You're All That We Need

Hey guys this is my new story I hope you like it, I do not own any of the twilight character's only the plot. I will have prereadiers before I post any of my chapters. Here is the summary so you have some kind of idea of what the story is about so pleasure reading I love reviews. Remember reviews = love so send me love. Edward, Bella, Rose, and Emmett point of view in this story.

It's been a long five years for my sister and I. Hello I'm Isabella Swan but I prefer Bella. My sister Rosalie and I are headed to Los Angela's California. Well us and our little girl's. Clara Jane Swan age 3 and Lillian Rose Swan age 3. Yeah are girls are the same age born on the same day it was weird how it all went down, but that's not the story I'm about to share with you. Anyways, we are now just boarded our flight in Seattle to head to Cali, we are leaving our home of Forks, Washington. A place we have called home all our lives. We have no family here anymore so it's for the best. Our ex-husbands were ass holes. We should have known with those two thick as thieves, they grew up together, so it was only right for them to cheat on their wives together. I bet your wondering who our ex-husbands are well I'll tell you. Royce King and Jacob Black, If you're wondering why our kids don't have their father's last name well the thing is they never wanted the girls so when we were divorced they signed over their rights and we made damn sure that there was no way they could renig on that deal. So we are now going to live with our dad in Cali. He is going to help us get on our feet and get a place. Let me tell you. Daddy wasn't to please to hear that his little girls were miss treated. So when we are finally in the air those two were going to get a visit from one of dad's old police buddy's from Seattle. Now dad isn't in the line of duty anymore. He retired 10 years ago and headed to LA to be an agent for actors. Let me tell you after 10 years dad is filthy rich and one of the most sought after agents you'll ever know. Hell even Brad Pitt dropped his agent for our dad. He is also supplying us with jobs. Dad seems to go through assistants like water and just recently fired one so he is going to hire us. Saying your two heads together is better than the nimrods here. Dad's great. So now we are getting ready to take off so I will close for now hope you'll enjoy our story that we have to tell.

We'll I hope you like the summary. Leave me love and I'll try to get my chapters up quick. Chapter one to be posted tomorrow.

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