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Chapter 9: Love hurts when you don't know that it's there.


8 weeks later:

"Bella, honey, are you still with us?" Alice asked me, waving her hand in front of my face and successfully pulling me from my thoughts. I had zoned out again, thinking of Edward and all the confusion I had for him.

"Huh? What? Oh, ah yeah, I'm here. Sorry, what were you saying?" I asked, hoping that they wouldn't grill me. We were at our weekly girl's lunch. We started this the week after Rosey got here and was settled in at Rob's place. Yup, they're living together. Rob decided that six months apart was long enough for him, and he asked Rosey to live with him. She accepted, agreeing wholeheartedly that those six months apart was long enough.

I looked around at my best friends, who took a quick minute to look at each other. I knew I had been zoning out a lot these last eight weeks, and my hopes that they would not catch on were dwindling down to nothing as I looked at each of their faces. BUSTED!

"Bell's, honey, that's the third time you've spaced out today, and you've spaced before these last eight weeks. Is something going on with you?" Tina asked me. I sighed. I knew deep down this was coming, but I had hoped that they had not caught on to what was going on yet. I hoped that I could hide it until I could make sense of what was going on, before I would open up to them, but I guess I was wrong on that.

"Um, yeah, sorry, I have loads on my mind right now. I'm sorry that I have been horrible company these last few weeks." I stop, not sure how to continue or if I want to.

"You might as well tell us what's been in your mind, hun. You never know. We may be able to help you," Rosey said with a stern, yet concerned, look on her face.

"OK, here's the thing. It's Edward, guys. After the conversation he and I had at your barbeque, Tina, you know that one where he tells me that he loves Clara like she is his daughter, and that he wants to spend more time with here." I stop to take a moment to breath. "Well, he has been doing that with her and doing amazing with her." I stop again to collect my thoughts, so they come out the way I want them to and not a big fat mess that I feel coming on.

"That's wonderful, honey, but what's the problem?" Sorena asks for everyone.

"The problem is me. I don't know how to explain it, but every time he comes to get Clara and I see them together, my heart does wild and crazy things from just seeing the love they have for each other. To Clara, that is her daddy, blood or not, and the same goes for Edward." I stop for a moment, when I feel something deep within my heart tug, and I finally realize what it is.

"I'm in love with him," I say completely amazed as I look around at all my girls. They all have big grins on their faces.

"What?" I say in confusion.

"It's about damn time!" they all yell out.

"What are you guys talking about?" I question them.

"Bella, honey, we've know you have been in love with him from the very beginning. We have seen the way you look at him and how you seem to space out whenever his name is mentioned," Mom (Sue) says to me.

"That's right, sweetheart. Even the guys have noticed. Rob was just telling me the other night how much he thought you two were meant for each other," Rosey tells me with a beautiful smile gracing her face. She is the greatest ever. I'm so glad she is out of that situation and got to come home to her sister's.

"Well, we will let you think on that. It's time for us to head out and head home. Bella, sweetie, don't overthink this. You will do something stupid and regretful if you do," Rose says and kisses my cheek along with the rest of the girls and walks out my front door.

I sit and think about all the things the girls and I talked about. I love him with everything that I am and come tomorrow, when he drops off CJ, I am going to tell him how I feel. It will take everything in my to do so, and I hope he feels the same.

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