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Chapter 8: Realization


Everyone said that my daughter had a knack for knowing things; that she was just extremely special that way. I knew that it was starting to turn out to be true. When I told her we were moving out here to Cali, with PaPa and Gramma Sue, she said that it would be better for us out here and that she was happy about the move. Well, she didn't tell me that like that. She is only three and can barley pronounce her words correctly.

Even earlier today, when we were getting read to come over here to Kristina and Kellan's, she told her cousin Lily that she would meet her daddy today. I never said a word, thinking that she was just playing a game with Lily. But after hearing her tell Edward that she loved him and called him daddy in the process, I knew she wasn't playing a game.

I turned my back to the door quickly, so that Edward wouldn't notice that I had heard Clara say that she loved him and called him daddy.

"She's out like a light," Edward said to me a few minutes later. He closed the door behind him as we head down stairs. When we entered the living room, Kris, Rose, Alice and Rosey are no where to be seen. Kell must have noticed me looking for them, because he grinned at me and pointed to the kitchen. I simply nodded my head and walked out of the living room.

I could hear giggling come from the kitchen and when I turned the corner Kris was the first one to notice me. Apparently, by the look on my face, she knew something was wrong.

"What's wrong, sweetie? You look like someone kicked your dog or something." she asked, which caught the attention of the others in the room, especially my sister. She immediately set down her glass and came over to me, as I dropped myself in one of the kitchen chairs.

"Bells? Honey, what's wrong? You are starting to scare me," Rose said with a look of concern evident on her face. "She...She…Love….daddy?" was the only thing I could get out. "Bella, sweetie, what are you trying to say, hun? Take a deep breath and then try to talk," Rosey said as she came closer to us. So I did that. I took a deep breath, exhaling through my nose. I did this a couple of times before I was sure I was calm.

"Alright, now that you've calmed down, honey, tell us slowly what you were trying to say before," Alice said. She had her eyebrows furrowed with worry and a frown playing at her lips.

I nodded my head, took another deep breath and let it out with a whoosh. "C.J. She just told Edward that she loved him and called him 'daddy'," I told them in a rush. I heard a collective gasp from everyone in the room and looked up at everyone; they are all wearing the same shocked expression.

"Are you sure you heard her right, Bell?" Rose asked me with concern and worry written all over her face. I nodded my head. We sat quietly for a moment, and before I knew it, I was speaking again.

"I thought she was just playing earlier. You know with Lily, but now I know she was only speaking the truth, my child knows things way beyond her years," I tell them, still in complete and utter shock, trying to take in all the things that my daughter has ever foretold that came true.

"Wait? What do you mean, Bella? That you thought she was just playing earlier?" Kristina asked me, furrowing her brows in confusion.

"Earlier today, before we came here, C.J. was talking to Lily and I overheard her tell Lily that she was going to meet her daddy today. I thought she was just playing some game with Lily. When she called him daddy and said she loved him, I knew with everything in me that she was speaking the only thing that she knew was the truth." I said, finally coming out of my shocked stupor. I came to the realization that everything my grandmother told me about my little girl was true, and that what ever special gift that ran in the woman of my family was actually true and living in my daughter.

Another thing hit me too, and hit me hard. And that was that I was in love with Edward. The moment I laid eyes on him, I was in love. Normally I don't believe in love at first site, but the words from my long-passed grandmother rang high in my ears, "love can hit you any time and anywhere, you could know the person all your life or have just met them. The love of a soul mate knows no time limits or how long you've known someone." She had told me that six months before I filed for divorce and three months before she had passed away. She knew that C.J.'s father wasn't the love of my life and knew that my soul mate was out there somewhere, and that he would be all that Clara Jane and I ever needed.

As I came back to awareness, I noticed that everyone who was around me was now heading out the backdoor, to the patio. I wondered why they all just up and left me, when I felt him. I felt him before I saw him, and then I knew even more so that my grandmother's words from so long ago were true.

I turned and looked at him. His beautiful eyes shined with happiness, sadness, nervousness, and something else that I couldn't quite read before it was gone.

"Bella, um, can we talk for a moment please?"

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