Touhou Doujin: Dawitsu's Recompense

Chapter 26: Compensation ends, but good deeds do not

Dawitsu Mansion, around mid-day

Dawitsu was standing in his kitchen, mixing up a gooey, chocolate-filled mixture that was no doubt about to become the delicious American sweet meat that some like to call... Chocolate Brownies. Somehow along the way, Yutaka had got him to cross-dress as a maid, but he didn't seem all that humiliated by the situation.

Yutaka was waiting in the foyer, playing chess with Chen. Ran was intensely focused on the final boss of Majora's Mask, and was barely breathing, never mind talking. Chen moved her knight, placing it in a position that placed Yutaka's King in check, but also being able to take her Rook.

Chen laughed with pride, "So, Yutaka-sama, what will it be? Checkmate, or lose a powerful piece?"

"Neither." Yutaka replied, moving a bishop which by all means had simply been sitting around useless, which happened to be flanking the position Chen's knight was in. After taking the knight, she said, "I'll admit, that was a good move on your part, but I had anticipated that you'd do it a while ago..."

Chen smiled softly, "Oh... you're smart, Yutaka!"

"The skill is playing both offensively and defensively at the same time." Yutaka looked towards the kitchen, "I wonder how the boss is doing?"

Ran interrupted Yutaka's out-loud thoughts do declare, "YES! I beat him! I beat that cursed mask! YEAH!"

Both Chen and Yutaka's expressions became deadpan, both of them acting slightly more mature than the oldest person in the house. Finally, Yutaka said, "Congratulations, Ran... so, are you watching the ending?"

Ran paused, before shouting, "Hold on, hold on, it isn't dead yet..." She staring in horror at the somewhat surreal second phase of the Boss Battle, and said, after a good ten seconds of thoughtful silence, "That's not normal."

Yutaka giggled, "Oh, are you against Majora's Incarnation? Yes, that is certainly... not normal."

Chen, who was thinking up an attack strategy, suddenly moved her Queen directly in front of Yutaka's King, taking the pawn in front of it. "Check!"

Yutaka was about to simply take the Queen with her king, but then realised it was covered by her bishop. Her knight was out, attacking elsewhere, and the only bishop in a position to defeat the Queen was blocked by one of her pawns.

"Um... Chen, I think it might be mate..." Yutaka couldn't quite believe she'd let her guard slip so easily.

"You mean... I've... won?" Chen's expression became a victorious one, and she began to purr.

"Yes, I think you have..." Yutaka clapped her hands, "I lost, fair and square... well done, Chen!"

"Hear that, Ran-sama? I beat Yutaka at Chess!" Chen told her lost-in-gaming Mistress.

Ran was frantically tilting the controller's analogue stick left and right, and was tapping the 'B' button repeatedly. Instead of responding to Chen, she replied with, "Why is this thing so fast? And... is he walking backwards?"

Yutaka shook her head in shame, "Oh, don't worry Chen, I'm sure that when she's able to listen to you, she'll be proud of you. I know I am... wow, that was so unexpected, I knew I should have set up a castling opportunity..."

Dawitsu's voice shouted from the kitchen, "Okay, the brownies are almost cooked!"

Chen was still purring from her victory, and said, "Please can I have some too?"

"Of course!" the disembodied voice replied.

A few more minutes passed, and Dawitsu came from the kitchen, carrying a plate full of unevenly-cut brownies. "Here we are, Yutaka! You get to eat the first one..."

Yutaka observed the plate. There were varying sizes of brownie, and Yutaka wasn't particularly hungry, so she took one of the smaller pieces. Eager for approval, Dawitsu asked, "Are they okay?"

Yutaka chewed the brownie thoughtfully. They... didn't taste brilliant, and were a little under-cooked. Nonetheless, she could detect the hard work he'd put in to make them, "They're lovely, thank you..."

Dawitsu smiled warmly, "I'm glad you like them... you wouldn't believe the lengths I went to just to obtain the chocolate..."

Ran and Chen subsequently took their pieces, small and large respectively. Ran hid the mediocrity of the brownies in the same way Yutaka did, but Chen asked, "Are you sure brownies taste like that?"

Dawitsu was now unsure whether he'd done a good job. He placed the plate on the table Yutaka and Chen were using to play Chess, and took one himself. He chewed a little, and instantly spat it back out.

"UGH! They taste horrible! Sorry, Yutaka, you must have just been trying to spare my feelings..."

Yutaka grinned, "Oh, never mind, Boss. It's the thought that counts, right?" Yutaka decided to give Dawitsu a little hug, and proceeded to say, "At least I've got to see you in a maid outfit, eh? You look good in women's clothes..."

Dawitsu sighed, "Does that mean I'm gonna wear this more often?"

Yutaka released her friend, and said, "Well, of course. Ran, wouldn't you say he looks good?"

Ran played along with it, even though she wasn't particularly fond of cross-dressing, "Yes, you should be in that at least every other day..."

"You look funny dressed as a girl!" Chen added.

Dawitsu sat down, cross-legged, and said, "Hey, Yutaka, would you mind if we played chess? It's been a while, hasn't it?"

"How about Shogi?" Yutaka proposed.

"Okay, okay, we'll play Shogi. Well, Chen, it's time for you witness how to lose spectacularly at Japanese Chess, the old-school method..." Dawitsu remarked.

Yutaka, who knew the ins and outs of Shogi far better than her boss, said, "Alternatively Chen, you could observe how to corner an inexperienced opponent in Shogi... both situations will occur..."

"Hey, I'm not that bad!" Dawitsu replied.

Ran went back to playing Majora's Mask almost as soon as the rest of the residents of the Dawitsu mansion stopped talking to each other in favour of an intense game of Shogi. She slashed down her surreal opponent, and hoped the battle was over, but once again, disappointment ensued...

Youkai Mountain, the Waterfalls, around the same time

Byakuren Hijiri stared at Alice, who was absent-mindedly gazing at the fairies that were coming in and out of the waterfall, hoping they'd find someone to shoot at.

Desperate to actually speak to her, Byakuren said, "So... why were you looking for love?"

Alice didn't respond for a while, and after about a minute, she said, "Oh? Did you say something? Sorry, I was miles away."

"I was asking you... why are you after love?" Byakuren reiterated.

"You know, I'm not so sure... I just thought everyone wanted love." Alice answered, "And... well, the person I was in love with was in no way interested in me, so..."

Byakuren looked down, "I see. You know, I've had hard luck with love all my life..."

Alice turned to face the great magician, and scanned over her body, "What, you? But... you're amazingly beautiful..."

Byakuren mused, "But so is everyone in Gensokyo... I'm nothing special in terms of looks..."

"But surely all the good deeds you've done would have helped people see you as a good person..." Alice encouraged.

"Exactly... no-one ever saw me in... that way." Byakuren sighed, "I guess... I guess everyone saw me as simply a saviour, and saviours never see romance... especially not with the same gender..."

"Oh, come on, hasn't there been people who liked you before you were a great saviour?" Alice asked, knowing she must have had some sort of life before what she was famed for.

"Well, my big brother was always so protective of me when I was younger..." Byakuren smiled, but a tear formed in her eye, "...he'd never let me have a boyfriend, he said he was afraid they might have been dating me for the wrong reasons. He ended up never getting married himself, he said that his commitment to Buddhism was his number one concern... oh, if only he hadn't died..."

"...he seemed like a good brother. Over-protective, but a good brother." Alice barely knew Byakuren, so merely said a neutral, inoffensive, yet non-complimentary phrase about her deceased brother.

"...he was... so... do you work with the Tengu?"

"Only recently... well, what happened was this: have you heard of the male youkai, uh... oh, I don't know his given name... oh, never mind. Have you heard of a Youkai named Dawitsu?" Alice asked Byakuren.

"No... you mean, there's a male youkai in Gensokyo other to that strange Turtle?" Byakuren was quite curious now, "Is he humanoid?"

"Yes. Anyway, I...sort of forced him to rebuild my house, and over time, we became friends. Now, one night, I was particularly sad about my unrequited love, and he came over... he said that I looked good... and, when I asked him to kiss me, he said no. However, later on, he accidentally admitted that he was in love with me... and... well..." Alice blushed, a smile lining her face.

"...well, what?"

"...I kissed him! I went towards him and kissed him! And it felt so good... being able to just... walk forward and feel affection, without fear of rejection... I... I then realised I had to be proactive to find love, and I enlisted the help of a Tengu to set up that advert in the Kakashi Spirit News." Alice gasped as she finished her recollection, and proceeded to laugh maniacally, "Oh... is it okay if we kiss? Because I really want to see what it's like to kiss a woman..."

Byakuren was taken back by this incredibly forward request, "What, now? But we've barely spoken to each other..."

"But it'll just be for fun... even if it turns out we're not right for each other, at least we've both had this experience, right?" Alice reasoned from her somewhat warped perspective.

Byakuren shook her head, "No. There's probably several people out there, somehow observing our every action and piece of dialogue, getting cheap thrills off of a bit of girl-on-girl action..."

Alice, not quite getting where she was coming from, asked, "Like who?"

"Uh... the fairies." Byakuren pointed to the closest living things she could find in order to cover up who she was truly referring to.

"...Oh. Fair enough. How about we go back to Hatate Himekaidou's house, I wonder if she's thrown out the pieces of that psycho from earlier..." Alice suggested.

"Sure, we may as well..."

Upon walking back to the spoiler reporter's house, Alice said, "You know, I think we could be good together... even if not romantically, just as a team, we'd work well..."

Alice opened the door of the house to reveal a ridiculously crowded main room. One voice from the crowd said, "Hold on... it's her!"

Suddenly, all the crowd ran out from Hatate's house, and queued in a somewhat disorderly fashion in order to speak to Alice. The first person to speak to her was Koishi Komeiji, "I... can see your Id is heavily suppressed by your ego. I think that Satori wouldn't mind it if I were to..."

Kogasa Tatara pushed Koishi aside, and said, "Hey, pick me! Together, with my skills and your creepy dolls, we can scare every human in the village... and then... EVERY HUMAN IN GENSOKYO! Ha ha ha..."

The Umbrella Youkai couldn't finish her evil laugh, though, as she got knocked out by a hit to the head courtesy of one of Tenshi Hinanawi's keystones. Tenshi said, "You like hurting me, right? You'll be perfect..."

Alice couldn't quite compute the whole situation, and that was with just those three suitors. A crowd of around eight or so more were all waiting to introduce themselves to her. Her brain soon gave up, and she fainted.

Eirin Yagokoro pushed through from the back of the crowd, and said, "Okay, okay, I'm a doctor, let me do the mouth-to-mouth..."

An argument soon broke out over who should be given the somewhat erotic life-saving duty, which escalated until finally Hatate stood up and addressed the crowd, "Like, you've all seen her now! Unless you want to buy some exclusive Kakashi merchandise, can you please, like, get out of my house? I'm working on a super-exclusive story!"

Instantly, all the crowd said that they were, in fact, willing to buy some merchandise. This wasn't exactly the response Hatate had hoped for. Nonetheless, she still took the opportunity to make a little money.

She first showed off her vacuum cleaner, which seemed to have something erratically pushing against the insides of it. "Like, this is my possessed vacuum cleaner! It can clean floors, carpet or stone, has a tube extension, and can give death threats to any passers-by!"

"DON'T YOU DARE SELL ME!" a muffled voice from inside the cleaner screamed.

"So, like... any offers?" Hatate said, ignoring the diminutive voice.

Kirisame-mart, The Forest of Magic, two minutes later

Marisa had taken Jean Franc to her own magic shop to stock up on magical apparel. By the time she was finished, Jean Franc was wearing a puritan-style hat, and had a black cape indicating he was a magician. He also had received his own Magic Broom, and some sort of Magic-producing device that Marisa called an 'option'.

"Er... Miss Kirisame, are the clothes really necessary?"

"No, you can be a magician naked too." Marisa parried.

"That is not not what I meant..." Jean Franc assumed Marisa had merely misunderstood, not getting her joke, ", how will this Broom fly?"

"Okay, sit on the broom." Marisa placed her broom in mid-air, and sat on it with ease.

Jean tried to place the broom in mid-air in a similar manner to Marisa, but it simply fell onto the floor.

"No, dummy! You have to believe it can float! Otherwise you'll never fly!" Marisa moved her hands to accent belief in an over-the-top manner.

"Hmm... so..." Jean mumbled, "The flying is possible, the flying is possible, the flying is possible..."

After about five repeats of this phrase, the broom slowly began to float upwards. It eventually got to seat-level, and Jean timidly attempted to sit on the broom. He did so, somewhat surprised that it could hold his weight, and in a bout of overconfidence, lost his balance and fell backwards.

Marisa laughed to herself, "Heh, you're getting there."

"I cannot believe that I can just think that something is possible and it will be..." Jean said in awe at the still-floating broom.

"That'll be thanks to the option I gave you. It's a magician's best friend when they're starting out. You can also use it to shoot out the more powerful stuff..." Marisa explained.

"What about... the other... er, how did you say it... stuff?" Jean asked.

"With your hands. Okay, recite this spell: Green shot, green shot, boy do you hurt a lot..." Marisa instructed.

"Green shot, green shot, boy do you hurt a lot..." Jean muttered, and somewhat unexpectedly, an energy shot fired from his hand, straight at the floor, singeing the grass. "I see... so, how do you shoot a lot of those shots? Because I'm sure I've seen you firing many a second..."

"Simply recite it quickly, one after another..." Marisa said, as if it was no big deal.

"But... I did not hear you say anything when you were fighting Miss Hakurei before." Jean pointed out.

"Yes, I did. Oh, of course, you're still a novice. When you get good at it, you recite things so quickly that it sounds sort of like a buzz to the untrained ear..." Marisa grinned, "So, recite it as quickly as you can!"

"If you say so... ." Once again, a shot fired from Jean's hand, not shocking him as much as the first time.

"Needs work. Okay, that can wait. Back to flying. Get on your broom, this time properly..."

Jean did as commanded, and then asked, "So, what do I do to fly upwards?"

"Okay, start the flight by clicking your heels twice." Marisa demonstrated, and flew off at breakneck speed.

Jean felt lost almost instantly, so tried to start his broom off to catch up to Marisa. He clicked his heels twice, and his broom whizzed after Marisa's, somewhat uncontrollably. Holding on to the broom with all his strength, Jean suddenly remembered he wasn't holding on to his option. However, after looking to his side, he noticed his option was floating beside him.

Marisa called from in front of him, "I'll race ya! Click your heels once to get the thing to go faster, and... well, you'll figure out steering..."

"What do you mean by..." Jean tried to ask his new mentor, but she'd already sped away from him. He sighed, and clicked his heels to make his broom go faster. What he didn't count on was exactly how much faster it would take him.

He quickly caught up with Marisa, but didn't have a shred of control over the animate-inanimate object, unlike Marisa, who kept at his side with ease.

"Hey, Jean, don't let it push you around! Show it who's boss!" Marisa encouraged her student.

"How am I to do that?"

"Grip it firmly! Go on! Grip your broom like a pro!" Marisa giggled at that last line.

Too French to get the innuendo that sounded better in English, Jean simply replied with, "I am not a professional, though!"

"Just wrestle the thing!"

Upon doing so, Jean shook the broom about, to the point where he was flying upside down. By then, he was gripping it so tightly that the Broom probably had no choice but to submit and correct itself, flipping him back to the right way up.

"Hey, that's it! I knew you could do it!" Marisa was proud, and gave it away a little too much for the smart-alec she usually was.

"All I did was got frightened for my life..." Jean said.

"Well then, get more frightened, then! So, you reckon you can ride one-handed and shoot green shots while flying?" Marisa asked the exhausted Frenchman.

"If it is possible, I wish for that lesson to be delayed..." Jean replied.


The two humans spent the rest of the day flying, looking like a pair of evil witches from the likes of a hackneyed horror movie as they flew in front of the red sunset. Marisa cackled loudly as she flew once night fell, and Jean joined in, laughing in a caustic French accent the whole time.

Dawitsu Mansion, the next morning, around nine Anti Meridian

Dawitsu's sleep was noticeably devoid of dreams, and he seemed rather concerned about this development. After he woke up, he quickly moved into the nearest lift going upwards. When he reached the top floor, he walked through the library and entered the room labelled 'Mah office: Knock before entry!'. He sat down at the rarely-used desk in a chair with wheels on the bottom, and like the immature person he was, he pushed himself around on the chair for a bit of fun.

He suddenly stopped, and decided to do what he came up here for. He searched to the desk for anything remotely like a mobile phone. After searching the cabinets, he finally found his old, silver, brick-like cellphone, and turned it on for the first time in years.

The first surprising thing he noticed was that there was signal in the area. "Hmm. That's odd. Does that mean someone else uses phones over here and has established a... oh, hold on, it's probably Yukari." Dawitsu figured out verbally.

Seen as he now knew he had signal, he looked through his contacts. He scrolled downwards, until he found the name 'Tom'. After pressing the 'green phone' button, he waited for an answer.

After a short wait, Tomasu Dawitsu's voice said, "Hello? Matt, is that you?"

Dawitsu smiled after hearing his brother's voice, "Hello, Tom... how's things?"

"Is that all you called me for?"

"Well, I guess I've got a lot to tell you... you know my girlfriend, Sakuya?"

Tomasu's voice seemed more interested, "Yeah, that cute grey-haired girl? What about her?"

Dawitsu put on a false tone of disappointment, "Yeah, she's with someone else now..."

Tomasu paused before trying to console his brother, "Oh... man, I'm sorry to hear that..."

"No, it's no biggy. The guy she's with is a pretty awesome guy, I'm gonna let her be happy. Although other girls have been after me..." Dawitsu prepared himself to show off.

"Oh really? Like who?"

"Well, a four hundred and ninety five year-old vampire, for one... she doesn't count though, she's a bit of a nut-ball." Dawitsu laughed awkwardly, not quite sure how to continue.

"Yeah, you always did appeal to the crazy chicks, didn't you? Here's me, thinking you'd found yourself a good girl, but once again, you've messed up..." Tomasu stopped, realising that sentence sounded a little too condemnatory.

"Hey, that's not it, though! A wonderful girl named Alice Margatroid helped me, and one night, she just... kissed me! Turned her down though..." Dawitsu hid the fact that Alice simply moved on from him.

The tone of Tomasu's voice indicated that he was probably smirking, "So, you must like living in that girl-filled world, mustn't you?"

"Yeah, it's pretty fun... I do miss you, though. You know that, right? I... well, maybe I shouldn't be saying this, but I almost died the other day, and I was stuck thinking that I never said goodbye to you..." Dawitsu started to choke up, allowing Tomasu to speak.

"...Wow. You almost died? What happened?"

"Long story. Basically, Alice is gay for this girl, but she has a crush on the same guy I lost Sakuya to and out of jealousy she tried to attack the guy but I jumped out and saved his life and... it was pretty much all a blur after that... got stabbed in the heart, you see." Dawitsu gasped after his overly-long tale.

"Wait... Alice is a lesbian? I thought you said she kissed you!" Tomasu clearly had filtered out the bits that most humiliated his brother.

Dawitsu blushed, and he said, "I guess I was... more of an experiment to her."

"Heh, you're a lady's man, Matt! Just not the usual kind!" Tom mocked his brother in good spirit.

"Yeah, that's me..."

"Oh, speaking of girls, how's Yutaka? You still friends?"

"But of course. She was the one who saved my life..." Dawitsu smiled, "And yesterday, I made brownies to make up for it."

"You two are totally weird for each other, you know that, right?" Tomasu told his brother in a straight, honest manner.

"Yeah. I know." Dawitsu sighed with happiness.

Tomasu laughed through the phone, "Oh... was that a swoon I hear? Oh my, not this again... oh sorry, Matt, there's a customer coming in now. Wow, he looks like a Bond Villain... wonder if he's after carnivorous sharks?"

"Probably. How large is his moustache?"

"Very large."

Dawitsu concluded that it was a Bond Villain, "Right, guess you'll have to be showing him to the Great Whites, then... see you later."

"See you, Matt..." Tomasu said, with little confidence that he would be able to see him again.

"See you, then..." Dawitsu bid farewell again, then hung up.

After staring at the phone for a while, Dawitsu placed it on his desk, and, once again, sighed. "Oh... what now? I think the story's over..."

After taking the lift downstairs, Dawitsu realised that Yutaka was already up and in the foyer, eating the brownies that were left on the table from yesterday.

"Hey there, Yutaka... you know, you don't have to eat them just to make me happy..." Dawitsu offered Yutaka.

Yutaka grinned, "Oh, Boss, I'm just eating them because I like them. Things taste a lot better when they're home-made, isn't that so?"

"Only if the home-cooker's a decent cook..." Dawitsu legitimately pointed out.

"Well, even if you don't like them, I do..."

A knock on the door salvaged the conversation from a dead end, and Dawitsu answered the door, to reveal none other than Keine Kamishirasawa.

"Hello, Male Youkai..." the were-hakutaku greeted the Mimicker in the most distant way possible.

"Uh... my name's Dawitsu, if you want, just call me that. I take it you're here because you want me to teach the kids?" Dawitsu asked.

Yutaka walked up to Keine, standing by Dawitsu, "Oh, hello there... Boss, what do you mean by 'teaching the kids'."

Keine explained, "Well, the other day I asked him for assistance, and he told me to call here when he was needed..."

Dawitsu smirked, "I guess this is my new role in Gensokyo... you know, instead of a moocher..."

Yutaka thought to herself, and then said, "You trust me with humans too, right? Can I be his teaching assistant?"

Keine mumbled to herself, and then said, "I don't see why not..."

Dawitsu kneeled to below Yutaka's height, and then raised his arm, "High Five!"

Yutaka returned the gesture, "Ah, excellent! This should be good... we'll finally be contributing in Gensokyo!"

Keine was silent, merely pointing to behind the pair in fear. She occasionally muttered the odd syllable, either 'Yu', 'Ya', or 'Ka'.

"What's the matter, we're going to help you..." Dawitsu said to Keine, before turning to see what she was pointing at... it was an incensed Yukari Yakumo.

"Uh... hello Yukarin..." Dawitsu adopted the most innocent expression he could muster, not actually knowing what was wrong.

Yukari pulled out a newspaper from her pocket, and the front headline read 'Yukari Yakumo's secret boyfriend!'. Yukari slowly and threateningly said, "What is the meaning of this?"

"Well, how am I supposed to know? It's not my fault you let Chuck Norris into Gensokyo..." Dawitsu answered.

"READ THE ARTICLE!" Yukari shouted, "It's you! Look, here: 'A Youkai Man with a blue cloak and a Tokin similar to the ones worn by our great and wonderful species was seen by our intrepid reporter exiting Yukari Yakumo's house, quoted as saying, 'Thanks for the... you know.'. Reporter analysis has revealed these remarks to refer to private benefits experienced only by Boyfriends and Girlfriends, thus proving that Yukari Yakumo is, in fact, dating the only Youkai man in Gensokyo.' Don't you get it?"


"If you hadn't have said Thank You' to me, then this... libellous trash wouldn't be published! Do you know how much earache I've been receiving from Yuyuko? Hell, even Youmu had a little dig at me! I'm the laughing stock of Gensokyo!" Yukari stared at Dawitsu with contempt.

"Hey, if you'd have just let me go my way and thank you for the chocolate in particular, I wouldn't have left the sentence that open to... uh... interpretation!" Dawitsu returned the stare with equal confidence.

"Shut up! This is all your fault!"

Dawitsu shrugged his shoulders, "Hey, even if it is, is it really such a bad thing to be considered my girlfriend? It's not like I'm that..."

"...moronic? Goofy? Perverted?" Yukari offered several finishes to Dawitsu's sentence. "All that matters is that now, thanks to you, I'm now the local joke..."

"Just alter the border between intelligent humour and stupid humour, I'm sure that'll work..." Dawitsu suggested.

"You know nothing of how borders work, do you?" Yukari stated.

"I think that I'll leave it until another time, on second thoughts..." Keine attempted to get away from the situation.

"No, STAY HERE!" both Dawitsu and Yukari said at the same time.

Yutaka shook her head with a wry grin, "Some things will never change, no matter how much you try..."

And so, the argument escalated to the point where Dawitsu and Yukari almost considered fighting each other again. Then they realised the Tengu media would simply consider it a massive version of a 'Lover's quarrel', something they would love. So instead, they settled their differences with 'Golden-eye', Yukari winning three games to one.

The Dawitsu household proceeded to fall into stability, with Dawitsu now having a regular day job, and even running night shifts on the days he decided to visit Flandre. Yutaka decided that she'd work both as a Teaching assistant and the Human Village's resident builder, restoring any damaged or otherwise buildings to their full potential.

Meanwhile, Alice was learning that sometimes, plans can go, not just wrong, but uncontrollably well too. Waking up to find that someone was breathing air into her from lip-to-lip was not exactly her idea of romantic... Hatate was enjoying her brief moment of glory, and Aya, on the other hand, wasn't.

Finally, Jean Franc and Marisa seemed to be... getting there. The two of them decided to fall asleep together underneath the Forest of Magic's canopy, although, according to Marisa, this was strictly as 'a survival exercise'. Reimu seemed to be getting insecure, although Suika did come back to her shrine with an interesting story about a 'party at Hatate's place'. Of course Reimu didn't believe her, but it was nice to have the Oni back...

Author's Notes: This is it! The last of this book! And, whaddya know, at some point, I'll write a book which centres around, you guessed it, Mister Levoisier! A simple, and clear conclusion for Dawitsu's misadventures.

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