Just an idea that creeps into my mind every once a while, and sometimes I can't stop it…tell me what you think

Prophet Gina LaSalle, Beth G., Sam Cooper, Mick Rawson: Lucky day today, guys. Anyone in for a drink?

Gina LaSalle: yeah sure. Half an hour, down the corner?

Prophet: you say it :-)

Sam Cooper: i'll be there. Well done today, all of you.

Beth G.: lucky day? Where the hell were you when we chased down that psycho on a ten-lane

Highway? That stupid truck almost killed us! I swear I won't drive a car for the next ten years…

Sam Cooper: sounds like an interesting bet :-)

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Prophet: :D sorry Beth. I forgot you don't love road trips. But Alisha's alive, and her sister's on her way to Chicago so I'd say it was worth it, wasn't it? And you're not a bad driver, you know :D

Beth G.: you know I sometimes hate this stoic-all-too-good part of you

Beth G.: and I hate facebook for making me say this!

Prophet: :D :D never mind, beth. So you're coming?

Beth G.: do I really have a choice?

Sam Cooper: now that you're asking it, no, beth. See it as an order from your boss :D

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Gina LaSalle: Mick?

Beth G.: our little sniperboy seems to be asleep…guess he's had a rough night yesterday^^

Gina LaSalle: you're still angry him?

Beth G.: I am and I will be, until he brings his skinny ass up to apologize to me

Mick Rawson: literally? That's a whole new aspect, beth. :D

Prophet: :D :D :D now come on man. What's happened with the two of you?

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Beth G.: I think he knows well enough

Mick Rawson: oh you think

Gina LaSalle: mick, get on, what the hell have you done?

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Mick Rawson: I'd gladly tell you, love, but actually I can't cause I don't know what beth's

talking about. sorry.

Beth G.: you fucking idiot

Sam Cooper: beth, calm down! Gina, Prophet, what about you going without us right now?

we'll be with you soon.

Prophet: sure man

Mick Rawson: hey, what about you two just keep out of facebook for now?

Gina LaSalle: what about you keep out and talk face 2 face?

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Sam Cooper: right. Beth, mick, my apartment NOW!

Mick Rawson: there in a minute, coop. just got to say good-bye to Hannah

Beth G.: or elise? Lisa? Back out and GROW UP!

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Beth G.: be nice, britboy, or I'll drag the whole thing up again!

Gina LaSalle: oh nice you're still alive. What was it then, yesterday?

Mick Rawson: nothing actually love…wasn't even a molehill

Prophet: ok then: beth :D What was it yesterday?

Beth G.: :D :D

Prophet: that wasn't an answer :(

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Gina LaSalle: beth? Tell me!

Beth G.: I would like to, honey, but I can't… :((((( promised to coop not to say anything

Prophet: whoa, that bad? But you're okay, aren't you?

Beth G.: yeah, we're great, it was just…

Gina LaSalle: …?

Prophet: …? ? ?

Gina LaSalle: :D

Beth G.: gina, i'll tell you later. Face 2 face

Prophet: yeah…now that makes my day^^ Beth, you did it again :(

Beth G.: did what

Gina LaSalle: writing down your thoughts without noticing that prophet will read them

Beth G.: oh jesus yeah…*sorry* gina: see you at the ladies' room?

Prophet: now it really starts to get embarrassing…

Gina LaSalle: :D :D :D I'll be there in a minute. prophet, be brave and hold on!


Mick Rawson: :D :D :D :D

Prophet: what did really happen between you two yesterday?

Mick Rawson: nothing

Prophet: Sam?

Mick Rawson: in the shower…and won't say anything else, anyways…

Prophet: where you've been?

Mick Rawson: gym

Mick Rawson: and guess who's won

Prophet: what you? Beat him at kali?

Mick Rawson: nope :D :D he did, as always. But now he gets weak, the old man. Just four rounds

and he released me

Prophet: :D you'll never beat him, will you?

Mick Rawson: not in this life, no

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Sam Cooper: got nice again just in time, kid…

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Mick Rawson: again? ;-)

Prophet: weak old man, remember? :D

Mick Rawson: hey, whose side are you on?

Sam Cooper: there's no sides, mick. It's only us

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Mick Rawson: yeah, I know…us against the girls. Anyway coop: thank you man. For everything

Sam Cooper: you're welcome kid.

Gina LaSalle: awww that's so sweet you can't even comment it… 3

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Beth G.: haha, now you're doing it :D:D

Gina LaSalle: ? doing what?

Prophet: :D :D :D writing down your exact thoughts without noticing we read it

Beth G.: :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Mick Rawson: "Oops, I did it again" –uh? You really need to sing that once

Prophet: undercover…

Mick Rawson: in a strip club…

Beth G.: I knew you would say that! :D ;D 3

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Sam Cooper: good to have you back like this. Still, there's work to do. Penelope just called, let's do something for our money!

Mick Rawson: money?

Gina LaSalle: now, mick!

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