The whole group was chatting animatedly in Jessica's living room. Well except Alice and Edward, who remained silent. But it wasn't akward. Everybody was used to them being the quiet type.

-So, you're friends with Liz too ?

« I forgot Maria… »

All eyes turned to the Cullens and only the music saved the room from a huge blank.

-Actually I don't know her, but I'm looking forward to it. I have the feeling that we're gonna be great friends !

Alice smile was so genuine that she had to smile back. She seemed so friendly.

-Yeah, we didn't had the chance to meet, we don't have classes 're a year younger, that's right ?

Edward laughed lightly and Alice gave him a weird look.

-Yes, but I'm far more mature than my big brother here !

Everyone laughed and the awkward moment was over. Alice chatted with Maria and they seemed to get along.

Liz made her way to the kitchen to fill her empty glass.

-Where is the damn vodka ?

As she was searching through Jessica's bar, a hand popped up with the bottle she was looking for. She didn't need to turn around to know that it was Edward.

-Thank you, she said, trying to sound nice

She took the bottle and filled her glass.

-I wouldn't have pictured you as the drinking type, he said.

She looked at him, unsure of what he was implying. He was true though,she wasn't the drinking type. And she wasn't the type of girl who hated a guy she didn't even know. But she was tired of being good old Liz Parker. Being kind only bought trouble in her life.

-What do you mean by that ?

-Well, you're not the average teenager. I can see in your eyes that you have an old soul. You're different, in a good way.

Maybe it was because of the alcohol, or Edward's kind words, but her knees felt weak. She started to walk toward him, without breaking eye contact. She stopped when she was only inches from him.

-You're…very difficult…to read…whispered Edward

She could see that she had some effect on him, just by the way he swallowed. And she realized that he had too.

-Please, say something, he almost begged

His hand lifted hesitantly, and he brushed her hair with such tenderness that Liz had to remember how to breath.

-You're an enigma Liz Parker…a very beautiful one…

She smiled at this comment.

« He said that I'm beautiful… God, what is happening to me…»

She placed her hand on his strong chest and looked up at him.

-Why did you leave Roswell ? He asked, smiling.

-Because of my ex boyfriend, she answered truthfully

She felt his body tightened under her touch. Was he jealous ? She leant a little more, if it was even possible, and their lips brushed slightly.

-Liz, what's taking you so lo…..ooooooh ! Sorry….

-Maria ! I was hum…just…hey, my drink !

Liz made a poor exit, but gave Edward one last glance and smiled.

-So, Eddy, are you dating my best friend ? Asked Maria, crossing her arms on her chest.

-No, I'm not, smiled Edward. I don't really like being called Eddy…

Maria took a sip of her wine, and tried to look very serious.

-Because you know,EDDY, if you hurt her, I will hunt you,torture you, and maybe even kill you.

He laughed very hard, almost bitterly. Hurting her was his biggest fear. That's why he tried to stay away from her. But she was such a mistery, so beautiful, so smart, so…her.

-I swear that I will try my best Maria.

She didn't answer. He hated to do that, but it was the only way to now more about Liz. He had to listen to her thoughts.

«…dangerous. He's charming for sure, but so was at least he's not a tchecoslovaquian…Try to look mean Maria, so he will understand that he better not hurt boy, if only Alex could be here, he was better than me fo that kind of things…but no, this bitch had to kill him…I can't belive Max had sex with her.I should have asked him if she's a real blond.I'm sure she's not, fake from head to toe…well say something before he thinks that you're dumb »

-That's great to know that Liz has great friends to look after her. I understand that it's your job to warn me. I just want to get to know her.

She smiled at him, unable to resist the Cullen's charm.

-C'mon, we have to go if we don't want to miss Gomez.

After the show, Bella brought Angela at home and stayed at Mike's for the night. A really drunk Jessica insisted that Alice and Edward stayed at her place with Maria, Tyler and Liz.

They chatted a little about the show, and soon Jessica went to bed with Tyler, and Maria dragged Alice in the guest room with her.

Liz knew that she was trying to give her and Edward some privacy. The two of them stayed in the living room in a comfortable silence. He was the first to break it.

-I forgot to give you something.

He put out something rectangular with a really nice wrapping paper off his jacket.

-Happy birthday…

-You shouldn't have….

She took it and noticed that it was heavy.

-You carried it all night long ? She you !

He looked at her with such intensity that she had to look away. She carefully opened her present, and she stopped breathing. It was a first edition of « Grapes Of Wrath »

-How…how did you…

-That day in literature, when we had to talk about our favorite book.

-You remember that ? Her voice was so low that she wasn't sure he heard her

Her eyes filled with tears. Edward seemed shocked, and didn't know what to do.

-It's..hum…I thought that you'd like it…I'm sorry…

She laughed at his reaction.

-I'm just drunk and moved, I love it ! Thank you so much Edward.

A sight of relief escaped his perfect lips. She stopped laughing and looked suddenly deadly serious.

-I'm sorry you know. I've been mean. Really mean. That's not who I really am. But Max…he hurt me so bad. And this Tess bitch…

Now she was crying. Edward did the first thing that come to his mind. He hugged her, carefully though.

-She killed Alex you know ? And Max…he had sex with her and boom ! a baby…

-Shhh, calm down.

Even if he wanted to know everything about her, he didn't want to find out this way. She was very drunk and vulnerable.

-You're not going to sleep with Tess, are you ? She sobbed, lifting her head to look at him.

-I won't, he smiled

-Promise ?

He was so cute…and he was holding first human contact since he was a vampire. It felt so was warm, she was real, she was…alive.

His face saddened a little and she noticed it.

-I know you're something more Edward. You can't fool me like you had fool everybody else in this town.

He broke the embrace and look away.

-It's ok, she said, taking his hand in hers.

He wanted to back off but she didn't let him.

-Look at me, she said, while turning his face to her with her free hand. I like your cold skin. I like your eyes, black or golden.

He wanted to speak but she kept going.

-I know you're going to lie to me. I've been there before. But I don't want that with you.

-You're drunk, he simply said

-Yes, I am. But I'm not drunk only help me to have the courage to tell you how I feel and stop pretending to hate you. I…trust you. I want you. Whatever you are.

He knew what would follow. He knew he shouldn't let he didn't have the strenght to stop it. He couldn't resist the beautiful, breathtaking, clever Liz Parker.

She kissed him softly at first, then with more passion. It was the most incredible experience of her life. She needed more, she needed everything of him. She put her hands in his hair, pulling him even closer.

Then something that she thought she shared only with Max happened. She had flashes. Flashes of Edward, dying. Of a man bitting him, Edward green eyes filled with pain. Edward bitting a puma.

She pulled away, and looked at him with wide eyes.

He was surprised. Did he hurt her ? He thought that he was containing himself pretty good.

-What's wrong ?

She smiled at him.

-You had green eyes….