Title: Aperite mentem hostibus/Open the mind to the enemy
Disclaimer: J. K. Rowling and associates own these characters.
Pairings: Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione, Possible Remus/Severus (I haven't decided :3)
Summary: After sixth year the war rages on. Draco has deflected and the Order continue to fight. AU HP/DM /Draco didn't take the Dark Mark.
Author's Notes: {6th book+ Spoiler!}

Sixth year did happen but not like the books. Draco didn't fix the cabinet, nor did Severus kill dumbledore. The order are fully aware that Severus is with the 'light'

Harry takes one last look at the place that he should of called home for the last 17 years before he leaves through the front door.

His luggage is shrunken and located in his left pocket on his jacket. His wand is safely stuck in his wrist strap on his right arm. The absence of Hedwig and her cage leaves his left hand free and he clenches and unclenches it in the rhythm of his footsteps. His broom is in his right hand, and the bottom drags along the grass leading to the seemingly quiet road. Three people are stood waiting for him on the pavement each with billowing robes in the wind and brooms at their sides.

Harry notices Remus and smiles at him, he smiles back at him warmly before it twists into a grimace and his face contorts until he's starting into the face of Antonin Dolohov.

"My Lord" Dolohov whispers, before kneeling.

"I am proud of you Dolohov" His voice isn't his own, it comes out like a hiss and when he raises his wand in his hand he sees the snake like hands of Voldemort.

"You have not failed me and you shall be rewarded. When we attack Diagon Alley on Thursday, you will be the one to ..."

He's aware of someone stroking his arms and whispering comfort in his ear before he wakes with a gasp.

"You were dreaming. It's okay, I'm here, shh come on"

He turned his face to the sound of the voice and saw Draco, weary eyes and sleep mused hair. He made a distressed sound in his throat before kissing his nose and wiping away tears Harry hadn't even noticed fall. He takes Draco's hand and turns in his embrace so he's staring at the ceiling, trying to remember what he saw while chewing his lip.

"It wasn't a dream, It was true I'm sure of it." Draco's eyes open at the softly spoken words but Harry continued to stare unblinking at the ceiling.

"I was-" Harry's voice cracked "I was Voldemort." He ignored the slight flinch from Draco at the use of the name and carried on, a crease marring his brow as he tried to remember what he saw.

"There was Dolohov and he knelt before me, he's done something. Something good for Voldemort"

His brow creased further and he chewed his bottom lip again. Come on Harry. Think.

Draco was fully awake now, he leant up on his elbow and held his face in his hand while stroking Harry's arm offering silent support.

"Diagon Alley" Harry finally breathed. "There's, there's going to be an attack on Diagon Alley. Thursday. Dolohov is going to do something then."

Draco's hand on his arm stilled and he sat up. "Shit."

Harry sighed, thinking the same, he leant up on his elbows and looked up at Draco. The slight flicker of light coming from the few candles lit around the room licked across and softened his pale features.

"The Order can't come here, not until morning. Then we're only going to have one day to get ready." he was muttering to himself, biting his lip. "Maybe Severus has managed to let the others know. Lupin should be fine tomorrow..."

Harry sighed and lay back down. He knew Draco didn't blame Remus, he didn't eaither, it was the full moon but with the Wolfsbane he mostly slept while as a werewolf. Since Sirius died Remus mostly stayed at Grimmauld Place and had confessed that the wolf now thought of it as his territory and that the fewer people near him in the few days before the full moon the better. Draco and Harry stayed and Severus if he wasn't called to Voldemort.

Draco was still muttering when he came out of his musings. Lifting a hand he tugged on Draco's hand and pulled him down so he lay half sprawled on top of him.

"There's nothing we can do." He carried on quickly seeing Draco's scowl "I hate this a much as you do, I saw into his head but there's nothing we can do." He finished softly but with unmistakable finality.

Draco's scowl vanished and he leant down to kiss him softly. His tongue darted out and swept across Harry's bottom lip asking for entrance which he gladly gave. Their tongues danced in soft lulling moves before they broke apart gasping for air.

"Tomorrow." Draco whispered before tangling his feet and legs with Harry's and pulling his head into the crook of his neck.

Harry wrapped his arm around Draco's waist and tried to sleep again.