"Wanna go out for breakfast?" Parker asked flopping on the bed.

"I thought you were making me something?" Eliot questioned suspiciously.

"I changed my mind."

"Parker what did you do?" The look on her face alone said she was guilty he just didn't know of what. YET.

"Nothing." Parker pouted knowing the second Eliot got up that he wasn't believing it.


He wasn't waiting, he had a real bad feeling that he shouldn't have let Parker within 10 miles of his kitchen.

"What the hell!"

The counter was covered in flour, the egg carton was empty and he really didn't want to know where a whole 2 dozens went, there was a pan full of something blue on the stove and it was still ON!

"ARE YOU TRYING TO BURN THE WHOLE DAMN PLACE DOWN!" Hurrying to remove the pan and get rid of the flame Eliot looked up slowly as something from above dripped down splatting on his shoulder. "What the hell is that?" Eliot was furious especially after the unknown substance dripped down again hitting him straight in the face.

"Waffles" she answered sheepishly. She was trying her best to ignore the voice yelling at her to run.

"You know what" Eliot started moving closer noticing how she moved back just a bit. "I think we're gonna go out for breakfast." He may have been mad but Parker was starting to look a bit scared and his kitchen was not worth the fear growing in her eyes.

"Cool but you should really wash your face first."

"Parker" maybe he shouldn't have let her off so easy, "I hope you know you're cleaning this whole damn mess when we get back!"

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