We had just finished packing up after a video and all of the crew had gone.

We got into our pyjamas and Anthony got up to grab some food.

'I am so hot right now' I groaned.

Anthony returned to his seat.

Animal instinct rushed through me.

I grabbed his cock through his pants.

'Your underwear. Off.' I commanded.

'Yes, yes yes!' Anthony shouted 'I waited all day for you Hecox'

He pulled his pants off to reveal his throbbing cock , wet with pre-cum.

'Anthony you devil.'

I deep throated Anthony, taking his whole length in my throat.

I bobbed up and down on his love gun and sucked and licked playfully.

To be honest, by now, if my cock was any harder it would snap.

'Anthony you are perfect.' I struggled to say why being gagged.

After about 5 minutes of bobbing he shot his load into my face and hair.

Now Anthony dominated me.

He slapped me in the face and flung me on the ground.

He shoved his cock up my ass while gagging me with his hands.

He only put a couple inches in but it was heaven.

He was fucking me hard and our balls were bashing.

Then he leaned onto me, his erect nipples gracing my back.

The last couple of inches pushed in as he was sucking the cum off my hair.

We fucked for about 2 hours and Anthony started rubbing my cock while fucking me.

All in all there was 20 orgasms that night…

Absolute bliss.