I had this idea for A.N.T. Farm and I just HAD to write it... hope you enjoy it...

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Fletcher walked to school excited to show Chyna his latest masterpiece, a statue of her completely made of clay. As soon as he reached the school, he rushed find Chyna. The boy beamed as soon as he spotted his crush.

"Hey, Chyna!" he said, excited.

She looked up from her sheet of music, "Hey, Fletcher." Fletcher noticed his friend was down in the dumps.

"What's wrong?" he asked, concerned. Chyna sighed, "Well, you know the new A.N.T., right?" Fletcher nodded.

"Well, I kind of like him... but I saw him ask Olive out on a date, and I'm kind of upset... but I guess you knew that." Fletcher frowned. Chyna liked someone else? Then, he remembered his newest masterpiece. "Don't worry, Chyna," he said, "I know how to cheer you up!" The boy removed the cloth that was placed on top of his statue. "Tada!"

Chyna took one look at the statue and tried to smile, "That's... sweet, Fletch but..."

Fletcher frowned, "You don't like it, do you?"

Chyna put a hand on his shoulder, "N - no, of course I do... I mean..." Chyna sighed, "It was really sweet of you, Fletcher. You're a great friend." Fletcher shook his head, "You don't have to lie to me, Chyna."

Just then Olive burst in saying, "Hey guys! You know, Mark the new guy, right? Well, he asked me out and I said no to him." Chyna perked up, "Really?"

Olive nodded, "Yep. He wasn't my type, and besides, I think he liked you more anyway," she told her friend.

Chyna squealed and ran out the door, looking for him. Fletcher stood, feeling very upset now. Olive noticed, "Hey, what's wrong?"

Fletcher answered, "Nothing." He took the statue from its stand and tossed it into a nearby bin. Three hours for nothing, he thought.

Olive shook her head, "Boys."

Later on at lunch, Angus, Olive and Fletcher sat at their usual table. "Where's Chyna?" Fletcher asked.

"She's sitting with the new kid," Angus said. "Just great," Fletcher muttered. In class, he would notice the two passing notes and flirting in the hallway. Now they were eating lunch together? Ridiculous.

"I lost my appetite," Fletcher said, before leaving the table. In the hallways he heard a voice. "Sup, A.N.T.," a jock said. Oh no, big kids, Fletcher thought.

"H – Hey, guys," Fletcher laughed nervously, "What's going' on?" the other jock, also known as Wayne, smirked and cracked his knuckles, "It's time for your daily treat." Fletcher gulped, he was having one lousy day.

"Fletcher, what happened?" Olive gasped as soon as he stumbled in. He had a black eye, a cut lip and a bruise on his jaw, "The Big Kids..." he managed before passing out.

A little while later, Fletcher opened his eyes to find himself in the nurse's office surrounded by Cameron, Olive, Angus and a few other kids. Gibson was talking to the boys who had beaten him up along with Principal Skid more. (A/N: That is her name, right?)

"Hey, little man, you had us worried," Cameron said, smiling. Fletcher sat up, groaning in pain as he tried to sit up. A throbbing pain shot through his head. "Whoa, easy there," the nurse said, "You hit your head really hard." Fletcher noticed someone was missing.

"Where's Chyna?" he asked. "She left a while ago with Mark," Olive responded apologetically, "Before you passed out."

"So, she didn't say anything?" Fletcher asked. Olive sadly shook her head. Fletcher couldn't believe it; he didn't want to. Chyna, his best friend, his crush, didn't even ask how he was doing. Guess that's how important I am to her, Fletcher thought, depressed. The bell rang so his friends had to leave, as the nurse called his mom; he felt his heart break into pieces.

Meanwhile, Chyna was having the time of her life with Mark. He was quite tall, and had a dazzling smile. His perfectly tan skin was flawless, while his jet black hair messily fell into his eyes. He was so sweet; they spent the whole day together.

As soon as the bell rang, the duo grabbed their stuff and headed to the main entrance, "So, want to get some ice cream or something?" he asked.

"Yes!" she exclaimed. He grinned, "Okay, let's go."

As the couple walked to the nearest Ice Cream parlour, they played twenty questions.

"What's your favourite colour?" he asked.

"Purple. Yours?"

"Green. What's your star sign?"

"Gemini. What's your favourite type of pizza?"

"Veggie pizza, I'm a vegetarian." Chyna smiled.

"Oh, because you love animals?"

"No, I hate plants," they laughed.

"So... which ice cream do you want?" asked as they looked at the options. Chyna thought for a moment, "I'll have a mint chocolate sundae." She searched her backpack only to find out she had no cash with her. "Oh man, I don't have any money."

"No worries," Mark said, "I'll pay." Chyna's eyes widened. "Oh, you don't have to do that."

He handed her the ice cream, "Yeah, but I wanted to."

Chyna smiled. "Thanks, Mark." As she ate her frozen treat, she couldn't help but think that today must have been the best day ever.

"Today was the worst day ever," Fletcher complained to his German shepherd, Artie. The dog looked up from his chew toy to his master. Fletcher sighed as he sat on his bed, holding a steak to his eye. Artie sensed his master's melancholy and jumped onto the bed, resting his head in Fletcher's lap. "Mom said I have to go to school tomorrow, but I can't. I can't see her again." Artie softly barked in agreement. Just then, his phone vibrated, telling him he had a new message. He read the text in confusion.

Look outside your window

The number was blocked, so he couldn't tell who it was. It's probably a prank, he thought. He looked outside anyway. There was a girl sitting in the window sill. Fletcher screamed in shock. Artie began barking fiercely at the stranger.

"Don't worry, Fletcher," the girl said as she calmed down the dog. "I came here to help you."

The girl had mysterious purple eyes and had long blonde hair with dark and light highlights. She looked surreal, almost like a fairy. She wore a pink top, white jeans and sparkly sandals. Her hair blew in a breeze that didn't seem to exist.

"W – Who are you?" he muttered.

"I'm Isabella, but call me Izzie, please. I'm kind of like your fairy god mother."

Fletcher snorted, "Do I look like Cinderella?" Izzie frowned.

"Oh for the love of... never mind. Just take my hand."

"Yeah, right. Like I'm going to fall for your prank. Who sent you here? Was it Cameron?"

Izzie sighed, "How many times do you see a girl sitting on your window sill saying they're your fairy godmother? Well, I'm a god sister, but still."

Fletcher sighed; she did come out of thin air. Maybe it was his headache playing tricks on him? "You're right, but where are you taking me?" he asked as she took his hand. She smiled, "We're going on a field trip."

And with that, Izzie, Fletcher and Artie disappeared into a world of unknown.

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