Now for the finale! I honestly expected this to last another chapter, but I saw no need to drag it on longer. Not that detailed, but I was anxious to finish and get on to something new. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter Eleven

"So what did you do?" asked Stewie.

"Rachel stopped the me of the past from having a confrontation with two criminals. They were supposed to knock me out and then I would go on to investigate them and reveal the existence of their syndicate. With them clonked out, their Organization killed everyone I cared about, turned me into a fugitive, and just made the world a bad place to live."

"So how do we stop her?" asked Brian.

Jimmy thought about it before saying, "Rachel first got riled up when she saw the past version of me walking nearby with a past version of her. If we prevent her from seeing the two, then the entire problem will be avoided."

"All right, then," said Stewie. "You and Brian go stall yourselves while I fix the return pad."

Jimmy and Brian ran through the streets of Beika. Brian attracted odd looks from walking upright, but no one seemed to care. Soon they reached the corner right before the spot where Rachel and Conan had originally come to the past. "What now?" asked Brian. "You can't just appear in front of yourself."

"I have an idea," said Jimmy, taking out his pocket notebook, scribbling something in it, and dropping it on the sidewalk. Brian saw that it read 'If found, please return to 222 2nd Street'. "That's my neighbor's address," Jimmy told Brian. "When I find it, my sense of morality will tell me to return it, thus creating the time we need. Now to go home."

"Good news, then," said Stewie, who had just reappeared. "I fixed the return pad, so let's get the heck out of here." He threw it on the ground, activated it, and they all stepped on.

When they walked out of the time machine in Stewie's room, Pawtucket was waiting for them. "Get him!" Jimmy yelled, rushing him. Stewie took out an AK and began shooting up his own mind control helmet as fast as he could while Brian took a golf club and started swinging at him. In less than a minute, it was all over. Stewie tied up Pawtucket in the corner. Then the time machine opened again, and Rachel and Conan came out. Conan and Jimmy stared at each other, but Rachel suddenly lept forward and ran to hug Jimmy as tightly as she could. Before she could, however, the timeline caught up and Jimmy reverted back into Conan, while the other Conan disappeared.

Rachel looked at Conan in shock, "Did I just seeā€¦never mind. But who's that?" she asked, pointing to Pawtucket in the corner."

"That's the culprit behind the murder. Could you go get Officer Swanson?"

When Rachel was gone, Stewie and Brian both looked at Conan, hoping for an explanation.


The next day, the rental car was fixed, Pawtucket had been killed in jail, and Conan and Co. were ready to be on their way.

"Do come back soon," said Lois, holding Stewie. Stewie tossed a small sticker at Conan. It read, 'I changed time and LIVED!' Smiling, Conan put it away. Rachel was rubbing Brian's ears, and Meg was looking more glamorous as herself than any her family had ever seen her.

"You'd better believe we'll be back!" Richard said happily, taking some beers from Peter and tossing them in the back seat. He then backed out of the driveway and they went on their way.

"I still think I saw Jimmy, though," said Rachel unhappily. "I know it's impossible, but I'm sure it was him!"

"If you're that delirious, then maybe we should go home," Richard remarked, dodging Peter fighting the Giant Chicken.

"No, I'm fine," said Rachel, calming down at once.

"Let's see some whales!" Conan cheered as the car drove out of the city and away for more adventures.

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