Hey everbody! This story is the continuation to my previous "The Vampire Diaries - Season 3" ( here : .net/s/7585124/1/The_Vampire_Diaries_Season_3 )

Short Summary:

Damon was there, watching Elena fall apart, pulling the pieces of her back together. Unconsciously, she was doing the same to his undead soul.

Now, with the Klaus problem resolved, and Katherine trying to find Stefan's lost humanity, Elena wants to deal with her interrupted life. And she's not alone. Damon is next to her.

To make this short happiness be lived in its every single way, she's putting all of her faith in a spell that is supposed to send her back to 1864 to get a new life. Damon's baby.

That would be the only way . And she's willing with every inches of herself to experiment it.

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Hopes in the darkness

A too vivid memory

Author's POV

Mystic Falls,1864

"Miss Pierce" greeted Giuseppe Salvatore, from the parlour , in a sunny summer morning, as he watched his youngest son holding the arm of the beautiful and charming orphan. Or that's what he thought Katherine was.

"She's wonderful, isn't she?" Damon's voice echoed in the room, as he approached his father, whose attention had been drawn back to the leather journal in his hands.

"Enough to be married" the shadow of a smirk crossed his father's lips, as his son froze in shock.

That, had been his most puzzling and prickly concern over the last few weeks. His love for Katherine, shared with the one of his brother. She would have never wanted the normal life Stefan needed. She, herself, was the exact opposite to normality . Because of what her nature was.

Damon was well aware of the consequences to his feelings. Choosing to love Katherine meant giving up the human life to the world of the darkness. For the eternity.

As far as all those years had lead him to understand, his little brother would have never been able to bear the gloom.

"So, now Stefan's marriage has become your main concern" Damon hissed, a good hint of jealousy in his voice. Giuseppe didn't miss that.

"What, son?" he put his journal aside. "Is your conscience brooding over the choices your younger brother has been bolt and man enough to made?"

"Katherine's nowhere to be enough for him" Damon spat out his previous reasoning, immediately regretting it.

Let's face the discussion, now. He thought.

His father widened his eyes in shame. "How dare you?"

Of course, as much as Giuseppe was kept away from Katherine's deadly secret, he hadn't miss how Damon had swept off her feet.

"Your mother would be disappointed, watching how you try to break the finally found peace of your brother!" Giuseppe told off, serious.

"Oh, please, father. Save me that for my own sake! He can.. marry Katherine, I don't care." his reluctant smirk enlightened his face.

If only he knew.. Katherine was meant to be his.

"I'll be glad the day I'll give them the permission to their marriage. And believe me, it is such a close event." His father's sharp words cut him even more, making him willing to get what he wanted.

The more somebody didn't want Damon Salvatore to do something, the more he'd do it.

Elena's POV

Mystic Falls, Present Days.

"And how would the spell work?" I asked Bonnie, both sat on the couch of the Boarding house's parlour.

I knew I needed to come back home to stay with Jeremy, but somehow Damon managed to convince both him and Rick that I needed to be checked on.

They had thought it was because of Finn and Klaus, who had tried and succeeded to abuse on me.

It was true, partly. I hadn't approached a man out of my brother and Damon, lately, and it was impossible for me to tell how it would have felt like.


Always there to watch my back. How could I even had been afraid of him, the very first days after the tragedy?

I shook my head.

He was helping me with my eating disorder. He was helping me to feel, again.

We were getting through that together, just as he had promised me.

I loved him. It was him the one that would pop out in my head at the thought of the future. And I wanted it to be perfect.

"I'm trying to get as many details on that as possible" Bonnie nosed into her witchcraft books, written in some kind of unnamed language. I narrowed my eyes.

"It's a complicated spell. Especially the last part. I need to make you come back, not losing what you…got , in the process." She eyed me, aware of my reaction.

I would have gotten a baby.


I wanted my life to be perfect. That would have been the perfect bond.

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" my best friend questioned.

"Why would you think I'm not?" I questioned.

"Because.." she shook her head, cutting it off. "Drop it, it's just so not important"

"Bonnie" I stopped her from the wrist, looking at her in the eyes. "Tell me."

"You're eighteen, Elena." She finally spoke up her fears. "Why would you want that now?"

Because I didn't know if and how long I would have survived, my mind screamed, but the words were untold.

"It's not that early. Women used to have them even before this age. And Katherine, she had hers when she was seventeen. ..And.."

Who cares if it's now, or in the distance of six years from now?

Bonnie stopped me, abruptly, widening her eyes. " Do you want to become a vampire?"

I jumped off. "No! Of course I don't." I rushed to explain. " But I want to enjoy the peace that has been given to me, as long as it lasts. I don't know when I'll be able to be this happy, again. "

There was more, of course. But I couldn't tell.

Some hours later

"Damon" I called, from upstairs. "Come here"

"What?" his voice from my back didn't startle me.

I smiled, for how much I was getting used to his sudden popping up.

He saw that. "You should frighten" he smirked, sarcastic, getting close to me and placing his hands on the bones of my ankles.

"Should I?" I smiled again, turning to touch his lips with mine. He didn't wait for me to take the next step, but slowly put his tongue inside, brushing my hair and my back.

He pulled my body closer to his, and suddenly interrupted the kiss.

I pouted.

"Why did you call me?" he said, enjoying every second of it.

"You don't deserve to know, now." I turned my back to him once again, and headed towards a big blanket wooden chest under the window of the attic.

"Don't I?" he teased me, blurring behind me. His fingers going up and down my throat, then played on my hip. I rolled back my eyes.

"Damon…" I whispered, out of breath.

His scent smelled of whiskey and of the winter night .

"We can't.. now" we couldn't. Could we? I had been trying to focus on the thing I was doing before he had stopped me, but I couldn't remember.

He, to answer me, stroked his body on my back, making me feel his everything.

His hands went on my blue shirt, unbuttoning it and throwing it on the floor. The tips of his fingers touched my lap, and it felt like ice meeting the lava of a volcano. I sighed, when they started teasing my breast, still held in my bra.

Just as if he read my thoughts, he threw the piece of lace on the other side of the room, enjoying the touch of my bare skin.

Gentle kisses were left on my shoulders, going on my neck, and passing his tongue on it.

"Enough" I said, turning to him, and eagerly trying to tear his black t-shirt off of him.

His sculpted arms took my breath away once more. I traced the shape of his pectorals with the tip of my tongue, as his lungs widened to catch unneeded air.

I grinned, satisfied to have such a power over him.

I went down, to unzip his dark jeans, pulling them down. My teeth played with the border of his boxes, as he stroked my air.

I moaned when I pulled the last piece of clothes that he had, down.

He groaned, pushing me over the wooden chest. My back smashed on it, but I didn't feel the hurt.

There was something else I had my attention kept on.

My hand went on his hard erection ,playing with it for a while, as he placed himself on me and kissed my chest.

Damon placed his hand on mine. "I don't want you to do the dirty work" he smirked between the pants.

I beckoned a laugh. "Too late, I guess".

I had some experience with that. Both with Matt and Stefan. But with Damon, it seemed like a different matter.

It felt like doing that for the first time.

My hand was shaking slightly, under his touch.

Damon spread my legs open and fingered me. Slowly at first, making the blood go up on my cheeks, and accelerating my pulse.

Then there was a sudden push, and the tip of his index finger curled to hit my weak spot.

I moaned between my teeth, trying not to scream as I placed my arms on his shoulders, rounding his neck.

Three more fingers reached me, and my back arched suddenly. I felt my bones do a weird noise, but I ignored it, as he cracked himself at making me enjoy his job.

When I reached my climax, I knew his fingers were wet of me.

I was right about it feeling like my first time.

I let out moans, sobs, sighs uncontrollably , piercing my nails into his skin.

He kissed me holding me closer, and I gave in to the tiredness. His hand slowly came out of me, just not as wet as I expected. Even more.

I blushed, unlocking my gaze from his.

"What?" he whispered, leaning in.

"I let you do the dirty work. I wonder whether in your human time you used to be such a polite man" I wondered out loud, almost teasing.

He let out a soft laughter. "Oh, 'll see".