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The day of David and Emmaleigh's wedding dawned bright. Everyone was calm and collected as they finished last minute preparations at the synagogue. They wanted everything to be traditional so they had opted out of having their picture together taken before the wedding, that way David wouldn't see Emmaleigh in her dress until the wedding. They had chosen to have a short engagement because they hadn't wanted to draw things out.

Skittery had their present hidden in a secret room in the back of the church and he was starting to get restless. He was the only one who knew about the present and he was itching to tell someone. He went to check on David, Jack and Les before checking on the present for a second time since arriving at the church.

In the bridal room Esther did the girls hair while Emmaleigh tried to calm her nerves. She knew that it was normal to have butterflies but she hadn't realized that it would be this bad. She felt like she was going to faint with worry. Her mother had reassured her that it was normal and had gone to get her a paper bag in case she started hyperventilating. Sarah was working on Piper's make up while Esther finished Emmaleigh's hair.

Esther squeezed her shoulders lightly in encouragement before going to the closet to bring out her wedding dress. Her mother and Sarah helped her into while Esther started on Piper's hair. A knock at the door made the woman look up once Sarah opened the door. Natalie stood in the hall with her camera. She got a couple of Emmaleigh's mother buttoning the bodice of the dress and then a few more as they were fastening her veil to her hair. Once it was in place and her face was partially hidden by the lace her mother led her to the mirror.

"You look beautiful Honey," Her mother said endearingly.

The long sleeves were made of lace while the bodice and skirt where made of silk. The empire cut of the dress fit her like a glove. She smiled shyly in approval before turning away from the mirror. Piper slid into her dress with very little trouble. The delicate material stretched taught over her body making her realize that she had put on a little weight since having the dress fitted.

"That color looks nice on you," Natalie observed.

She stood behind her at the mirror smoothing the material over her back.

"I've gained weight since I tried it on last," Piper said with a frown.

"Not enough for anyone to notice. I wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't pointed it out. I doubt Les has noticed either," she teased.

"Having him at the apartment almost every night and expecting a home cooked meal is going to my butt," she groaned once she had checked her posterior in the mirror.

"Some men like that," Esther observed.

Sarah hid her giggle with a cough and Emmaleigh covered her smile with her hand while Piper shook with laughter. Natalie smiled in the mirror, a gleam in her eye that told her that she shouldn't worry.

"You look great," she promised.

Piper's response was cut off by another knock at the door. Emmaleigh's father let them know that it was almost time through the door and Sarah dressed quickly. A few minutes later Sarah was at the front of the line to go into the church as maid of honor. Piper walked as calmly as possible down the aisle, feeling everyone's eyes on her.

Once at the alter she took a moment to scan the room. Skittery and Natalie sat in the second row on the Grooms side. Skittery's mouth quirked at one edge giving her a quick smile while Natalie smiled sentimentally. Her eyes met Les' as Emmaleigh and her father took their final steps to the front of the room. Her father gave her away and David lifted her veil with a tender smile.

Half an hour later they were pronounced husband and wife. The guest started to file out of the room to head back to Esther's where the reception would be held while Natalie took pictures for another half an hour.

The doors at the back of the church opened and Skittery could be heard arguing in a harsh whispered tone with someone on the other side of the door. The door rattled and Skittery put all of his weight on it, holding it closed. The person on the other side started to bang loudly making everyone who wasn't already watching what was going on pay attention.

"Jason Oliver Miller, have you lost your mind?" Piper asked as the door shook from the force of the banging.

"No," he said answered, his voice strained.

"Let whoever is outside in right now," Natalie ordered.

"You asked for it," Skittery said stepping away from the door.

The door flew open and the person on the other side stumbled in. Everyone stared with wide eyes as the person righted themselves. Piper yelled in excitement before taking off down the aisle. She flung herself at the person and they caught her, nearly stumbling backwards. Skittery caught the person who Piper was now talking excitedly to.

"Calm down Piper, stop acting like a kid," Skittery chided.

"Shut up!" she tossed back in insult.

"Did anyone see who that was before she launched herself at them? Emmaleigh questioned.

"Was that…?" Sarah asked in shock.

"Surprise Dave, obviously Piper thinks he's here to see her and only her," Skittery said nervously.

"Aww, leave her alone Skitts, it's not every day that a beautiful girl throws herself at me," The person said with a light laugh.

"It is Race," Sarah said with an astonished laugh.

"Okay, Piper, back off, let everybody else see him," Skittery said, gently pulling her away.

Race held onto her hand as everyone descended upon them. The people who knew him threw questions at him, not bothering to let him answer before someone else asked him a question.

"Easy, easy, I'll answer all your questions. Just quit badgering me!" he said over the noise.

He pointed to David first letting him know that he could speak first.

"How long are you here for?"

"I'm not going back. My family can handle everything. I wanted to wait until my younger brother was old enough to take on the responsibility of running the vineyard and orchard," he explained.

"How come you didn't tell anyone that he was coming?" Natalie questioned Skittery, poking a finger into his chest.

"He asked me not to," he said in defense.

"Don't be mad at him, it was my idea," Race said sticking up for Skittery.

"Where are you staying?" Sarah asked.

"I've got a room at the Fairview."

"Why not stay with one of us?" Jack asked.

"I brought someone with me," he said, scratching the back of his neck nervously.

"You didn't get married without telling us did you?" Piper questioned.

"No, I brought my baby sister," he said with a shake of his head.

"You brought Armory?" Skittery asked with a quirked eyebrow.

"You got your sister out of a bad situation and I didn't question you, don't question me about what I do," Race said, his anger rising.

"He's not questioning you, I have to admit that I'm a little surprised too," Piper admitted.

Race had told them a lot about his family over the years. He had never mentioned that anyone was in trouble. Then again, he was a private person who tended to keep his emotions inside unless they were forced out.

When no one else said anything Natalie gathered them together so that she could finish taking pictures. No one questioned where Armory was, knowing that Race wouldn't have wanted her first American experience to be as a wedding crasher.


The reception lasted well into the night. It was almost midnight when the last guest left. The girls were sleeping in Les' room while Les, Piper, Sarah and Esther cleaned the apartment. There wasn't much furniture in the apartment since most of it was already at the house. They were set to move in the week before Les went back to school. Less than two weeks away.

Jack and Skittery had left an hour ago with Race. They planned to go to Brooklyn to see Spot and then round up everyone else. David and Emmaleigh had left for their honeymoon in New Haven half an hour ago and Esther was still crying softly as she wiped down one of the tables that she had been rented from the hotel.

Natalie sat by the window wishing that Esther would let her help. She had claimed that the cleaning fumes weren't good for the baby and that the four of them could have the place cleaned up in a hurry.

Piper and Les were in the kitchen washing the dishes that Sarah had carried in from the front room. She washed while he dried and put away, their elbows touching. Every once in a while she would catch him watching her from the corner of his eye and she would give him a lopsided smile to let him know that she had caught him. After the fifth time he didn't look away and was full on staring at her by the time she let the water out of the sink.

"Okay, what's wrong?" she asked, wiping her hands on a towel.

"Nothing, I was just thinking," he said with a slow shake of his head.

"Are you going to tell me, or do I have to guess?" she enquired.

"You; are going to have to wait," he said tapping her on the nose gently.

"But if it's bad"

"It is not bad; at least I don't think it is. You worry too much," he said before leaning in to kiss her lightly.

She sighed deeply, her eye brows furrowed. It wasn't like him to keep things from her. His conscience would be eating at him until he told her. Her mind would be churning nonstop until she figured out what was going on. It was something that she wasn't looking forward to.


Race sat on the couch across the room from the bed watching his sister sleep. He'd had his reservations about leaving her alone on her first night in America, but she had practically shoved him out the door claiming that she was tired. He had spent half the night worried about her. He had planned on coming back early but Spot and Jack had talked him into going to Medda's and before he knew it, it was after three before they had left.

Amory was nothing like him. She was quiet, and tended to keep to herself. He would go so far as to say she had been naïve when they were younger, but not anymore. She had seen too much harshness, too much cruelty, it had hardened her.

Luckily Race had been smart enough to get her away from Tuscany when he had. He was ready to break the man that she worked for hands when he found out what he had been doing to her. Stupid imbecile had gotten handsy right in front of him and that had been her last day working for him. Race had gone to get her wages himself, warning the man that if he found out about him touching any woman who wasn't his wife again, that he was going to cut off his fingers.

Armory stirred, her chestnut colored hair fanning out around her as she stretched with a groan. He smiled endearingly, glad that she had come with him. She deserved to have a better life; a life where she didn't have worry about if her employer had hired her for ulterior motives. He wanted her to have every chance she could grasp to have a better life. The only way to do that had been to get her out of Italy. Teaching her to speak English hadn't been easy, but after a month she had gotten the hang of it. Now, they needed to find jobs so that they could stay and not go back home to be humiliated their family.

She sat up, rubbing sleep from her eyes. Her eyes focused on him sitting in the darkness after a minute. He turned on the lamp on the table behind him and she groaned at the sudden burst of light.

"What time did you go to bed last night?"

"Eleven, I think," she said groggily.

"I thought that you were going to bed early," he said in a worried tone.

"I planned on waiting up for you, I fell asleep," she said with a shrug.

"I didn't planning on staying out so late. You don't need to worry about me."

"I wasn't worried about you. I was wondering when I am going to meet your American family," she said with an easy smile.

"You'll meet them soon enough. We've been invited to lunch," he explained.

She nodded before climbing out of bed. She crossed the room to wrap her arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her to him. They stayed that way until he pulled away a minute later. He smiled endearingly down at her and she smiled in response. Everything would be fine, they had changed the fates and now all they had to do was wait for the next chapter in their lives to start.

AN: I wanted to let all of you know how to say Armory's name. I have come across names when I read where I wish that the author would put a side note explaining the character's name so that it is pronounced correctly. Her name is R-More-E.