Harry yawned from his place, curled up in front of the fire at Hogwarts, before quickly covering his mouth.

It had been two months since the final battle, but Harry was still recovering.

The Order and Aurors had both lost many great wizards and witches, but nothing compared to the amount of Death Eaters.

It had seemed that the Death Eaters who, towards the final battle had spent a lot of time with Voldemort, died through their dark marks or were weakened enough to be captured, though Lucius Malfoy was an exception. Nobody could be sure how Lucius had survived but most had learnt not to question it or why he deserved to live, after Harry had made a public announcement for Lucius' help in the battle for not only saving Draco but helping the Order in the battle.

Draco had spent the first few weeks after the battle, splitting his time between his parents and visiting Harry at St. Mungo's, with Remus who rarely left Harry's side, and Severus who constantly checked his medical charts and made the potions he needed.

Lucius and Narcissa had healed their relationship with Draco over the months. They lived in a small cottage on the edge of France, not wanting to return to the manor where Voldemort had made his stay, though Harry was sure their idea of small and his were completely different.

Remus and Severus where more open about their relationship. Severus had been deemed fit to leave St. Mungo's after a few days, although he still didn't have full use of his left arm and his ribs were tender. He had returned as Potions Professor at Hogwarts, though the term had started slightly later than usual, allowing people to recover from their losses and the wizarding world time to celebrate.

"Why don't you just sleep?" Remus asked amused, though not looking up from writing as Harry yawned again.

Remus had opted to focus on writing Defence Against the Dark Arts books, instead of returning to teaching DADA, he was currently finishing his first book, an Introduction to Defence for first years.

Harry blushed, and sent a half hearted glare at Remus when he looked up.

Harry was still too weak from the battle to return to being a full student at Hogwarts. The Castle had made a family suite, connecting off of Severus' rooms under the black lake, and both Remus and Harry lived there, with Draco staying on weekends and the occasional week night. Harry did most of the written work the seventh years were assigned and handed them to the correct Professor, he also helped make potions with Severus, which went towards his grades.

The magic he used to defeat Voldemort and eaten at his magical core and it had almost crumbled. Harry's magic was slowly coming back to him, and he could do simple spells, but they were still draining and not the full strength he could produce before.

"Because, I'd actually like to make it to the great hall for dinner for once." Harry replied, sticking his tongue out at Remus. He'd been too tired or drained to go to the great hall since term had started.

Remus made an undignified noise, causing Harry to laugh. He was lately enjoying the small things, like being able to freely joke and the joy of having a family.

"Mature as ever I see." A voice drawled from the doorway.

Severus stood, arms crossed over his chest, a smirk playing at his lips. Draco stood next to him, unashamedly grinning.

"Shut up." Remus and Harry muttered simultaneously.

Severus snorted and moved towards the other arm chair in front of the fire.

"Are you up to the great hall?" Draco asked softly.

Harry smiled at his lover, and stood, taking the offered hand. The answering grin was enough to chase away his tiredness as he was pulled towards the door.

"If you get too tired, make sure to come back. Do not push yourself." Remus called as they left.

Both Draco and Harry shook there heads.

When they arrived at the great hall, silence met there ears, before erupting in cheers and laughs.

Harry wasn't stupid enough to think that everything had been healed. Harry and Professor Dumbledore's relationship would ever be the same, he had trusted the man with his life, but the trust was broken and would most likely not repair, though they still spoke civilly. There were friendships and families lost to the war and the current clean up of the ministry.

There was still people weary of Slytherin's despite most of the current students being neutral or 'light' in the war and some didn't accept Harry and Draco's relationship, but they were quickly silenced by their friends and he couldn't help the laughter that bubbled in his belly and erupted from his mouth when he caught sight of Ginny -she had fully healed along with Arthur- and Seamus, wolf whistling from the Gryffindor table and Luna waving at them both with dazed eyes from Neville's lap. Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkinson sat somewhat stiffly next to Dean but all three had small smiles on their lips and Ron who was standing on the bench clapping the loudest, and Hermione who gave them both thumbs up and laughed with the others.

Harry smiled as they walked to join their friends.

Life was good.

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