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Before it starts, a biiiig thanks to all who read and review, especially narwhayley (thanks for the marriage-idea! Now that the end is near I can admit it; I wasn't sure what was going to happen in Vegas at first); Lover of Reid and last but not least Virginie – thank you sooo much. I really enjoyed writing this story, and I'm very happy you enjoyed it, too, and I really hope you'll also like this last chapter. Somehow I'm quite nervous…

Anyway, here we go!


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Little Miss Sunshine created a new album WEDDING! My babies've grown up :D

Beth G.: oh come, on Penelope, can't you just get off of facebook for once? That's not healthy anymore

Little Miss Sunshine: you're not better, actually ;)

Beth G.: but on the wedding? That's private matter

Beth G.: and I'm NOT as addicted as you are

Prophet: that's why you're posting all the time ;)

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Beth G.: right, you guys got me. but why on the wedding?

Gina: beth!

Gina: i'd need you over there. Both of you, actually, my hair's a bit…

Little Miss Sunshine: you're beautiful, honey, really. Just let me take a photo

Gina: no!

Little Miss Sunshine added a new photo to the album WEDDING! My babies've grown up :D

Little Miss Sunshine: oh yes, sent :D

Little Miss Sunshine: and sorry but right now I can't help you, my dear, I have to save this moment for eternity and facebook :D

Prophet: what? Penelope Garcia not helping a girl in need with her make-up? You're okay, p?

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Gina: anyways, beth, could you PLEASE help me?

Mick Rawson: don't worry, love. You're beautiful

Little Miss Sunshine: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Mick Rawson: but could you please turn around now so we could stop doing this via our mobile phones?

Gina: right I love you

Gina: prophet, you're ready to walk me down the aisle?

Prophet: I am :D let's do this right, shouldn't we?

Mick Rawson: I love you too, Gina

Beth G.: now it's my turn: awwwwwwwwwwww :D :D

Little Miss Sunshine: beth, you're ruining every romance in here, really. Now switch off your mobile phone and get over there. You're a bridesmaid, behave like one NOW!

Prophet: penelope's getting bossy ;) never thought I'd live to see this

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Little Miss Sunshine: THAT ALSO GOES FOR YOU, BOYS!


Little Miss Sunshine: hello especially to all our friends in wales who can't be here right now. I'm Penelope Garcia, working with our couple with the FBI, and on behalf of Mick Rawson, our handsome bridegroom, I'm here to lead you through this perfect day :D :D :D

Special greetings from our smiling sniper you see here

Little Miss Sunshine added a new photo to the album WEDDING! My babies've grown up :D

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Little Miss Sunshine: Princess JennaR, nice to meet you! :D those special greetings were for you

Princess JennaR: right, Penelope just get going and show me Gina!

Little Miss Sunshine: as you command :D here's your sister-in-law-to-be

Little Miss Sunshine added a new photo to the album WEDDING! My babies've grown up :D

Princess JennaR: it's only sister, that sounds better :D

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Mick Rawson: thanks jen. love ya. Sorry it's that way but it's just right

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Princess JennaR: love ya too, mickey, and now switch the damn phone off ;)

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Little Miss Sunshine: okay, so now we've introduced the family, let's start this thing, shall we?

Little Miss Sunshine: god, I'm so excited, they 're getting married! :D :D :D

Beth G.: prophet I see your phone's still on ;)

Little Miss Sunshine: RIGHT! HERE WE GO!

Little Miss Sunshine: we're in this cute little chapel I uploaded before, and PROPHET is just walking down the aisle with GINA LASALLE, hair a bit messy but just perfect as always, dressed in apricot, silver high heels, and god her legs are skinny!

Little Miss Sunshine: I mean, they're beautiful, but…

Little Miss Sunshine: anyways, over there stands our shining MICK RAWSON and his best man aka our boss aka the priest - and no, I don't know how this is possible and I don't care - SAM COOPER, next to gina's maid of honor, dressed in dark red and with black heels, almost as elegant as our bride – wait, photo's coming soon – BETH G.

Little Miss Sunshine added three new photos to the album WEDDING! My babies've grown up :D

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Little Miss Sunshine: It's going to be thrilling now, I'll try to copy coop's words

Little Miss Sunshine: and as I'm the best I'm pretty sure it will work

Little Miss Sunshine: Sam Cooper: beth, prophet – we're witnesses every day. We witness crimes, we witness tears and deads and pain all the time. Today we'll witness something else. Something so beautiful and precious that it can't be from this world. Not from the world we know. It's a piece of heaven we're going to witness, the promise of love and trust for a lifetime. This is a gift, not only for Mick and Gina but also for us, for us as their friends, their colleagues, their family. I do not know how many Marines are following this, but I beg you to get General LaSalle here if it's possible. This is something we can't celebrate alone, it's too big for just two people, this needs to be shared. Mick, Gina, the light of your love shines on all of us.

Princess JennaR: this guy's crazy, man

Little Miss Sunshine: what the? You got a problem, you BACK OUT!

Princess JennaR: no offense, it's just…

Fiona McGlennan: she's just crying, ignore her :D

Little Miss Sunshine: aww…that's cute, you're just like your brother

David Rossi: Garcia, go on!

Little Miss Sunshine: rossi! :D nice to see you guys around…okay, so…god this is so beautiful *sobs*

Little Miss Sunshine: Coop's stopped talking for now, it's just mick and gina staring at each other gives me time to cry more

Little Miss Sunshine: okay, it's mick's turn to speak now, coop's got his hand on his shoulder, and mick's got gina's hands in his

Little Miss Sunshine: Mick: Oh god, I'm not good at this. *takes a deep breath* Gina Isabelle LaSalle, I'd be wrong to say I loved you from first sight. I don't love people when I first meet them I hardly notice them, I try not to. Actually…*laughs his cute little Mick-laughter all women fall for* what I want to say is you kinda broke down that wall inside me. You gave me the time I needed to get to know you, and with every day I…I also started to love you more. Gina, you're the strongest, prettiest, cleverest girl I've ever seen. No, that's not true, you're more than that. You're the most intelligent, most warm-hearted, most loyal and funniest woman I've ever met, and though I know that I don't deserve you, that I've made so many mistakes, I promise I'll make it up. I promise I will love you forever, and I'll be there for you. Every day of my life from this moment on I promise I will protect you, I will do everything I can to make you happy, and I will stand by you. I love you, Gina, and every day I spend with you is another best day of my life. So if you're still sure that there's a chance I'll make you as happy as you deserve to be, I'll be there. I can't promise to be the guy you deserve, but I promise I'll try. Every day of my life.

Beth G.: oooooooohh god! Now he's starting to get all inferiority complex-guy again…not now, you idiot!

Prophet: beth!

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Princess JennaR: leave him alone!

Little Miss Sunshine: everybody calming down and switch those phones off, will you! okay, I know we're all crying, and we're all at the very edge of melting away with love, but now it's gina's time, so prophet, beth, shut up!

David Rossi: listen up to that girl!

Little Miss Sunshine: okay, good thing now, gina's had enough time to wipe her tears away. Here we go. Gina LaSalle: I bet you're better at this than I am, Mick. *smiles* well, I… I love you, Mick. I guess I've loved you since we first met and…seeing all we lived through, I guess I will keep on loving you…is that okay?

Mick: that's perfect for me, love *god, he smiles again…I love that smile :D*

Little Miss Sunshine: omg guys do we have rings?

Beth G.: fuck it, do we have rings?

Prophet: did you just say fuck it?

David Rossi: could be difficult without them. What's wrong with coop, he's got to have an idea?

Mick Rawson: he doesn't need to, actually. Just for once, I think I'm gonna save myself again wanna make a new pic, p.?

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Little Miss Sunshine: oh cute little boy he's bought rings! He's bought rings! :D :D :D pics come up when I see them on their fingers

Little Miss Sunshine: oh, Mick's putting the ring on Gina's finger *oh my god that's sooo beautiful*

Little Miss Sunshine: and now it's Gina's turn :D :D :D come on, pretty, do it…

Little Miss Sunshine: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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Princess JennaR: photos!

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Little Miss Sunshine added six photos to the album WEDDING! My babies've grown up :D

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Jennifer Jareau: Garcia, you know that's not the best part yet ;)

Emily Prentiss: yeah, let's do the kissing pics like she had to do at your wedding….four times!

Jennifer Jareau: hey, it's not easy to smile and kiss at the same time

Katie Bell: hey, fbi-chicks, shut up!

Emily Prentiss: sorry? Fbi-chicks? And who the hell are you?

Katie Bell: Interpol, and I wanna listen to this

Little Miss Sunshine: it's reading, actually, interpolly, and don't insult my family

Little Miss Sunshine: so actually, we missed it. Let's say I made you miss it because you're fighting ;)

Princess JennaR: what? Don't tell me you got no pics of my brother's epic kiss? :D

Little Miss Sunshine: never said that, jenna :D just that it's not the first epic kiss, but the second…and it looks great :D :D

Little Miss Sunshine added eight photos to the album WEDDING! My babies've grown up :D

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Emily Prentiss: oh that's beautiful! Mick, gina, you're a wonderful couple.

Jennifer Jareau: really

Princess JennaR: like hell you are! Welcome in the family, lil sis! And just so you know, if you EVER break my brother's heart, I'm gonna find you, and then I'm gonna send you back to your team IN PIECES!

Princess JennaR: love ya till then ;)

Gina RAWSON :D :D : I guess it's thanks, then

Mr. Gina Rawson: jen, stop it! ;) and ladies, thank you very much.

Derek Morgan: congrats! You got a wonderful tough lady here, rawson!

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Mr. Gina Rawson :D :D: thanks, man

Katie Bell: isn't there a dislike button anywhere?

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David Rossi: what the hell's wrong with you "chicks"? congrats, gina, mick, and coop, very well spoken as always

Gina RAWSON :D :D : you won't get him here, he's still offline and he's talking with beth, but I'll tell him. Thank you very much

: please tell him the same from me, Mrs. Rawson. And congratulations

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Dr. Reid: from me too, if it's okay

Mr. Gina Rawson: o'course, man :D thanks a lot. To all of you. it's just…you know this is amazing

Cassy Timber: god I need a dislike button!

Katie Bell: yap

Carmen de Roja: that's not good =(

Cassy Timber: nooo, really? Bitch

Mr. Gina Rawson: cassy!

Katie Bell: she's right, though, mick. It's just hard to know you're not around anymore…

Princess JennaR: you bloody let my brother and my sister be, you damn SOB's daughter!

Mr. Gina Rawson: jenna!

Prophet: oh come on, mick, she's right. P, can you block these …?

Little Miss Sunshine: disgusting jealous stupid girls? Just done, old friend. Private party for the fbi :D

Derek Morgan: I'm sorry that happened, guys, really

Gina RAWSON :D :D : wasn't your fault, morgan :D anyway, if that's all… I was afraid of having half Washington on my heels now :D

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Gina RAWSON :D :D : and you what? It'd be worth it

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Little Miss Sunshine: oooh, guys, sorry to interrupt you but is Sam just kissing beth?

Prophet: he is

Prophet: p, photo

Prophet: now!

Little Miss Sunshine: riiiight, just gotta make another album up here

Gina RAWSON :D :D : screw the album, p, you got a wedding kiss there!

Mr. Gina Rawson: you call that a wedding kiss? I bet ours was better

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Little Miss Sunshine created a new album NEXT WEDDING? ;)

Little Miss Sunshine added four photos to the album NEXT WEDDING? ;)

Beth G.: p, we see you

Beth G.: and we read you

Sam Cooper: let me do the rest, okay?

Sam Cooper: Penelope? Please be so kind to put those ? away

Little Miss Sunshine: you mean

Sam Cooper: mick, you're ready?

Sam Cooper: I don't want to spoil your day, anyway, gina

Beth G.: yeah, actually, that would be mad. I mean, we're on holiday for another three days, right?

Mr. Gina Rawson: so you can change you mind? no way! Beth, get off of facebook and over to the door so gina can watch you while prophet and I look for a priest or something like that! :D

Gina RAWSON :D :D : I'm so happy, beth. :D :D You can do this!

Beth G.: of course I can do this. I'm my amazing self, so…god, I'm nervous

Prophet: then get off of facebook!

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Mr. Gina Rawson: coop, we'll be back asap. All the best, man. Dunno if I get the chance to say this again before you're wed so I better do now: you're the best friend someone can have. Round here, at least. Earth, you know. Wouldn't say nothing 'bout some bloody aliens as bffs but…thanks for everything. That was great

Gina RAWSON :D :D : mick!

Mr. Gina Rawson: yeah, love?

Beth G.: you're rambling!

Prophet: beth I told you to switch off your mobile phone

Sam Cooper: I guess that won't work without Penelope . and thanks, mick :D

Little Miss Sunshine: you called for me, master? :D


Mr. Gina Rawson: I love you, Gina

Gina RAWSON :D :D : I love you, Mick

Beth G.: I love you, Sam

Sam Cooper: I love you too, Beth

Prophet: right, guys, and I love you all!

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