Greetings to all! Welcome to my first ever crossover story! This story is a crossover between the Japanese anime/manga Detective Conan and the American cartoon Family Guy.

A few notes:

1. I will be using ENGLISH DUB names for this story in regards to the Conan characters. So you'll have to live with it if you want to read the story. My reasoning: the Griffins are biased against anyone who isn't white, so you couldn't PAY them to go to Tokyo. Therefore, the characters are Caucasion American and live in New York.

2. The Family Guy portion will be toned down in regards to profanity, racism, and celebrity references. Mainly b/c I write stories how I talk, and I never use any of that. And I don't use celebrity references b/c I don't want to be sued.

3. Anytime you see 'cutaway', it means I'm using the traditional Family Guy cutaway for that scene.

4. I'll put a name key at the end of each chapter for the Detective Conan characters.

5. If you are unfamiliar with either of these two universes, do research instead of PMing me a bunch of silly questions. Those things drive me crazy.

Disclaimer: I'm not Gosho Aoyama or Seth McFarlane. After all, how can I be two people?

Chapter One

Peter Griffin and his family arrived at the Quahog Community Center, all in high anticipation of a big day.

"It was such a great idea to come to this dinner honoring Joe, Peter," remarked Lois.

"I know, isn't it?" said Peter. "This'll be even better than the time I went to that dinner for Quagmire."


"And here's to Glenn Quagmire for his many years of service to our airline," said the announcer. He handed Quagmire a long, thin box.

"Gee, thanks sir," said Quagmire, taking the box and opening it. "Wow, a golden condom!" he exclaimed happily, taking it out and waving it around.

"We all know how much you like the men, eh Quagmire?"

The room erupted in laughter, but Peter did not laugh. Nor did Quagmire. He slowly lowered the condom and narrowed his eyes at the announcer, his boss.

"Did that guy just insult Quagmire?" Peter asked Brian.

"By calling him gay? I should say so," said Brian, sipping a martini.

"Well, I'm having no part of this!" exclaimed Peter. He ran onstage and began beating up the announcer.

End Cutaway

"Ah, the Griffins?" asked an employee as they entered. "Right this way, please."

"Ugh, this whole thing is worse than Mort singing Christmas carols," said Stewie boredly. Of course, nobody heard him except Brian.

"Mort sings carols?" he asked quizzically. "How the heck would you know something like that?"

"I recorded it with my new phone. Nice, right?" he asked, showing Brian the phone.

"Uh, sure. But why is it pink and have a sticker showing the symbol for 'man' on the casing?"

"They were out of the women stickers," said Stewie defensively, stowing the phone away.

The six of them went in and sat down right in the front, along with Quagmire and some girl none of them had ever seen before. She was white, with blonde hair and fancy clothes, but they were suitable for dinner party fancy. They all knew instantly she was someone important.

Quagmire didn't look at Peter. "Oh come on you guys, can't you forgive each other already?" asked Lois concernedly.

"No," they replied in unison, making sure to face opposite directions.

Lois was about to pursue the subject, but Chris suddenly shouted, "They're bringing out the food! Hooray! Now I get to take my peas and pretend they're eyeballs while I eat them."

"Chris!" said Meg, horrified, "That's disgusting!"

"You know what's more disgusting?" asked Chris evilly. "Your farts!" He began laughing maniacally.

"He's got you there Meg," said Peter.

Soon the food arrived, and they all started chowing down, Meg ignoring Chris and his peas.

"Hey Lois?" asked Peter, in his little kid voice, "is this a buffet? Can I have more?"

"You can have more if you watch your weight," said Lois.

"Like heck I will," muttered Peter, in a tone Lois couldn't hear, running off towards the kitchen.

While Peter was away, the Chief of Police came on stage and picked up a mike. "Good evening everyone. It is my pleasure to welcome everyone here this evening. To start off, I would like to shout out thanks to…

"Oh, this always takes forever," said Brian irritably. He went off to get another drink, barely missing being flattened by Peter carrying a large tray of food.

"Peter!" exclaimed Lois. "Surely you can't eat all that!"

"What's the matter, Lois? Are you jealous?"

"Jealous of being fat? Heck no!"

"Guys!" exclaimed Quagmire, "let's just sit here and enjoy the food. No fights…please?"

Lois was about to pursue the subject when the Chief finished with the sponsors and continued, "Now then, please welcome Mr. Joe Swanson!" The crowd applauded politely as Joe wheeled himself to the stage.

"There's no ramp!" he moaned, for indeed, he couldn't get on the stage in his wheelchair. Several attendants lifted Joe on the stage, and then the put his chair on stage and put him back in it. Then they resumed their positions.

Joe wheeled himself to the center of the stage, attempting to ignore the giggles coming from the majority of the crowd.

The chief continued, "Joe here performed an act of sheer brilliance while on vacation to the New York area last month. It was an act of sheer selflessness. But who am I to say? How about we ask a member of the New York Metropolitan Police to describe the full scale of his act? Everyone, please welcome Inspector Joseph Meguire!

A spotlight flashed on a short man to the side of the stage. The man wore a gray suit and hat, the hat completely covering his forehead. He was as big around as Peter, if not bigger. He sported a thick mustache, and carried about him an air of importance. The Inspector quickly mounted the stage.

The Chief passed over the mic to the Inspector. The Inspector began, "It's really an honor to me to be here today. But you're probably wondering what Mr. Swanson has done to merit such recognition. Well, it all started when Swanson went to a museum." *Cutaway shows the events of what happened with the Inspector still narrating* "While Swanson and his family were visiting, a robbery was taking place. Swanson recognized what was going on and gave chase to the fleeing robbers. They were soon apprehended by him. *End Cutaway* His act of heroism secured him this award, and I have no qualms about giving it to him. You've earned it, Joe." The Inspector presented Joe with a plaque commerating his act, and Joe allowed the crowd to get a glimpse of it. The crowd went wild and began applauding.


The Griffins were in the foyer of the community center, getting ready to leave. The three kids and Brian had all gone off somewhere, so Peter and Lois were left alone.

"Well it's good to see Joe finally getting the recognition he deserves," said Peter.

"This from the man who initially despised Joe," muttered Lois.

"Did you, uh, say something, Lois?"

"No, Peter. It's just your imagination. I wonder what got robbed, though? They only said it was some art museum."

"It was the Sebastian Art Gallery," came a voice from behind them. Peter and Lois both spun around to see the girl that was sitting next to Quagmire. At the look on Lois' face, the girl responded, "I know because my father is the owner."

"There you are!" said a familiar voice. Quagmire ran up and approached the girl slowly. "Where have you been?" he asked. Then he resumed his 'cool' façade. "Since you, uh, don't have a place to stay tonight, would you, uh, like to stay with me? Giggity."

"I already have a boyfriend," she said coolly. Then she turned back to Peter and Lois and said, "Well, it was nice to meet you. Are you friends of Mr. Swanson?"

"Oh, we're neighbors," said Lois. "We have been for years. But what did you mean that your father was the museum owner?"

"My father is Samuel Sebastian, the CEO of the Sebastian Financial Group. We just celebrated our 60th anniversary recently."

The look on Quagmire's face clearly read 'JACKPOT' when he heard who she was. He decided to take another shot. "How old did you say you were?"

"I'm 17," she replied coolly again. She clearly disliked Quagmire.

'What's with this girl?' thought Peter. 'Quagmire is offering her a hot night, but she's turning it down. The fact she's blonde must be draining her common sense.'

Suddenly, the Inspector from earlier, Inspector Meguire, walked up. "Are you ready to go, Serena? We've got to set off for New York first thing in the morning and the traffic is always a killer."

"Yes, Inspector." She waved at the Griffins before making her way off.

Chapter One is completed, and while nothing much happened, I'm setting up the story for later. And a certain shrunken detective will make an appearance next chapter!

Yeah, and I made Sonoko blonde. I figured it would suit her personality more to be a brunette with her hair dyed blonde in modern American society.

Detective Conan/Case Closed Name Key:

Sonoko Suzuki/Serena Sebastian

Inspector Megure/Inspector Meguire

Shiro Suzuki/Samuel Sebastian