamune chuckled to himself, but thought that maybe the young owner would be embarrassed to have fallen asleep at work, so he cleared his throat and said "Good morning". The young owner made an unsatisfied groan from his throat and looked up.

The young owner blinked once, then twice, and before Masamune knew any of it, the young owner was standing straight up on his two feet and was arranging his clothes while greeting Masamune with a hurried and embarrassed "G…good morning"! He laughed and smiled but in an awkward manner. Masamune hadn't meant to embarrass the younger man, but he couldn't help but think how cute it was. The young man started apologizing but Masamune shrugged it off with a "You're only human, and what it seems like, not a morning person", he said with a laugh. The young man laughed and scratched his head, "well yes, and the store is also really quiet, so it helps".

The young man looked like he had just realized something, and exclaimed with a smile "oh yeah, you were the one that I saved that book for, right"? Masamune couldn't help but smile back and was glad to know that the younger man could remember him. Since he hadn't been able to get the young man out of his head, since the day before "yup, I sure were", he answered with a smirk.

The young man walked over to a small book closet, in brown old style, that just fitted so perfectly in the store. Masamune was still amazed by, just how different the store was too those chain bookstores there were, around in Japan. This was defiantly something rare, and Masamune felt lucky that he had found something like this. He hadn't noticed before now, that the young owner was wearing glasses. It must have been reading glasses, since yesterday the younger man, was perfectly able to service Masamune without them on. The younger man was searing through the cabinet, but took the time to take of his glasses and rub his eyes. Masamune thought he looked so adorable when he was tired. 'He's so cute, that I'd come here every day, just to see him'. Masamune felt like a stalker, but it was hard not to think that way, when the younger man was so damn cute. The younger man wasn't cute in that sugary, Shoujo manga, girly way. It wasn't something fake. It was the way his cheeks would flush from embarrassment. The way he would get flustered if something went wrong like; when Masamune picked down the book for him the day before, or when Masamune woke him up. The whole being of the younger man was just… cute.

The younger man walked over to Masamune again and put the book and his glasses down on the counter. Again Masamune was amazed by just how green, brilliant and beautiful the younger man's eyes were. It was rare to see that colour in Japan, and it was just rare to see it on someone who really wore that colour with beauty. Green had a thing with looking dull on people, but this young man's eyes were bright and brilliant.

The younger man put the book down in one of the brown paper bags, which looked just the same as the ones from the day before; simple yet classy. The young owner hold the bag up and gave it to Masamune "here you go", he said with a smile on his lips. Masamune was quite taken aback, and exclaimed with a surprised voice, "for free? Are you sure?" The young man gave a small laugh and explained "yeah don't you remember...? Like I said yesterday; if you buy two, you get one for free"? Masamune was a bit embarrassed by reacting in that way and covered it up with a smirk, "oh yes, now I remember. Thank you very much", and he took the bag. This time their fingers brushed more obvious than yesterday, and Masamune just thought the word 'soft'. This time the young man didn't seem to notice though.

"Thank you very much, for saving the book for me and just this" he gestured to the book and the non-payment. The young man shrugged it off with a "I'm just doing my job with satisfying a customer. But I'm glad you like it" and smiled. The young man put his glasses on again and asked "anything else, I can help you with"? Masamune smiled again and couldn't help but think how extremely cute the younger man looked with them on.

Masamune answered, "no, but before anyone else notice, I'd just like to mention…" – Masamune didn't finish his sentence right away, so the younger man had time to tilt his head in a confused manor and make a confused face – "you've got bed hair". It took some time before there came a reaction from the young man, but Masamune was pretty sure that when the young man's face darkened with a bright red hood, he had understood his words. Masamune chuckled when the young man started arranging his hair to sit better, and tried to calm him down with a "don't worry, it's cute". Masamune didn't manage to stop himself before the word fell out, but the young man had obviously not noticed since he was still ignoring him while arranging his hair.

"I…Is this better"? The young man asked with a point to his hair while biting his lip. "As much as I liked the bed hair, yes, it is better" Masamune chuckled in a reassuring way. What he didn't know was that inside the younger man's mind there was still a screaming voice that yelled 'HOW EMBARRESING'! The younger man's face was no longer red from embarrassment, but his cheeks were still lightly hooded with a pink blush"oh thank you".

Masamune held up the book and said, "I'll read this book" and tapped on it with his index finger – "and tomorrow I'll come again", and smiled. "Bye for now", the answer he got came from a very flushed bookstore owner "Yeah, bye" who smiled.

When Masamune exited the bookstore, he turned around as yesterday and looked through the window. He saw the young owner was still standing at the counter with a flush on his face and a kinda dreamy look. Masamune smiled to himself and couldn't be more excited for the day to come.

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