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Chapter 1

"Hey, what's up?" Yusuke called as he and Kuwabara walked into Genkai's temple.

Kurama was sitting cross-legged on the floor across from Genkai and Hiei was leaning against the farthest wall fiddling with the hilt of his sword.

"You're late Nitwits!" Genkai shouted motioning for them to come sit down and shut up.

"Hi Kurama. Nice ta see ya Hiei." Yusuke smiled.

"Hmmm… the pleasure is all yours." Hiei stated.

"Will you all quit yakking? I've got something from the Dark tournament committee yesterday and thought you all should be present when it was opened."

"What is it?" Kuwabara asked. "I bet it's some sorta evil invite for next year. I say we turn it down."

"That's why nobody asked for your opinion."

"Will you two nitwits quit flirting and let me read?" Genkai ordered. She unfolded the letter and began to read.

Team Urameshi,

We are pleased to inform you that with the winning wish of the tournament you also receive an all expense paid stay at the hotel, where your team stayed during the tournament, for a whole weekend! We are awaiting your arrival and will be pleased to have you as guests.

Genkai finished and looked up from the paper.

"A vacation from fighting," Yusuke smiled, "sounds nice."

"I do agree with Yusuke. It sounds quite enjoyable, not to mention relaxing." Kurama agreed.

"I'm for it all the way! No monster fighting for a whole weekend sounds awesome! Ha! I need to pack," Kuwabara rambled.

"I'm not going," Hiei stated.

"Come on Hiei! It will be fun! You know…," Yusuke grabbed Hiei in a headlock, "…bonding time!"

"Knock it off you two!" Genkai ordered. "If you want to go we will leave next weekend, be at the dock ready to go at 10 am. All stragglers will be left behind!"


"Where is everybody?" Kuwabara asked searching the docks, carrying a huge duffel bag.

"They can't be far," Yusuke resolved.

"Hey! Yusuke!"


"Genkai sent me to collect you guys. Our boat is here and Genkai boarded with Hiei all ready."

"Great Hiei came after all!"

Kurama escorted the two to a giant cruise ship.

"All this for us?" Yusuke asked amazed.

"Of course not," Kurama explained. "Other passengers are heading for the island too."

They boarded onto the ship and found the cabin where their team was staying.


The team walked through the revolving door up to the counter. The girl at the counter eyeballed the oddball group, not knowing what to do.

Genkai handed Kurama the letter and he walked up to the counter.

"Excuse me."

"Yes?" The girl whispered full of smitten for the red head. She desperately wanted to run her fingers through his long, bright red hair.

"This letter states that we have a free stay this weekend," He handed her the letter.

"What's the name?" She asked as she read the letter.

"Team Urameshi."

"Team…Urameshi," She typed the name into the computer. "Yes! I have three rooms weekend stay." She reached under the counter and produced 3 swipe keys. "Here you go sir."

"Thank you Miss…"

"Brianna." She finished.

"Yes of course."

"Kurama, Man!" Yusuke elbowed Kurama softly in the ribs. "All ready working sum magic on the girls huh?"

Kurama blushed and they took the elevators up to their rooms.

"So how's this going to work?" Asked Kuwabara, "Whose getting their own room?"

"Duh! You idiot, Genkai." Yusuke proclaimed.

"Ohh! Yeah right." Kuwabara blushed. "Then how are we pairing up? I don't want to be with a certain someone," Kuwabara motioned toward Hiei.

"You and Yusuke can have your own room and me and Hiei will take the other." Kurama resolved.

Ding! The elevator doors slid open and they walked to their rooms.

"Wow this is great!" Kuwabara mused as he fell on the bed. "I want to go swimming," he sat up and searched through his bag throwing clothes and manga onto his bed. "Got it," He proclaimed holding sky blue swim trunks.

Yusuke threw his bag on the ground and flopped onto the bed.

"Ya going with me?"

"No man, I'm tired. Get Kurama or Hiei to babysit you."

"Hmmm… Fine." Kuwabara trudged to the door that connected their room to the other guys'. He knocked on the door.

The door's lock clicked as someone fiddled with the knob to unlock it.

"Yes?" Kurama asked as he opened the door and propped it with a chair.

"I wanted to ask if someone wanted to go swimming with me?"

"Can't go swimming without a babysitter huh?" Hiei asked as he shined his sword on his bed.

"That's what I said!" Yusuke exclaimed form behind.

"I would love to Kuwabara. Give me a minute to change okay?" Kurama reached under his bed and pulled out his suitcase. "Are you coming?" He asked Hiei.

"Why would I want to do that?"

"Because it will be fun. Ah, found it," He pulled out his red swim trunks and a white t-shirt. Kurama stepped into the restroom to change as Yusuke walked into Hiei and Kurama's room.

"Not goin' with'em?"

"Why would I?"

" 'Cause I changed my mind and am going. Come on it will be fun."

"Are we ready to go?" Kuwabara busted into the room with a glob of sunscreen on his nose.