Title: Monotony
Category: Cartoons » Teen Titans
Author: JellyfishBlues
Language: English, Rating: Rated: T
Genre: Humor/Romance
Published: 01-03-08, Updated: 01-21-08
Chapters: 12, Words: 20,081

Chapter 1: Boredom


After all this time,… what do I have to live for? What could possibly be left for me… If I have nothing left… then why do I keep going?... Every day the same familiar scene flies past me in a blur… But… I can't help but think… that it wouldn't matter, If I had someone… anyone… even so… that will never happen. it seems… that I have no reason… so, why do I still breathe…

Chapter 1:

Raven sighed. morning… squirming in her massive violet bed, with a groan she found a comfortable position and once again attempted regain that blissful unconscious state called sleep. …what reason do I have to get up… The empath furrowed a brow as her stomach growled. Appetite was clearly not on the same page. …all in favor? Moments after sarcastically counting the poll, the slightly annoyed raven opted to get her pain in the ass craving quiet. Slumping out of bed proved a challenge ..never was a morning person… was I… Her lavender hair was still in disarray from an extended rest, and she blew it out of her face. stupid hair.. she rubbed her face in her palms before blinking away the sleep from her eyes.

"I need a shower…". The girl stood haphazardly on her feet and staggered to her bathroom.

Raven, face in hands, a content smile graced her pale lips as steaming water rid her of any traces of fatigue. …something I still enjoy.

well…what now…. The dark titan sat on a couch in the titans tower, I was hungry when I got up, now I'm not, WhatTheHell. Frowning at her own thoughts, she found the remote and started rummaging through the channels on the giant flat screen TV, browsing for something worth her time, anything.. The sage sighed ruefully, should've stayed in bed… Crossing her legs on the glass table in front of her, she turned off the idiot box and casually summoned a book from her room, opening the dusty tome, she stared dully at the text.


"…Why is everything so god damn boring!"

well this isn't right

Usually by now she would have three pairs of very confused eyes locked on her, accompanied by beast boys feminine shriek. Glancing around the room she confirmed, there was no one else there. At ten in the morning, there was no one there. Where was the din of white noise? Where was Cyborg whipping up stacks of pancakes, or Robin dragging his tired ass out of bed. Where was anyone?

looks like they took the bait, time to move in

with catlike grace, the figure jumped from her perch and landed directly in front of the doors to the T' tower. Quickly looking around, she crossed her fingers and tried the door, It silently swung open. With a small grin, Jinx slid into the tower, slamming the door behind her.

Chapter 2: Miscalculation


Chapter 2:


"Holy mother!-…."

Crap…that was a-LOT, louder than I expected.

Removing the hand she had slapped over her mouth, By force of habit Jinx glanced sheepishly around, although she was positive she was alone.

"I can't believe I just did that…"

With a heavy sigh she started her way through the tower looking for any valuables she could carry out with her.

looks like the S.O.S really worked

"uuugh….they must be back"

the sudden noise shocked the psion from her relaxed pose. She'd heard that sound all to many times before, since beast boy frequently closed doors with what she defined as, "unnecessary force". She groaned and removed herself from the black couch.

..I should make sure… I suppose.

Raven started down the elevator to confirm that it was indeed, the other titans.

She got off at the bottom floor, and was met with who she immediately knew was jinx, how many people have wild pink hair up in horns.

Surprise soon turned to amusement, as the Feline was cautiously studying what appeared to be a pale goldenrod blob.

This should be…interesting…

Jinx's hot pink eyes darted around the hall. Wide at the shock of just how unkempt it was.

She stopped her stroll to get a better look at what appeared to be cheese.

Who the hell leaves cheese lying around?

"Beast boy I'd assume."

The thief turned rapidly around, and came face to face with a somewhat amused goth.

Her eyes widened, Why is she still here? Crap, what do I say, whatdoisay whadoisay.

If possible, her eyes got even wider, she found herself speechless in front of this gothic beauty


she gasped as she was thrown against the paneled wall by a seething black energy

"What are you doing here jinx?"

"What am I doing here, What are YOU doing here?"

Well that was a stupid question. Jinx regretfully thought. Unable to compose a sarcastic comment at the moment.

"I live here, care to explain why you're here?"

"No, not really, Hah, score one for me!"

crap, did I just say that?

The titan raised a brow at the girls comment, What…

"God damn, I cant think"

raven sighed, and released the pink haired girl. Who rather ungracefully fell to the floor with a resounding thump. And raised her head to look at the Empath with dull stare.

"Where is everyone?" raven questioned in her usual monotone voice

Jinx responded with a smirk, "Why would I tell you that?"

Raven blinked slowly.

Jinx scoffed, "fine, I sent a fake call for help. They're off searching, and will be for a while."

The sarcasm was palpable, Jinx put on her best grin and waited for a response.

She was actually enjoying this. Maybe a bit too much. Her smile suddenly faded when she got a good look at the dark titans face.

Raven, the human blizzard, The daughter of evil, was smiling. She never smiles, ever. Fearing that moving would get her thrown into an alternate dimension, the thief froze, not daring to budge until the empath's smile faded, it is kind'a cute though.

Throwing caution to the wind, jinx risked voicing her thoughts

"Why are you smiling, I've never seen you smile…ever."


"You should more often, it looks good on you'"

met with a wide eyed stare, the thief realized, this was a chance, and hauled some serious ass away from the Psion, out and away from the tower. Sprinting until the T shrank out of her periph, and slowed her pace to a walk. She sighed…

"…I'm going home…"

Raven was still paralyzed in thought at the girls harmless comment, and realized, she was still smiling. She quickly composed herself and removed the expression. Concerned that she may have destroyed something, she examined the hall, various articles of clothing lined the walls, floors, and somehow, ceiling. Though in disarray, it was… undamaged

Nothing happened…Goddess this is disgusting

With a questioning glance, she eyed the item jinx had fixated on, What the hell is this?

Chapter 3: A Short Talk


I keep telling myself that I don't care what other people think, that all that matters is what I think. So why do I keep searching for recognition, for acceptance … What do I want out of life… Do I even want anything?


I'm to afraid of failure to even try…

Chapter 3:

Raven was still prodding the what she had called, blob, with a tendril she'd summoned from the shadows. Still oblivious to what it was exactly, she kept her distance.

But… I should go after her…

then go…

Her thoughts won her over, and she began to pinpoint the thief's location. She was… on the roof of her favorite coffee shop, why would she be there? She placed her Index finger on the ruby red chakra crystal on her forehead, and began the incantation to teleport.

I have no idea where I am…

Jinx was casually inspecting her surroundings from a rooftop, looking for a sign, landmark, anything that could identify where the hell she was. Her sprint had unfortunately pulled her hair out of her trademark horns, so she had resorted to letting it fall back naturally.

She was surprised that her compliment had had so much effect on the usually stoic girl. Strange enough, she had meant it. The Empath was rather… cute..

Did I just think cute?

Suddenly she felt a chill down her spine, as everything around her faded to black, spun into a blur, she glanced around her slowly, suddenly feeling nausea in the pit of her stomach, looking for anything that may have caused this sudden feeling.

The world around her blended together, she lost her balance, and fell on her back. Praying that this horrible feeling would disappear. She blinked rapidly, trying to dissipate the horrid blackness that clouded her vision. She could see someone… standing over her. Saying…something…

The darkness began to recede. And the person came into focus…raven?

"…..nx… inx… jinx?"

Feeling much better… though still incredibly weak, the thief could only manage a simple response.


Raven smiled. She was worried that the other girl may have been hurt. Her teleportation had ended up a little to close, and jinx had gotten a good dose of the magic required.

"I'm…glad you're o.k"

Pink eyes blinked slowly. The girl felt her strength returning. She slowly got up into a sitting position, now back to the empath, and pivoting, spun around while crossing her legs. Now face to face with her assailant and savior, she noticed…something was… different about her. Was she….blushing? The Thief cocked her head to the side,

"are you…. Blushing?"

gods that was cute…


Raven tore her eyes from the girl sitting before her, and nervously glanced to the side, the red tinge on her cheeks deepening.

Jinx smirked.

"you are, aren't you."

Raven sighed. attempting to control her emotions. Focus. Focus…why isn't this working?

Surprised at her own inability to regain composure, she continued to avoid eye contact. The redness still ever present. Say…something… anything!

"did… did you mean it?"

"what", the pink haired girl replied with genuine interest

"what you said…back at the tower. Did you mean it?"

The empath cursed inwardly, why would you say that…

"I never say things I don't mean." Jinx replied matter-of-factly. Realizing the implications of what she had just said, a blush began creeping its way along her features. She followed ravens lead, and had to break eye contact. Her thoughts began to race. All of them saying the same thing…

you meant it.

Ravens' blush took on a fourth dimension. Did she just say… she meant it? No one has ever complimented me… ever. And even if they did… it shouldn't matter this much. Wouldn't matter this much.

I want her… to like me?


Raven felt… warm, like nothing she had ever felt before. She felt… wonderful.

What is this feeling?

I feel… good.

"thank you"

The titans response shocked the Thief out of her thoughts. Her eyes widened, and she raised her head, looking directly into those amazing violet eyes.

Did she just thank me? It was just a compliment. Jeesh…. A damn good one though.

She tried to respond. A simple 'your welcome', 'yeah', anything. But was unable to think. Unable to speak in front of her.


Raven smiled. A full, genuine, content smile.

"No ones ever said something…like that… so …thank you."

The Psion then reached out her hand, in the "I'll help you up" gesture.




a light across the street exploded, and raven laughed nervously.

To get that surprised by your own phone… real smooth.

The empath quickly removed the damned device from her belt. Flipping it open in a hurry.

"Raven here"

"dude, I told ya she'd be up"

after conversing with Cyborg, Beast Boy got back on focus.

"Well… we're headed back now, turns out no one needed help."

Raven glanced over at jinx, "really…wait, why didn't you tell me you left?"

"'Cause you were sleeping"

"Why did you choose now to start being considerate?"

"You remember, after that joke me and Cy played on you… I kinda figured I owed you."

"…thanks. Raven out."

Raven calmly closed her phone, and placed it back on her webbed belt. She looked back over at Jinx, Who was sitting patiently, The empath was surprised that the thief hadn't messed up her call. Now getting a closer look at the girl, she smiled once again. She had completely zoned out.

"earth to jinx, hello?"


"I should go"

after helping the dumbstruck girl to her feet, the sorceress teleported back to her room in the tower. Vanishing in a swirl of dark energy. Leaving a blushing and confused Jinx stuck on a rooftop, having no idea where the hell she was.

"That was… weird"

Chapter 4: Tea Time


Chapter 4:

"that was…weird."

Jinx frowned. She was still stuck on the roof of a Coffey shop, and had no idea where the hell she was. It wasn't like her to get lost. She always had a good sense of direction, getting lost on a heist does not a good move make. But usually she had time to get a look at where she had to go. This was different.

Where in the hell am I?

Raven had reappeared in her room, and flopped down onto her bed instantly, teleporting took a lot out of her. Only now realizing how tired she was. She tossed around, trying to find a comfortable position to get some rest. She groaned. She was weak, but restless. Completely unable to keep her eyes closed. She decided to go out. If only for a little bit.

She rolled off her bed, got to her feet and removed her dark blue cape, and began rummaging through her closet, looking for street worthy garments. Wearing her uniform was a bad idea when she was just going on a walk, Lots of people want pictures, autographs, and Raven was never one for the publicity.

She scowled. I need more clothes. Seeing as she rarely went outside, and had no need for an abundance of things she would never use, she was short on casual vestments. The only appropriate things she found, a pair of black fitting jeans, and a gray long sleeve shirt, also form fitting. As for shoes, she wore the pair from her uniform. She slid her communicator into her left pocket, and started out of her room. She froze. They were here. She didn't like to be seen at all. Let alone in something that might draw attention to herself, she was too modest, though she had no reason to be. She was to tired to transport herself, so decided to fly out her window, and across the bay.

She landed in front of the railing, after confirming that there was no one to witness her physic defying methods. She looked around once more, just making sure that she hadn't been seen. Comfortable with her secrecy, she started off to her favorite place, Luna café, it was a relatively old Coffey house, but it was quaint, and suited her tastes; no crowds, and familiar setting, dark colors. They were also one of the few places that served chamomile tea.

Among her reasons for actually leaving her safe haven, the T tower, She felt that she needed to get out more than just for crime fighting, sometimes, you just need a change of scenery, and she enjoyed her scenic walks, the crisp air, the cool breeze, it was one of the few things left that she fully enjoyed.

She approached the Luna café, and pushed her way through its freely swinging doors. Her eyes immediately adapted to the contrasted lighting between the blazing sum outside, and the dim lighting. There were few people present, among them a pink haired girl sitting in a booth out of view of the general customers.

Jinx? Why is she here?

Raven walked through the space between the several square tables, and sat down across from the other girl.

"Why are you still here?"

Jinx, surprised at first that raven suddenly appeared near her again, was even more at the fact that she was wearing a different outfit. Getting over her initial reaction, She was still confused, why is she here again?

"..I..uhm…don't know where I am."

Jinx looked down at the smooth wooden table abashedly, embarrassed that she had gotten herself in to such a situation that would make her seem vulnerable, weak. But that wasn't her main concern, it was that she would look like an idiot in front of raven.

"are you… serious?"

Raven was taken aback, unable to believe that someone like her could get lost, something like this had never posed a problem to the thief before, of course, this was an uncommonly targeted, and unusually quiet part of town, one of the reasons she visited it so frequently.

"I'm guessing you've never stolen something from here, huh?"

"..yeah, pretty much." Still focused on the table, she was tracing a grain in the wood, looking for anything that could hold her interest, and keep her from embarrassing herself further.

"If you need help, I've got some time, what to order something then head out?.."

Raven was putting it out there, she wanted to get to know the vixen, even though they were on different sides of the law, she felt that they had much in common, they could be… friends, maybe more than that.

Jinx peeled her focus off the table, and looked back up at the empath, wondering why she would help her, I'm a thief… you're a hero. Why help me, with something so… pathetic

Still, she was excited, she smiled inwardly, though still considerably red at her situation, this was an opportunity for them to … hang out, and have both of them go home when it ends.

"That'd be nice, thanks, well, I've never been here before, so what's good?"

Raven grinned, "I… don't know either, the only thing I ever order is tea."

Raven chuckled, and jinx snorted an a rather un-ladylike fashion.

Neither of them were hungry. Or thirsty for that matter, though, both of them to caught in the moment to admit it. They both looked at each other, laughter dying down, and both smiled.

"Maybe… we should just… you know… go?", Jinx suggested.

"Sounds good… wait-", realization, "…how can I help you home if I don't know where you live?"

"Way to kill the mood… "

"If you need a place to stay, for the night I mean, you could… stay at my place?"

Another unexpected moment for the thief. Though she would've suggested it had raven not, it was still a surprise, for her to invite you over. Sounds like fun…

"I'd love to… if you don't mind."

"s'no problem", raven slurred, she was just as shocked as the other girl that she had requested such a thing, more so that the other girl had actually… agreed to it. But, she was glad that they could spent some time together… they both were.

"Good lord that was close…"

Ultimately, the empath was still to weak to teleport them both, so was forced to fly them up, putting them both in a rather embarrassing situation… how to carry jinx? In the end, Raven had decided just to get her an a tight bear hug, and fly them both through her still open window, at the very top of the tower. In view of the window, they both realized something…

how are we going to fit?

Several position changes later accompanied by contained laughter, the thief was tossed in, and landed in a heap on the Psion's bed, who then followed in a much more… graceful fashion, flew in, and set down on her feet.

"Tolja we'd make it." Jinx said with a grin. She was still a little shaken at the near miss, a couple inches to the left, and she would've face-planted. She took a look around the room, just then realizing that she was actually in ravensroom.

"you know, I've only been in here once, but I never really looked at anything, do you have like… stuff?"

The empath frowned, she'd long since been bored with… well.. mostly everything, the only things she kept around were various books, on the twin massive shelves on either side of her bed. And she doubted that those would be… interesting, to the energetic girl.

"… No, not really."

The thief applauded inwardly, "we need to go shopping, get you…what?, Clothes?"

"Why not", raven said dryly

"Good, it's a date-I mean… uhhhm…"

did she just say date?... "…Sooooo… it's a date, huh?", raven grinned

"I… uhhh…yeah?", Jinx looked up at the titan, and smiled, though blushing furiously. That had come out completely wrong. She wasn't opposed to the idea, but she would have preferred to have been a bit more subtle.

"OoooK. It's a date then", The frown found it way back to the empath, who just realized she'd asked Jinx over for the night, and only had one bed. She decided to search the tower for a sleeping bag, pillows, blankets, anything that could somehow form a makeshift bed.

"I'm gonna go look for an extra bed, you can take a shower if you want", she gestured to the bathroom," I have some clothes you can borrow."

I probably need one… "Sure"

Raven walked over to her closed, while jinx jumped off the bed and followed the teen, interested as to what she would have. Raven grimaced, the best thing that she could lent were a pair of checkered pajamas. And the only reason she had those was because they were comfortable. She reasoned with herself, they weren't completely atrocious… sort of…

She sighed, nothing I can do… She distastefully grabbed the garments and tossed them to the pink haired girl, who missed, then bent down to retrieve them. She got a good look at them,

I have these too…

Jinx laughed, "I have these too, aren't they really comfy."

Raven's smile beat her frown, she was surprised that something like that would happen. Really, what are the chances… "Yeah… well… there's clean towels in the bath, I'm gonna' look for the bed."

The empath glided over to the door, which slid open, and went off to see if there was anything she could use.

Jinx sat on the bed. Still in disbelief that something like this could happen. Nothing special, just taking a shower… in ravens room…


The feline mosied over to the shower, and glanced into the bath… there really are towels in thebath… She reached down and removed a grey one, and hung it over the sink, and walked over to the shower. She stared… and stared, oh-my-god, this shower is huge! She slid the slightly translucent door over, taking in all the glory. And glued her eyes on what had to be the biggest showerhead she had ever seen. …Damn… She removed her clothes, and hurled them into the basket in the corner, eager to test out this masterpiece of engineering. She stepped in and turned it on. Water rained down on her, starting out cold, and slowly working up to steaming hot.

"This feels great."

Why do we never have anything?

Raved glared at the empty cabinets, which had more food than bed-related items. Damnit beast boy, why would you put food here? She forcefully exhaled, hoping that her anger would conjure up what she needed.

Giving one last death look at the mostly empty cabinets, she started back upstairs to her room. Unsure as to what Jinx's reaction would be. She slid open her door and stalked back in, letting the automatic hinges close it.

Jinx was sitting on the bed, clothed in the checkered pajamas, grey towel around her neck, her bright pink hair down and slung over her shoulder, and a dreamy look on her face.

"Good, right?"

"that shower… is…is…", the vixen was at a loss for words. "…good.."

"right…well…", the titan glanced nervously around, "I couldn't find anything, so we'll have to share the bed."

"Sounds good, which side you want?"

"either's fine"

"Then I got left!", jinx got off the bed and pounced on her side.

"I guess I'll take a shower", she turned her head back at the thief, who was curiously eyeing a Victorian mask that was hung on her wall, "if you don't know what it is, don't touch it, I'll be out in a while." Raven took for the shower, grabbing a towel.

After she was finished toweling off, she realized something… I don't have a change of clothes…

Being far to modest to prance out barely clothed, she went to pick up her old ones, she had thrown them in the same hamper as jinx. She peered inside. Cant put those back on… Her lust for long hot showers, along with her distaste for the steam that fogged up just about everything, had forced her to leave the window open, its raining…who knew…

Having no choice but to walk out in a tiny black towel, the empath padded along the tiled floor with careful steps, From a previous experience and resulting head injury, She knew 'wet' and 'floor' don't mix. Cautiously opening the door, she peered through the crack to see if she had reason to be embarrassed. There, lying face down in the exact center of the bed, was a sound asleep jinx. …lucky…

She snuck across the dark blue carpet, unsure if any noise would wake the thief. Reaching her closet, she sighed inwardly, made it. She slowly opened the sliding door and retrieved her change of clothes. Black satin PJ's. She dropped the towel. And picked up the top so she could hurry the hell up and get them on.

"Woah, You're….Hot!", Having figured the empath for the modest type, she faked sleeping so the other girl could comfortably get out of the shower, the only reason she knew this would happen is because she watched raven stroll into the bath, sans a change of clothes. Far be it from her to pull something so devious, but all she'd ever seen the titan wear that was the least bit revealing was what she wore at the Luna café.

Ravens previously composed form tensed up, and her natural grey skin tone paled. She was naked. Her change of clothes flew on her in a blur, and she about faced to get a look at the what she assumed, laughing thief. She was met with something quite different. She was…smiling.

"You look great, why do you always wear such constricting stuff?"

Raven relaxed, jinx's reaction was nothing like she's assumed it would be. She was still torn from what the other girl had just said. She'd always been uncomfortable around people, having people see her. This was different… it wasn't anyone… it was jinx.

"Curiosity killed the cat"


Raven smiled, "don't be such a smartass"

"as much as I'd love to argue, I'm tired" , the pink haired girl yawned, and flopped down on the mattress, crawling under the covers, "…bed…sleep…"

raven hit the lights and slid under the sheets next to jinx. They were both tired, it'd been a long day. Raven sighed dreamily. something smelled nice, like… orchids, She had always loved that smell. Just never realized it until then.

Chapter 5: Morning


I… keep asking myself, telling myself, that I don't care if someone is better than me… happier than me. So, why do I repeatedly compare myself to others-when they have nothing to do with me… What makes them so much better than me… What makes them so much god-damn better than me.

Maybe… that's just my destiny… to look on with envy…

what a load.

Chapter 5:

"ugh…morning", Jinx groaned and twisted around, only to find that she couldn't. is something… on me? She lifted the covers, raven was wrapped around her, still sound asleep, a small smile on her lips. The thief smiled.

She is sooo cute.

The pink haired girl's eyes narrowed on a strand of hair that had fallen across the empath's face. She cautiously reached down to brush it off, Not wanting to wake her. The psion shivered at her touch, and tightened her hold. The thiefs' mind screamed at her,

Kiss her!

Jinx was hesitant…

what if she wakes up? What if she hates me for it… What would I say…

She was worried… worried was an understatement, she didn't want to lose the friend she had just made.. but, she couldn't stop herself. Her smile receded, she closed her eyes and she leaned down, slightly puckering her lips, mere inches away from her goal.

"Mnnn", Raven moaned, still fast asleep. Jinx quickly pulled away, careful not to startle the other girl.


Jinx fell off the bed onto the plush carpet, taking the titan with her. It seemed when she pulled away, she got to close to the edge. The fall left them in a rather odd position. Raven was still binding the other girls movements, though the blunder had made them switch places, Jinx was now firmly pressed against the other girls slowly rising chest. Who had somehow managed to stay asleep. She sleeps like a rock… Jinx was unable to extract herself, so had to wake the empath.

"raven… wake up… raven… raven?", wow. she's really out of it…


"Hmmm…wha…", Her eyes lazily blinked open. She flushed. "why are we…like this?"

"We kinda… fell"

Raven, still tired, Slowly looked up at the bed. then back down at jinx. Her thoughts going excruciatingly slow. I…we…she…uhhmmm...how did… Her head slowly fell back down to the floor.

"Can we stay like this… for a little while…", the psion was far to tired to move or think, and being pressed against the other girl, who was still warm, felt all to good. She wanted that moment to last forever.

The pink eyed girl blinked several times, making sure she wasn't having some wonderful dream. Sure that she was awake, the pink haired girl lowered her head, placing her chin on the empaths shoulder, nuzzling into the other girls neck. She inhaled deeply and smiled, the titan smelled of lavender.


Jinx wasn't even close to falling back to sleep. Buy lying on that warm, beautiful girl wasn't something she was about to pass up. lying there forever seemed a preferable alternative to actually taking the steps to start the day.

Pheh, who needs to eat anyways…

"Hey raven, get up!", the shapeshifter began noisily banging on the metal door

"Raven?", Usually by now he would have one very P.O'd sorceress giving him the death glare, he knew raven wasn't exactly an 'early bird', but it was past three and she still hadn't left her room. That, and, him and Cyborg had played rock paper scissors to see who'd be the one to wake sleeping beauty, and far be it from beast boy to back out of a bet.

"hey, don't make me go elephant, cause you know I will!", a valid threat

knock knock knock, "Hey raven, get up!"

Two pairs of eyes shot open. Sleepy though raven may have been, the green boys antics were enough to get her active. Jinx, having never actually fallen asleep, had no problem reacting, and had to close her mouth before she yelled. Pink and Violet eyes glanced at each other, then to the door, which looked like it would be kicked in by Van Dan at any moment. After being released, the thief got to her feet, and helped the empath up, really not a morning person, are you…

Raven ushered the other girl to her walk in closet, closing it enough to look it from far away, she walked back over to yell at whoever was causing all that damn noise.

"Raaaaaveaaah-" Halfway through his wakeup call beast boy unleashed his girly shriek, as the door slid open and two pairs of glowing red eyes stared at him. Several seconds later, four reverted back to two, and the shapeshifters scream died down.

"…you're awake."

"Really… why in gods name were you doing that?"

"dude… its like, four in the morning"

"…are you… serious?"

The green lad merely looked at her, unsure if she was serious. Deciding that he should probably get the hell out of there from the look on the empath's face. Guess she was serious

He slowly backed away and tore down the hallway.

Raven was still frozen, four in the morning? I've never slept that late... She sighed and closed the door. Remembering that she still had a teenage metahuman in her closet. She went back to give jinx the all clear, but approaching the closet, she noticed it was already open. Where did she go? Raven looked around her room, finding the girl sitting on her bed prodding a tome she'd gotten from her left bookshelf. She was completely absorbed, so the empath took that opportunity to sneak up on the thief and surprise her. She took her first step.

"What language is this?", Jinx looked up at the empath, flipping the book around and gesturing to the print.

Raven stopped, then walked over to the pink haired girl, sitting next to her.

"Its Latin, that's just a book of folk tales."

"huh…", Jinx closed the book and placed it back on the shelf. She returned to her seat, and looked over at raven.

Raven frowned. Remembering why she had slept in so late oh, my, god. I cant believe I did that… Still unsure if her mind was playing tricks on her, she turned and caught the other girls eye.

"did we really…"

Jinx started, had she been found out? She refocused on the dark haired girl, she isn't angry… so… its not that. But… why did I do that?

"-…sleep on the floor?"

The pink haired girl visibly relaxed, relieved that her secret was safe.

"A little bit…"

"…A little bit?"

"well, for a couple of hours.", she reasoned

"Oh, well that changes everything", the titan replied dryly. Note to self, work on being competent in the morning.

"Hey, you asked for it. Anyways, what now?, I'm in a tower with five superhero's, four of which would toss me in jail if they knew I was here."

Raven sighed, jinx was right. "I can fly you out if you can find your way home."

"I found my way here didn't I.", she replied smugly

"…time and place, jinx, well, lets go."

Four feet connected with solid ground. The pair separated.

"Thanks for inviting me over, I had fun… even though we didn't do anything", jinx said with a grin

"love you too.", she turned to start her trip back to the tower. But froze as she felt two slender arms wrap loosely around her waist.

"Really… I had fun", the thief removed herself from the frozen teen and firmly slapped her on the back. She turned and sprinted off into the distance, "See ya!".

The empath smiled. And started her flight back to the tower.

safely back in her lair, the dark titan figured it was time to get some air, lest she get another wake up call. She walked through her door and down the hall, headed to the kitchen, 'cause god was she hungry. She turned the corner. Beast boy and Cyborg were playing some racing game, robin was holed up in the corner blasting punk rock out of his stereo, and Starfire was preparing… something. Not wanting to disturb the others, she stealthily moved over to the fridge, hoping to find anything edible. Suddenly she was plucked off the ground in a bone breaking embrace,

"Friend raven, you are smiling!"

raven gasped her morning greeting, "hi star", wait… I'm smiling? It seemed she was mildly pleased. Must've been jinx… which for her, was the equivalent of being very happy. She quickly erased any visible expression.

"You must inform me why, did you engage in the mall shopping?", the tamaranian was ecstatic, she had never seen the other titan smile, and was greatly interested as to what put her in such a good mood. She plopped the girl down, and firmly grabbed her shoulders. An ear to ear grin on her face.

"It's… nothing, star.", the aliens appearance sobered a bit.

"Is it perhaps… a 'secret'?", Starfire was highly perceptive of other people, the only reason she seemed a little ditzy was from the way she spoke. English was her second language after all. Still, she could hear the hesitation on the other girls normally calm and collect voice. A sly grim formed on her lips.

Raven tried to change the subject, "What are you making?"

The tamaranian didn't want to pry where she wasn't wanted, seeing the other girl trying to avoid the subject, she went along with it. She grabbed ravens right wrist and pulled her over to the counter. She released the empath and picked up a dinner place covered with blue jelly, Filled with what looked like chunks of meat.

"This is the traditional breakfast of my homeworld, Gragnaskork. Do you wish to try it?", the alien questioned hopefully.

Raven tried not to flinch as the thingjiggled, "No thanks star, I was just gonna' have an apple". The taller girl seemed to accept her answer, she nodded quickly and pranced off to complete her meal, still extremely curious as to the cause of her friends new outlook. Raven completed her trip to the fridge and opened the top door. There, on the bottom shelf in a mostly empty box, was a flawless green apple. She snatched the thing out of its box, fearing the food preserver would sprout teeth and devour it if she didn't hurry. She closed the fridge door and took a bite.

Its… good.

She didn't like sour things, but it was surprisingly juicy considering it was a granny smith. the smile reappeared on her lips, She glided over to the table and took a seat. She turned the chair around so she could observe the death match going on between beast boy and the Hulking teen.

"Dude!... Dude! How did you do that? I thought I was ahead!", beast boy had just been shot down.

"It's a mystery…"

"But there aren't even weapons in this game!", the green boy was thoroughly confused.

"We can sit here arguin'…"

"…I'm waiting for the or… aah! You did it again!", the lad decided to get his head back in the game, thinking if he went all out he could regain his place at first.

Raven stared at beast boy in disbelief, how could he not know? He plays that game more than any of us. Since you chose your car, he always chose one built purely for speed, however, Cyborg had tried all of them out, his slower car was heavily armored, and came with a weapon. Which if used correctly could decide a match. She decided against telling him, still a little aggravated from the prank he had pulled… though, they both did it… would my telling gar exact revenge on cy?... no, I'll wait for a better moment. She chuckled to herself, just wait… you'll get yours.

- The Prank -

Ravens' love of long hot showers was common knowledge among the other titans, seeing as after combat training, she deemed herself needy of one. The others would not see her for quite some time.

Beast boy was the prankster, rather, the one who decided who to prank. his co-hort in crime? Cyborg. Both of them voted that it was ravens turn, and produced an ingenious plan.

During one of ravens showers, Cyborg hacked the door to her room, which was locked, and they both stealthily snuck in. replacing all of ravens possible wardrobe choices with neon pink ones, also making sure to hide her regular clothes.

Forty five minutes later, the lights in the east wing exploded.

Jinx walked down the sidewalk, less than a block from her apartment. Almost…home? Shit!

She quickly backed up and turned into an alley. She cautiously peered around the corner, Dozens of flashing red lights met her stare. I don't get it… I stopped stealing things a while ago, why would they be here? She glanced back up at the building. The door to her room still closed, and showing no sign of forced entry. Looks like they aren't for me. Thank god. Then… why are they here? She looked around, but found nothing that would require such a substantial police force.

Unfortunately, going clean doesn't erase the past. She was still a wanted and easily identifiable criminal. And the last thing she wanted was to be thrown in a maximum security prison.

What now?..., the girl could easily take out the perpetrators, but that would contradict her intentions to give up crime. She had no where to go, all of the former hive members considered her a traitor. Apparently with the hive, it's with or against. She was in a certain respect, the black sheep from a band of thieves.

I guess I could go back to the titans… how could I explain myself though?, They had a broader perspective then the hive, but still. They would be apprehensive to let a former villain spent the night. Understandable of course, they did have a history. Herself and two other students had taken control of the tower in the past. Part of the reason she revisited it again. She'd lost an important keepsake in the reclamation. They might believe me. Well… it's worth a shot.

She got one last look at the crime scene, and tore down the alley, back to the tower that loomed in the distance.

Raven had quickly lost interest in watching beast boy getting his ass handed to him. And had stalked back to her room to see if she had anything interesting she could do.

God damn I'm bored! , She came up empty handed in her search. The empath sighed and fell back onto her bed. Dully staring up at the window. She rested there for what seemed an eternity.


She didn't budge


She frowned. What the hell is that?. She sat up and stood on her bed, staring out the window, She swore something had just hit it. Seeing no evidence, she took one last look at the ground. She could barely make out a figure. She squinted. They picked up something… and threw it.


The rock hit the window next to hers with a resounding thump. Her mood worsened, Who would be throwing rocks at the tower? Annoyed, she slid open the window and glided out to the ground to confront whoever had disrupted her restless sleep.

This seemed like a good idea…

jinx stared up at the massive structure. Sneaking onto the island had taken no small effort, there were an abundance of security cameras. Now facing the T tower, she stood in awe. She knew where ravens window was… but had no idea that it was so far off the ground.

How am I going to get in? I cant exactly waltz through the front doors…

The pink haired girl looked at her surroundings, for something she could use to get the dark titans attention. As it was impossible for her to get up there on her own.

She looked at the ground beneath her feel and laughed, I'm stupid. She picked one of the many rocks on the island and hurled it at the topmost window. It took her a few tries to actually hit it.

Many tries later, she saw movement. The window slammed open, and out flew the one person she wanted to see.

Jinx? Raven descended to the waiting girl, a questioning look on her face. As she touched down, she could see the worried look on the pink haired teen, Why is she nervous?

"Could I spend the night here again?", the girl asked hopefully

"Elaboration would be nice… I thought you went home."

"Yeah… about that.", the girl shifted her feet. "I was… unable to use it.", She bit her lip, hoping the titan would buy her story.

"…Unable… To use it… what, the coppers or something?", raven grimaced

damnit! "Yeah… I'm not really sure why they were there though…"

"Well, you are a thief."

She held up her pointer finger, "Correction, was a thief. I haven't broken the law in a while, M'tryin to go clean."

"Then why did you sneak into the tower?", Raven snapped

The former thief's expression dropped, she knew lying would get her nowhere, but didn't want to bring up her past. Still, she answered honestly. "When… back when I was with the hive, we took over the tower. Then you guys took it back. Well… I kind of… left something. Important to me. I wanted to find it. That's all.", Her smile returned, relieved to get her intentions out in the open.

Ravens good mood returned. She had no idea that jinx was trying to reform. She'd never even considered it. She was glad, that meant that they wouldn't have to fight. She doubted she would be able to again anyways. Now, she could even try to explain the situation to the other titans, maybe clear things up for the reformed thief.

"I believe you, but… I'm not so sure the others will… and… what did you forget?, I could help you find it."

Jinx looked down at her boots, "A necklace"

Raven chuckled "You don't really seem like the jewelry type, so… why's it so special to you?"

Jinx ruefully smiled, "My mother gave it to me… when she was alive.", anguish laced her words. Raven could feel her remorse. They must've been close… She wanted the girls pain to stop.

"We'll find it. I promise.", with a smile, raven offered her hand to the downtrodden girl, who rubbed her clouding eyes with her palms, and took it. They walked over to the doors to the tower, both nervous at what they had to do.

Chapter 6: Necklace


Chapter 6:

Jinx, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire all stood outside the observation deck, While Raven and Robin were inside, The boy wonder screaming his head off, and raven calmly making him look like an idiot. Minutes later, robin stomped out of the room, glaring daggers at the girl that followed him.

His eye twitched as he looked over at the pink haired girl, "You… can stay." Trotting off in a mechanical fashion, he headed to the gym to work out his apparent frustration.

The dark haired titan glided over to jinx, "Italked it over-,", she nodded to the retreating figure, "-the jackass agreed to give you the guest room."

"Give", everyone shouted

The empath took a step back, "His idea, said you're too dangerous to be left alone, and since I wouldn't let him turn you in…Well, you get the picture.". She smiled, before getting yelled at, robin had brought up the former thief's criminal record. It appeared the girl had been lying low for quite some time.

"C'mon, I'll show you your room.", she wrapped her arm around jinx's shoulder and pulled her off to the elevator. Leaving beast boy and Cyborg staring at each other in disbelief, and Starfire with a goofy grin on her face. Finally, another girl in the house.

Raven and Jinx got off at the top floor, jinx, still restrained by the other girls arm, had to walk at an angle as raven took down the hallway. They came to her new room. Raven entered the code to turn on the lights, water, and heat, since Cyborg didn't want to waste power when it wasn't needed. She removed her arm from around the thief's shoulder. Grabbing her hand, she guided it to the concealed switch to open the door. Which promptly flew open. The empath dramatically stepped aside and beckoned the other girl in.

Jinx squinted at the strange antics of the other girl, but nonetheless, went in first. She immediately froze. …This… Is… HUGE!

The room was roughly the same size as ravens, a basic shower setup to the left, enormous mattress in the far corner, with a sunroof directly overhead. The most shocking of all; the color scheme was a dull grey, save the bed, which was an outrageous shade of pink. Though it was grossly under furnished, it still beat the hell out of her run down apartment.

The girl defrosted and stumbled further into the humble abode. She approached the bed and fell onto it with a sigh.

"It's perfect."

The empath smiled, glad the other girl was content. "Sorry bout the lack of… stuff but, we can get some on our date." The pink hared girl tensed, and ravens grin turned maniacal, the titan was pleased that she could do the teasing for once.

"Uhhm.. yeah. On our date…", jinx hid her face in the thick covers.

Ravens creepy grin faded as she walked over to the bed. Sitting next to the embarrassed girl and gently pulling her up into a sitting position.

"Before that… I have something for you.", raven reached into her belt, and pulled out a silver necklace. She wrapped it around the other girls slender neck, clasping it on the back.

Jinx slowly reached up and touched the chain, before firmly grasping it.

"You found it?", the girls eyes began to water.

"Robin found it under the fridge and put it in storage a while ago… I'm glad that you got it ba-", the titan was tackled to the bed in a tender embrace.

"Thank you…", Jinx smiled through the tears, holding the other girl tighter in an attempt to get her emotions across.

Raven blushed at the intimate contact. She slowly moved her arms up, returning the embrace. They laid there for a while. Comforting each other. Raven was the first one to break the silence.

"If you're ok talking about it… what happened… with your mother?", the empath knew that it was a shaky topic, but she felt it would help if they talked about it. She shivered as the pink haired girl suddenly buried her face into her collarbone.

"It's… a long story."

Raven tightened the embrace, "I've got time."

Jinx began. "My mother… she was raped, got pregnant. But… she decided to keep the baby… me. I was born normal… and I stayed that way… up until my eighth birthday. That's when I started changing… My eyes, my hair… my skin… everything changed. And everything fell apart. My mother tried to treat my like I was normal… but… all she saw when she looked at me was a freak… one day, she snapped. She abandoned me. Just got up and left… she took everything with her, the only thing she left behind was this necklace… This one, damn necklace… I don't know why I keep it… but… I can't make myself let it go. I can't abandon it, I wont…Then I'd be like her… She may still be alive somewhere-but she is dead to me."

"…I'd nev…" a sharp intake of breath, "never abandon you". By the end of the story, raven was in tears. Saddened that something so tragic had occurred in the girls life.

"… Really?", Jinx removed herself from the other girl and looked her in the eyes, seeing that she was tearing up just as much.

Raven pulled the other girl into a reassuring embrace, she put her chin on the girl shoulder and whispered in to her ear.


Jinx smiled, the tears continued to fall, for a different reason.

"Can we… stay like this… for a while…"

"…Yeah… and… I'm glad you trusted me enough… to tell me."

Jinx sniffled, "…any time…"

Raven gently rubbed the girls back, hoping to coax out the bright, energetic, happy girl. She didn't like seeing the former thief so sad… It made her sad. She wanted her to be happy… them both to be happy.

"… Damnit. cheer up, you're making me cry.", the girl managed between sobs.

The pink haired girl sniffled once again, before chuckling, "sorry my life is so depressing…"

"I forgive you."

They shared a laugh.

Raven playfully poked the other girl in the chest, "and you are not a freak, got it?"



They both looked at each other and smiled, before settling back into the embrace.

Beast boy padded down the hall. Raven and Jinx had been gone a long time, he wondered where they were. He had already checked ravens room, and the other titans rooms for that matter. The only one left was Jinx's room… which he was hesitant in checking, he still didn't fully believe she was on their side. He approached the door. Pressing the button, the door slid open, and he froze. Staring at the two girls embracing on the bed.

"What are you doing?"

They tensed. Raven immediately sat up, displacing the girl on top of her, who flipped over to the far end of the bed before rolling off. Raven glared over at the intruder with a blush on her face.

"We… uh… we were just… you know…"

Jinx also got to her feet, glancing over at the green boy. A smirk on her face.

"Making out", she said casually

The green lads jaw dropped. He absent mindedly stared around the room, as if looking for evidence. He glanced back at the girls.

"Did you two really…", he meshed his fingers together, staring at them blankly

Raven was at a loss for words, she looked over at the pink haired girl for support. Who returned the glance, and looked back at beast boy.


The boy paled, turned on his heels, and limply staggered out of the room, the door closing behind him. The empath glared back at the former thief, who's grin widened.

"You know you want to"

The redness on ravens face intensified. She looked away, embarrassed that the other girl had said something like that to beast boy. Whom everyone knew couldn't keep a secret, even a fake one.

"I get the feeling this is gonna come back and bite us in the ass", jinx said after gauging the other girls reaction. Raven looked back up at her, the blush still present.

"Probably, he couldn't keep a secret to save his life"

Raven sat on her bed. The other titans, as well as jinx had long since gone to sleep. However, the sorceress couldn't stop thinking about the other girl. She looked over at a silver mirror that was splayed out on the floor. Nevermore might help me get things in order

She sighed, and slowly got off her bed. Walking over to the mirror, she gently picked it up and gazed at her reflection.

"Azarath… Metrion… Zinthos."

The dark titan briskly strolled the path, rocks of various sizes crunching beneath her feet. She ignored the crows and darkness around her. Knowledge… where are you?...

She stopped and spun in a circle, getting a 360 degree view. She stopped as she saw a flash of yellow in the distance. Walking in that direction, she soon came across a figure in a yellow hooded cape. They were sitting on a rock, occupied with a fairly large book.


The figure closed the book and slowly looked up at raven. "Curious… what are you doing here?"

"You know why I'm here.", the titan blandly responded.

"Wondering why you cant stop thinking about her? As much as it pains me to say it, you're asking the wrong emotion."

Huh… "Who should I ask then?"

"Happiness should suffice.", the figure reopened her tome and picked up where she left off.

Happiness… the titan was irked, among her various emotions happiness got on her nerves the quickest. So did where she knew to find her. The empath started off to find her answer.

god I hate this. Raven was standing in the middle of a field filled with pink and purple flowers. She could see happy lying down further ahead, she walked forward to meet the eccentric girl


The girl looked up, a brilliant smile on her lips. "Hey ravie. So… have you told her yet?"

Raven frowned, "Told who what?"

The girl got to her feet, giddy with excitement, "You know, the girl with the pink hair"

Jinx… that's half an answer. "go on"

"That you like her"

Raven coughed. I like her? But… but…

"Why do you say that?"

"Cause it's the truth silly", the girl waved her hand nonchalantly

Well that didn't help a damn bit. Raven sat back on her bed, still unable to sleep. Might as well go through the motions, She decided, hoping that setting the atmosphere would knock her unconscious. She got under her covers and closed her eyes.

I'm so tired. Raven sat on the couch, her head leaned back for support. She hadn't gotten a wink of sleep, and since she needed at least 10 hours a day, it had hit her fairly hard. Jinx had gotten up at the same time as the empath had lost all hope of sleeping.

Jinx had had a wonderful dream, a smile plastered on her face as she took down the hallway toward the kitchen. As she was about to pass ravens door, it suddenly slid open, and out she stumbled, half asleep.

"Raven, why are you up so early?"

no response


The girl grunted and lifted her head, acknowledging the other girls presence. She dragged her feet down the hallway. Jinx carefully followed the girl, ready to catch her if she fell.

The pink haired girl hummed a tune to herself while preparing breakfast for her and the sleeper, "Are you awake enough to eat?"

"Mn…uh. Sure.", her head lolled about

"That's a definite maybe.", the girl grinned before going back to watching her omelet, making sure it didn't burn. Several slow minutes later she slapped it on a plate and walked over to raven, sitting next to her on the couch. The empath promptly fell into the other girls lap.


The pink haired girl smiled, and cut a small piece from her omelety goodness,

"Say 'Aaah'"


She slowly put the slice in the other girls mouth, careful not to stab her with the fork.

"…Your cooking's terrible…"

Jinx was about to respond when robin stomped into the kitchen, he immediately caught the reformed thief's eye.

"Jinx", he said with as much distaste as possible

"Snobin", she tried not to laugh hysterically at her ridiculous pun.

The boy wonders eye twitched.

"Mmmmn… mo-", she yawned, "Morning snob-roblin", raven tried to mimic jinx, but was still to tired to correctly pronounce his name.

Robin craned an eyebrow. "Raven's awake?"

"No shit sherlock."

He frowned, "Where is she"

Jinx raised a hand and pointed down, "right here snobin-", she started laughing, unable to contain her amusement.

Robin was seething. He sprinted to the elevator, and headed for the gym before he killed someone.

Jinx's laughter died down. She looked back down at the drowsy girl.

"What's the deal anyways? Am I like… a hero now or what."

"F' you wanna' be", she mumbled

"I'm not ready to fight crime an' all that… not yet. I just need some down time, ya know?"

"yeah, 'ts fine"

She smiled slightly, "Thanks for understanding."

"no prob"

"So… why are you up so early?"

"could'n sleep", the girl turned on her side, and snuggled her face into the other girls stomach. Jinx had to bite her lip to keep from moaning. A red tinge slowly crept across her face. The empath's breathing slowed, and she fell into a peaceful slumber.

Jinx smiled. She decided against getting up, and let the girl have her rest

"...Raven… ra-ven…raven?", Jinx gently shook the titan awake, it was midnight, and she was tired.

Raven slowly opened her eyes, and looked up at the other girl, "what?"

"Its late, we should go to bed.", jinx lifted the dark haired girl into an upright position, then got to her feet and helped her up. "G'night", The former thief turned and started back to her room.

"Wait… jinx."

She stopped, and looked back at the other girl. "Hmm?"

"Since I can sleep around you, would you mind… if… I slept with you?", the empath looked away, embarrassed.

Jinx grinned as best she could in her current wiped out state, though she hadn't so much as budged the entire day. "'Course not.", She took the girls hand and lead her to their room.

raven smiled, she was exhausted. Finally. She looked at the girl next to her.

"Hey, jinx?"

"…yeah", she replied sleepily


Chapter 7: Confession


When I look outside myself all I see is pain… suffering. Do I really want a part in this world? However… It's the same inside. Everywhere I turn I see what I hope to forget.

I remember so clearly, how I was treated… How people looked at me… like I wasn't human-Whey they're the ones who aren't human. Even so… how can I blame them.

God… I'm so melodramatic.

Chapter 7:

"Hey, jinx?"


"thanks", Raven smiled and reached out, lightly touching the other girls arm. She felt sleep taking over, so leaned back onto the bed, pulling the covers up to her eyes.

"…Night… jinx"

Jinx put her arms above her head and writhed around, getting her morning stretch taken care of. After she felt all the kinks in her bones were gone, she sat up and flipped her hair, which was annoyingly in her face. She only wore her hair down since recently, so was still getting used to the feel of it.

The pink haired girl felt movement and looked to her right. Raven was awake, her violet eyes were open, lazily blinking in the morning light.

"Morning", raven said with a perkiness that was unheard of that early in the morning

"Morning. You're… awake.", jinx was surprised that the other girl was up at such an ungodly hour, relatively speaking.

The empath smiled, "That was the best sleep I've ever had."

"And you can talk? What happened to you?"

"Oh, the usual… so, should we get up or what?"

"Hmm? oh, yeah, just let me change first", the girl threw off the covers and made a mad dash over to her dresser and began removing her clothes. Raven couldn't look away, her eyes tracing the girls gentle curves. Damnit raven, don't look, it's not polite. A few moments later, she managed to rip her stare off the former thief, and locked onto the floor, praying dear god she wasn't blushing.

"K, 'm done, but you aren't. Should we stop by your room?"

Raven looked down at herself; she was still wearing her uniform that she had worn the day before.

"I guess so…"

They both headed for the dark titans room. Raven quickly entered her room in search of acceptable clothing, not wanting to keep the other girl waiting. Minutes later, the titan emerged from her den, a frown on her face.

"I have no clothes",

Jinx grinned, "we can get some on our date"

The titan froze, crap… I forgot about that. Well… I do need some… so… "Sounds like fun… wait… I don't have anything to wear on the date…",

"You can borrow som'a my clothes. C'mon, lets go find ya something.", jinx grabbed the other girls wrist and pulled her back, towards her room.

The two girls walked through the mall arm in arm. Raven was afraid of crowds, so was holding the other girl extremely close, lest they get separated.

"I hate this", raven scowled

"Come on, you look so cute.", jinx had picked out what she was going to buy, and it had been a little different than the dark titans tastes.

"But… it's so… not dark.", The empath was wearing Black and gray shoes, from a strange brand called diesel, form fitting snow white jeans, a red and white striped T, and a light brown furry hooded sweater, zipped halfway up, leaving her uncomfortably exposed.

"Can I at least zip it up?"

"Nuh-uh", the thief smiled, it had taken no small effort to get them permission out of the house.


"Hey robin, me and raven are going to the mall"


"WE'RE HOME!", jinx bellowed as the walked through the doors, Three bags on each of her arms bulged with newly purchased merchandise, Raven followed her, having a modest one bag in each hand.

Jinx hauled ass up the stairs, while raven who was significantly less hyper, took the elevator to her room to deposit her new stuff. After putting her new clothes in her closet, she went over to jinx's room, wondering what she was up to. She opened the door and walked in, the girl was sprawled out on her bed face down, with the blinds to the sunroof open, lazily bathing in the light. Raven grinned and snuck over to the bed, the former thief was still unaware of her presence. She jumped on the bed, landing next to the girl, who didn't move a muscle. The pink haired girl turned her head, just then noticing the other girl.

"Hey raven… what's up?"

The empath smiled, "The sugar catch up with you?", The other girl put her head back down.

"Yeah… and this is… really warm.", the pink haired girl pushed herself up, getting a sideways glance at the other girl.

"Do you have like... a pool or hot tub or something? I really need to relax, " The girl asked hopefully.

"Both, they're in the gym"

"Cool, lets change and head out", she got off the bed and shooed the other girl out so she could change.

Raven left for her room. Entering, she went to her closet, and pulled out her one bathing suit, a black bikini. She'd never used it before, so the tags were still attached.

Raven grimaced as she eyed herself in a mirror. Her suit had fit, but… it was a bit to revealing for her tastes. The bottoms still fit within reason, but her bust was a bit to large for the top. She sighed, grabbing a cape and covering herself, she left for jinx's room.

She stopped in the hall as she saw the other girls door open. Jinx walked out in a hot pink one piece. She looked at raven, confused.

"Why are you wearing that?"


"The cape… robe thing"

"It's just…" The titan looked away, "… embarrassing."

"You have to show me now.", the pink haired girl was interested. She had seen the other girl nude once before, but from the back. She was curious what the dark haired girl looked like.

"I'll show you when we get there… jeesh."

Both girls stood before the hot tub.. Jinx looked down at the steaming water.

"Looks good-", she looked over at raven, "-Come on, lets get in."

Raven sighed and dropped her cloak.

Jinx took it all in. "Why are you so embarrassed, you look great."

The titan looked away, "I… I just-" , she froze as the other girl stepped forward and pulled her into an embrace.

"You're beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you anything else, cause if they do, I'd have to make them pay."

Raven blushed. Being in such close proximity to the barely clothed girl was too much for her to handle. And her saying such sweet things wasn't helping with the girls self control.

"Do you mean it?"

Jinx slowly pulled away and looked into the other girls violet eyes.

"We've been through this before haven't we"

The empath's eyes started watering, "Jinx, I-", she was effectively silenced when she felt indescribably soft lips firmly press onto her own. She relaxed and leaned into the delightful contact, before pulling away breathless.

She smiled, "I love you"

"Are we going to tell them?", Jinx sat in the hot tub, enjoying the various jets, and the busty girl sitting in her lap. She wrapped her arms around the other girls neck, her hands dangling near a very sensitive part of the other girls anatomy.

"I guess so… but… how?

"We could have beast boy blurt it out… if he hasn't already.", the empath was well aware of the shapeshifters capacity for keeping secrets.

"That'd work.", jinx was a bit apprehensive about informing the boy wonder, she knew the jackass wasn't exactly her biggest fan. "Lets get it over with, I want to be kiss you without looking around."

"I do like being kissed… well… that still leaves when." Raven was picked up and set on the tile surrounding the hot water, dripping wet.

"How bout now."

Chapter 8: Reaction

Chapter 8:

"Well that only leaves when."

"How bout now?"

Both raven and jinx were sprawled out on the thiefs' bed.

"OK. We've got when. What about who-what-how-where and why?"

Raven frowned, "You know at least three of those. As for the rest… we'll tell all of them, when they're distracted, that we're together, in the kitchen. "

Jinx sat up and laughed, "its like we're playing clue"

"…right… well", she sighed, "let's get this over with", the empath rolled off the bed and started for the door, she stopped when two arms wrapped around her waist.

"Onward!", the pink haired girl exuberantly gestured to the door.

The empath chuckled, "You're such a spazz.", she hobbled off to the door, the other girl was making walking significantly more difficult, for more than one reason.

"This would be a lot easier if you let go."

"Not happening"

Both the girl staggered towards the kitchen, and could already hear the other titans. Mainly beast boy and Cyborg arguing over dinner. A topic that constantly spawned conflict.

"Dude! I can't eat that, it had a FACE!"

"Well NOW it has delicious barbeque sauce on it, are you MOCKING my sauce?"

"I don't even give a DAMN about the sauce! It's a living thing!"

The pair staggered in, catching the contestants' attention, and halting the argument.

"Well NOW it's-", he saw movement in the corner of his eye, and turned away from the fuming shapeshifter. Beast boy, having followed cyborgs' lead, bolted out of the room. He had been avoiding the 'lovers' like the plaque since he supposedly 'caught them in the act', for reasons that were unknown to the people in question. Now just Cyborg, Starfire, and the jackass remained. All of them locked on the embracing girls.

"Why are you hugging?"

"Why are yall hugging?"
"Why is it that you are embracing?"

Raven looked over her shoulder at jinx and shrugged. She cleared her throat, And looked back at the three confused teens.

"Well… me and jinx are- "

"-Sleeping together", the pink haired girl blurted out, a grin on her face.

There was no response, save the tamaranian, who's smile threatened to tear a hole in the fabric of reality. Robins mask fell slightly askew, and cyborgs mechanical eye rapidly blinked on and off. Raven tensed and looked back at the still maniacally grinning girl with an 'I can't believe you just said that!' look. She quickly glanced back at the titans to assess the damage.

Well Starfire took it well… kind of… But… uhhmm… not so sure about them…

Raven looked from person to person, Starfire was ecstatic, Robin was… something, she couldn't tell since the mask pretty much hid any expression, but from the look of his mouth, he was pissed off. Lastly, Cyborg could have been jinx in a robot costume. Well… half robot costume.

The jackass was first to break the awkward silence.

"… really?"

thank god. "Of course not!"

Jinx sneered and nodded ominously over the empath's shoulder, removing her arms from the girl, and making various indecent gestures that the others assumed to be sexual innuendos.

Robin paled and backed out of the room.

Cyborg meekly congratulated them and hauled ass down the hallway.

Starfire grabbed them both in a death hug, "Congratulations friends, I wish you much happiness!", she blasted her speech, released them, and floated off on a cloud of tangible contentment.

"That went well", the empath muttered dryly

Jinx grabbed the girl by the shoulders, spun her around, and leaned in, trapping the other girl an a passionate kiss. Raven melted, her anger evaporating. Her entire body tingled as she felt a velvety smooth tongue meet her own. She moaned into the other girls' mouth as she pulled her tightly against her body. They slowly pulled away, a blush apparent on both of them.

"Worth it"

"Worth it"

The lovers strolled through the tower, hand in hand, looking for the tin man. Raven wanted to gauge their personal reactions, and make sure they were each ok that they were together. Jinx was just happy to spend some time with her significant other. However, the opinions of the other titans wouldn't matter to either of the girls, though jinx would be more open of her apathy.

They approached cyborgs room, and jinx rather unsubtly tried to kick the door in, only to remember it slid open, and planted her food firmly back on terra firma and pulled it open.

"Hey Cy"

The hulking teen was sitting in a chair he miraculously managed to fit in, and was madly typing away on one of his many computers.

Raven glared at him, "What are you doing?"

He sat straight up in his seat and coughed, he looked over at the girls, too involved to have heard their entrance. He covered the screen. "You know… programming stuff"

"…right. Well. I wanted to make sure you were fine with me and jinx being… an item"

"Oh… yeah, yall are fine. Yeh make a cute couple.", from his teasing tone they could tell he was being truthful.

"Thanks stone"

"Welcome Kat"

They both burst into laughter, reminisce of their hive days.

"Remember that time, when gizmo exploded the mashed potatoes!"

"Totally, that was classic!"

Raven scowled, looking between the two, "Jesus, you two are like a couple of old men!", She grabbed the girl around the waist and pulled her out of Cyborg's' gadget filled room. She muttered her goodbyes as the door slammed shut.

Jinx quickly popped her head back in the door, "And don't forget to eat, need to get some meat on them bones", she escaped before he could respond.

"We only have robin and Starfire left, lets get the jackass out of the way ", both girls walked down the stairs, they figured that the person in question was viciously beating a sand filled bag to work out his anger.

"Do we have to?", Snobinwas the last person she wanted to see.

Raven playfully pinched the other girls' shapely rear, "Yes. Don't worry about it, there's nothing he can say or do that'll change the way I feel about you, K?"

Jinx planted a soft kiss on the other girl, "Yeah"

They continued down the stairs to the gym.

"Huh…", jinx was mildly surprised. Robin had been in the last place they expected, the hot tub.

The masked teen looked up at them, and frowned at jinx, who was grinning like a maniac.


The pink haired girl snorted, "Why would you wear your mask in the hot tub?"

His frown frowned, "Is there a reason you're here?"

Raven cleared her throat, "Me and jinx wanted to make sure you're ok with us being together."

"I don't care that she's a girl, like who you like, but she IS a thief! I don't want a thief in the tower"

"was a thief, you checked it yourself.", raven reasoned

"How do we know that this isn't all a trick!", he shouted

"It's not a trick!", jinx hugged the other girl possessively

He glared daggers at the pink haired girl, "Do what you want.", he settled back into the bubbling water.

"Great, lets go!", jinx dragged the other girl through the gym and to the elevator, leaving a pissed off robin stewing in hot water.

"last person is Starfire, she should be in the kitchen."

"Why are we checking her? She seemed… happy about it."

"Just making sure"

The two girls padded into the kitchen, Starfire was watching beast boy play video games. The player bolted as soon as he saw them enter. Starfire curiously observed the green boy as he fled from the scene.

"Hey Star.", the tamaranian vaulted over the couch and landed before them

"We wanted to make sure you're ok with us being… you know… girlfriends"

The alien beamed, "Very much so!", she nodded vigorously

The two girls smiled, "Thanks star", jinx walked forward and embraced the alien girl. The empath did the same. Starfire returned the gesture with as much self-control as possible, still getting them both in a death grip. "You are most welcome friends", she plopped them back on the ground, jumped onto the couch, and attempted to play where the green lad left off.

Raven looked at the girl standing next to her. "Well now what?"

Jinx smirked, "Beast boys' turn"

The lovers stood outside the shapeshifters room, the door standing before them.

"Think he'll run again?", jinx was curious how the boy would act if they cornered him

"Maybe… well, only one way to find out", raven slid the door open, and herself and jinx stepped in, closing the door behind her. Beast boy spun around in his chair, facing the girls.

"I've been expecting you"

"…Right… we wanted to make sure you're ok that we're together."

"Yeah man, it's cool.", he said with a grin

"Then why were you avoiding us?"

He looked at them both in disbelief, "You don't know? Really?"

"Just tell us!", jinx shouted

"Alright!, geesh, I didn't want to tell anyone before you did."

The lovers squinted at him, "You do realize that doesn't answer anything."

"I figured if I forgot about you, I'd forget about your secret."

Raven deadpanned, "Right… well… later."

The girls stepped out of his room.

Jinx looked at the window down the hall, it was pitch black outside. "It's late… weird"

"Well… I guess I'll go to bed", she started to the other girls room, and beckoned for her to follow. "You coming?", she yelled from around the corner.

"… Hell yeah.", jinx ran after the girl.

Chapter 9: Hilariosity


Chapter 9:

The lovebirds had gotten up amazingly early considering their usual schedule. Around seven. The other titans had gotten up slightly before them, and were lounging about while waiting for breakfast.

The kitchen

"So what's the deal, you can't eat meat, what?", jinx was prodding the half asleep beast boy.

He managed a competent sentence, "No, no meat.", he plopped his head back down on the table with a dull thump.

She looked over at raven. "Quick with the pancakes, slave woman, for I grow hungry!", jinx shouted at the dark titan, who was preparing some for her girlfriend.

Raven managed a brief glance at the other girl before turning back to the burning pan.

Several minutes later, raven walked over to the pink haired girl and dropped the plate in front of her. "Here, my mistress, I so hope it suits your tastes", she said dryly

"Damn well better", she muttered under her breath. She cautiously cut a piece and took a bite.

"This. Is. Bad."

"I'm gonna let that go" the titan was aware that she had said the same thing in the past, and didn't want to make a big deal out of it.

"Do I have to eat this?"

"No.", she stated blandly

"… well I'm going to anyways, 'cause I love you."

Raven smiled. "Nice save", she leaned in for a kiss


They froze. Slowly pulling apart, they looked over at the green boy. He was attempting to hide something behind his back.

"Wh-What?", he said nervously

Raven gave him a death glare, "What was that?"

"Oh, nothing, nothing.", he waved them off.

The dark titan sighed. "Whatever."

Raven looked over the shapeshifters shoulder, apparently, the boy wonder had just arrived, seeing as he had just entered through the door. Robin scanned the room, stopping to give jinx a dirty look. The pink haired girl caught his… mask.

"Hey robin", she said innocently

"Jinx." He uttered as he approached the table, he got a curious look from the former thief, and raised a brow. Confusion ebbed away as he realized what her look was for; he'd been trying to grow a goatee. He smirked.

"Jealous?", he said while stroking his chin.

"It's like tiny gerbils crawled all over your face and died."

He resisted the urge to murder anyone while twitching his way over to the fridge.

Raven openly laughed at the pink haired girls comment and draped her arms over her.

Beast boy gaped at raven's amusement. He had never gotten so much as a smile out of the stoic girl, and had been trying for much longer. And that aside, she had never laughed at anything, ever.

The dark titans laughter died down, and she softly kissed the other girl's neck. "What would I do without you?"

Jinx shrugged

Go city mall

"Why are we here again?" raven was never one for the crowds, and usually limited venturing through masses of people to once a year.

"Hell if I know, Snobin's the one that dragged us here." The former thief was just as annoyed, she'd wanted to spend all day alone with her significant other. The only reason she was even there was because she didn't want the other girl to go alone.

Raven pulled the other girl closer as a particularly creepy individual slithered past her. Wheezing out puffs of smoke with each step, though he had no cigarette clamped in the putrid vice that was his mouth. She assumed he had "accidentally" inhaled it, which was actually a more efficient way of acquiring lung cancer.

She got as close as possible to the other girl and whispered into her ear, "Why did he drag us here?"

Jinx looked around quickly before leaning in to the other girl's ear. The titan listened attentively, and almost jumped as she blew in her ear.

Jinx chuckled at the slightly startled girl before telling her why they were in that hellhole called a shopping center.

"Something about… " wait… "Uhhhm… I don't know either.", she grinned

"I'm so lucky I have you around", she said wryly

"Damn strai-", she stopped mid sentence as she saw the jackass morphing in the edge of her periph. She turned her head to look at him. He was holding several bamboo sticks, god knows where he found them, though the pink haired girl had a theory. She eyed them curiously.

"I sincerely hope you washed them off."

Robin eyed her, "Huh?"

"Nothing, nothing", she brushed him off with a wave of her hand.

He grimaced, having just got the implication.

Jinx smirked at the boys expression, "Bit slow on the draw there chief"

His anger sprouted wings (among other things) and took to the sky. His mouth contorted into a scowl. A scowling scowl with little scowl children feeding on other smaller, weaker scowls. The scowl is not a nice expression, no. It's vicious.

He was fuming to say the least.

Jinx's expression turned to mock concern. "You sure you got 'em all out?"

Raven snickered into the other girls shoulder while robin smoldered in the corner.

Robin changed the subject. "We're done here. Lets go.", he made a mad dash for the T car, which Cyborg had graciously lent him on pain of death if it came back in less than one piece.

Raven lifted her head off the other girl and looked at her with a smile. "You shouldn't taunt him so much; he doesn't like you all that much as it is."

"Hey, he sets himself up, not my fault", she flailed her arms.

The empath grinned, "Well that may be, but… … … something"

"Started well, that sentence"

"Oh shut up." She silenced the other girl with a passionate kiss. Drawing many stared from the surrounding patrons. Seconds later she pulled away with a blush. Realizing where she was. She sheepishly looked around at the gaping people, not sure what to say. Jinx saved the day, as she gave the crowd the finger, and pulled the empath away from the scene, laughing madly all the way.

Titan tower, TV room

Raven was straddling the other girl on the black couch, her head was lying on the other girls chest, which in her opinion, made the most comfortable pillows ever. She sighed.

She rubbed her face into the other girls endowments. "How are you so comfortable?", the empath was in a state of bliss.

"…Effort", Jinx stated blankly. She was just as comfortable as the girl on top of her.

Closing notes

It may have turned into a series of linked one shots… Tell me if you like it, or if you want me to get back to the story, cause I will listen. I have a plot in mind, but it's kinda hazy. Anyways, tell me whatcha want, or if it was good even.

In conclusion, I think it may switch back and forth between chapters, and again, sorry bout the length, but I'm so god damn impatient, I want to get some input on this before I continue… or something.


Chapter 10: Online


This wonderful feeling, somehow makes me nervous. It makes me sad, when I wonder how long, this feeling will last…

Chapter 10:

Raven and jinx were curled up in the pink haired girls bed, as they had been for a while. For "some reason", the empath was unable to get some rest in her own room. Pink eyes blinked lazily open.


She was completely immobilized, the other girl was firmly and securely fastened. The arms around her neck barred upward escape, and the legs entwined with her own prevented sliding out. Still, why would she want to get up?

Raven adjusted her head in her sleep, her hair now out of her face. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled a sleepy smile.


"Morning", the pink haired girl stole a kiss before using the remote to open blinds to the sunroof.

Warm light poured in the room and warmed the girls to the bone. The empath sighed and pulled the other girl closer.

Both their stomachs growled at the same time. They looked at each other.

"that almost sounded like the word food." Jinx said with a chuckle

"…right. Well, we should get up, I quess."

Jinx tried to sit up, but was held by the other girl, she looked down at the grinning empath.

"We should get up, I guess", she copied the other girls' previous comment.

"S'not my fault yer so comfy.", she slurred, still a tad on the drowsy side

"Then I'll walk for the both of us!", she grabbed the other girl and rolled off the bed. Ending on top of the pile, she got to her feet and helped the now wide awake girl up.

"What would I do without you…", she said with a frown.

"Sleep all day probably", she firmly smacked the other girls' bottom, "Go get changed, I'll make us breakfast."

Raven removed her frown and walked over to the door, heading for her room. She did, after all, need a change of clothes.

While padding down the hall she encountered beast boy, who was giving her a very strange look. She eyed him curiously.


"Did you just come from Jinx's room?"

"Yeah." She stated

"What were you doing?"

"…Sleeping" she droned

His jaw dropped. "Together!" he shouted while pressing his index fingers together.

"No, I slept on the floor", she slapped him with her sarcasm.

He recovered and violently looked up at the ceiling, "Sweet!, my forum's 'gonna love this!-wait…", he slowly looked back down at the girl standing before him.

Ok… she looks kind of angry, only one thing left to do. He turned to run, but froze as he heard the empath reply.

"what forum?", the emphasis on 'what' nearly made his heart stop.

"Yeah, what forum?" …not so much on that one.

He reanimated, he recognized that voice and was relieved that there was a witness to his murder. He turned around to face his them and sighed. Raven was significantly less pissed, and the girl wrapped around her looked genuinely interested.

He feared that lying would mean an unholy death, and rather wisely explained the situation.

"I may have posted a picture of you two kissing, on a forum I may have started a while ago… about who you might hook up with"

"I'm going to kill you", the empath calmly stated

"Wait-wait, lemme' explain!", he shouted. "The only reason I posted it was because no one would believe me if I didn't have proof-"

"-Wait a sec", jinx interrupted, "Where was I on the list?"


"Under who?"

"Robin, Cy, Me, cough star, mammoth, aqualad, and speedy"

"I'm going to kill you", The pink haired girl calmly stated

The green boy fell to his knees. "At least look at the page first!" he turned kitten and mewed at them both. Raven instantly lost her anger, though she would never admit it. Jinx however, squeezed the girl in her grasp tighter.

The pink haired girl remembered something and pointed accusingly at the animal, "You have to give me that picture-" She playfully poked the other girl in the ribs, "I think she was smiling!"

She valiantly gestured to the boys room and hauled the other girl towards it, the now human shapeshifter following close behind them.

"OH MY GOD! How can you live here?" Jinx was in shock of how filthy the boys room was. Sure, she wasn't all that clean either, but this was just… just… eww. She eyed the various articles that littered the floor, and somehow ceiling.

"How in the hell are they up there?" the pink haired girl violently pointed up at the shirt that was managing to remain securely stuck to the tiles above her head.

"I think it's like… stuck to something, anyways, here's the site.", He cautiously stepped his way over to a peculiarly large stack of clothes and heaved them over his head, revealing a small widescreen monitor. The computer was most likely nearby. He turned on the monitor and opened a web page to He beckoned the waiting girls over. They stepped precisely in the boys footprints.

Beast boys Site had been fairly decent, the lad was still alive, and thanking his merciful gods that he still had all his limbs. Jinx and Raven were out on the roof watching the sunset. It had been the titans' idea. The former thief wasn't one for the sentimental, normally. But this was a different story, and she appreciated it, she appreciated the hell out of it. Watching with her seemed like a fantastic way to spend time.

"beautiful." Jinx had the empath sitting between her legs, and was leaning against edge that stuck up on the end opposite to the view. It was fairly gusty, considering it was winter, that was no surprise, the thief pulled the other girl closer, resting her chin on the girl's shoulder.

"And the sunset's not bad either"

"Good lord that was corny." the empath said with a grin

"Must be the cold"

"It's not cold"

'Yeah, says you! I'm freezin' my ass of here."

Raven flipped over and wrapped her arms around the other girls' neck, gently pulling her to the pavement beneath them. She nuzzled her cheek into the girls' chest.

"…Better?", she whispered

she sighed.

Raven snuggled closer into the girl and turned her head. She listened to the girls' steady heartbeat. The sound was so relaxing, that consistent th- thump… th -thump.

"Jinx?" she quietly said

"Mnn?" she grunted in response

"I'm really… happy… that I found you." She murmured, barely audible, though the thief heard every word.

"Ditto", jinx said with a content smile on her lips.

Next day: breakfast

Raven and Jinx had once again gotten up absurdly early. Both were patiently waiting to be served pancakes from the mechanical man, who was currently donning a pink frilled apron, and prancing around the kitchen. obviously johnseing for a laugh, but the girls were fresh out, after all, they had just discovered that beast boy wore rather odd pj's.

"Food's up y'all." He shouted, while hurling a plate full of pancakes at the table like a meteorite. The plate was suddenly surrounded in darkness, then slowly fell in front of the girls.

"Thanks Cy!", jinx hollered at the apron.

The pink haired girl was just about to fork the topmost pancake, which everyone knew was the best, however, mid-stab robin morphed into the room.

Raven elbowed the other girl, who promptly turned around and gave the boy a proper greeting.

"Morning." She said in her normal indoor voice.

"Mo-" he started in his usual just-die tone, but halted mid word at the look he received from raven, he heard a voice in his head. Be nice now. It was technically a request, but to him, was a demand. He knew better than to piss of the empath that was currently giving him the stink eye, and returned the thief's gesture.

"Morning." It sounded almost… normal, similar to how he would greet the green boy or the tamaranian… almost.

He heard the voice again. …good enough. He sighed inwardly and budged over to his usual seat at the table. Which happened to be across from his current least favorite person.

The awkward eating commenced. The boy wonder was first to excuse himself. Right when he got up Cyborg sat down, in his seat. He eyed the teen for a second before stalking away.

"ROBIN!", jinx bellowed.

He stopped and turned on his heels. "What?", from the tone of her voice, he was positive it was serious, and he was far to anal to allow a problem in "His" tower.

The pink haired girl pointed to her chin, "You got some syrup on 'ya"

He frowned. "Oh", he glanced at the empath, "… uhhm, thanks." He brushed his face and sure enough, it was sticky. Very sticky. He noted this, and walked away. His irrational hatred for the girl slightly diminished.

Jinx quickly looked at the titan next to her, soon as robin left the room, an expectant smile on her face. "How'd I do?"

"Good enough… well. Deal's a deal, what are we doing?", the titan had promised that if jinx made a better impression with robin, she would do… something, with her.

Jinx smiled a Cheshire cat grin, she pumped her not syrupy arm in the air, "Movie!"

The girls stood in front of the Go cinema. Jinx was pleased that she had finally gotten the titan to agree on seeing the movie she desperately wanted to see. The Princess Bride.

They were both dressed by the former thief, part of her deal. Raven was irritated at her wardrobe. The empath looked down at her clothes. Black shoes, blue jeans, and an uncomfortably tight white long sleeve shirt. She thanked her various gods that she was wearing an undershirt. She looked over at the pink haired girl with a smirk. She donned pink boots, pink miniskirt, and guess what, a pink shirt. Her hair was down, as it had been for a long time.

"What are you wearing that isn't pink?", raven muttered to the other girl, the last thing she wanted was everyone focused on them, and what better way to do that than to wear all pink.

The thief didn't respond, raven continued to look at the girl, who was intently staring at her chest.


"How'd you get so big?"

Raven squinted, "Effort. Well, lets go." The empath walked off to the door to get their tickets, the other girl tailing behind her.

The movie had gone well, raven had actually enjoyed it, though she would never admit to liking something so childish. Jinx couldn't stop fidgeting from the horrible seating, so was "forced" to sit in the other girls lap… her very comfortable lap.

"Hey rai?", jinx said from her place on the couch.



Chapter 11: Nevermore


"The world is beautiful, even if it is filled with tears and sorrow."

Chapter 11:

The girls were curled up in the empaths' bed. They had spent every night in jinx's, and raven was coming to miss her room. A content smile formed on the psions' lips as she felt warm somethings press onto her back. Every day had been heaven for the normally downtrodden girl. Who knew love could change someone so dramatically?... everyone probably. She felt a moan crawl up her throat as a hand trailed up her tone stomach and gently cup her breast.

Then the lovers were gone. Both of them.


Two girl suddenly appeared, on the cold, hard, rocky ground.

Jinx froze, the bed had suddenly turned… well… painful. She turned her head to look at the ground, and was met with rock. Solid rock. She released the other girls something from her hold and leaned forward to whisper in her ear.

"Uhhhm… my bad?"

Raven sighed and blandly looked around, she knew where they were, just… not how they got there. This was an unusual occurrence… very unusual, considering it had never happened before. But, a lot of things were unusual around the empath.

"Probably", she said dryly.

"You know where we are?"

"You don't remember?", she recalled when the 'Hive Five', technically three, had taken over the tower for a time. The pink haired girl had unfortunately… "Stumbled" into raven's mirror.

"… wait." She remembered the scenery, the rocky ground, the lightless sky, the unnatural wildlife. This dreary place was all to familiar. "We're in your head! How the hell did we get… here?"

Raven sighed, the obvious way to find out was exactly what she didn't want to do. Her emotions were a bit on the… blunt, side. Conversation wise. And she didn't want to startle the other girl with some strange dialogue. But, she was curious, and dear god! It was her mind after all. "Lets ask around."

Jinx gazed at the four-eyed birds. "Raven… birds can't talk."

The empath sighed. It's going to be a long day… "No… not the birds, the people."

"Raven… there's… no one here."

"You really don't remember, do you?" curiosity lined her words

"A little bit."


"We're in your head"

"…Go on"

"…That's it."

"Right… well, let's find them, should make for an interesting and perhaps painful experience"

Jinx took the hint, she released the other girl and got up, then helped the grounded girl to her feet. She spun in a circle, hoping to find intelligent life before the other girl.


She was confused. Glowing pink eyes rapidly looked around, and widened. Every direction was the same, the same path, the same bleak sky, the same indignant birds madly cawing at her, the same brilliant red eyes that seemed to see right through her. She felt a chill crawl up her spine, and quickly grabbed the other girl and firmly shut her eyes.


No response

"Jinx!", the pink haired girl cautiously opened her eyes. She was met with a familiar face. She blushed.


"You ok?"

"I just…", she looked off to the side, and flinched when the scenery turned with her. "…It freaked me out… a little"

Raven reached out and turned the other girls head. She passionately kissed the other girl, who physically relaxed in her arms. After what seemed an eternity, she slowly pulled away.


Jinx dreamily smiled, her primal fear forgotten. "Yeah."

"Good, let's go."

She took the other girls hand and started down the stony road. She looked over and smiled at the other girl, who returned her gaze.

"Hey rai?"


"How does it work.. this." She gestured to the path in front of her.

"Curious?" she voiced

"Who wouldn't be?, this is like… impossible."

"What is?"

"this." She pointed at the ground beneath her feet.

Raven grinned, "We're in my head, and that is impossible?"

"…Damn. One point for you… you gonna tell me?"

"I suppose I have to now." She stared at the path in front of her, her destination seemed just as far as when she started.

"Try and stay with me, it's sort of… complicated."

"I'm all ears." The girl was in no hurry, looking at the path in front of her, she figured it would be a while, justified reason to be patient. She didn't want to badger her lover either.

"I'll start with this" she once again pointed at the ground. "There's one path because there is only one possible decision."

Jinx vacantly stared at the other girl. "…uhhm… explanation?"

"It's hard to explain"

"Please?" jinx pouted.

"… I'll try…" she cleared her throat. "This place is home to my emotions"

jinx nodded when met with a pause.

"My emotions are the purest form of any part of me, for example, bravery represents everything about me that is brave, courageous, strong, etcetera."

She nodded vigorously

"Emotions are the only viable cause for decision, if choices were based solely on rational, there would ultimately be only one choice to make. Being that choices will then be based on the greater and more beneficial outcome, as well as there being be no reason not to make that choice without interference of irrational thought, emotions."

A slow nod.

"They represent everything irrational about me, so when I visit here, I represent rational thought. My unconscious mind is… rather intelligent. It found no reason to make many paths when I would obviously take the best, which would consistently be the best and therefore, only possible path I would take. Understand?"


Raven flashed a smile at the less confused girl and looked ahead. They were there.

"We're here"

Jinx gaped. When had they gotten there? It was so far away just a moment ago.

"How did…"

"Long story."

"… never mind… I don't want to know"

Raven tugged the other girls hand and started towards a cloaked figure who was sprawled out on the ground in the traditional 'jumping jack' position.


Raven deadpanned at the pink cape. "Happy" she distastefully uttered. Thankfully, the girl in question was still unaware of her presence. She could still sneak away and-

"Hi!", jinx shouted at an unnecessary volume

The figure rapidly got to her feet and turned to face the girl.

Jinx gaped. She looked exactly like raven. Save the pink cape and brilliant smile.

"Oh my god!" she screeched, "You!" she pointed at jinx before tackling her in a violent embrace. "Hi!" she bellowed.

"Inside voice, happy." Raven commented as she observed the scene

"But we're outside!" she pouted

"No we're not."

"Pi-shaw.", she waved her hand nonchalantly and turned her attention back to the girl she was wrapped around.

"Hi Jinxy!"

"Raven, help me!" the pink haired girl yelled at the blue raven.

"You brought this upon yourself."

"Please!" her bottom lip quivered.

She sighed. "Fine" she spread her arms "Here… happy." The pink girl gasped, she released the thief and wrapped her arms around the blue ravens neck.

"Mnnnnn." She bubbled. Her host had never willingly allowed her to hug.

Raven grabbed the other girls shoulders and gently pushed her away.


"Hmm?" she even hummed loudly.

"Do you know how we got here?"

She violently shook her head, always in possession of excess energy.

"Do you know who does?"

"Yeah!" she glowed.



knowledge "Thanks." She flashed the girl a quick smile, picked up the still grounded girl, and started off in search of a yellow cloak.

"Bye happy!" jinx shouted over her shoulder




no response

"Knowledge?" slightly irritated.

"Damnit knowledge, pay attention!"

"KNOWLEDGE!" jinx hollered. She gave the empath a thumbs up as the yellow raven looked up from her book.

"Why are we here?" raven questioned.

She wore a flat expression. "You walked."

Ravens eye twitched. Knowledge had always been irritating. She tended to jump around a question until it became incredibly specific. "How are we here, in my head?"

"Assuming you haven't lost it, you used the mirror."

Raven fumed. The girl was so frustrating. Her anger dissipated as she felt lips press against hers. The pink haired girl pulled away smiling. "Lemme' try?"

Raven beckoned towards the cloaked figure.

Jinx grinned and stepped towards the girl, who was sitting on a rather large rock. She opened her mouth to say something, but instead, darted forward and snatched the book from the girl.

She jumped back.

"How did we get here?" she ominously eyed the ledge to her left, the book in an extended hand, barely over the cliff.

"Why would I tell you that?" she droned. Completely uninterested.

"Because I have your book!" she pulled her hand back to wave the tome around, but was surprised as it was empty. She glanced over at knowledge.

The cloaked figure once again held the book. She leered at the girl. Waving the tome around mockingly. "Curious?"

"Yes damnit!"

The figure chuckled. She set the book in her lap and opened it, resuming where she had left off.

"Ask lust." She said over the page, maintaining a tone of apathy.

Raven grimaced. She was the last person she wanted jinx to meet.

"Thanks for your help." She muttered. The empath grabbed the still frustrated girl and started towards a massive structure in the distance.

The great divide

"She is so frustrating-oh my god!" jinx shouted as the stone structure in the distance was suddenly directly in front of her. She jerked her head upwards, the wall seemed to be infinitely tall, looming over her. She looked back over at raven.

Raven returned the glance. "Lets go."

She walked towards the immense partition but stopped when she felt the other girl stop. She turned her head to look back at her. "What?"

"How do we get in? There's no door." She was hesitant to walk into a solid stone wall.

"Do you trust me?" raven asked, completely serious.

"Yes" she answered quickly, her tone making it glaringly obvious that she was telling the truth.

"Close your eyes." Raven said softly

Jinx shut them. She felt an arm wrap around her waist. She was gently pulled forwards. She felt a chill, as she walked what seemed like mist, dense, freezing. It only lasted a moment.


She opened her eyes. There was an opening before her. She looked back over her shoulder. The wall was now behind her. She eyed it curiously before returning her gaze ahead of her.


Raven grinned before once again pulling the girl forwards into the labyrinth.

The labyrinth

"Holy!" jinx shouted as she stumbled over something. She was caught by the other girl, quite easily, as they were already holding each other.

Jinx relaxed after a moment and looked back at the other girl.

"My bad-" she stopped as she noticed raven was looking back behind her. She followed suit. She now saw a grey cloaked figure face down, flat on the ground.

Must have been what I tripped on… wait… she wasn't there before… was she?

Ohmygod! I tripped her

"Hey! Are you alright?" she urgently asked the quite literally downtrodden girl.

The figure pushed herself up and looked at the ground.

"I…uh…" she whispered, while avoiding eye contact.

"Timid?" raven said.

The girl looked over at raven, she relaxed when she saw the blue cape, but quickly looked away when she noticed her host wasn't alone.

Raven raised a brow at the girl reaction and looked over to her right. Oh…"She's with me." raven said reassuringly.

The girl sighed from the ground, raising a small cloud of dust. "I…yeah… I'm fine." The girl said lowly.

Jinx walked over and offered the girl a hand, timid flinched. The cloaked girl slowly opened her eyes and looked up.

"C'mon. I'll help you up. It's the least I can do." Jinx said with a smile.

The grey cloaked girl cautiously extended an arm, and lightly touched the other girls hand. She was gently pulled to her feet.

"Sorry bout that. You ok?"

Timids' eyes widened as she got a closer view of the girl. "You." She said in a normal voice, which for her was a shout. She smiled and hugged the pink haired girl.

"…I'm fine", she whispered into the girls ear.

"Good." Jinx said in hushed tones.

"Well I hate to break up the moment, but we need to go." Raven said. She had a valid point, they were essentially stuck until they figured out how they got there.

Timid 'eeped' and pulled away from the girl. "Sorry", she muttered and darted off into the nearest wall. Phasing directly through it.

Jinx, who had witnessed the event, looked back over at raven.

"Can you do that?"

"Not in here. Only she can."

"Why?" jinx was curious.

"Protection… From them."


"You'll find out soon enough." She said ominously and walked off down the stone path.

"I- what- hey! Wait for me!" jinx dashed after the girl.


The girl had just reached the end of the maze. Much to the former thief's relief, being in such an enclosed space had started to get to her. Her 'this is creepy 'o meter' had gone off numerous times.

"I'm reeealy glad we're out of there-ahh!" she shouted as she felt arms wrap around her waist. Arms that did not belong to raven, seeing as she was currently holding her hand.

Raven look over as she heard the girls scream. She grimaced when she saw with a figure in a brilliant red cloak hugging her girl.

"No touching Lust." She said dryly

The girl smiled slyly, "Now she's a forbidden fruit, I must have her!" She spun the girl around, and leaned in for a kiss. However, she stopped as she felt a finger press on her lips.

"No touchie." Jinx said, reminisce of raven's previous comment.

Lust blinked before pulling away. "Well, why are you here?" she drawled

"That's what I want to know." Raven said

The red cloaked girl grinned. "You know why, we both do."


"oh reeealy? Well. I guess I'll have to show you." She flipped the thief around once again and grabbed her hands.

"Close your eyes"

Jinx gave raven a questioning glance, after receiving a 'do it' look, she complied.

Lust extended the girls hands and walked forward. Eventually coming into contact with very sensitive parts of the empaths' anatomy.

Then they vanished once again.

Raven's bed

Jinx stared a wide eyed stare at the girl next to her. "Your boobs are magic!"

"Only for you."

Chapter 12: Breakfast


Chapter 12:

"Ok… so if I… like… fondle you, we get sucked into your mind?"

Raven blushed. "Pretty much."


The empath looked down. "Because… I'm… you know… "

"Horny?" jinx said with a grin.

Ravens' flush intensified. "It sounds dirty when you say it like that."

"… It is dirty… isn't it?"

Raven sighed. "Yeah."

Jinxs' grin took on another dimension when she had a brilliant and indecent idea. "So… there are other you's in your head… right?"

Raven frowned. "Yeah, where are you going with this?"

"We should totally have an o-"

"-No." the psion interrupted.

"Not even if I-"


"But it'd be awesome! we could-"

"-Not happening."

"Please?" more of a question than a request.


"But you don't even know what I'm talking about!"

"Yes I do."

Jinx conceded. "…Fine… then could we-"


"Sa-weet" she pumped her arm in the air before tackling the other girl to the bed.


Jinx and raven padded down the hall, both wearing turtlenecks and blushing furiously. Mostly raven. They turned the corner and instantly, had four pairs of eyes locked on them. They had after all, made quite a racket. The green lad was the first to break the silence.

"What were you doing?" he frantically pointed at them, quickly alternating between the pink haired girl and the titan.

The pink haired girl leered at him. "Something you will never do." She said matter-o-factly.

Robin and Cyborg got the implication and resumed devouring pancakes like they'd get up and run.

Starfire and the green lad however, were confused. Beast boy, was too young. The tamaranian was from another planet, understandable.

Raven sighed. "Having sex." She said as though they were both her mother.

Starfire threatened to rip her face apart with her smile, the shapeshifter however, shrugged and went back to his cereal.

The alien flew out of her seat and crushed the lovers in a vice-like hug. "Fantastic!" she bellowed into their ears. "I wish you much happiness!" Her speech done, she floated back to her seat to resume her death-eating-match with the two boys.

Jinx turned her head and grinned at the other girl, before getting in a morning kiss. She whispered into her ear. "I love you"

Raven whispered into the girls ear, "I love you too"

Title: Waking Up Is The Hardest Part
Category: Cartoons » Teen Titans
Author: JellyfishBlues
Language: English, Rating: Rated: M
Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Published: 01-22-08, Updated: 02-24-08
Chapters: 13, Words: 67,161

Chapter 1: Dream


Chapter 1:

She thrashed violently at the heavy shackles that bound her limbs. The water around her chilled her to the bone, she struggled and struggled as her life slowly bubbled to the surface. She pulled at the chains on her arms, praying they would snap, praying dear god that they would be torn apart from her attempts to break loose. She opened her eyes and through the burning pain she looked at her cuffs, thick, solid, unforgiving. She couldn't break them, she had no hope to. She exhaled her last breath and went still, watching the air float away. Watching her life float away, and leave her chained and bound, suffocated, trapped… forever.

A girl rapidly sat up, her blue hair plastered to her face, beads of sweat trailing down her temple down to drop from her chin. She breathed in rapid short breaths, looking around her room, making sure she was awake, that it was a dream-just a dream. She clutched the sheets that clung to her slick body, affirming she was alive. She focused on the comforter as her eyes clouded, as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"…Just a dream." She muttered to herself. That nightmare had been a regular event for the violet eyed girl. But even after she'd had it every day, it still had the same effect. It left her quaking. She was annoyed, something like that shouldn't happen to her of all people. She was in control of her emotions, she had to be.

The girl looked around the dimly lit room once again, checking in detail. She spotted a mask on her floor. She recognized it, it hung on her wall, a Victorian mask, not particularly rare or expensive, but a keepsake nonetheless. She sighed as she blinked away the tears, the mask was broken, demolished. It had shattered instantly, as though it was crushed by immense weight. The many pieces still organized, meshing like a puzzle, flat on the ground.

She willed the tears to stop, the pain to stop. She fell back down onto her bed and relaxed herself. The tears stopped, her breathing slowed. She stared up at the ceiling. The girl had no hope of getting back to sleep, even if she did, it would just end the same way. She squinted at her window, the blinds were drawn, but she could see light fighting to pour though the fabric. A dull purple hue colored her room. She blinked slowly, taking in the situation.

Get up

She told herself to get up, she ordered her feet to move. Her limbs however weren't on the same page. She groaned and flung her legs over the side of her bed, planted them firmly on the floor. She pushed herself up with her arms and took a deep breath.

"Another day." She murmured

She began her morning routine, still in a weakened state, she stumbled to her bathroom for a shower. She needed to relax, and what better way than to be pounded by jets of scalding water.

She peeled off her clothes and carelessly tossed them to the floor by the door. She padded over to the shower, slid open the glass door, and turned the 'H' nob on. It sprang to life, immediately it steamed, she attempted a grin but was physically drained from her dream. She grabbed the door for support and stepped into the mist. She winced as the water hit her skin, but soon relaxed as she adjusted to the temperature. She hung her head and watched her hair lazily fall forward in strands, trailing the small streams of water that fell to the tiled floor.

She sighed and leaned her head back into the water, slicking her hair back out of her face with her hands. The flat expression on her face reflected her thoughts, she was tired, but couldn't alleviate it. Her own personal hell. She had always loved to sleep, to dream. Where nothing mattered, where anything could happen, all you had to do… was wish it. It seemed the world was conspiring against her, taking away everything she held dear. Her parents, her emotions, now her dreams.

She grimaced and chalked her pessimistic thoughts up to her nightmare. She shut the water, cautiously stepped out and toweled off.

Dry, she donned her trademark black leotard and blue cloak, she draped the hood over her still damp hair and started out to the kitchen. Hoping that some food would clear her mind. She approached the end of the hall and slightly smiled. It seemed that beast boy and Cyborg were having their morning argument on what was for breakfast.

She turned the corner as the fight grew heated.

"Damnit Cy! I'm a vegetarian!, I don't eat FLESH!"

"Well I'm a MEAT-O-tarian, and I DO eat FLESH! So if you don't wanna' be the en-tray, shut yo' mouth!"

She smirked under her hood at the boys, arguing over something so miniscule, that could be easily solved. However, she wasn't about to step in, so she took her usual seat at the table and patiently waited for some nourishment.

"What the hell are you making meat for anyways! It's fucking BREAKFAST!" the green lad shouted.

"Meat is nutritious AND delicious, and should be eaten with EVERY meal! It makes you BIG and STRONG! So YOU need more meat than any of us!"

"GODDAMNIT CY! Just make me a salad or something!"

The hulking teen grinned at his victory. Victory for Victor he thought with a middle eastern accent. He held out his giant hand. "DEAL!" he bellowed at the shapeshifter.

"THANKYOU!" he hollered in return.

Raven started in with the cliché slow clap at their performance, leave it to them and their antics to cheer her up in the morning. She slightly smiled under her hood.

"Fan-tastic, just fantasic." She drawled

Both boys looked in her general direction. Just then becoming aware of her presence.

"Hey raven." Both Cyborg and Beast boy gave their usual morning greeting, at an acceptable volume. The green boy took his seat at the table, and victor started whipping up the boy a salad to accompany his giant steak.

"Robin up yet?" raven questioned, her tone making it apparent that she didn't care either way.

"No." he playfully elbowed the girl next to him "star's not either." He grinned and made several gestures before returning to harassing the chef.

Raven grinned. They were all aware of robin and the tamaranians relationship. Though they pretended to be ignorant, just to hassle them. The occasional innuendo, harmless comment, Just wind em' up and watch em go!

She smirked as the 'lovers' walked into the room, they were holding hands, but immediately stopped like they'd contract the plague… mostly robin. Starfire was more comfortable with getting their relationship out in the open. The tamaranian looked over at the boy wonder, she gave him a knowing look and started off ahead of him, flying to her usual seat at the table, next to the shapeshifter.

The masked boy morphed to his spot, much like an amoeba on the hunt, just waiting for something he could trap in his jelly and slowly consume. Hell, he even ate like an amoeba. Breakfast was a fight at the tower, so eating like a savage was normal among the titans. The only one to retain some decency was the empath.

Raven observed the lovers devour pancakes, the green boy scarf down his salad, and the hulking teen take chunks from his steak like a pack of starved piranhas. She looked back down at her own plate.


She looked over at the plate with the pancakes. Only one remained, and she noticed her competitors eyeing it. She leered at them. A puddle of shadows formed beneath the pancake and it slowly sunk in like a whirlpool. Starfire and Robin make a mad jump to grasp it, but both came away with smidgens.

Enough to taunt a mouse, give it a crumb, and snort the remains when it asks for more.

The ceiling rippled as a pancake dripped from it and landed flat on the empath's plate. She stared at it and frowned. She was hungry, and it did look good, but no more. She picked it up and tossed it back onto the plate. Partly because her appetite was gone, and partly because she wanted to see how they'd act. Split it? Fight over it? She bet on the former.

She was proven right as robin took it and offered the alien half. She beamed and nodded vigorously.

"You two would make a cute couple." She offered up from under her hood. She grinned as the masked boy inhaled his half and stuttered out an incompetent response, and starfire firmly agreed.

Now that the empaths' mood was secure, flatline, she stood and excused herself from the table.

"But you did not eat." Starfire said, concerned.

"I'm not hungry." Raven responded and started off to her room. She froze as her communicator buzzed like mad. She turned to face the other titans, a frown scowling on her lips. Robin had his com. Unit out and was intently looking at the screen.

"The H.I.V.E five are robbing a bank. Titans, go!" he shouted.

The others stared at him blankly.

"That seemed unnecessary."

A lightpost soared through the air towards a girl with brilliant pink hair. She flipped to the side and sneered at it as it passed. The girl cart-wheeled to the dark titan, effortlessly avoiding various things; cars, rocks, car sized rocks.

"Why don't you settle down! Get a boyfriend or something!" raven shouted as she hurled a minivan at the hex caster. The pink haired girl vaulted over it and dashed towards the titan, all the while tossing pink bolts all around her.

"I don't even LIKE boys!" the thief yelled back, partly for rebuttals sake, but mostly because it was the truth.

Now in close quarters, the villain threw a punch at the other girl, only to hit a black wall. She pulled her hand back and shook it out, it thwarted like hell. She hissed and dropped to the ground, aiming a spin kick at the girls feet. She groaned as she completed her spin and came into contact with nothing. She looked up. The titan was hovering above her. Mouthing something. She tensed as the ground beneath her softened and pulled her feet in. Crackling as she was sucked waist deep into the pavement. The thrashed around, trying to free herself, but stopped as the ground around her hardened.

She was stuck waist deep in solid rock. Something that sheer bad luck couldn't get her out of.

Her eyes widened and she looked over her shoulder, hoping to find her comrades were winning, and could come to her rescue.

"Mammoth!" she shouted. The girl flinched as her potential savior was blasted through a wall by an explosive green energy.

"Gizm-" she stopped mid sentence as she noticed the kid genius being held in the air by one of the titans. His backpack had been removed and crushed, and was currently sparking on the ground.

She frowned as she realized her current situation. They were losing, she was caught. She glanced back in front of her. The empath was once again on terra firma. And was giving her a curious look.

"What?" she growled.

"Don't like boys huh?" she mused

Jinx scowled. "Got a problem with that?" her tone could have cut her free

"No, not at all." She raised her hand and studied her nails.

The sunken thief squinted. "Huh, so you're… gay?"

The empath directed her attention back to the other girl. "Why am I even talking to you?" she snapped.

The pink haired girl leered. "You are, aren't you."

Raven scowled. "Think what you want. You're going to jail anyways." She turned around and checked up on her team. Gizmo was apprehended, and mammoth was unconscious if not dead. Starfire may have overreacted when he got a hit in on the boy wonder.

"Have fun now." She droned and started off to meet her fellow titans.

"Well?" she asked the leader.

"The authorities will be here shortly, we're done here."

Raven nodded. Her shadow spread and darkened circling her and rippling in the slight breeze. She leaned back and fell to the ground, plummeting right through it. The ground lightened, and the darkness receded into the center, finally being sucked into itself like a dying star. She was to exhausted to bother flying or walking back to the tower, teleporting was easier in the long run.

The other titans gaped at her dramatic exit. Beast boy silently cursed to himself that he couldn't be that cool, while Cyborg had recorded the whole event on his mechanical eye, and confirmed that it was saved on his internal memory. It would make one wicked awesome screen saver. The lovebirds had brushed it off and started back to the tower.

A crater in the ground smoldered as its sides slowly caved in. It was big enough to fit about half a person.

"Thanks Mammoth." a pink haired girl thanked the enormous teen next to her.

"Thought I was stuck for a second"

"No problem" he brushed it off.

"Stinkin' titans got the money!" a small boy grunted, obviously annoyed at his failure.

"Good thing there's more than one bank."

Raven sat on a black couch, dully observing a giant flatscreen TV as a commercial for played for the second time. She didn't know who that old man was, what he ate for breakfast, or where he lived. All she knew was that she wanted him dead.

Yeah. I'm gay.

She was still thinking of her earlier confrontation. She kept playing that response over and over in her mind. Why hadn't she said it? It was the truth, it was a response. It met the basic requirements of anything that the empath said. So why hadn't she?

It's not like we'd've had sex, it was just a response.

She frowned at the television as that damned commercial played for the third time. A wisp of black smoke appeared in front of the screen and spread out, covering it. It wrapped around the back and the man's voice went silent.

The darkness vanished as she heard the door to the kitchen slam open. She wasn't about to shatter the television in front of them.

"nn." She grunted an acknowledgement

"mmn" she received one

She felt the couch shake as a person landed next to her. "What's on?"

"Nothing." She tossed the remote to the teen next to her.

He flipped threw the channels and laughed when he came to comedy central.

"That Dane Cook's a silly bitch." He said between fits of laughter.

"…Fascinating." She said dryly

"Dude! Have you seen him! He's hilarious!"

"I'm sure." She said before floating back to her room. She didn't feel like talking to anyone. So she phased through the walls and appeared back in her room. Dimly lit as usual, however, there was a sole ray of light shining through a space in her shades. She glided over to her bed and plopped down on her sheets. She sat up and opened the blinds before flopping back on the bed. She sighed as the sunlight hit her exposed legs.

Maybe… I could get some rest.

She closed her eyes and writhed around, getting into a comfortable position.

She saw two figures walk away into the distance. The girl yelled, screamed at them. Telling them, begging them to come back. Her voice went silent as she realized they couldn't hear her, and even if they could, they wouldn't listen. She madly dashed after them. Through the pain she pumped her legs again and again, running after the figures. No matter how fast she ran, she never got any closer. And they only got farther away. She slowed to a stop and collapsed on the ground. Bending over, she blinked away tears that fell to the ground. She felt the rocks dig into her knees, she felt the warm blood pool around her. Oozing from every pore of her body. White hot pain coursed through her… but it didn't matter. Not anymore.


Raven's eyes shot open. She inhaled in a shallow gasp and blinked away tears that clouded her vision. She felt the wetness of her pillow. She'd had a dream, all to vivid. But it was different, this was… personal. It was something she didn't want to remember. She firmly shut her eyes and tried to forget. Tried to forget that terrible dream that reminded her so much of what she'd strived to put behind her.

She turned on her side and buried her face in her hands. She slowly opened her eyes. A tear ran down her face as she saw several pale marks on her wrist. She sobbed as she remembered her pain. Remembered the blood, trickling down off her fingertips. She willed her pain away, with a forceful exhale she slowed her breathing, but the torrent of tears would not cease. She tugged her sheets around her and huddled into a fetal position. Twisting her comforter around her, hoping to vanquish the chills that ran up and down her spine.

She tried to stop crying, tried to make that damn crying stop! She muttered in-between gasps, "azara-" a sharp intake of breath. "az…ara..th… m..met..ri..rion zynthos"

Why would I remember these things…these horrible things… what possible reason do I have to remember them when all they bring is pain

Raven curled up tighter as her crying ceased. She slowed her breathing and relaxed her tense muscles. Her body warmed up quickly, but she didn't feel warm. She still felt… cold. In every sense of the word she was cold… she desired warmth. She stuck her head out of her cocoon and gauged what she should do. Shower? Bath?


Raven wanted-needed a bath, and crawled out of her clothes before being covered in darkness going airborne, lazily floating into the bathroom. The mist settled in the tub, and pulled away, leaving raven lying in the tub. The shadows reached out and turned the hot water on. The nozzle blasted into life in many short bursts before it leveled out to a solid stream. Raven sighed. The water felt wonderful. Washing over her feet, warming her to the bone. She felt light headed and leaned back onto a waterproof pillow. She grinned as best she could after her nightmare. She felt weightless, free, gently bobbing in the steaming water. She dragged her hands forward and set them at her sides. The water level was now at the max so automatically shut off. The empath floated at the surface. Have above, half below.

The silence, the warmth, could always make her happy.

She lazily drifted in the tup. Her head and breasts the only things above water, she floated, enjoying the warmth, and the cold. The contrast. She liked to be warm then cold, or cold then warm, because it would feel better. That contrast between the two.

She leaned her head back underwater and slicked her hair back with her hands. She resurfaced. Floating, gently bobbing in the water, her hair streamed behind her. A smile graced her lips. She blushed as she trailed her hand up her leg. Over her tone stomach. And cup her breast, gently kneading it. She felt good. She needed to after that. Pleasure makes a good mask for sorrow, and she needed a distraction, a big one.

She moaned as she parted her lips, tenderly stroking them. …Jinx

She felt better. Hell, she felt fantastic. She removed both her hands from their posts with a quiet gasp.

Her tears were gone. She took slow deep breaths, she had forgotten it. She had forgotten that horrible dream. The empath had a thought.

Did I just… pleasure myself, to jinx?

Yes, and it felt wonderful. She heard a voice, low, seductive, obviously feminine.

That same voice returned. If this was just a dream, imagine what it would feel like if it were, say… real. Hmm?

The empath frowned, it doesn't matter what it'd feel like, it can never happen.

Oh, but it can, and it will. All you need to do, is ask.

Raven squinted at her emotion. What did she mean by that? Whatever the implication, she couldn't risk allowing her emotions to cloud her judgment Even if she wanted to. No, lust.

The voice chuckled. Then I'll leave, for now.

Her mind once again went silent. The blue haired girl sighed and settled back into the water.

She tried to relax once again. She dropped her arms back down at her sides and took a deep breath. She couldn't keep her eyes closed and gave a frustrated groan.

Time to get out.

She got to her feet, water raining off her. She brushed herself off and stepped out of the tub. She leaned back down and opened the stopper. The water gurgled as it whirl-pooled down the drain. She stepped away, onto a mat and toweled off. She tossed the damn towel into a basket in the corner and stepped out of the bathroom, into her room. It was surprisingly cold, considering the towers heating system and general temperature outside. It was sunny for gods' sake. She shivered and sauntered to her closet to get some clothes, some nice, warm, clothes.

The door slid open and she frowned. She had many duplicates of her usual uniform. A black, skintight, and revealing leotard. However, that was all she had. She pushed her hanging uniforms aside and browsed through her selection.


"I have no clothes." She muttered to herself. She sighed and slid one of the hanging uniforms on. She was still shivering and quickly grabbed her cloak, wrapping it around her tightly. She was still cold. She looked over at the heating vent at the foot of her bed, and had an idea. She raised a hand at the thermostat next to her door, and it turned the heater on. She walked over to her bed and slid the sheets off the end, covering the vent. The empath climbed into her massive bed and sighed as the heated air filled it, washing over her. She grinned and thought to herself. Problem solved.

One of them at least. She heard that voice again.

Back so soon? She thought dryly

I'm lust, not patience.

It's been five minutes

In your world, yes, not in your mind.

Raven exhaled slowly. What do you want?

We both know what I want. And we both know that you want it too.

And what would that be? The empath asked in a flat tone

Playing dumb never got anyone anywhere

Seems to be helping me.

My my, someone's cranky. Well, I'll be back when you're ready to… talk.

Raven frowned and settled back into the warmth, hoping to stay awake, praying that she stayed awake. She didn't want to have a dream, not like those, and it seemed those were all she had anymore. She fought to keep her eyes open. Her lids slowly closed and she was pulled into unconsciousness.

She looked down at the table in front of her, absently tracing the grains in the wood. The girl looked up, glancing around the room. There were others, children. Staring at her through slits. Glaring at her, like she was a monster, like she was inhuman. She quickly looked back down at the table. But, she could still feel their stares, she could feel their chilling stares, penetrating to the bone. She summoned up courage and looked back up at the others, her violet eyes glossy. She met their gaze. She asked then why they were looking at her, why everyone was looking at her so intently. She pleaded, begged them to stop, to turn away. She was pushed over, shoved sideways off her chair onto the cold, unforgiving ground, and then they were on her.

Violet eyes shot open. She felt her heart relentlessly pound in her chest. She felt the tears trail off her face. She took several deep breaths and firmly shut her eyes. Removing her memories of that dream. That dream that reminded her so much of what she desperately wished to forget. She looked down at herself, her tears slowing. She was awake. It was a dream, just a dream. She told herself.

She sniffled and threw the sheets off of her. Getting to her feet and pulling her cloak on, draping the hood far over her face, so all that was visible were her pale lips. She rubbed her face in her palms, smearing the tears off her cheeks. The empath took a deep breath and headed for the kitchen, hoping there was something to cheer her up. She softly padded down the hall, she could hear the television blaring, someone had turned the volume all the way up. Most likely to drown out the punk music that was reverberating throughout the halls. She felt the floor vibrating as she rounded the corner, now in the center of the explosive sound. She glared at the sources of the racket, all the while praying that her eyes were no longer red.

She gestured towards the boom-box blasting music. It shut down, now leaving 'Rock of Love' glaring on the flat-screen. She looked at it, the volume lowered to the halfway setting. The perfect level in her opinion. She received a glare from the boy wonder, who was annoyed that his favorite song had been cut off. She nodded in his direction and floated to the couch, taking a seat next to the current resident, the green boy.

She looked through the fabric of her hood at the screen. She frowned at the program, some reality TV show. She looked over at the shapeshifter.

"If I wanted to watch people make idiots of themselves, I'd go to the beach."

The boy peeled his eyes from the screen and looked over at the girl. A broad grin plastered on his face.

"Dude! It was awesome, these girl's started making out, and… raven." He stopped as he realized the person next to him was not Cyborg.

The empath frowned at him. "That's awesome alright." She said dryly.

He laughed nervously and offered the girl the remote. Who aptly refused and focused on the screen. The green boy followed suit.

Raven dully stared at the picture, absent mindedly watching the show. She was thinking to herself. Asking herself, why she was having those dreams. She thought they were behind her. She thought she could forget about them. But it seemed she couldn't. She sighed and focused on the television, trying to think about something less dramatic.

She grimaced as two girls got in a fight, not a decent, respectable fist fight. A full on, hair pulling screech-fest. Who watches this shit? She looked back over at the absorbed boy. …right.

Chapter 2: Lust


Chapter 2:

Who watches this shit? The empath looked over at the absorbed green boy. …right.

She sighed and turned back to the screen, having nothing better to do.

A girl was crouched over, kneeling on the ground. She watched the crimson drip off her curled fingers, watched it stream down her arms, watched it form a puddle beneath her. She stared at it. The red, it was beautiful. She gazed at the liquid, she could see herself. Deep blue hair flowing down, shielding her face from bystanders view. Her eyes glazed over, dull, almost lifeless. Her lips contorted into an empty smile as a single tear joined her blood.

Raven lazily opened her eyes, squinting against the light flowing in from the window. She turned her head into her pillow, burying her face in the cool fabric. She remembered. Rather, she had always remembered, always been aware of her past. However, now staring her in the face, she had no choice but to acknowledge it, embrace it, only then could she indefinitely put it behind her.

She took a deep breath and removed herself from her bed. Thankful she wasn't crying, and surprised that she had in the first place. It wasn't like her to get so upset over something so meaningless. It wasn't like her to get upset in the first place. She donned her uniform and shrugged on her cape, loosely wrapping it around her, leaving the hood down. She started off to the kitchen, and made damn sure she was hungry before doing so.

As she approached the end of the hall she slowed, something wasn't right. It was… quiet. Something unheard of in the morning. She took several cautious steps and peered around the corner, before groaning. The other titans were there, and for some reason, silent. No one manned the stove, the Coffey maker, anything. She looked them. All sitting in their seats, legs crossed, fingers meshed and put on the table, supporting their emotionless faces.


The empath got no response. Her previous annoyance turned to concern. Were they hurt? Did they do something?

"Guys! Why aren't you talking?"

The others stared at each other, not moving, not talking, not breathing, not blinking. Intently staring at her.


"Raven, you ok?" the empath quickly blinked her eyes open, she was on the floor. And some green thing was standing over her. She groaned as her head started to register pain. She had an earsplitting headache.

"What happened?" the green lad questioned

"I'm supposed to ask that" she grunted while clasping her head. It was one nasty headache.

"Well you walked into the kitchen, and, BAM!" he pounded air. "You fell, hit your head pretty good too."

She grimaced and removed her hand from her head, She slowly to her feet, and ignored the stares from the other titans, who were standing in a circle around her.

"Friend raven, are you alright?" the tamaranian asked.

She looked up at them, each in turn, finally resting on the alien. "I'm fine."

"Are you sure?" robin said. "You just fell for no reason!"

Her expression turned neutral and she looked away from the masked boy, down at the white floor. "I'm just a little tired, that's all."

The silence after her response was broken as the leaders com. Unit started beeping like mad.

Raven scowled as he snatched the device from his belt, flipping it open. She raised a brow as his eye twitched.

"The H.I.V.E five are robbing a bank…"

Beast Boy tore his focus from the dark titan and passed a shocked look to the twitching teen. "Dude, didn't we like, just stop them?"

Robin turned his glare from the screen, up to the green boy, who flinched.

"Yeah." He grunted. "Well… " he cleared his throat. "Titans, Go!"

"Why would you rob the same bank twice?" A mail box turned black and ripped itself from the ground, rocketing at the other girl.

The pink haired girl hopped over the projectile. "It was gizmo's idea!" She dashed to the empath, Cheshire cat grin on her face. She told herself she would win this time, she would not lose again. She ducked a car and dove for the titan, missing by a fraction of an inch. She landed on her hands and pushed herself back in a flip, landing firmly on her feet. She sidestepped a punch and fell to the ground, throwing a spin kick at the titan. She inwardly applauded. She knew it would hit, even robin couldn't dodge that, She grinned as he felt her foot contact flesh. She whipped her leg around, hurling the titan to the ground and completing her rotation, swinging rather gracefully to her feet.

Damnit lust, not now. Raven cursed inwardly while quickly getting to her feet.

Why so harsh? There's always time to talk. The voice mockingly spoke

The empath sluggishly dodged a punch, actually feeling a breeze following the fist. Not now there isn't, can't you see I'm busy?

Really? It said dryly, well I'll have to fix that…

Raven's eyes widened as she went limp. Her arms fell loosely to her sides and she fell to her knees on the pavement. She contacted with the ground and gasped as pain shot up her legs.

What did you do! She growled in her head.

Nothing much, just a little… assistance…

Jinx stared absently as the titan fell to the ground. She hadn't done that, at least… she thought she didn't. She shrugged and leered at the girl before turning on her heels to help her comrades, she knew the brat could certainly use her help. She took her first step and froze as chills ran up and down her spine. Fear coursed through her veins as she cautiously turned, facing the downed girl. Her catlike pupils raced, feebly attempting to focus on the girl who seemed to blur with her every move, her image stretching and distorting in ripples.

She took a step back as the empath was pulled to her feet as though by a string, her arms dangling at her sides, her head aimlessly turning, casually looking around. She felt her heart skip a beat as she caught the girls eye… eyes. Scarlet glowing eyes that seemed to bore through her soul. She vainly tried to take another step back, and violently looked at the ground. The pavement was flowing in waves, lazily constricting her feet in a layer of revived rock. She tugged at her foot as she saw the girl take steps forward from the top of her vision.

My my my… what have we here? She heard a voice in her head, echoing back and forth, dripping with intentions. She tore her eyes from the ground and looked up, through the screams of her muscles to look away. She saw the titan lazily stroll forward, fully animated, arms swinging at her sides, a shit-eating grin on her face. The familiar brilliant red eyes staring back her.

Quite a problem, aren't you? It said dryly.

Her remark caught in her throat as her arms were violently detached from her leg and hauled away, fully extending, hands resting slightly above her head. She yanked at them, vainly attempting to pull them down, to escape. She focused on her limbs, her eyes widened as she saw the thick cuffs on her wrists, pale black chains clasped and taut, strung from seemingly nothing. She gasped as her free leg sunk into the ground. She was trapped once again.

She heaved at the links, raising her legs, trying to free herself. She firmly closed her eyes as the situation sunk in. She tensed as nimble fingers cupped her chin and raised her head.

"My… how the tables have turned."

Jinx's fear dissipated as she heard the other girls voice, she knew the hero would never hurt her, kill her. Hearing that voice was relaxing by comparison. She took a deep breath and blinked open. She exhaled as she met violet eyes.

"Not so strong now, are you."

The thief's heart once again pounded in her chest. That tone was not raven's. It was malicious, threatening. Her eyes widened and she pulled her chest back as she felt nails lightly rake across her stomach.

She blushed furiously. "What the fuckare you doing!" she shouted, her voice faltering.

The thief glared daggers at her captor. What the hell was going on?

"Such a dirty word from such a pretty mouth." She lightly turned the girls head once again, looking deeply into her eyes.

Jinx tried to look away, she willed her neck to turn. She commanded it! Yet it disobeyed her, she was no longer its master. She uttered a small noise from her throat as she helplessly watched the girl lean in and capture her lips.

What are you doing lust? The empath shouted in her mind.

It chuckled. What we both desire, my dear raven.

Beast boy bellowed at her, "RAVEN! What the hell are you doing?" he had just 'elephant-ed' mammoth through a wall, who was promptly knocked unconscious by the boy wonder. His jaw dropped when he witnessed raven, kiss jinx, the villain-thief extraordinaire.

Lust pulled away, openly licking the other girls lips. She turned her head to look at the dumfounded boy. She flicked her wrist at the shape-shifter who was violently thrown backwards and out of sight.

Don't touch them! Raven mentally screamed.

"Then can I touch her?´ she cupped the trapped girls cheek, who was wide eyed and furiously blushing. Her mouth slightly agape.


Raven quietly laughed. Then it's a good thing you're the one doing it

NO! you will NOT control me!

Raven clutched her head and fell to the ground. The thief's arms were released from the shackles and fell limply to her sides; her feet were pushed back above ground. She blankly watched the empath writhe on the ground. Jinx raised a hand to touch her lips. She pulled her fingers away, they were wet. She glanced down at her wrist, there was a deep bruise encircling it. She gazed over at the titan, as if asking for an explanation.

GET OUT! With a final shout lust was banished back to her mind. The empath coughed and placed her hand on her forehead, pushing herself up with her other arm and staring at the ground.

She said between heavy breaths, "Sorry… jinx"

The thief heard the girl apologize, she watched the other girl slowly raising her head. She saw a single tear fall from her eyes. She took a step back, that sole tear scared her more than everything that had just happened. That is not raven, it can't be her, she would never cry. Fearing she would be bound once again, she madly turned on her heels and sprinted away, leaving the titan kneeling on the ground.

Raven watched the girl bolt away. She frowned as robin chased after her.

"ROBIN!" He froze. The empath rarely spoke above a normal voice, if she was yelling, it was most likely damn important. He looked over his shoulder at the girl.

"Leave her." She muttered, looking back down at the ground.

"Raven!, she's a-"

"LEAVE HER!" she yelled at the pavement.

He turned to the girl, frowning. "…We can't just let her get away, sh-"

"Please… just let her go."

The masked boy sighed and turned his back to the girl, reaching into his belt and pulling out his communicator. "Status?"

"The big guy's down for the count, and cy's got the little angry dude. You get jinx?"

He looked over his shoulder. "No, she got away… robin out." He firmly shut the device and shoved it back into his belt.

He walked over to the girl and offered her a hand. "… let's go."

Jinx was strewn on her mattress, pink eyes dully staring at her ceiling. Looking up through slits. She was completely devoid of energy, and sprawling out on a comfortable bed was exactly what she needed. She daintily lifted her wrist to her face, eyeing the mark.

what happened. She remembered the feeling, being helpless, restrained. She remembered the kiss, passionate, deep. It had felt so good… so why did she feel so violated? It held significant meaning for her… it was… her first. She remembered the look in the other girls eye. Lust… for her. She balled her hand into a fist.


She shut her eyes.

God Damnit! She tensed her hand and tightened her eyes as the bruise thwarted.


Why would you do that…

Why in the HELL would you do that!


She released her hand and opened her eyes with a heave sigh, returning her stare to the tiles above her head.


What the fuck were you thinking Lust!

Now now, is that tone really necessary?

Answer the question!

Again with the yelling, honestly, there's no reason to yell.

Damnit lust! Stop dancing around the question.

Why ask a question you know the answer to? Hmm?

What are you talking about.

You now what I'm talking about, after all, you're the reason it even happened.

No! I'm not! I wouldn't do that-

Ah, But I would, and what am I but a part of you?

Raven angrily looked to the side. … My first kiss, you stole my first kiss!

Stole? I merely grasped what we both wanted.

The empath heaved a sigh and turned over on her bed, staring off into nothing. …just leave me alone…

Of course, whatever you want, my master.

Beast boy stomped over to robin, scowling. "DUDE! Did you see? Raven THREW me into a buil-" he went silent as a hand was clapped over his mouth, he glared over the limb and blinked several times.

"Drop it." Robin replied, he removed his hand and turned.

"I could have DIED!"

Robin turned back around. "We kick people into buildings every day, the same goes for them. Just trust me on this, drop it." He turned once again and started to the gym for his daily workout routine.

The shapeshifter sobered at the other boys serious tone. "…what happened?"

"Dunno." He muttered and continued to the elevator.

the next day:

Beast boy bashed on the metal door, the sound reverberating through the halls.


The door immediately opened a crack, and he could see the empaths' eyes peeking from under her hood. "What?"

He formed a nervous grin. "Well its three-and you haven't left your room… so…" his sentence dropped off.

"Soooo… what?"

"Nothing-nothing, just… making sure your alright, that's all-well, see ya." He turned to leave.


His shoulders drooped at the sound of her voice… so sad. He looked over his shoulder.

"…I'm sorry… for what I did." She muttered from behind the sliding door.

"… Yeah." He padded down the hall, leaving the girl to shut her door.

Raven banged her head against the closed door. She sighed. Everything was falling apart, her life was falling apart. And she didn't know how to fix it.

She groaned as her communicator vibrated on her belt, shocking her from her stupor.

Maybe beating the shit out of someone would calm her down…

Jinx blinked and looked over at her dresser as her phone rung. She grinned at her ringtone. She hadn't heard that song in a while, she'd forgotten how much she liked it.

Take a train in New York City met a guy I thought was pretty. She screamed the lyrics in her head and rolled off her bed, waltzing over to her phone.

She snatched it from her dresser and flipped it open in a fluid motion, one she had practiced on a particularly boring heist.


"Hey jinx" a deep voice came over the speaker.

"Mammoth? How'd you get out of jail so quickly?"

"We got a guy." He calmly stated. "We're robbin' some place, wanna' tag along?"

"Yeah, I could use a distraction." She said with a smile and closed her phone, tossing it back onto her bed.

Robin retrieved his com Unit from his desk after wiping his hands on a towel, since he didn't want to get grease on it. …jinx. He frowned at the screen. Apparently the H.I.V.E were robbing another bank. The same bank. He knew something had happened between the empath and jinx, and he wanted it out of the way. He was far to anal to allow a conflict of interest in the titans, can't have an apprehensive hero after all. After a moments consideration, he decided to send her alone, give her a "chance" to work out whatever problem she had.

He dialed raven. "Raven."

She raised a brow.

"Up for something?"

Ravens' eye twitched as she observed the scene. A girl with brilliant pink hair strolling out of a bank, wads on money tucked securely under her arms. The same bank she had "visited" two other times in the past week. She was beginning to think the thief had no sense at all. However, that was the furthest thought from her mind. She pulled out her communicator and flipped it open, dialing the boy wonder.

"Send someone else"


"It'd be too" she looked away from the screen "… awkward."

He frowned. What happened? "awkward?"

"Just do it!"

"look, I don't know what happened, but you need to resolve whatever it is, or it'll eat at you forever"

Raven sighed. "Damnit… when the hell did you get so understanding?"

He shrugged and logged off, leaving the empath to cope with her apprehension. The empath slipped her communicator back into her belt and looked back up at the go city bank. She shook out her limbs and went airborn, gliding over to the thief. She began her mantra and stopped as she felt something on her back. The empath pulled at her cloak so she could see the back. There was a metallic round thing latched onto it, and it was… blinking?

Her eyes went wide and she made a desperate attempt to remove the damned thing. She was too late, it exploded, not a flaming death ball explosion, a pure air explosion. She felt the shockwave resonate throughout her body, she firmly shut her eyes as a low rumbling blazed. She dropped to the ground, her ears agonizingly ringing. She managed to land on her feet as she made contact with the cement. The empath stumbled around, her sense of balance lost. She clapped her hands to her ears and fell to her knees.

"My how the tables have turned."

Raven heard a faint voice, she cracked her eyes open. She saw three figures, between the immense and tiny, was jinx.

"Teh, pit licker." The small boy muttered.

The pink haired girl strolled up to the kneeling titan, a smirk on her face. She cupped the girls chin and raised her head, looking her in the eyes.

"Pay-back is-a bitch." She grinned and raised her leg, kneeing the girl in the face. The empath fell on her side, her head cracking to the ground.

Jinx gave a slight laugh and lowered her leg to the ground. "Let's go." She waved over her shoulder.

No response.

"Hey!" she turned around to look at her companions. "Le-" she stopped. They were gone. They were both gone? How? They were there just a second ago, how could they be gone?

The girl raised a brow and glanced around. Where the hell are they?

She felt something wet drip on her hair. She raised her hand and rubbed the spot, lowering her hand back to her face she eyed it curiously. It's… BLOOD!

Her eyes flew open and she rapidly look above her head. She gasped and stumbled back. Her friends, dangling from the sky, impaled through the stomach by a line of chains. Blood flowing down the links, dripping from the rusted metal. Yet, they were alive, gasping in shallow breaths, clutching the chains, grunting through the searing pain, trying to break the bonds that held them to the sky.

No need to be surprised, you'll be joining them shortly.

She felt chills run through her spine, her hair stand on end. She spun on her heels and took another step back. Raven was on her feet, a sadistic look on her battered face.

"Certainly banged her up a bit, didn't you?" it remarked, fingering the gashes on her cheeks and nose. Jinx watched in horror as the girls wound sealed, the open flesh pulled roughly together, madly sizzling, burning itself closed, cauterizing.

Jinx gasped as jet black tendrils wrapped around her legs, her torso, her arms. Constricting her. Writhing, as though they were living, pulsing creatures.

NO! please, no! not again! She silently screamed in her head

"Who the hell are you?" She shouted from her bindings.

The empath smirked as her burning flesh paled, healing over. The sadistic smile returning as she lazily strolled over to the bound girl. She stopped in front of her, looking her in the eye.

"I'm raven, at least, a part of her." She cupped the girls cheek, leaning in further, mere inches from the thief. "And it's all thanks to you that I got out, knocking her unconscious like that. Really. That seems a bit low, even for you."

The empath leaned in further, their lips barely touching The pink haired girls' eyes widened, she flushed and tried to pull away. She failed as the shadows twisted up to her head, firmly holding it in place. "But, I think I can forgive you…"

Raven pulled back, chuckling to herself.

Jinx shuddered as she felt drops of warm blood rain down, splashing her face and flowing down, leaving brilliant scarlet lines.

The empath ceased her laughter and held out a hand, catching a drop of blood on her fingertip.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

"FUCK YOU!" she blurted out. Her fear tangible, binding her words as the tendrils bound her.

Raven calmly looked up from her reddened finger at the girl. She leaned in once again.

"If you insist…" she said in a sensual tone of voice. The empath closed on the girl, catching her lips in a kiss.

Jinx furiously blushed as she felt a velvety soft tongue enter her mouth. She strained against the shadows, trying to break free.

Raven retreated, broadly grinning. "We'll finish this another time, love."

With a final smirk, the empath stumbled back, blinking rapidly. Deep violet eyes glanced around.

What… happened?

She regained her balance and looked up at the thief. She was still trapped in a bundle of vines. She felt something wet hit her cheek. She glanced up.

my chains.

She gaped.

Those are my FUCKING chains!

She clutched her chest, feeling her heart violently pound in her chest. The thief was released, dropping to the ground.

The chains faded, and the two figures hit ground with a sickening splat. A red tide ebbing away from their crushed forms.

Jinx looked down at the girl. Her eyes still wide in shock. She limply turned her head, turning her gaze to her mutilated friends. Her vision blurred and she groaned, seizing her stomach as she felt overwhelming nausea grasp her.

They're dead…


She fell to her knees, blankly staring at the ground.

She looked back up at her friends and squinted. Something wasn't right. They were seizing, writhing on the ground, splashing in the pools of blood.

They're alive!

The thief turned her head, glancing over her shoulder at the titan. The empath was extending her arm. Her hand encased in a white flame, dripping to the ground, crackling as it contacted the concrete.

Raven concentrated with all her power. She could still save them, there was still time. She groaned as she felt unconsciousness pulling at her mind.

I will not let them die, not because of me.

The titan faintly smiled as the scarlet receded, pulling back into the gaping wounds, closing them.

I did it.

She looked from the breathing corpses to the pink haired girl. "I'm sorry." She murmured, before dropping to the ground.

Chapter 3: Rage

Read on.


Chapter 3:

"I'm sorry…"

Jinx watched the girl fall to the ground, exhausted. She turned her head back to her friends. The thief sighed as they slowly got to their feet and returned her stare.

"You guys ok?"

Mammoth nodded with a glare on his face, he turned to the titan, scowling. He took shaking steps to the girl, cracking his knuckles.

Jinx watched him curiously. Her eyes widened as he approached the empath, bending over and roughly picking her up by her neck.

What are you doing? She screamed in her mind. She opened her mouth and tried to say it, shout it, all that came out was a low groan.

Mammoth glowered at the empath held in his hand.

"I… saved… you…" raven said through struggled breaths.

He said nothing and pulled back his massive fist, stretching it far behind his head. He forced his hand forward with all his might.

There was a crunch as bone met bone. Blood dripped from the empaths' face and her head drooped in his grasp, she was unconscious. He pulled his hand back once again.

Jinx stared wide eyed as the empath's' blood littered the pavement. Her mouth fell open as she watched the girls head fall, her eyes slam shut. She found her voice.

"STOP!" She shouted at the boy. She knew what would happen if the girl was asleep, it had just happened for gods' sake.

Mammoth disregarded her plea and rocketed his hand forward. He was stopped. He looked away from the girl down at his fist. It was caught in her outstretched palm, being held as if it was nothing, effortless.

He tried to pull his hand back, he strained against the girl, who was casually grasping his limb.

He loosed a mangled cry as she clasped his hand, shattering it, crushing it into a bloodied pulp.

Raven raised her free arm to her neck, peeling off the massive hand that was clutching her throat. She drifted to the ground, her head still loosely hanging down, her face not visible.

Robin idly watched the clock tick away. He was worried, raven had been gone a long time, too long. She wasn't answering his calls either.

He sighed. It was his duty to check up on her, even if she didn't need or want him to. He grabbed his cape and headed for his bike.

Raven raised her hand and extended her fingers. She loosed a sadistic grin from under her hood and shot her hand forward.

Mammoth's jaw lazily dropped, he felt his strength hemorrhage, his legs wobble. He fell to his knees, a shocked expression on his face. He groaned as he felt the girls hand twist, shattering his ribs. The girl removed her fingers from his chest with a sickening pop, blood spurted from the wound, pooling on the ground.

The boy fell to the ground for the second time that day.

Jinx watched in sheer horror as her friend was impaled, as his blood introduced itself to her for the second time that day.

She tore her stare from mammoth, focusing on raven.

The thief froze as she felt primal fear resonate throughout her body, unimaginable fear. She opened her mouth and feebly tried to talk.

Raven slowly took steps forward, a sadistic grin on her face, prominent canines gleaming. A crease forming on her chest, it split open, sprouting rows upon rows of daggers.

Jinx gasped and ordered her legs to move, she turned and sprinted away.

Rage is loosed.

The voice in her head sent shivers up and down her spine. The thief felt her legs weaken.

Rage will devour, Rage will slash, Rage will tear

She felt her heart relentlessly pound in her chest.

Rage will rip the skin from your flesh.

She collapsed to the ground, skidding to a halt.

Your flesh from your bones

The thief clawed at the ground, pulling herself further along the pavement.

Rage will find you.

Her eyes widened and her pupils shrank to miniscule dots. She pushed herself up, rolling over to look above her. Her blood froze over as she saw the girl, floating inches above her, lying down in the air and looking her straight in the eyes. Her heart stopped as the maw on the girls chest split open, razor sharp teeth haphazardly pointing from the flesh, dripping, oozing drool. Nothing but shadows past them, as though it were a portal to a dimension of pure darkness, she could feel something in the pit of her stomach, looming over her through the great jaws.

And Rage will be sated.

She stared wide eyed and paralyzed with fear as the jaws slowly closed around her, stabbing into her warm flesh. An agonized scream crept up the girls throat as the teeth sunk into her skin.

Then it was gone, she was back on the pavement, looking up at the dull blue sky, her wounds gone, her fear gone, and moreover, the girl gone. She sat up and got to her feet, absently looking around. She spotted her fellow thieves, the large sprawled out on the ground in a pool of blood, the small nowhere to be seen.

"Jinx, what happened?"

She looked over her shoulder.

The boy wonder asked once again. "What happened?"

She opened her mouth to speak, nothing. Her voice was long since gone.

"JINX!" he shouted at the girl.

"…You're too late..."

A pause.

"Please… " she turned around to face the downed teen. "Save him… please"

He sobered. "There's already an ambulance on the way, he'll be fine, Go city has the finest medical staff in the country."

"Now, you need to tell me what happened."

She screamed as her shackles turned red hot, vaporizing her sensitive skin. Agonizing moments later it cooled and the girl caught her breath. She regenerated. However, the stench remained, the odor, the foul stench of burning flesh, of boiling blood, nausea overwhelmed her as the fire hungrily licked at her skin.

Will you serve me? Minion. a voice asked. Deep, low, almost a snarl. His voice raised the fires around the deep blue haired girl.

The girl shut her mouth, slammed her eyes closed, scrunching her face together. She would not make a sound, not for him. She restrained a piercing scream as the fire that surrounded her grew, grew so much hotter, so much darker. The black flames hungrily devoured her still feeling flesh.


The sound resonated throughout; it madly shook the chains, the chains that snaked under her skin, that penetrated her flesh, that bound her in hell.

"I will not serve you, father."

The chains that ran throughout her body twisted, turned, burrowed. The fire around her exploded forwards.

She could feel everything… The pain, the agonizing, excruciating, unbearable pain. She felt the chains drill into her, she felt them penetrate her chest, her legs, her arms.

The girl screamed as her flesh was carved away by chains, her blood spattering in front of her, She cried out as she was encased in searing fire, she felt her flesh smoldering, crusting. She felt every pore, every cell be burned alive.

Once more, it healed, she regained her skin, her wounds closed, her blood returned to her veins.

Raven looked at her chains. Immense, rusted, there is no open or close. It was welded shut, a permanent part of the girl. She looked down at her feet. Spikes rammed through her tendons, nailing her to the rock and stone and fire around her.


Her punishment started once again. So did the screams.

The world rapidly came into focus, she was straddling a girl, face to face. She laid maimed on the ground, surrounded by a pool of cold red blood.

Tears came to her eyes as she recognized the corpse, jinx. She reached out a hand to cup the girls face.

Did… did I do this?

Her eyes widened. She remembered, what she had done. Devoured her, ripped the flesh from her bones, left her to rot like filth, left her to putrefy in the gutters. The same of her companion. She looked over her shoulder at the teen, who was splayed out on the ground. She faintly smiled as she saw him, his wounds weren't nearly as bad at hers, he would live through it. She looked back to the girl.

"I'm sorry… Jinx." She muttered.

A tear dropped from her eye.

"I'm so sorry."

She leaned in, giving a final kiss to the girl, meeting her deliciously soft, warm lips.


she's warm…

Raven ruefully smiled as it dawned on her. She could save the girl. There was still time.

However… what then? Surely the girl would hate her, hate her with a passion for nearly killing her, molesting her, surely she would despise her forever, wouldn't she?


She blinked away a tear.

I will not be responsible for her death.

I will not be like HIM!

She lowered her hands to the girls chest, summoning all her power. Her fingers glowed white, giving off an intense heat. She burned through the other girls cloths, straight to the crook of her neck, then she stopped. Barely touching her neck.

The blood surrounding her rippled, and was sucked in, absorbed back into the body of the unconscious girl.

Raven smiled through the pouring tears as she felt the girls' chest slowly rise, filling her repaired lungs with air.

She blinked away the tears as the girls eyes began to twitch. Her smile faded, as did she, not wanting to be around when the girl awoke.

Raven appeared back in her room, her eyes still red from her tears. She took a seat on her bed and fell backwards onto the mattress.

What in the hell were you thinking!

Oh me oh my, seems like you've got some misdirected anger.

Answer the fucking question!

Don't feed the beast, master. She's already got enough fury for the both of us.

Are you telling me it was rage?

Really mistress… to think that I would harm what I lust for, you must be off your game. No wonder she got out.

Raven sighed as her anger turned to annoyance.

We need to work on that attitude.

You do realize that it's your attitude you're talking about.

Damnit Lust! … she could've died… she almost did… She regretfully thought.

You forget what you are, master.

I suppose I do… The empath slowly got off the bed and slipped out of her clothes, sliding underneath the sheets of her bed. She needed some rest, or at least to lye down.

Mammoth… Jinx stared at her friend from her seat at his bedside. She listened to the steady beep of his heart on the monitor, watched his breath fog the oxygen mask strapped to his face.

Wake up.

Please… you're my best friend…

She rapidly blinked as she felt her eyes clouding.

"Jinx." Robin said from over her shoulder.

"… How is he?"

"He broke fifteen bones in his right hand, six of his ribs and punctured his left lung… He lost a lot of blood, so there's significant trauma... "

"…Think he'll make it?..."

"…What is he?… to you."

"… A good friend."

"… Yeah, he'll make it… Jinx?"

"…Hmm?" she grunted.

"You need to go."

She sighed. "… to jail?..."

"No… home, you need some rest."

She looked over her shoulder, a look of surprise on her face. "But… I'm a thief."

He softened as he saw her bloodshot eyes. "That doesn't mean you're not a person, anyone would need some time after something like this… so, go home. But next time I see you, I'm taking you in. Got it?"


No. The empath continued to weep, she fell back on her side, curling up. She felt the tears run down her cheeks, but she didn't care… She shivered as the cold embraced her exposed body, and pulled the sheets up to her eyes.

She remembered the pain so vividly, her dream so vividly. She could still feel the chains, grinding into her flesh. She could still feel the pink haired girls stare. Looking at her like she was inhuman. She could still feel the girls lips gently pressed against hers.

And she was angry

Angry that she would recall such pointless things… things that would never become anything else.

Angry that she had let her emotions gain so much control over her, she was supposed to be in control of them, she was supposed to be in control damnit!

Yet… through her grief she was relieved. Relieved that she had saved the other girl, relieved that her hands had not been tainted with blood, relieved that she had not become what she strived-what she lived- to avoid.

She was not a killer.

She was not her father.

And as long as she lived, as long as she could fight it, she never would be.

At least she hoped, the girl was still unaware of mammoths condition, she had left him to die, though he would live if given medical help. Perhaps that was her passive aggressive revenge, still angry with him deep down, for what he had done.

But she had to know, she had to know if she ever wanted a remotely peaceful sleep ever again.

She sighed and threw off the covers, rolled to her feet and slipped on her clothes, as well as her cloak, pulling the hood up over her face. She waved her hand at a wall, summoning the shadows, ordering them to take her to him. She relaxed herself as the darkness reached out, gently wrapping around her in strands, pulling her into the center, she tensed momentarily as the overwhelming cold met her skin.

And then she was gone.

Blackness darkened the room, sucking the light into the pitch, overpowering it. Then it receded, sliding over the walls, floor, leaving it as it was, save an extra person.

Raven stood in next to the bed, staring down at the bedridden man. Her eyes glazed over as she heard his heart monitor, as she saw his breathing apparatus.

Save him, or not, rather, to help him or not. With a glance, she could tell it would be months -nay- years before he woke on his own.

The same, familiar conflict of interest played over in her mind. Why should she save him? He would have killed her had rage not taken over. Even after she saved him from lust, he tried to kill her.

Why should she save him?

What reason did she have to?

He would not die, he would simply not awake. Whether she helped him or not, she would not be responsible for a death, for his death.

So why should she save him?

Ultimately she had no reason… didn't she?


She had a reason.


The empath felt she owed the girl, the girl she had nearly killed three times in the past. She could feel their relation in the bedridden man, they were friends, good friends, nearly siblings… they were all they had.

Who was she to take that away from the thief? If even for a while…

She made the choice, the only choice she would have ever made, could have ever made.

She extended her hands, hovering them over his heart and skull. She took a deep breath and concentrated, willed his body to heal, to regenerate.

She felt his body respond. His ribs spread, mesh together, become one once again. She felt his stump of a hand crack, felt it splinter as it was pulled flat, as the bones laced together.

She removed her hands and watched his eyes lazily blink open.

"No one deserves to die." She muttered to herself.

His eyes focused on her as he recognized her voice, understood her words, a look of fear on his face. He was afraid of her, even after she had saved him once again. He strained to sit up, but fell inches back to the mattress as an immense pain coursed through is veins.

"Don't move, you still need to rest."

His wide eyes closed slightly as he realized she hadn't come to finish the job. Why was she there? He asked himself.

"…Why… are you here?" he gasped through his mask.

"Same reason as you… to get fixed." She lied through her teeth.

He smiled as best he could, relaxing as common sense slapped him in the face, if she was there to kill him, he would be dead, at least… dead-er.

He knew she wasn't telling the truth, anyone that had heard tone her would have.

"…You're… a bad liar." He muttered through the mask.

"… I must be off my game." She said dryly.

"… you saved… me?..."


"… why?... I almost… killed you…" he wheezed through deep breaths, he had nearly killed her after shehad saved him, why would she do it again?

"The problem with an eye for an eye… is everyone ends up blind." She muttered.

Mammoth's eyes looked away from the titan to the tiled ceiling above his head, they closed.

"Can you… tell Jinx… that I'm awake?..." he panted. "… I don't… want her… to cry… over me…"

The empath walked to the other side of his bed, summoning a limp bag, and hanging it on one of the hooks, stabbing a needle into the crook of his arm. "Don't talk, get some rest." She said and stepped back, receding into the shadows.

The man took deep breaths, and settled back into the bed as his pains slowly dissipated. He grinned as he looked at the bag hanging next to his bed, dripping down the translucent tube into his veins.

Props to Mr. Morphine.

Raven appeared in an apartment, dimly lit, sparsely decorated, only the necessities present. Save the television of course.

She turned her attention to the couch in front of her, to the girl sprawled out on it. She internally sighed as she pink haired girl dropped the remote and quietly cursed to herself.

She was nervous.

The empath didn't want to confront the thief, not after what had just happened. She knew the anger that the girl felt, the sheer hatred she concealed under her dull visage. But, she had a duty to, to tell her. Even though she knew what the girls reaction would be to her presence. She summoned up her courage and opened her mouth.

Jinx sat on her couch, laid back, her legs crossed, and a tub of chocolate ice cream propped between her thighs. She thought she needed it, but it didn't look good anymore. She stared at her TV that sat directly across from her, blankly watching an episode of Scrubs, it used to make her smile, but now… it was to close to home.

She would change the channel, but the remote had fallen off her leg, and was feet away from her, lying on the floor, seeming to mock her with its very existence.

"Remote, come here" she beckoned to it.


Her hair stood on end as she heard a voice coming from behind her. She stumbled off the couch to her feet, turning around to face the person.

Her eyes widened and she took a step back. "Get away from me!" the fear in her voice betraying her desired confident, composed manner.

"Jinx." She took a step forward, pulling down her hood, looking at the girl with her deep violet eyes.

"Get the HELL away from me!" she took another step back, bumping into a wall.

"Calm down, I'm not going to hurt you, I promise."

Her fear turned to anger as she remembered her friend, lying in the hospital, trapped in a coma.

"You killed him!"

"He's not dead." She tried to calm the girl.

"YOU KILLED HIM!" she shouted.

"Jinx, listen to me." She said in a low tone.


"JINX!" the thief shut her mouth, her fear returning.

Raven took a deep breath, ridding herself of her frustrations. "He told me to tell you… He's awake." She looked down at the carpeted floor. "And… I'm sorry… for what I did." She shut her eyes. "I don't expect you to forgive me…" she muttered. "I don't deserve it." She stepped back into the shadows, vanishing from the girls presence.

Jinx slowed her breathing as the other girl disappeared. She shut her eyes and took a deep breath. Wait… She blinked open, a vague smile on her lips. He's awake. She grinned. "He's awake!" She forgot all about her anger, about her lust for revenge.

She picked her ice cream off the floor and chucked it into her freezer. The girl started to the door, grabbing her coat on the way.

Jinx approached the doorway, broadly smiling. He was awake. He was actually awake! She hadn't dared hope he would get better so soon, her name was jinx after all. She turned the corner, leaning against the doorframe and grinning at the bedridden man.

"I hear you're awake."

He slowly blinked open and turned his head to the door, smiling with all his strength. His face threatened to rip apart.

"Word spreads fast." He said, not pained by his movement.

Her smile vanished. "…Raven was here… wasn't she." She said in a malicious tone of voice.

His grin vanished. "…Yeah…" he murmured.

"…What'd she do?"

"…She saved me, hell, she even gave me some painkillers." He gestured to the bag hanging on his left.

Jinx raised a brow, "She saved you?"

"…Yeah… " He looked back at the ceiling. "Didn't even get a chance to thank her."

"WHY WOULD YOU THANK HER! SHE ALMOST KILLED YOU!" She shouted at him, furious.

He didn't flinch. "But she didn't"

She opened her mouth to speak, she didn't get a chance.

"She saved me, even after I almost killed her… "

Her mouth slowly closed and she sighed, looking down at her feet, embarrassed that she had let her anger control her. "… I was worried about you."

"That's good to hear."

"Don't be so nonchalant about this." She muttered. "You had me worried!"

"… sorry."

"But… I'm glad you're alright."

"Me too man, me too."

"Damnit mammoth!"

He chuckled to himself and winced as his chest raised. He groaned. "…ouch..."

"Good old karma, huh?"

He strained not to laugh at the girls slightly dry comment. "Yeah, crazy world we live in."

She smiled. "Yeah."

Chapter 4: Reason


Chapter 4:

"Yeah, crazy world we live in."


"Jinx" he shot her a look.

"Hmm?" she grunted.

"Could you thank her for me?" he asked hopefully.

The girl scowled. "WHY would I thank her, she almost killed us!"

"She saved us." he meekly replied.

"She saved YOU! After she almost killed you, TWICE!" Her shouts were beginning to concern the medical staff.

"She saved both of us, we would've died if she hadn't." He fogged up his oxygen mask.

"She NEVER saved me!"

Mammoth looked away from the steaming girl, back to the ceiling, a grave expression on his face.

"You don't remember, do you."

Jinx sobered at his reaction, she had never seen him act so serious, even with his own life in danger he could be so casual about it. He always said that… serious moments were uncomfortable. What would –could- make him behave this way? "…what?"

"After… after I got stabbed. I heard you, screaming." He heaved a sigh. "She tore you apart, jinx, she ripped you apart." He met her wide eyes once again. "Once you… quieted down, she… apologized. She saved you. She's the only reason you're still alive."

Jinx was furious. "SHE"S THE ONLY REASON I COULD HAVE DIED!" she bellowed at the man.

He didn't flinch. "You honestly think that was her?" he maintained a calm voice, he looked back up at the tiles. "Look at me, you think she would do this?" He returned his gaze to the girl, whose anger was deflating. "You think she'd do that to you?"

The girl opened her mouth to scream, to shout at the man. She froze for a moment and sighed, slouching her shoulders."

"…Damnit… When the hell did you get so logical!"

He lightly chuckled, not wanting to destroy the empath's previous efforts, and relieved that the moment had passed. "The very moment you weren't, one of us has to be."

She laughed. "Yeah, I bet combined we'd make a complete, functional person." She slowed her giggles to a stop and looked the man in the eye. "And…yeah, I'll thank her. BUT, only for YOU!" She pointed accusingly at him.

"That's all I could ask for." He gently raised his arm and shooed her away. "Giddyup."

Raven sat on the end her bed, supporting herself with her hands. Her bloodshot eyes staring off into nothing.

She hates me…

She shut her eyes.

She really hates me.

Wouldn't you? She heard a voice she hadn't in the longest time. A frown formed on her lips.

You're knowledge, not empathy.

What is empathy but applying your knowledge of a similar situation?

What the hell is that supposed to mean. She angrily thought

Just your voice of reason.

How can you be? Emotions are irrational by definition

So is Pi, but people listen to it anyways.

Her eye twitched, knowledge tended to be on the blunt side… and was a smartass, a complete smartass.

I'm really not in the mood for this.

I know, I am knowledge after all. It said dryly.

I bear nothing but hatred for you.

I know that as well.

Why are you here?

I was threatened on pain of death to tell you something.

By who?

Lust of course.

What did she say…

To go get a certain someone.


Really master, you should know by now what she desires.

She looked to the side. Yeah… I know… and I can't… she hates me.

None of us, and therefore, you, don't know that.

Even if she didn't, how the hell could I?

Ask lust, I'm sure she has many… colorful ideas.

She grinned. Where's your knowledge now?

After all this time you still don't understand… we emotions are yours, and we are purely defined by whichever we represent. I may be knowledge, but I only know information that is purely for information's sake.

Knowledge composed of lust is not knowledge, it is desire.

She twitched once again. …god damnit…

We'll have round two another time. Bye bye ravie poo. It said mockingly.

Raven loosed a low growl and punched the air. That girl was so frustrating! She muttered her mantra and sighed. The last thing she wanted to do was visit the girl. After their previous confrontation, what's to say the same thing wouldn't happen again.

That's what's called a "false syllogism"


Raven strolled down the streets dressed in her trademark uniform, attracting curious stares from pedestrians that were either aptly ignored or received the middle finger and a glare from several glowing red eyes. The equivalent of a mental kick in the crotch.

Oh yes, there were casualties.

She had decided to visit the girl, after some mild intervention of knowledge, mostly her threat to mouth off at every waking moment of her life. Amazing what a threat from lust can force one to do.

Still, she was considerably nervous, she could so vividly remember the expression on the other girls face. One of pure hatred, she was used to receiving glares from people, she was and had grown up… different. People were surprisingly incapable of accepting something that was unusual or unique. Something… different.

However, the pink haired girls' glare was for another reason. Not for her appearance, but for her actions. She had a valid reason to despise her. That was something she rarely experienced. Something she had always tried to avoid experiencing.

Being hated -being feared- , not for being different, but for causing pain-causing suffering, reminded her of her past, of her father.

And that was something she was desperate to put behind her.

She was torn out of her thoughts as she saw a girl in her peripheral vision, a girl with bright pink hair. Her eyes widened and she turned to face her.

"Jinx…" she muttered. "Why are you here?"

The pink haired girl glared at the empath, who looked away at the ground. "Mammoth asked me to thank you." She growled. "For saving him."

Raven sighed and looked back up at the girl, restraining a flinch as she met the girls eyes.

"There's no reason to thank me-"

"Damn right there isn't, you almost killed him. I wouldn't be surprised if you have killed anyone." She scowled at the girl, remembering her pains, remembering his. "Do you even know what it felt like?

Raven closed her eyes, trying to suffocate fury that slowly and steadily ate away at her composed manner.


Raven felt something boil in the pit of her stomach, felt it creep into her chest, felt her heart pound. She had saved the girl, she had saved both of them. Her response burned in her chest. She knew exactly what it felt like. Her lips curved down and her lids fell to a glare as she looked back up at the girl, filled with anger. "YES! I know exactly how it felt!"

Jinx's eyes widened and she took a step back, the girls voice still had to power to instill fear into her.

"You think I haven't experienced pain?" Raven's thoughts raced with pictures of her past, screaming in her head.

"Maybe I should show you what I FUCKING went through!" She felt rage claw its way to the surface, slowly fill her with hatred, slowly devour her revulsion at causing pain on others when she felt-when she knew they deserved it!

Jinx took a step back, her eyes wide in fear. In the other girls eye she could see so much anguish , so much malice.

What am I saying… Ravens' anger dissipated as she observed the other girls reaction. She was afraid, deathly afraid… of her.

What am I doing?

She took a deep breath and looked back at the ground.

Jinx was still terrified, even after she had provoked the other girl, to her it seemed she had not. Livid anger grew and overpowered her fear.

She then made the biggest mistake of her life.


The empath snapped.

Jinx was ripped from the ground, a hand tightly wrapped around her neck, hanging her in the air, deep violet eyes glaring daggers into her very soul.

"Yes, I am a murderer."

Her pupils shrank.

"I killed my father!"

The thief felt her heart skip a beat.

"I tore that bastard apart!"

Her body went numb.

"Do you know why?" her voice lowered, calm, composed.

Mistake number two:

"… n… o" she gasped through the vice.

Jinx felt sheer horror tear away at her as she saw a sadistic smile form on the other girls face.

Then the world faded away, spinning into an unbearable darkness. Just as suddenly as it vanished, it rapidly came into focus, she could see someone.

A person.

A person with dark blue hair.

Amidst the flames was a girl, bound in chains, nailed to the jagged rock beneath her feet.

Jinx could see it, she could see it all to clearly.

She tried to cover her ears as the girl loosed an agonized scream.

She tried to close her eyes as she helplessly watched the girls very skin ripped from her flesh, as she watched her blood color the ground, watched it litter the stone.

She tried to look away as she was set ablaze.

She tried to scream, shout, order it to stop, command the gut wrenching scene to stop.

Her voice went unheard.

She wretched at the images, clutching her stomach as she felt unbearable nausea in the pit of her stomach, as she was forced to hear the other girls' torture, forced to watch.

When she felt she could take no more, when she prayed death save her, she was back in the streets, still in the grasp of the other girl, her heart pounding in her chest, her breaths short and shallow.

"He got what he fucking deserved, and I have never ONCE regretted what I did!" she snarled at the girl.

She felt the words ring in her ears, shake her to the core. She was released and dropped to the ground, falling to her knees. She stared at the ground and gasped in deep breaths, filling her lungs, hoping to rid herself of the vile nausea that ran rapid inside her.

Raven took a step back, her eyes wide.

What have I done…

She looked down at the kneeling girl, watched her chest rapidly expand in her shirt, watched her hands clasp the pavement, watched her shoulders quiver,

Watched her tears fall to the ground.

What the fuck have I done?

As much as she would have liked to walk away from the pathetic scene before her, as much as she would like to be completely apathetic to the situation, she couldn't, and she wasn't.

This wasn't some nameless, faceless person crying in the streets.

It wasn't a stranger

And it wasn't anyone's fault but her own.

It was all her fault.


The tears continued to fall.

"…Jinx…" She muttered.

The empath kneeled on the ground, facing the other girl. She made no attempt to move the other girl, after all… that was something another her was known to do, the last thing she wanted was to injure the girl further.


"…it hurts…" she whispered, her head still facing the ground.

The girl inhaled sharply and curled further into herself, wrapping her arms around her shoulders.

"Why… does it hurt so much..." She murmured.

Ravens' eyes widened and she opened her mouth to speak.

"Please… make it stop… please…"

The empath shut her mouth and looked to the side, her eyes glazed over. She could feel in the other girls heart, where she wanted to go, what would help her the most… she wanted to go home.

She now noticed the crowd they had drawn, people giving them curious stares, complete strangers all focused on them.

She gave them each a bone chilling glare.

The empath commanded the shadows around her to come, they pooled around her, spinning inwards in a gyre. She and the girl sunk into the blackness, and were covered by it.

And they were gone.

"Jinx…" she said to the girl, who was still crouched over, now sitting on her bed.

Raven sighed, and got to her feet. "… I should go..."

She turned and started to the door.


The empath stopped, a look of surprise on her face, she turned around to face the girl.

The pink haired girl was looking at her, her eyes red and tears running down her cheeks. "Please… don't leave me alone…"

"I… uhm…" she turned on her heels.

You heard her, master, she wants us to stay.

She angrily looked to the side. That doesn't mean anything, she just can't think straight.

Oh really? You know that isn't the truth, you can read minds after all.

Knowledge must be rubbing off on you. She thought dryly.

You make it sound so naughty, mistress.

why are you here?

"Please… stay…" the girl said from her room.

To act as your humble guide of course.


and just what the hell is that supposed to mean?

"… I"

Really, it seems I must spell it out for you.

"… I…" she looked to the side. "… I can't" the titan started for the door, stuck in her thoughts, she couldn't hear the footsteps rapidly approaching her.

You want her.

Raven froze as she felt arms loosely wrap around her waist.

No, you want her.

"Please… don't leave me alone…" the pink haired girl said into the other girls back.

What am I but a part of you?

"…" the empath opened her mouth to speak… she was at a loss for words.

Hmm, should I call you "Lus'ledge"

Cute, mistress, I got a pep talk from her, yes, after some… "encouragement"

"I can't… I just can't…"

the voice continued. Regardless of what happened, you will stay, or I will make you.

The girls embrace tightened. "… please…"

You are in no position to tell me what to do, lust.


It is far from an empty threat, mistress. We will get what we want, and you will get it for us. Or… I will take it. What will it be, raven?

"-jinx, I…"

what will you do?

"-please… don't leave me…" she said between sobs.

Only one way to find out, master.

"I… " she looked at the carpet beneath her feet and sighed. "I'll stay."

After some… "encouragement", from lust, the girls had curled up on the thief's twin size bed, they were tightly packed to say the least.

Raven relaxed as the girl fell into a peaceful sleep, as the tears streaming from her eyes ceased falling, as her breathing slowed.

And she smiled.

Sure, she was apprehensive at first, hell, she still was, but it was nice to see that she could help someone so much… just by being there. It was comforting, to see that her past may really be behind her.

That maybe… she could escape it.

Are you happy with this?

She frowned. Lust

What are you talking about, lust?

Are you content to leave this as it is?

Not getting any clearer.

look at her, mistress, can you truthfully say you're happy with this?

The empath looked at the sleeping girl, a content look was on her face, a faint smile on her lips.

This is nothing, it never was.

Really? Well…

Her body went limp, and her eyes wide.

What in the hell did you do?

Now now, is that tone really necessary?

Get out of my head! She shouted.

Calm down, master, I would never hurt her. Raven smirked and reached out a hand, caressing the sleeping girls cheek.

Now, can you honestly say you feel nothing for her?

She slid her hand down and gently touched the girls lips.


Raven repeatedly prayed sweet merciful god that the thief didn't wake up, she didn't want to ruin what she had just accomplished.


wrong answer. Raven leered, she traced her hand down the girls neck, down her back, over her hips, she stopped at her thighs and leaned in towards the girl, her eyes slightly closing.

STOP! Lust… stop.

Then answer the question, master.

no, I… I can't honestly say I feel nothing for her.

Very good, master.

The girl regained control of her body. She shut her eyes and took a deep breath, ridding herself of her frustrations. She looked back down at the girl, and blushed as she quickly removed her hand from the girls rear.

She took another deep breath and looked at the girl once again.

what do I feel… for you…

She cautiously reached out a hand and caressed the girls cheek.

She is… pretty.

Her glance slid down the girls lean figure, which was fairly visible in her current wardrobe. Tight shirts and miniskirts never were concealing.


She sighed.

It can never happen.

She knew nothing would ever happen between them. Even if the girl had wanted her there, even if she had known that it was the truth,

Truth is a relative term, as is everything.

Who's to say when she awakes, that she wouldn't shout, scream at her to get out? Enraged by her presence, furious that she was taken advantage of, Infuriated at what the other girl had done to her back on the Go city streets.

It would break her, should what she suspected to happen occur.

Seventeen years of experience all told her, people never change, people never accept,

People will never love you.

Fear of being proven right, perhaps even of being proven wrong, it shook her to the bone.

No matter what she did, it would eat away at her, whether or not the other girl harbored feelings for her, until found out it would kill her.

As well as taking the risk to ask the question, that one, damn question.

Do you like me?

There was a choice playing over in her head.

Ask? Or not.

Every fiber of her being was indecisive, everything was neutral, everything was convinced,

It didn't matter either way.

But it did, it mattered so much to the girl, Even if she would never admit it to herself.

All she needed was a push, just a single voice, a single, confident voice, to instruct her, to sway her, to make a choice- the right choice.

Her mind was silent in mutual apathy, none of her cared, yet somehow… she did.



Truth be told, she couldn't decide.

She firmly shut her eyes and summoned the shadows around her, constricted, pulled into the portal, leaving the girl to sleep.

Leaving her to think.

Was that her choice?

… She didn't know.

Chapter 5: Apology


Chapter 5:

Jinx was sprawled out on her bed, still in a blissful state of sleep, and still unaware that she was now alone. However, all good things must come to an end, and her eyes blinked lazily open, curious as to why it had suddenly gotten darker.

She sat up and looked around her room, confused as to when exactly she had gotten there, the last thing she remembered was visiting her friend at the hospital.

Speaking of which, she wasn't exactly sure what would happen when he was healed.

Her eyes widened as she remembered what had happened, between her and the titan. She shut her mouth and fell back onto the bed.

I'm such a douche-bag…

She recalled so clearly what she had said to the other girl, something she would normally never say.

And she remembered the girls reaction, something she had never expected.

To be proven wrong.

Not just a hint of wrong, not just a smidgen of wrong, a whole, big-ass, nuclear bomb sized screw up.

She felt something she wasn't used to feeling, something she couldn't afford to.

She felt guilty.

She, a thief, felt guilty. She could not allow remorse in her life, she was a thief, she had never felt anything when she stole, hell, she stole candy from a baby on a bet.

She grinned as she remembered the day, the day she got ten bucks richer.

But this was different.

She didn't steal a physical, tangible thing, she couldn't toss in her literal two cents and repair what she had broken.

And she knew if she wanted the emptiness in her heart to fill out, much like she desired for her chest, she would have to do something about it.

And there was the wall.

She was a tomboy, having grown up around giant, sweaty males, and having surfed the metaphorical sea of testosterone-As well as her lifelong best friend having about as much empathy as a rock. She was essentially… retarded, when it came to emotions.

And she knew it.

So what in the hell could she do?

Sure, she knew she had hurt the other girl, and considered that a step towards her "rehabilitation", however, simply knowing she caused a problem wouldn't help her resolve it.

The pink haired girl briefly thought she could go out, find the girl, and wing it. But tossed the idea as she remembered the last time she had done that.

There were scars, emotional and physical.

Mostly physical.

She was back where she started.

What the hell can I do?


With rich cliché centers?

A bouquet of roses?

Even I know neither of those are the right sentiment.

A 'get well soon' card?

You're not even trying now are you.

She cursed to herself, and flopped over on her side, propping her head up on her folded arm.

Nothing says 'sorry' like a hug.

A pause.

she'd kill me, wouldn't she?

Hey, the other girl had done some… out of character things in the past week… and the thief still wasn't sure what possessed the other girl to do what she did.

She'd kissed her.

She had tried to repress the memories, the memories of what had happened to her.

She was essentially… molested.

But somehow they kept forcing themselves to the surface, staring her in the face, reminding her of their presence. She blushed as she remembered the feeling, the wonderful feeling.

Though the kiss had been unimaginably soft, it still felt… empty, like the other girl was empty.

After her previous encounter with the girl, she knew that if the empath was, she had a damn good reason.

Perhaps that was her motivation as well, to find out why the other girl had done it, though she convinced herself that no matter the answer, nothing would change.

She needed a plan… she could...


watch a cheesy soap opera and steal some lines-it was perfect!

She grinned victoriously and rolled off her bed, and walked over to her couch, falling back onto the cushions and flinching as she landed smack in the middle of them, which was exactly where the diamond-like-hard part stuck out just enough to stab you right between the ass.

She groaned and scooted to her left, while prodding the remote from the carpet in front of her, sliding it close enough to pick up using both her feet as tongs.

She hit the power button and scanned through the channels till she came across "Explosion de Romancio!" she grimaced as it returned from a commercial break.

However painful it may be, she was going to stick it out… For her conscience!

She smirked as she looked down at the piece of binder paper in her lap, she reread the lines she'd sloppily scribbled in.

"I am sorry, Insert Name, that I hurt you so. And I hope you can forgive me for Insert Screw Up."

Her grin took on another dimension.

It's perfect!

Raven laid floating in a tub of steaming hot water, a content look on her face as she slowly drifting up and down, bobbing in the water. Her arms lazily wafting at her sides. She had jumped in the tub soon as she appeared in her room, and it was a good choice.

She sighed, her blue hair streaming out behind her.

Though so physically relaxed, she couldn't get her mind to shut up.

She couldn't stop thinking, about the pink haired girl.

And she felt stupid for doing so, deep down, she knew nothing would ever happen between them, but she couldn't help but humor herself.

What if it did? What would happen?

Many… pleasurable things, mistress.

Damnit lust, leave me alone! She snapped at it. What the hell are you even talking about?

You have a tongue, use your imagination. It said smoothly.

She frowned. Care to tell me why you're here?

Impatient as always I see, I came to ask you for… a favor.

And what would that be? She drolled.

Let go.

Her expression turned inquisitive. Elaborate.

It chuckled. I want you to let go. You needent control us. And even if you do, you obviously can't, now can you?

How blunt of you. The empath mused. You really think I can't control you?

Well mistress, if the past is any show of the future-

-When has it ever been?

You make a valid argument, mistress, however, our past is not a good baseline now is it?

This isn't about anyone's but our own, now is it? She thought mockingly.

You're jumping around the main question, master.

She took a serious tone. Just because you helped me escape that place doesn't mean you can suddenly ask for something so impulsive.

You seem to have misinterpreted my request, mistress, I never asked you of anything, I never do.

Oh really? Her voice was challenging.


A pause.

And what do I get in return? She said, mildly curious.

It chuckled once again. Same as last time, the reward is in the action itself.

It continued. Aren't you tired of it? Always controlling yourself? Always keeping us in check?

Wouldn't you like to just cut loose? To just let go, to just stop caring,

imagine, imagine how good it would feel.

Don't you want to try it?

No. The empath thought flatly.

Again, I believe you misunderstood me. I was not asking

Oh? Then make me. She thought with a twinge of doubt.

It laughed. No need. With time, you will see it my way, mistress. As will the others, so for now, farewell.

Raven sighed and splashed water onto her chest, she had tensed up during her conversation with her more lustful half; needless to say she was frustrated.

Lust was the equivalent of knowledge with a raging libido.

She shuddered at the thought.

She took a deep breath and sat up in the water, got to her feet, and shook off.

now what.

She was ultimately out of things to do for the rest of the day, she could read, but she had already been through all the various tomes that lined her walls. She cursed to herself as she faintly heard her communicator vibrate, and shimmy it's way off the counter she had set it on during her bath.

I swear to god robin, if that's you…

She snatched her towel and securely wrapped it around her body. She glanced downwards to make sure her assets weren't visible, part of the "burden" of busty females.

The empath took cautious steps over to the damned device, that was having a seizure on the tiled floor. She bent over, retrieved it, and purposely flipped it open so she wasn't visible –as an extra precaution-.

"Robin here." the girl twitched as the voice came over the speaker. "Hey, is anyone there?"

"Yeah, I'm here." She muttered.

"What's wrong, why aren't you on the screen?" He actually sounded concerned.

"Because I'm covering the camera, genius." She grinned; glad there was someone she could verbally bitch-slap.

She heard someone with a deep voice madly laugh in the background. Oh snap, man, she got you good!

He turned back to the screen, a frown on his face.

"What's up?" she droned.

"Well, this is about…" she raised a brow as she observed him look over his shoulder. "jinx." He cupped the phone, pitifully trying to conceal the sound from the other titans.

Her smile faded and she sighed. "… what about her?"

He sobered. "… What happened?"

She looked away from the screen, though she knew he couldn't see her. "Nothing happened."

He exhaled. "Look, Raven, we're both part of a team, if this is anything that could put any of us in danger, I need you to fix it, We can't afford to let something like this happen, do y-"

"-You're overreacting."

He stopped and sighed. "… are you sure?" He'd had experience with the empath, typically when she avoided a topic, there was a reason, and he knew better than to pry information from her.

He shivered as he remembered the last time he'd tried, and ended up ruffling through her room.

He woke up to find himself in china, attracting many curious stares from the natives, and getting his picture taken by eccentric tourists, a note was taped to his face, as well as five separate Chinese finger traps binding his hands together. The note read…

Good luck getting back.

He focused back on the screen.

"Yes father." She drolled and flipped the phone shut. She opened the door and tossed the device onto her bed, following after it, she waltzed to her closet.

She was naked save a towel after all.

Jinx strolled down the Go city streets, her arms lazily swinging at her sides, her eyes and legs not concerned with where the rest of her ended up, she could find her way back anyhow.

Problem one, what to say, solved.

Problem two, how and where to say it, not… solved.

She absent mindedly glanced around at the scenery, still occupied with how to apologize to the girl, when she would essentially be mauled and sent to jail on sight.

She could leave a letter, but that seemed to impersonal to the girl, a smart move on her part… at least she thought, she was proud of herself for making that decision, the "old" her would've left a message on the girl's phone.

She might have anyways, had she known the girls number.

But she didn't, and was currently prancing down the streets, attracting unheeded stares of passersby's.

She ran through the possible methods,

Steal something… not a good idea, I'd probably get the whole team.

Go to the tower… same problem…

Uhhmmm… … … Her mind went silent, her expression matched her mind.

I could…

Go to the tower, and only get raven… how?...

She stopped her walk and clutched her head, hoping to squeeze an idea into herself.

Think, think, she racked her brain, hoping to miraculously have an epiphany.

Her eyes went wide as she had the most brilliant and perhaps ridiculous idea of her entire life.

"I'm Genius!"

"What do you believe it is, friends?" the tamaranian asked, prodding an enormous box that was stationed in the middle of the TV room.

"Dunno… Cy?" the green boy looked up at the other teen, who promptly shrugged.

Robin was just as interested as the others, the empath had never gotten mail, then suddenly she gets some hundred pound box hauled there by the U.P.S. As much as he wanted to tear the damned thing open, he knew better than to do so, the Chinese airport still rang fresh in his mind.

"Well, what-E-ver it is, it's not for us." His voice cracked mid sentence, his curiosity was starting to affect his brain.

"Dude, don't you wanna' know? I mean look at it!" the shapeshifter pointed accusingly with both hands at the massive box on the floor.

"It has fucking AIR HOLES for gods' sake!" the boy resisted the urge to shove a finger in the box, if it was for her, he might loose a limb.

"Chill out man, probably just an accidental poke." Cyborg stabbed at the air to illustrate his point.

The green boy frowned up at the teen, who was broadly grinning down at him. "It weighs like a hundred pounds!"


"Whatever it is, It's n-O-t for us." His voice cracked once again. "So we c-A-n't open it."

The green boy grinned slyly. "Can't open it huh?"

He morphed into a gorilla and heaved the box onto his shoulder, pimp walking his way to his room.

"What are you doing, friend beast boy?" the alien asked. "We were told not to open it."

He stopped and tossed the box to the ground, he turned and shifted back to human form.

"I'm not gonna' open it, I'm just gonna try and guess."

Robin eyed him, he knew better than to believe the shapeshifter. "Promise?"

"Sure." She waved the boy off and resumed his trek up the stairs, once again a gorilla with the box resting on his shoulder.

The boy wonder would have pursued him, but he remembered he had something to ask the empath, rather, something to talk about. He pulled out his communicator and dialed the dark titan, who he sincerely hoped picked up, it was important,

It was about jinx.

Beast boy sat, rather, hung in his room, scratching his head with his foot, and clutching a hanging light with his other.

He had no idea what the hell was in the box, though if he put his ear against it he swore he could hear something breathing.

After shaking the box, only do discover a 'fragile' warning, had gently placed it back on the ground, only to discover a 'this side down" warning. He'd laughed nervously to himself and flipped the box over, finally resting it on the ground.

He would've peeked through the few holes in the box, but his fear of losing precious depth perception swayed his decision.

He also would have gone ant and crawled in, that however, was looped in with the same group as peeking.

He thought about looking from a distance, and putting a flashlight to one of the "air holes", but he was paranoid that it was sensitive to light, and would go into an enraged fury and castrate him.

Either that, or a highly explosive and light sensitive chemical that would ultimately have the same effect as the neutering monster.

Bye bye little green children.

He rather wisely chose to try nothing,

Leaving him in his current situation, monkey form, freely swinging from a hanging light attached to the ceiling, scratching his head with his 'monkeh' toe-fingers.

He loosed a banshee shriek as the curiosity boiling in his now smaller brain threatened to spontaneously combust.

He swung from his perch and shifted to human form in mid air, rather gracefully landing on his feet.

He shook out his limbs, took a deep breath, and walked out of his room, preparing to tell the girl she had a package, 'cause god knows he was curious, and the only way for him not to die in the process of uncovering this alluring mystery was to have her, the intended patron,open it.

Jinx fought not to explode out of the box and beat the shit out of whoever kept shaking her box. She took deep, quiet breaths. She nearly shouted as something screeched, but caught her mouth before she could loose the beast. She victoriously smiled, her 'pissed off-ness' forgotten, as she heard whoever was in the room leave, and slam the door behind them.

She crouched on her knees and sprung upwards, noisily tearing the box open. She took a deep breath and leaned back, stretching. It was verysmall inside that box, and she was starting to cramp up.

She exhaled her breath and looked curiously around, just realizing where she was,

Rather, that she had no idea where she was.

She silently cursed at herself for not looking into her current situation.

It seemed she always forgot the smallest detail.

But this was no small detail, this was a jumbo, "Ohhh, implosion" sized detail.

Needless to say she didn't care

She was a thief after all, she had to enjoy what she did, otherwise she wouldn't do it, she could easily pull off another "job", but that wouldn't be nearly as fun as this would be.

And god, was this going to be fun.

She would traverse the tower, avoid the titans, and find ravens room.

Her life was an epic adventure.

She was so happy she could shit.

The girl shrugged and padded over to the door and pressed her ear against it, listening to hear if anyone was anywhere near outside.

However, she was unaware that the doors were soundproof.

And therefore, opened the door to see robin and the tamaranian engaged in a rather heated make-out session.

"HOLY SHIT! You guys are dating?" she bellowed at the pair.

Robin inhaled the girls face, and jinx, aware that she had just shouted at who she was trying to avoid, immediately shut the door.

The boy wonder Heimlich'ed up the alien, who glided over to the door. She went to knock on it, but her hand was gently caught by a now somewhat composed robin.

He gravely shook his head and pulled the girl away from the scene, partly because he was embarrassed, but mostly because he knew better than try to talk to the 'green boy' after they'd just mauled his innocence.

Jinx waited a few minutes and sighed as she opened the door, relieved to find no one there.

She quietly thanked her various gods and cautiously padded out of the boys room, a grin on her face.

She looked left and right, and grimaced as she saw a door in the distance with a name engraved on it, with her superior vision she vaguely make out 'Raven'.

She withheld a groan and stalked over to the door, grinning as she got closer.

It had actually said Robin, not Raven.

She had to admit, they did look similar from far away. She took a quick look behind her back before continuing. The thief assumed that since both rooms she'd seen so far were connected by the same hallway, she continued in the semicircle, quickly ducking behind a decorative plant as 'stone' hauled serious ass past her. She gave the plant a quick pat before continuing onwards, her eye twitched as she reached the end of the hall, separated by the kitchen, the other half was on the other side.

She would have to sneak past what was essentially a four way intersection.

Her other eye twitched as she crouched to the ground and peeked around the corner.

She could make out two heads on a couch, both of which were aimed at a giant flatscreen.

She chucked silently to herself as she recognized them, the 'love birds'. She would have taunted them had her presence not been.. well, a secret. She would make up for lost time later, now she had a mission to complete.

She was about to take a light step into the kitchen, but hastily retreated as another titan walked into the room.

Well, another thing walked into the room.

Well, a monkey.

A green monkey.

She curiously eyed it from her perch, flat on the ground, as it gained speed, it loosed a familiar banshee shriek and jumped on the boy wonders head, who promptly spazzed a rather feminine scream.

Beast Boy turned human, now sitting on the boys head, and laughed madly, ignoring the suppository like glare he was receiving from his seat.

The shapeshifter fell backwards off the boy and landed behind the couch on his feet, his laughter dying down, he opened his mouth.

"You guys seen Raven?"

Robin turned to the boy a sheepish expression on his face, he remembered the encounter "they" had just had a few minutes previous.

"I-uh-she's in her room" he spit out quickly. "Why?"

"Cause I wan'er to open the box thing, and she's not in there."

Starfire got a look at robins' face, and chipped in. "Have you not checked the roof?"

The boy snapped his fingers. "Of course!" he sprinted down the hall to the elevator, while screaming his thanks to the alien girl. "THANKS STAR!"

She quietly sighed as the boy shrunk into the distance, then cursed at herself as she realized he would have to turn around to use the elevator. She madly looked around in a frenzy, hoping to find something to hide behind, in, with, anything really.

The gods answered her prayer as she flung open a closet door and stepped inside, quietly closing it most of the way behind her.

She heard a muffled voice through the wooden door.

Hey, what floor's it on?

The roof, gar.

She exhaled as she heard the ding of the elevator going the hell up. The thief opened the door exactly the size required for her to barely make it out, she morphed through the opening and tiptoed her way to the other side of the hall, grinning as she saw another door in the distance, and this time, she knew it said 'Raven'. Sure, she now knew the girl wasn't in her room, however, she could wait there, and would be guaranteed that only the girl would meet her.

The pink haired girl bolted to the door and flung it open.

Or at least tried to.

The damned thing wouldn't open. She heard the 'dings' of the elevator returning from the roof and strained against the door, heaving with all her hard to properly distribute might. She would've put her foot on the wall and pried it open, however, there was no convenient, 'sticks out of the wall' border to use, there weren't even hinges.

… or a handle.

All of which were making it very difficult to open.

Just a smooth, metal slab, sticking out of the wall like a giant retractable tooth.

The only reason she could even try was because of her very grippy gloves, though they weren't doing much good.

She swore to herself, the other door had opened easily, why wouldn't this one?

She was surrounded by shadows and flung to the ceiling as the elevator doors opened, and out walked Raven, and out ran Beast Boy.

"COME ON RAVEN, MOVE!" he shouted as he bolted down the room, still in human form. The suspense had made him forget he could run faster in another form, also that even if he ran fast, it would only get opened as quickly as the other girl got there.

He took down the hall, passing directly under the girl who was plastered to the ceiling. Several moments later, the empath passed under the girl, dragging her along the ceiling with her.

Tell my why I shouldn't have you arrested. The thief heard a voice in her head, she opened her mouth to speak, but stopped as she felt a shadow clamp over it.

Think it, don't say it.

The girl muttered something into her bindings before thinking.

I need to tell you something.

I'll humor you, what?


Her mind wandered back to her binder paper apology, which she had thought she'd memorized, she had only read it like, a zillion times. And yet…


She cursed to herself. She… she had to wing it.


I'm sorry…


That I…

That I said what I said…

I had no idea…

that something like that happened to you…

Raven tilted her head up slightly. Had she just apologized? Sure, she'd said terrible things, but it was the empath who inflicted emotional scars on the girl.

She sighed and continued the trek to the boys room, though she knew it was for no reason.

You don't need to apologize, it was my fault, and-

NO! She mentally shouted. It wasn't your fault, it was mine. Now could you let me down so we can talk like human beings?

Chapter 6: Change


The conflict is always internal, however, it tends to show.

Though in different ways…

It always shows.

How do you hide it?

End it.

Chapter 6:

NO! She mentally shouted. It wasn't your fault, it was mine. Now could you let me down so we can talk like human beings?

The empath maintained a calm composed voice, though it was not how she was feeling.

No, not yet.

The ceiling bound girl glared down at the floor, finding her eyes even unable to move.

You do realize that they'll see me, don't you?

Raven chuckled to herself as her initial surprise at the other girl melted away.

No, they wont. We'll talk later.

LATER? What the hell am I… supposed… to do…

There was a slight static as their mental connection cut off, the thief twitched as best she could through the shadows as they both continued onwards, not flinching in the slightest when a shriek resonated down the hall. The empath smirked as the green boy made a mad dash out of his room, a fair distance away from her, she could make out his expression.

"!" he bellowed at the girl, oblivious to her expression, and still so caught up in the moment that he didn't notice the writhing shadows above his head.

So much for animal instinct.

The empath composed some quick thoughts.

Jinx was there, so was a box or something.

She connected the dots and leered at the boy, far be it from her to pass up an opportunity.

"Oh my, they got out?" she said in mock concern, though the other boy was in to much shock to notice the palpable sarcasm that lined the girls words.

"Well, now what am I to do?"

She rolled her eyes to the side, the smirk ever present.

"I suppose I'll have to order more giant man-eating tarantulas… "

Word could not describe the sheer horror on the boys face. He was so shocked he was unable to talk.

It was common knowledge of the boys irrational fear of spiders, which was strange, considering he could turn into one.

Hell, the "giant man-eating tarantula" didn't even exist. She was actually surprised that the shape-shifter didn't realize it, considering he had knowledge of the entire animal kingdom.

Necessary knowledge for the boy, he had to picture the animal to turn into it, and had to know what the animal could do. Strengths, weaknesses.

Otherwise, he'd turn into a shark and suffocate on land.

A move the empath was confident would happen to the air-headed boy, had he not taken immense time out of his life to study.

He even had a prescription to "Anamilia Monthly". She vaguely recalled him loosing a girly shriek at the spider issue, which had sprung out of the box and latched onto his face.

She smiled inwardly at the memory, almost proud of herself.

The empath mock sighed, "Well, check your room before you sleep, they work in packs."

She almost cracked a smile at the look on the other boys face.


She put the cherry on top. "And watch out for the stingers"

She waved nonchalantly at the scared stiff boy, and turned on her heels, starting back to her room. She opted to re open the mental connection with the girl, who was basically screaming in her head, the empath was confused, usually when she wasn't trying to tune into others thoughts, they were simply muffled, still comprehensible, though whispered. However, now it was white noise, loud white noise.

She flinched slightly at the laughter that suddenly rang in her mind. She looked up at the ceiling.

The thief was in fits, she looked like she'd pass out. Her face was bright red, even more so considering her usual pale complexion. The empath could see through her jet black shadows a toothy smile that threatened to rip the pink haired girls face apart.

Well mistress, I think she likes you.

The empath ignored the voice and looked back in front of her, she was approaching her door.

The thief dropped from the ceiling like a dead weight, contacting the floor with a rather dull thump. She quickly got to her feet, clutching her sides, still laughing too much to care.

She hyperventilated some quick breaths, composed herself, and looked up at the empath, who was patiently waiting for her.

The empath raised a brow. "Was it that funny?"

The girl snorted in a rather unladylike fashion. "Yeah."

The thief opened her mouth to speak, but promptly closed it as the titan place a hand on the door and slid it open.

Slit it open… up.

She squinted at the door, how in the hell did it do that? Did hell suddenly freeze over and they were suddenly on 'starship galactia'?

"Your door… opens up?" she vocally twitched. No wonder the door didn't open, she was pulling the wrong way, but honestly, who would try up?

"It opens in every direction, I just change which one."

"… how?" she said, genuinely curious.

The empath changed the subject. "You needed to talk to me"

"Oh." She opened her mouth once again to speak, but frowned. "We already did."

"… what?" she gave an incredulous look at the other girl.

"I already said what I came here for." She said matter-o-factly.

"Let me get this straight… you came here in a box, just so you could apologize?" she drolled.

"Pretty much."

"uhhmm-" she stopped mid groan as she felt a titan approach them. She grabbed the other girl and roughly forced her into her room, the door slammed down behind her, not making a sound.

She grimaced as Cyborg turned the corner and sprinted down the hall towards her. The hulking teen came to a abrupt halt front of her. He firmly grabbed her shoulders.


"No." she said flatly. The empath pried the hands off her and receded to her room, fading right through the door.

Cyborg looked at the door then started back down the hall, arms loosely swinging as his sides.


Raven phased through the door to a strange sight, it seemed the thief had made herself at home, and was aimlessly rifling through the empath's bookshelf, looking for what looked like nothing in particular.

"Any reason you're looking through my belongings?"

"No, not really." The thief said flatly.

"You do realize I could have you arrested, don't you?" she reminded the other girl.

Perhaps, but you wont, will you.

Both girls heard the voice, Raven, who wasused to it, ignored it. However, the thief took a step back, her eyes wide in fear.

She'd heard that voice several times before. That deep, dripping voice.

The empath gave the frightened girl a curious look, unsure of exactly why she had backed away.


The girl backed further, bumping into one of the empath's massive bookshelves.

It seems we've scared her, mistress. The voice echoed through both girls minds.

Jinx felt her legs wobble and fell to her knees on the thick blue carpet, she feebly attempted to push herself further away from the girl as she felt overwhelming fear smother her senses.

Raven caught on. What did you do, lust?

Oh nothing, master. We were just having a little… talk.

The thief sat helplessly as the casual conversation between two voices, one of which instilled intense fear into her very soul, played out in her head.

Damnit lust! Stay away from her!

Really mistress. It said condescendingly, to think that I would cause her any harm, haven't we been over this before?

That's not the point, She spared a rueful look at the girl, she could feel the cold blooded fear in her heart, and she knew that somehow, it was her fault.

It seemed it was always her fault.

Can't you see you're scaring her? She muttered in her head.

No, we are scaring her, and you know it, don't you?


The voice chuckled. Admission is the first step, mistress. It faded back into nothingness, leaving raven and the thief awkwardly placed in the empath's room, the pink haired girl making a mad attempt to scratch her way through the drywall, and the titan considering how to remedy the situation that had rapidly changed tones, all thanks to a single desire- a single, goddamn desire.


"Jinx… are you ok?"

She took a cautious step towards the girl, after receiving no response, she closed the distance between them and crouched down to her knees, looking deeply into bright pink eyes.

"Jinx…" she slowly extended a hand and cupped the other girls cheek, her gaze never moving from the girl.

"She wont hurt you… I promise…"

"I'm sorry…" the pink haired girl snapped out of her trance and looked down at the floor, her eyes closing.

"I'm sorry… that I'm so… weak…"

The empath could feel the fear slowly ebbing away. However, something else remained in its wake, resonating in steady tides,


The titan was confused, why would the girl feel shame? She had not done anything to be ashamed of

Besides… it was not her fault.

Fear is a reflex, the bodies' way of saying "Hey dumbass, get the fuck out!", The loud, obnoxious noise can not be silenced, can not be controlled, the only thing that makes it ignorable is the volume.

the empath had essentially given the voice a megaphone…

It was her fault.

"You're not wea-"

"Yes… I am…" she muttered, "To get so scared from just a voice in my head… wasn't even real…"

"… I must look pathetic…"

Raven went to speak,

Now is your chance, mistress.

She shut her mouth, giving a quick glance to the girl, who seemed unaffected, she put a hand on the pink haired girls shoulder and returned to her thoughts.

For what?...

Must I spell it out once again? Earn her trust, master.

Lust… that seems a bit different from your usual methods…

I believe it was you who first said, "Different times call for different measures", or don't you remember?

How could I forget my escape.

Our escape, and I believe we've gone off topic, comfort her, and we may both get what we desire, mistress.


The voice once again faded, Raven shot the girl a look, who was still preoccupied with the floor in front of her. The empath sighed inwardly and leaned her own head forward, gently tapping against the other girls'.

"… You aren't weak…"

"and…" she whispered, barely audible, "The voice is real… I heard it too…"

She continued after a pause, "it… it scares me too… " she awkwardly wrapped her arms around the other girl, pulling her into a loose embrace, "…even after all this time, it still scares me…"

She smiled contently as she felt the girl physically relax in her arms and return the embrace,

she continued.

"It's ok… to be afraid…"

"Raven" the pink haired girl murmured, "Why are you being so nice to me?..." The tone of her voice dropped to a low, "… why?…" She sounded almost apprehensive, as though she didn't want to know the answer to the very question she had in all honesty asked.

The empath tightened her hold on the girl as she felt thoughts run through the other girls mind, all to vivid thoughts…

They reminded her of herself,

The thiefs' past was much like her own, she had never been loved, she had always been hated, mistreated,

And she was used to it.

It was a terrible thing, to grow accustomed to the sadness that stalked her through life, her own life. It was something someone so young should never be exposed to, something god in heaven should have prevented,

Where the hell was god now?

Eighteen years into life and already, death is the ultimate goal, death is the light at the end of the tunnel… something too drear for such a premature age.

Though she wasn't surprised, growing up like she had, suffering was a common sight to behold, one she had been destined to throw in a haze upon the world. One she had fought tooth and nail to prevent…

Holding someone so much like herself in her arms, it was a strange thing, the titan rolled her eyes up and looked at the other girl, the other girl who reminded her so much of herself.

And she came to a decision, a strong, definite decision. One she could firmly agree on,

She would help the other girl, not for her own gains, for her own conscience, even for her emotions,

But for the girl who needed a happy memory, a singly happy moment in the hellhole she'd long since been trapped in from the very moment she was born into that cruel, un-accepting world.

So she did something she wasn't used to,

She listened to her emotions,

"…Because… " her voice lowered to a murmur, "…I want to be…" She gently rubbed the other girls back with her hands and pulled the girl closer, she could feel the despair, the pain, the shame all evaporating.

Until none was left.

Jinx sighed as her rapid heartbeats slowed to a steady pace, she leaned back away from the girl and looked to her side, unsure of how to ask for what she desired.

"I don't suppose…"

"Hmmm?" the titan grunted quietly

"… that you could take me home?..."

Raven looked at the girl with the best smile she could manage, a faint one. Her arms fell to her sides and the pools of shadows around them were sucked towards the girls.


"… Are you going to be alright?..." raven said to the girl who was sprawled out on her bed, obviously in need of a cat nap after the incident with the other girl at the tower, as well as the teleportation being something she wasn't used to.

The thief sat up with a groan on her couch, planting her face in her hands when she felt the room spin.

"… yeah…"

The titan turned to leave, she began to summon the shadows around her, however, stopped as she felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist.

"… thanks for caring…"

The empath was uncomfortable… rather, she would have liked to be. 'hugs' were something she never really got used to, something she never gave a chance.

With her upbringing, what use is contact with another person, when all they will bring you is possible contamination, the scourges and vermin and filth of the earth were not worthy of her touch, and they didn't deserve it, at least, the bulk of them.

But this was different, she felt so warm at the contact with the other girl, she could feel in her heart, the sheer sincerity of the gesture, it was something she rarely experienced,

Someone being genuinely grateful.

This could be caused by the fact that her attempts to actually help others was quite rare. Sure, she was a titan, she saved the city from villains. But… whenever she helped, whenever she tried, someone got hurt.

That was why she became a titan in the first place, she could help by hurting, in a way that it was acceptable to cause damage in the process. It was a way to give back to the people… the people who had given her nothing but pain and hatred.

She was a living contradiction.

And she was fine with that, the titan was willing to sacrifice her notions of people being unworthy of her assistance, all for the better good.

To stray from her father, and she had… and she was.

To think… that so little a quirk could be explained by so many reasons,

All of which were valid.

However, she was smiling through the internal conflict.

It felt good to be appreciated.

"… welcome…" She flashed a small, reassuring smile to the girl, before returning to the teleportation.

She vanished, and left the thief splayed out on her mattress, face down, arms and legs spread wide, a content grin on her face as her steady breaths lulled her into a peaceful sleep.

Raven appeared in her room, as well as her hunger pangs. She sighed and shot a quick glare at her door, then to its left to alternate the direction it opened,

She was in a left mood today,

The girl trudged forwards through her distain for what she had to do, light steps met her door, she slid it open, and rather calmly stepped out after shaking off her hesitations.

She was immediately met with a green boy, who she was certain had to have been waiting outside her room. She smirked as she noticed his expression, it hadn't changed a bit.

"RAVEN!" he shouted, flustered, "YOU HAVE TO HELP ME CHECK MY ROOM!" He violently pointed behind him, in a direction he assumed was to his room.


She frowned at him, in disbelief that he had actually believed- still believed that giant spiders were on the loose, he'd had plenty of time to recover remotely rational thought, well, enough to figure out that the fictitious monster was exactly that, fake.

And for some reason, she was pissed at his stupidity. Probably because she was even more irate on an empty stomach.

"Move, or I'll eat you." She flashed brilliant scarlet eyes at the boy, before leaving him behind, starting to the kitchen.

She arrived in the place of all things edible and glanced around, making sure she was alone. Whatever she cooked tended to… vanish, when she had her back turned, and damnit, she was hungry, she had no time to torture answers out of her fellow titans, at least at the moment.

The empath padded over to the miniscule fridge and peeled open the door, scanning its contents for anything that looked like it would taste good. Her gaze froze on a rather questionable dish, that looked as though it were completely covered in pudding…

… blue pudding, an unusual color combined with what looked like would be its texture…


There pulsed a blue and thick mass of jelly, seemingly ogling her from the plate it had latched onto like a growth.

She was no longer hungry.

She no longer liked yogurt.

And she felt an irrational hatred for that thing that wasmorphing around, mocking her with its very existence, its completely useless existence,

What good's food if it can't be eaten?

… if it shouldn't be eaten

It was like a close up of a cancer cell consuming a healthy blood cell, she watched in distaste as the plate hovered around in the center, it seemed the thing was solid enough to support itself, as well as the plate on the wire rack.

It was no jelly, she doubted that even god knew what it was.

She sighed and closed the door, leaving whatever the thing was to the next person who opened the fridge, whoever that unlucky soul was.

She was once again met by the green boy, her stomach growled… perhaps she was… hungry

"PLEASE RAVEN, SAVE ME FROM THE SPIDERS!" he bellowed at the girl, who sighed, wanting to get the ordeal over with.

"There are no giant man-eating tarantulas."

She grimaced at his unchanged expression, one of pure, unfounded fear.

"I made them up."


"They aren't real."

She thought she saw him relax, when it turned out he was scratching his ass, she wrapped it up.

"You're an idiot." She muttered and floated away from the boy, who moments later realized he was indeed, an idiot.

"…" he opened his mouth to say something to the retreating girl, but came up empty and stomped off to his room to re-assemble the belongings he had torn apart in search… or… not in search of giant man-eating spiders.

Why would he have wanted to find them? They'd eat his face off.

Raven awoke, in an unusual manner, she was… happy. The girl was filled with a delightful warmth, something that rarely happened, even more so as of recently. It had seemed all her dreams were destined to be horrible.

But that had changed after her encounter with the thief, with the girl who in all sincerity thanked her, she thought it strange to feel so great over something so miniscule.

She brushed it off and dreamily smiled as she remembered her dream, she had missed her dreams for what seemed an eternity, finally, she could catch up on her sleep.

However, at the moment, the feeling in her chest ordered her to greet the day, to get the hell out of bed and do… something.

She would partially obey it.

The girl dragged herself out of her bed, put on her usual uniform and cape, and padded gently out of her room, her hood hanging limply behind her head.

A faint smile graced her lips. Barely noticeable to all but the most trained eye, and luckily, her roommates were currently not in possession of such gifted sights.

Her mood would go unnoticed…


Chapter 7: Oaken Bound


There are two guaranteed things in life, Death, and Taxes

Chapter 7:

Jinx lazily strolled down the Go city streets, her boots dully clicking against the pavement she slowly padded along, brilliant smile on her lips. She had just woken up, at three nonetheless, she had slept in, something she rarely did, not from time constraints but from simply being unable to sleep.

After tossing on her clothes, the thief had decided to visit her best friend in the hospital, needless to say she was ecstatic, the girl hadn't seen her friend in what seemed a lifetime.

It had however, been only a few days.

So there she was, waltzing down the sidewalk, slowly approaching the hospital that loomed rather small in the distance. Her jet black skirt merrily fluttered in the cool breeze, as well as her hair, which she had opted to leave down, having pink hair up in horns was a very recognizable trait, and she wasn't willing to risk being arrested- tried to be arrested on her way to visit her bedridden friend.

If possible, her grin widened further as she approached the doors to the place, which she flung it open with her wrist and rather patiently made her way down the hall, she was still recognizable even with her hair down, and had a visiting permit for her friend, which meant she could skip the front desk…

Thank god, because the room was insanely crowded, as she could see through the slightly transparent windows on her stroll down the hall. She approached what in her opinion was the best door in the whole place, absently humming to herself. She put on the biggest grin she could manage as she turned the corner, she focused on the man sprawled out comfortably in bed.

"So, I see you've adjusted to hospital life." She said mockingly.

"Almost." He gestured to his hand, which while was infinitely better than it was weeks ago, was still paralyzed for the time being.

She violently pointed at it, just then noticing the multitude of scars, he had after all, been wearing a hospital distributed cloak, that was rather strangely long sleeved. At the moment he was donned in his usual clothes, which had been rather kindly washed on request. "Oh my god, those are wicked!" She dashed to his side to get a better view of the horrendous marks, almost in awe. "So, they know when you'll get better?" She said while intently inspecting his hand, which had received the most damage, and had a red line shaped like a portion of a spider-web, a strange scar mark in hers and the medical staffs opinion. So was, however, the fact that he was the same age as the girl standing next to him, and was already more than seven feet tall, as well as being generally mature looking and acting… relatively speaking of course. The doctors had gone as far to ask around for his actual age, only to receive the same answer.

"Doc said about a week." He attempted to move his hand to show his point, however, the fingers simply twitched. He grinned, almost victoriously at his slight movement, it had been the first thing he'd successfully asked his hand to do.

"Well enough about me," he said, broadly grinning, "What'ch you been up to?"

"Oh, you know, drugs, clubbing, other things teens do, the usual." She responded as the boys bated expression remained unchanged.

"Nothing really, just lounging around, you know, the usual." She said, her expression unchanged as well.

He settled back down onto the king size bed the hospital had special ordered. "Doing nothing's nice right?" he continued, "I'm gonna miss this place, good food, good…uh…"

He awkwardly broke off and the pink haired girl laughed madly at him, he could be damn funny when he wasn't trying. Seconds later she took several deep breaths and resumed her casual conversation.

"Well, no offense, but I've got other things to do."

"None taken", he said with a smile, obvious he was telling the truth.

"Well, see ya!" she said at him, sprinting out the room before he could respond.

Even with the pink haired girl gone, his smile still remained.

Raven lazily strolled down the halls, though her outward expression was glaringly bland, she was –for all intensive purposes- … happy, rather content, with the day. She absently looked around her while approaching the kitchen, mildly hungry, and mild was enough.

She wondered if the jelly was still in the fridge, but brushed it off.

She turned the corner and froze, a rather strange look on her face as she observed the seen before her.

It appeared that the tamaranian was consuming the thing she had found several days earlier, at a fairly rapid pace. At a very rapid pace, one which the empath was surprised the thing hadn't yet been completely ingested. It was as though it was replacing itself with every bite the alien took…

She wouldn't be surprised if that was the truth.

She resisted the urge to lurch as the sight and approached the tamaranian, her curiosity bested her distaste, so she asked the question.

"… star… what is that?" she muttered, however, at a high enough level for the girl to hear her through her massive bites, the girl turned around in her seat and beamed at the empath, her teeth were blue, as were her lips.

"It is food, friend raven," she beckoned to her, "Come, try it." She sounded ecstatic.

Raven felt something working its way up her esophagus, and rather wisely declined the offer, then walked away, all the while taking deep breaths.

Guess what she wasn't? Yes, that's right, hungry.

Now seeing as she was down one possible activity to drown away the remainder of the day, as well as her chest still tugging at her spine, shouting at her brain "Do something god-damnit!"

She was in no position to decline, however, she was at a loss of exactly what to do.

Moreover, she had no desire to actually do anything that particular sunny day.

The prospect of lounging around was exactly what she desired, however, not what her body did…

There was the wall.

What to do?

She'd never been one for physical activities, not from of inability of course… From fear… fear of injuring anyone should she lose focus, that was something she was not willing to risk…

At least, not yet.

She had promised herself… rather, her emotions, that she would eventually let them out, they had after all, aided in her escape. She just wasn't ready to take the chance to free them, when all that happened when the were loosed was chaos.

And she didn't like chaos, not around her anyhow.

Her thoughts circled the boat once again, what to do?

Sports were obviously out of the question, much to her bodies distain, it would however have to deal.

She didn't want to hang out with anyone that day, much like everyday. For the same damn reason.

She was afraid.

The wall loomed over her, seemingly leering at her very soul, mocking her with its very existence.

She once again ran through her options.

Sports and People, out.

Just what the hell was left? She asked herself. The prospect of reading a book ran through her mind, but was promptly ousted by her body, which seemed disgusted at the sheer thought.

The wall grew another foot.

Only non-populated options were valid to the girl, which did not leave much in Go city, which was always bustling.

Part of why she appreciated the tower so, it was guaranteed there were few people, as well as her room having a rather simple, and therefore, complex locking system.

Ahh… privacy.

It seemed the only option was a redeeming stroll down… a redeeming glide through the park.

Her body didn't agree, it wanted a walk –needed- a walk, she groaned at it, almost asking for sympathy,

Something it was fresh out of.

She sighed, and grabbed casual clothes out of her closet. She didn't after all, want to be noticed, and how conspicuous were black denim pants and a navy tee?

Not very.

How conspicuous was pale grey skin?

Not very, considering her wardrobe, she would just be chalked up as another goth chick.

Yet another victim to profiling, how quaint.

She took a deep breath and conjured up her shadows, teleporting to the most discreet place she could think of. She sunk into the pool of darkness, vanishing into its midst.

Her visitation over, jinx had opted to do… something, she was not aware of what at the moment, but that made her feel great, having no plans meant infinite possibilities

… almost infinite

So there she was, once again waltzing down the streets, almost dangerously close to the passing and most likely speeding cars. Seeing as she was tapping along the very edge of the pavement, such a risk was a given.

As well as fun.

Her stroll continued onwards down the sidewalk, not heading anywhere in particular, and having a fairly good sense of direction, the pink haired girl was absently glancing around at her surroundings, physically aware of the apparent danger, her mind was however, uncaring, and somewhat disinterested. It continued to tell her legs to pad along the edge, her eyes to scan around, and focus should something amazing occur.

Missing something so fantastic would taunt the girl forever, and she was not willing to miss such an opportunity, no matter how small the chances were that it should actually happen.

Her defocused state was one of the main reasons, that when she suddenly heard a shout off in the distance, she didn't flinch in the slightest, only zone in, turn on her heels, and dash towards it, all the while thinking to herself.

It was the goddamn MIRACLE!

There raven sat, perched on a looming oak tree. It had practically begged her to climb up it and take a seat…

Well, it had literally begged her to take a seat. The tree was god knows how old, it had told the empath it was also unaware of its true age, that it had been what seemed like an eternity that it had found someone it was able to talk to.

She faintly smiled as the numerous leaves around her rustled in the breeze, as the sun flowed through the canopy in patchy blotches of light and warmth. It was the best she could have hoped for.

The best they could have both hoped for.

She was lost in conversation, having a rather meaningless give and take with the tree. It was after all, practically as old as dirt. It'd had forever to get everything figured out. What it really wanted was some company.

And damnit, it was funny.

She almost laughed at one of its jokes.

In the fairly short amount of time they had been aware of each other they had become… friends, good ones at that. They shared much in common.

They were both old beyond measure, one in a more abstract sense, but old nonetheless.

They both shared the rather dry sense of humor, and both found each other hilarious.

She had recounted her… almost, pranks on the shapeshifter. The tree had laughed, well, it was voiceless. Telepathy was a higher form of communication. She could comprehend what would seem like others should they hear it, wind. And it could understand her, though she had to vocally speak to it, and was relieved that she didn't have to speak in its native tongue to converse.

They formed a tight bond between them in a matter of hours, something unheard of for the titan, however, so was finding a tree spirit on earth. She was schooled… well, she had knowledge of their kind, a variety that grew exclusively in her home… hell.

She had asked it lightly, not wanting to surface bad memories, how it had gotten to earth. It had not known either.

The girl quickly changed topics when she heard the spirit respond, and the light laughter commenced once again.

This seemingly one sided dialogue went on for a long while, before something terribly happened.

A group of people approached her, and the girl, being lost in her talk with the oak, was blissfully unaware of their presence.

The gang stopped, and the leader stepped forwards, his pants hanged off his ass, as well as his shirt could most likely pass for a knee length skirt. He cocked his hat the side and revealed his crooked teeth, several gleaming a bright gold.

He spoke.

"Hey chick, come down here, lets have some fun." He said in a raspy tone, one that suited his appearance.

Raven chuckled and said something, from the gangsters view, all he saw was her ignoring him, he spoke once again.

"Hey bitch, I'm talking to you!" this time he raised his voice, the peons behind him cackled.

The girl in question became aware of its presence and turned her head to mildly look at them, from her perch, far out of their reach. She'd had to resort to flying to actually reach her desired and recommended branch. It was quite cozy once she got used to it.

She dully spoke. "What?"

He removed his hat from his bald head, which was partially blocking his view, and cocked his head to the side, the idiots behind him talked amongst themselves.

"Come down here, little lady, I'll show you a good time" he gave a quick glance to the puppets stationed behind him, and continued, "it'll be fun."

She almost wretched at the sound of his voice, it grated at her ears, it sounded so vile, so putrid, like even hearing it would contaminate her with filth. She spared him a response through the desire to establish quarantine.

"I'd rather burn in hell." She said flatly.

The moron actually went so far as to pull a gun from one of his many oversized pockets, pointing at her with unearned authority, his stance making it obvious he was inexperienced with firearms.

"Get down here bitch." He proceeded to cock the gun, which was unnecessary, seeing as modern firearms did automatically when fired. She chalked up the dumb move to his idiocy.

She frowned at him, leering at the thing like a piece of rotting meat.

Exactly what she knew he was, rotten.

"No." she said, disinterested. She actually sympathized with the man, not for the obvious reason,

Rather for his deciding to molest her of all people, she prayed he didn't provoke her, though she knew he deserved his resulting death.

He then did the worst thing he could have done.

He shot her.

Of course, she had long since raised a shield, though she was faintly sure he wouldn't go as far as to shoot her, she was not taking any chances, not at the moment at least.

She grimaced at him. "You missed."

He looked up at her through slits and beckoned to his minions, who in turn, pulled out yet more firearms, he commanded once again through gritted teeth.

"Get down here bitch."

"no." She said, hoping that he would take the hint and leave her the hell alone.

They dug their graves.

Multiple shots rang out.

Raven went so far as to mock yawn as the bullets fell harmlessly to the ground beneath her, she leaned back against the tree and resumed her conversation, this time, asking about the people currently attempting to harass her.

"You know them?"

It said it had felt them around it before, always chasing something or other, they were a pack of wolves, savage and uncivilized.

They had no concept of a higher power. They were the top of the food chain.

The dark titan brought it upon herself to show them.

There is always someone stronger.

She would show them.

And they would never harm anyone ever again.

She once again sat up on her perch and dropped to the ground, she was a good fifty feet from the grass beneath her. The shots ceased and the leader watched her expectantly, waiting for the splat, then he could have his fun.

He grinned as the girl contacted the ground, as he heard the snap of her bones. Then he strolled towards her, lazily swinging his arms at his sides.

"Well bitch, lets have some fun."

Really? He heard a voice in his head, it echoed vaguely back and forth in what was left of his mind. And though he would never admit to it, the sound of it struck fear into his black black soul.

Well, I'd like to have some fun as well, the voice stated.

His steps stopped as the corpse cracked and straightened out, regaining natural form. He restrained a flinch as violet eyes glared into him with a physical hatred.

The girl cocked her head to the side, a sadistic grin on her lips. She flicked her hands at the ground, summoning the massive trees shadows that surrounded her and the group of idiots. The darkness pulled towards her, pulsing and writhing like insects. She spoke once more.


He took a step back, though attempting to retain his composure, he would not back down in front of his minions, he couldn't.

They did not share bonds of loyalty, of friendship. Merely of power.

If he lost his, he lost them, as is the cost of his power, he may not show weakness, not now, not ever.

"Dogs, " she addressed the group, who were all gaping wide eyed at her, she smiled inwardly at the palpable fear they exuded, she knew that they would never bother anyone ever again.


She loosed a low whistle.

The gang felt unimaginable fear course through them. They feebly tried to run from the girl, however, were bound to the spot.

Bound by their own fear.

They would never bother anyone ever again.

The girl grinned even wider as the shadows spit out her creatures, as they slowly protruded from the pool of shadows, straining against the chains, snarling at the petrified group.

The pack tore against the chains, pushing forwards with their massive sinewy legs, snapping at the air with their maws defiled teeth, glaring seething hatred at the group with their blood shot eyes.

"Meet my dogs."

She laughed a slow, insane laugh at their fear, almost proud of herself for the riotous act she was committing. She kept a calm hand on the bundle of chains in her hands, effortlessly restraining the hounds of hell that tugged against them with the strength of a raging inferno.

Just as the bonds of their loyalty were so easily broken, so were the chains.

The last thing any of the gang would remember, was searing pain. The girl had not killed them, no matter how much she wanted to, no matter how much they deserved it. She couldn't.

So… she merely took a trophy, from each and every one of them.

They were all punished equally, none among them considering raping an innocent girl wrong, she had valid reason to do what she did. She had more than enough reason to do what she did.

They would, and could never bother anyone ever again.

…As well as have little retarded children.

Jinx sighed, she had ran all that way, chasing an eluding scream to the ends of the earth, to come to this…

Sea world.

What in the hell was she doing there, and where the hell was her pot of gold?

Well, it seemed a rather loud person had loosed a banshee shriek at a killer whale. The whole place had had to be evacuated when the resulting bull rush shattered the tank.

She was unsure as to why it all happened, and at the same time, apathetic.

She sighed once again in rapid succession. She now had to begin the long and fairly dull trek back to her home in the apartment complex of Go city.

Her room was #805, at the farthest end of the structure, at least from her current location.

She felt another sigh wouldn't express her frustration and groaned, starting her walk back to her now incredibly desirable couch, all the while wishing she had the ability to teleport.

She cursed her faith in miracles, it had once again led her to the worst possible place…

Sea World…

She shuddered at the thought.

After calling several ambulances for the neutered idiots, she had flown back up to her perch to resume her talk with the tree, as well as to avoid any resulting questions about the morons injuries, many like,

"Excuse me, miss? how did this happen?"

Sure, she could have had the wound cauterized at the dogs' bite, something they were famous for,

The ability to keep a victim alive until the head is removed.

But what would be the point in that? They needed a lesson, a good one… she had given one to them.

So there she sat, enjoying her spontaneous conversation with the tree spirit, a small smile on her lips as the friendly and harmless conversation progressed. She was actually smiling, she was purposely smiling, not a reassuring or fake grin, a genuine happy smile. It was a monumental day for the both of them.

It was the trees first friend in what seemed an eternity.

The same went for the titan.

Sure, she had friends at the tower, good ones at that, but they were friends of condition. They had to accept her, they were part of a team after all. Even though their relationships had strengthened, tightened into a true friendship, it had started in the wrong way…

It seemed to the girl, almost forced.

It seemed, that without the tower binding them together, her fellow titans would hate and fear her like the rest of the world.

The tree was different, there were no bonds but bonds themselves. Though the same problem was presented, eons of loneliness tends to make one desperate, she still thought of it as a true friend, for a reason.

They were the same. They had the same home, the same humor, the same… life, it seemed.

Though it seemed a bit egotistical to like another like herself more than those not, it seemed only those like her could appreciate her for who she was.

That was something that she rarely shared with another human being, a common root.

Both literally and metaphorically, she and the tree were alike. She bet herself, had the tree been in human… rather, moveable guise, they could have been best friends far earlier, had the tree decided to move out into the world and find someone…


She was almost rueful at the tree being bound as it was, she knew the story behind a Hell tree, one that was pitiful in itself.

A hell tree is born when a sinner is condemned to eternal punishment, near the worst punishment there is.

Eternal damnation.

They are put in a form, an immortal form, one incapable of having any influence in the world, one rooted to the spot for forever more, one bound for all time, forced to an eternity of exile.


She knew the story all too well. The tale was personal as well. Her father had condemned many people in his life, deserving or not of the torment.

As was his duty as a demon, to irrationally serve out torture.

Though duty can only go so far. His own ideals eventually clouded his judgment. More and more sinners were sentenced to be bound for oblivion.

An eternity of consciousness, all alone.

And it appeared this poor soul had gotten the worst of it. He had been bound among the living, breathing people. Frozen in time as he watched them walk around, enjoying their lives, while every moment he knew in his heart he would never be able to join them.

Her sick bastard of a father was exactly that. He had punished this person almost as severely as he had her, and that was something no amount of lifetimes of mistakes could deserve in retribution.

She sat on a magnificent tree, one that had managed to keep its sanity, its faith in the world after seeing so much pain. Mental as it watched something it would never achieve, physical as it was trimmed every year, as its limbs were hacked off.

Somehow, it had retained its humanity through the sheer inhumanity of it all.

This was someone deserving of her help.

This was someone with infinite wisdom, someone who had seen all time pass by their eyes. Imagine, how it must have been.

So magnificent, watching history in the making.

So painful, knowing it would never play a part.

She had to save it, she had to.

And she knew how.

She asked the tree once again, this time, hope lining her words, she needed an answer for her question, and it had to be the right one…

Or else… she couldn't help.

So she asked it, she asked the tree, "Who sent you here?"

And it answered, it said with conviction, this one memory remaining strongly amongst the pain. It said exactly what she desired to hear… her father, had been the judge of this soul.

Which meant, she, his daughter, could reverse it.

But there was more to the deed, she once again asked the tree. "Do you wish to be free?"

Once again, it said exactly what she prayed it would, it muttered affirmation, almost regretful in its response. The empath could tell it saddened at her question. She reminded it of what it would never have.

At least, not until then.

So she smiled, a small smile, but a step in the right direction nonetheless.

She could not have freed it, had it not verbally said that it desired so.

She spoke once more to the tree, returning to the harmless conversation, while the ritual she would have to perform played out in her head. She knew exactly what to do, she however, needed more time. She could not let the tree know she would free it, as is the custom.

Nor could she free it within sixty six hours after hearing its response, after hearing it say it desired so.

She spoke to the oak, harmless light topics sprang forth, time passed by at a remarkable pace, it seemed they had much to talk about.

However, the day grew old, and the titan had to take her leave from the oak, she muttered to the tree after leaning back against the trunk behind her.

"I have to go, it's getting late…" She said, her tone then lightened, "I'll be back soon, ok?"

It heartily gave its thanks and its parting words, then felt the girl gently float away from its many branches.

Although it could not possibly be physically so… the tree was smiling.

Jinx took a deep breath as she stepped into her magnificent apartment. It seemed all the more grand after her immense walk back to it. She immediately kicked off her shoes, pulled down her skirt, and removed her shirt. Now in her most comfortable state, in underwear, she hopped over the back of her couch, carefully choosing her liftoff location, still wary of where she landed on the cushions.

She impacted the pillows and grinned victoriously, she had missed the "butt cleft", and had located the remote, right next to her, such luck was unheard of for the girl.

Once again, her name was jinx.

She absently scratched her stomach with her alternating pink and purple nails, loosing a large yawn as the fatigue from her trip caught up with her. She was inwardly glad she had chosen to leave her hair down, otherwise her trademark horns would have drooped, she after all, regularly needed to apply product to keep it in such a dramatic shape.

But… it did look awesome… totally worth it.

She lazily flicked on the television, immediately lowering the volume, after she had turned it on, at full blast nonetheless, she was no longer willing to risk her hearing. She swore she was tone-deaf far at least a week after the incident, but had no proof, seeing as if she was, she would be unable to hear it.

How logical… and ironic it was.

She flipped through the programs and stopped as she came to a mock zombie movie, called "Shaun of the Dead".

She watched it for as long as she could manage, sleepily laughing as she was amused. However, her eyes soon felt heavy, she shut off the tv and stumbled her way to her what looked like godly bed, and weakly shoved herself under the covers.

She flicked a bright pink bolt at the switch in the corner of the room.

The lights went off, and she fell into a peaceful and relaxing sleep.

Raven arrived at the tower, still in her thoughts as she entered through the doors and phased up to her room, she had to get some sleep.

She would need it.

So the girl avoided the other titans and appeared in her dimly lit room, she slipped out of her clothes and jumped into bed, almost… excited, about the following day.

And she slept.

The girl took a deep breath and settled back into the chains that wrapped around her body, she was exhausted…

And infinitely lucky to receive a break from the torment, she took the sparse time to think, to close her eyes and imagine she was somewhere else, somewhere else where there is no pain…

And she couldn't think of anything, she had no imagination to work from, the only place she had ever seen was the one she was bound to,

So… what could she do with her time?


She heard a voice in her head, one she had never heard before.

However scared she may have been, she responded to it, almost curious about the one variable in the hell she was trapped.

Who are you?

It laughed to itself and responded once more, with conviction. The voice sounded…


Could she have budged in the chains, even taken a breath, she would have scoffed.


Why yes, master, who else would I be? It said, almost surprised.

She would have laughed, had she been able to, she decided to humor the voice, one that she decided she had conjured from her mind to cope with the pain. She would never do such a thing, at least, not purposely.

She was a demon, after all. Such an act would cause more danger than safety.

She responded, almost in a light tone, though masked by the harshness of her thoughts,

Well, what do you want, me?

What we both want, mistress, freedom. It continued, And I can get it for us, all you need to do…

Is let me.

She did not find the voice amusing, even inspiring. Something like it would only mock her, offer her a way out then close it should she accept.

It must have been her father…

To stoop so low…

Still… there was a chance, no matter how small, that it could in fact, get her out. And that was something she would never allow to pass her by.

So she spoke to it a final time,

Free me.

Violet eyes lazily blinked open, looking up at the ceiling above them in a daze.

Then a girl sat up in her bed, the sheets covering her softly falling to meet themselves at her waist. She took a deep breath and spun her neck around, cracking out the kinks.

Then she threw the sheets off her body, a gentle smile on her lips.

Raven was smiling, no matter how small, a smile is a smile.

She was happy, that was the day, the day she would free her friend from its cage.

The empath threw on her usual uniform, as well as her trademark cape, she however, left the hood down, only using it for cover from peering eyes.

She took to the door, slid through it, and headed for the kitchen, eager to get some food in her so she could see the tree once more. She came to the end of the hall and was met with the usual sight,

Cyborg whipping up pancakes, as for the green boy, pancakes were not meat. So he patiently sat at the table, as well as the lovebirds, who were receiving unwanted commentary from the shapeshifter.

She sighed and took her usual seat at the table, having to squint at the light that poured in through the massive glass windows opposite her.

It was a beautiful day, and it appeared the sun had gotten her memo, and was hanging in the sky, practically begging her to visit the tree once more.

The usual conversation echoed through the room.

"Pancakes up 'yall", Cyborg shouted as he took his usual seat.

The mad dash for food began, and after securing two pancakes from the now empty plate, she ate her breakfast, offered her muttered thanks, and headed for the door, not even taking the time to mock anyone for their ridiculous appearance,


Raven took the same spot she'd had the previous day, the wind gently caressing her cheek, the sun showing down through the leaves, dancing in the breeze.

She took a deep breath, and spoke to the tree for the last time.

"I free you", the words seemed to hang in the air, flowing in the breeze that whipped though the leaves on its branches.

The girl fell backwards off the ground and landed softly on her feet, taking steps forward, she approached the base of the tree, she knew what would happen, she was well versed in the ritual.

She took a deep breath and reached out, gently contacting the callous bark of the tree. She once again spoke.

"You are free."

The tree seemed to vanish, slowly becoming more and more transparent, until it faded completely away, the leaves and branches that grabbed at the sky, the leaves that littered the ground, that formed a solid mat of green, the thick base that suspended the massive plant, it all vanished.

However, in its place, was left a figure, a jet black, shapeless figure, idly flowing with the breeze, somehow, she could feel it… it was… happy, unimaginably happy.

She reached out a hand to the figure as it solidified and took form. Its dark haze receded. Legs materialized as were planted gently on the ground. Arms reached out and took the girls, readily accepting its help. Having been unable to move for such a long time, simply standing, keeping balance would take some practice. She smiled once more as the face took definition. It formed a beautiful sight. A girl, roughly the same age as the one supporting her. She opened her brilliant green eyes for the first time in what seemed forever and weakly looked around, smiling as best she could after so long without movement. She sighed as the shades dancing around her scalp lengthened and formed deep jade hair, flowing down her back, and settling just above her shoulders. She opened her mouth to take a deep breath as her lips formed, a dull shade of forest.

Her smile faded as she looked down at her chest, the air filled with amused laughter.

She was naked.

No surprise.

The empath quickly removed her cloak and wrapped it around the girl. Grabbing the girls wrist as she lost her balance and started to fall.

Then the girl spoke in her native language. Wind.

And raven contently smiled. She had thanked her, thanked her so much for what she had done.

"Don't mention it." She said with a grin.

The girl spoke once more, to others, it would sound like leaves rustling in the wind. She was surprised at how good it felt to have a body once again, surprised at the filling warmth.

And she thanked the girl once more.

"You're welcome…" she said, "And… what's your name?" she was curious, although it would change nothing, she wanted to know the name of the person before her.

The green haired girl spoke once more, she said, Ranst.

Raven had released the girl rather early in the morning. Seeing as the ritual took only a few minutes, she now had quite a long time left in the day. And seeing as there was a naked girl standing before her, she decided to spend it getting the girl up to date in the world…

First, clothes and a shower.

She muttered her mantra and teleported them both back to her room in a flash of seething darkness, which then dissolved into the air.

The empath had escorted the girl to her bath, who promptly asked for her assistance in getting in, it seemed her muscles had atrophied after such a long time with no movement, it took all she had to even move her mouth.

The titan would have to work on her physical therapy later, now she wanted the girl in a nice relaxing bath. She set the girl on the carpet and turned the water on. It sprayed out enthusiastically and filled the tub at a rapid pace.

She turned to the prostrate girl, gently picked her up, and lowered her into the steaming water after making sure it wasn't scalding hot, she doubted the girl had seen hot water in a long time, and didn't want to startle her with the sudden increase in temperature.

The girl floated like log, making it obvious the empath wasn't needed to keep her afloat, still she asked for confirmation.

"You gonna be alright by yourself?"

She responded in a light whistle, yes.

"Ok, I'll leave this by the side so you can get me when you're done, " She held it up to the girl who was propped up against a waterproof cushion, and gestured to a fairly large button on the side, "Press this, and it'll call my spare, ok?"

after receiving a nod, she gave a reassuring smile to the girl and left her to her own devices, off to search for a spare set of clothes, even pajamas were better than nothing.

Ranst gently bobbed around in the steaming liquid in a state of sheer bliss, it had been an eternity since she had last felt so magnificent. She twitched her arm in the water and splashed several drops of water onto her face, grinning as best she could.

She was free again, after all that time she was free… and god, it felt great.

She sighed and slid off the pillow, floating in the water that warmed her to the bone, she listened to the steady heartbeat that resonated in her ears.

She hadn't heard it in a long time.

She turned her now weightless head to the edge of the bath, getting a good look at the button she would have to press in order to signal the titan. She chuckled lightly, her breath coming to her not as easily as she'd hoped, it seemed even her lungs were weak with fatigue.

She lifted her arm in a desperate and fluid motion, knocking the device into the tub. It then floated just as she did, completely waterproof in its design.

The girl had taken a small chance and won, she internally smiled, victorious.

The jade haired girl reached out a dainty hand, gently swishing across the surface of the water till she contacted it, and grabbed it softly in her fingers. She spun the device until she felt the slight protrusion of the button she would need to press.

Then she settled back into the water, not ending the heavenly feeling before its time.

Raven glared daggers at the open cabinets before her, she had come up empty in her search, save a jar of pickles she assumed had been hidden and promptly forgotten by the green boy. She could ask one of the other titans for loaners, but… she was not sure at the moment, whether or not she wanted to keep Ranst a secret. Surely introducing them would call for one of their fearless leaders speeches, then several hours later when he finished, they could get on with their lives.

She would much rather skip the middleman, straight to living her life.

However, how was she to feed the girl she now had in custody, she couldn't exactly dump the girl into the wild, she'd been a tree for god knows how long, and most likely didn't have a home she could return to.

She wasn't about to abandon her new friend as well.

The wall once again blocked her path, leaving her with one choice, she would have to tell him,

It however, did not mention how.

Wiggle room is always a plus, it left the empath with much needed maneuverability in her plan. Sure, she could simply have the girl waltz into the room, hands ablaze and whistling. That however, was not as subtle as the girl would have liked.

And damnit, she was subtle. She had a reputation to maintain.

She could simply establish a telepathic link with the titans and tell them each in turn.

Or, she could put a spell on the girl, make her existence slowly fill the other titans until they accepted and noticed her naturally, as though they had known her all their life.

She smirked at that thought, it was actually a good idea.

She was shocked from her stupor as her spare communicator vibrated in her webbed belt. She retreated from her violet bed and strolled to her bathroom to help the girl from her bath.

Of course, after repairing the girls weakened muscles. She slid open the door and walked over to the girl, who was bobbing in the water with a rather content look on her face. She spoke to the girl,

"Try not to move, ok?" she said gently to the girl, who readily complied.

She hovered her hands above the girls chest and head, and concentrated, willing the fibers and tendons to bind together, stronger. They obeyed.

She removed her hands from their posts with a smile. The girl sat up in the pool of water under her own power, a brilliant grin on her lips, she looked up from her toes to look at her savior.

She exhaled in complex patterns, telling the titan there is no way she could thank the her enough.

Raven responded lightly, "My pleasure" She offered out a hand and helped the girl to her feet,

"Hungry?" she asked.

The girl firmly nodded and water sprayed from her soaked hair and dripped from her chest.

The empath grinned, "Lets get some food."

The pair walked out of the titans room, both donned in the titans trademark skintight black leotard. As the empath had nothing else that was clean for the girl to wear, she was left with no choice.

They approached the end of the hall, deep in seemingly one sided conversation. The jade haired girl could be comprehended only by those she chose, and seeing as she wasn't even aware of the other titans existence, they were not on her 'understand me' list.

Both turned the corner to the usual sight considering the time. There was always one person involved in the production of food at the tower, she considered herself lucky that the bulk of her roommates could cook fairly well.

However, none other than beast boy manned the stove, frying up some tofu, he diverted his attention from his burning meal to greet the girl he'd heard enter the room, deep in conversation… with herself, this confused him, but no more that the girl usually did.

"Hey Ra… who's that?" he pointed to the jade haired girl with a surprising amount of composure considering his usual one… a spazz.

Raven twitched, she'd forgotten something important…

…she'd forgotten the god-damn cloaking spell.

Chapter 8: Headache


It seems you can only find what you search for when you have no idea in hell you're looking for, much like scanning for an economy size tub of mayonnaise, only to discover later it was in actuality staring you in the face, and highly contrasted by its rather colorful roomies.

You then curse to yourself for not being able to see something so blatantly obvious before your eyes, how in the hell could you have missed something so damn big?

Things seem to work the opposite of how you want, look for something and you won't find it, avoid something, and guess what you meet?

Chapter 8:

"Hey Ra… who's that?"

She froze, and considered her options, one, she could simply tell the truth… No, two, she could cast a spell at that very moment and just erase the boys memory… no, that would take too much effort, erasing memories was a complex procedure, she would have to sort through all his memories to find the correct one, and god knows she didn't want to get in his head for such a simple problem… Three, she could pretend the girl was not actually there... She went with solution three, as it presented the most… entertaining situation.

"Who's who?" she said, sounding genuine.

"You know, her." He shook the hand he was using as a pointer, as well as dragging his other arm quickly up to join the accusation. His voice still rather calm considering who he was.

"… Who?"

He gave her a curious look and dropped his hands limply to his sides, "… the person standing right next to you…"

She gave a quick glance to the girl next to her, gave her a 'follow my lead' inconspicuous wink, then diverted her attention back to the green boy and his burning breakfast. "What are you talking about?" she withheld her usual sarcastic tone, perfecting her flawless lying skills.

She however, had much to learn. Though this meant nothing, seeing as the person she was lying to was none other than Beast Boy. She continued while restraining a smirk.

"There's no one there…" she said calmly.

He squinted at the girl and slowly reached out a hand to touch the supposedly 'not actually there' girl, he nearly soiled himself as his hand meshed straight through her face. He withdrew his hand like he'd contract the plague and looked over at the empath, wide eyed. He opened his mouth to ask for help, advice, even a firm smack to hopefully snap him out of his hallucinations. However, he was interrupted.

"Your food's burning." Raven tossed in casually, hoping to distract the boy long enough to shove the girl out of the room.

She smirked victoriously, she'd opened a portal just in front of the girl, it had worked like a charm. The boy spun on his heels and dashed to the pan, which was crackling like the forth of July, fireworks and all. Raven quickly motioned to the other girl to 'shoo' while the boy had his back turned. He shielded his most precious places while transferring the flaming pan to another burner, then turned back to face the titan, the same shocked expression on his face. His mouth dropped as he realized the invisible girl was exactly that… invisible.

She forced a curious expression onto her face, "What? You look like you've seen a ghost." She tried with all her might not to crack a smile. As well as the boys glaring arachnophobia, he harbored an irrational fear for the paranormal, strange considering his fellow titans were either alien, part robot, had a previous occupation with a grown man who dressed like a bat, or from hell's abyss itself. This however, changed nothing. The empaths' choice to pull one off on the boy was most likely the slyest thing she could have done.

It was the giant man-eating tarantulas' fiasco all over again. She patted him on the shoulder with a rather fake reassuring smile, "You're doin' fine", she slurred and backed out of the room, unable to contain the throaty chuckles that spewed from her mouth.

The boy would later wrongly realize it was yet another prank by the girl, however, that current moment was in fact, not later. So there he hung, mouth agape.

All the while his stomach growling as though a rabid tiger was caged within.

Raven, having backed around the corner, met the jade haired girl once again, a smirk on both their lips.

"Wanna' go out for lunch?" She said to the girl, who whistled in affirmation.

Jinx sat, sprawled out on her –at the moment- incredibly uncomfortable couch. She'd been cooped up in her apartment for what felt like years. The actual three days she'd been lounging about had perked up her body, which was screaming at her to get out and to something. Steal, eat lunch, whatever would be fine, so long as physical movement was involved.

She groaned and shifter her position on the couch, not wanting to do anything at that particular moment in time. She had a reason not to leave the somewhat safe haven of #805.

She didn't want to risk seeing the titans, especially the darker of the bunch…


She felt it would be too… awkward around the titan, for various reasons.

Number one, they'd kissed

Number two, She'd liked it

Number three, part of her wanted to return the favor, though the internal obnoxious voice that it would bring absolutely nothing for either of them, hell, it would probably just complicate things. Most of all her thoughts of herself. She'd just "met" the girl barely a week ago, and by met she meant had had enough of a conversation to recognize the titan as a living breathing person. Even considering hooking up with a hero she had essentially zero personal knowledge of seemed a bit abrupt, even to her.

Yes, it was that obvious.

Both her reasons were essentially looped into the same group, impulsive decision making. She knew that should something like that happen again, she would most likely make an ass of herself.

She quickly rehashed her previous partners, none, and changed the most likely to a definitely.

So there she sat, writhing around on the hard-as-rock cushions, madly searching for a comfortable position, all the while thinking that she desperately needed to get food. Three days into her fridge and she was running out of possible things to put in hot water and consume.

Sure, she'd just been out several days previous, although that epic journey was spawned from thoughtless action. Having now eaten and had something… well, a small something to do, she had no reason to go out and about before considering the possible screw ups that would search and destroy her soul.

Things like that seemed to happen frequently, for a third time, her name was jinx.

Every waking moment she spent twitching on that godforsaken couch ate away at her mind, until several minutes later she groaned and sat up, forcing herself to get some air… in disguise of course, a very… clever disguise.

Her clever disguise had been fairly… well, it was not clever. Probably wasn't even a disguise. Though, when has a hat ever been.

The thief strolled down the aisles, scanning the various instant products that stood gloriously before her. Smiling a toothy smile at the girl, muttering to her 'hey, pick me'. She froze as she passed a new flavor of top ramen, whose imaginary voice had the most influence among the freeze-dried products, it bellowed at her,

"Hey chickie chick, right he-yah, yo."

She grinned at it and snatched it off the stack, flipping over to the back by habit, and quickly reading the expiration date.

It had kicked the bucket long, long ago.

No wonder it had seemed a new flavor, it was the first flavor, none. Basically noodles in water. This little mishap explained the rather gangsterish voice it had. The girl laughed and shoved it back onto the pile, among the other loud cries emanating from its fellow expiree's. She took the flavor she usually took, shrimp, from the modest and quiet stack and dropped a large armful into her basket, before moving on to purchase some salmon from the fish person.

She approached the glass window and absently looked through her choices, though she already knew what she desired, she enjoyed fooling around with the staff, one of her favorite employees was working that particular day. She looked up at the person and said in a rather loud voice,

"Hey, fish monger, one salmon please."

He smiled, and gestured to the stack, in the common, 'which one would you like' type hand wave. She eagerly pointed to the one closest to the front, which from her current position seemed the biggest, it however only seemed so because it was the closest.

This however made no difference, they were all essentially the same size.

He snatched the thing from the row, weighed it, wrapped it, and shoved it over the counter with a rather disgusting nasally snort.

"Gnnnnnnn, here's your fish, 'sniff', mam." He sniffed and wiped his nose with his arm, and loosed a mad laugh, as did the girl.

It was an inside joke, something one particularly impolite customer had done to the salesmen, and was then recounted to the thief in hushed tones. All in the past, it nonetheless remained ridiculously hilarious.

Jinx snorted and tossed her money over the glass counter. "Here ya go man."

"Yeah, see ya." He said with a quick nod, and a 'shooing' gesture.

She walked away and spoke over her shoulder, "Have a good one." She said with a wave of her free hand.

Ranst and Raven walked as casually down the streets as they could manage, considering their current wardrobe, they were doing a damn good job. After a moments consideration, the empath had decided on a place to eat… on a place to drink, Starbucks. Though she despised the bulk of the customers… well, the bulk of everything, they were the only place that housed her favorite beverage, tea. And good tea at that.

She would have boiled up some of her own had the kitchen not been in use, but it was, so there they were, strolling down the streets, both donned in rather conspicuous clothing, but trying their god-damned best to pull it off with their expressions,


Needless to say it wasn't working all that well, some curious and therefore stupid people had approached them and been disposed of already.

The empath sighed as they approached the twin swinging doors, they were finally there.

Jinx had purchased enough food to survive a nuclear blast, she however, still did not feel like actually making any of the food she had purchased, no matter how much preparation was required.

And there was very little required.

However, even the thought of tearing that damned bag of god-like goldfish, in all their golden glorious wonder, seemed hardly worth the effort.

She had bought the fish in vain. The girl could cook well enough to prepare a salmon, a dinner she would on occasion spend time preparing.

She had as well bought the numerous top ramens in vain. They were her quick snacks, as they required the least amount of time and produced the most amount of noodely goodness.

So there she groaned, going through the motions of killing off her possible eating locations. Through her frustration she was in essence hungry, though for some reason, she desired nourishment in liquid form, much like a smoothie would provide. However, she also wanted star bucks, more specifically, their heavenly 'apple thing', as she called it.

Her mouth watered at the thought.

Would the prospect of delicious-apple-drink be enough to tear her from her couch?

She decided, yes, it would indeed.

So for the second time that day, she headed out to a predestined destination.

Jinx approached star bucks and flung open the doors, presenting a scene reminisce of an old westerner barreling through knee length freely swinging and annoyingly squeaking doors.

She then quickly backed out of the shop and crouched to her knees behind a window advertisement for a new product, some chocolate malt thing.

She silently cursed to herself, what the hell were the chances of that happening, seriously, what in the hell? She had barged into exactly what she was trying to avoid. She took several deep breaths from her position and ran through her options. She could;


Not leave

Do nothing

She sighed, all of her options save one resulted in her saying aurevois to her apply-drink, and that was something she would not let happen.

Numbers one and three, assimilated.

This left number two, not to leave. That translated into two more sub-choices,

Wait for them to leave

Just go in

Jinx was far to impatient to wait for the titan to call it quits, which therefore left co-ordinate option (2,2).

No more options were posed by her brain, so she then sighed, got to her feet, and took through the doors, this time choosing to utilize a much more subtle wrist flick to enter the shop.

She thanked her gods that she was not noticed by the titan, then asked them who the girl she was with was. She hadn't seen someone like that around Go, and seeing as the girl was green haired, eyed, lipped, everything'ed save her skin, not noticing such a presence would take some considerable apathy.

Rather, stupidity.

She shrugged it off, telling herself she didn't care who the girl was with, no matter… no matter how much it seemed she was enjoying it.

So she robot'ed her way to the counter, ordered her drink, then glanced around to find a place to wait.

Pink eyes shrunk and glared red-hot daggers at the other customers, HOW DARE THEY?

Is my luck really that bad? She asked herself after coming to the conclusion; there were no free spots to take a seat. Literally every chair of every table was taken, save the two at the titans, the one place she could not really use. She groaned at her situation, sitting on the ground was absolutely out of the question, she was in a skirt, it would be un-ladylike. So was asking one of the fat-bastards that crushed all her available spots to move their fat-ass.

All of these combined choices left her with one incredibly nerve wrecking choice…

She would have to sit with the titan, or at least steal a chair.

That however, was also ruled out, as she did not want to be considered the pink haired loner of the Coffey shop, at least, not until she was old and uncaring, and could therefore act like a southerner, hobble about insulting blacks and telling stories about how life was back in her day. She grinned as one of her 'to do before she died' tasks played back in her head, it would be hilarious.

She zoned back in and approached the bench, while turning her disguise around to feeble attempt to hide her face, she spoke in a gruff tone,

"Mind if I sit here?"

Raven craned her head away from the jade girl and gave a long, hard look to the person before her. It was obviously jinx, anyone could see that.

She sighed, "What're you doing here?"

Jinx, still in character, responded in a harsh, manly tone, "Getting strong, black coffee, so I have enough energy to fight crime."

Small Rad-AppleTinie for… Jinx , the voice echoed through the room, and the thief sighed. She went to retrieve her beverage from the damned person. After giving them a glare, she returned to her desired seat and cleared her throat as deeply as she could manage.

"Mind if I sit here?" she grunted.

Ranst whistled at the girl, saying, 'yes, go right ahead', in her native language, the girl had not met the thief in any past, and even if she had, was not one to judge, she was eager to meet new people, and the girl –who knew raven- was therefore high on her introduction list.. Jinx however, did not understand a sound, and gave the girl a curious look, her impersonation forgotten in front of the girl who must have been crazy.

She said in her normal voice, "What did she just say to me?" she asked the titan, only after realizing she had blown her cover. She sighed and took a quick sip from her straw before the girl responded. Raven sighed once again and gestured to one of the empty seats.

"Go ahead." she droned.

Jinx muttered her thanks and took her awkward seat at the table, she spun around, straddling the back and absently sipping from her delicious apple drink. Still mildly curious about the green haired girl across from her… who didn't speak English.

Her curiosity got the best of her sense of… well, awkwardness, and she turned in her seat, facing the girl who were still in conversation despite the new and somewhat not welcome addition. She said,

"Hey, who's that?"

Raven broke off and looked at the girl, smirking, she could feel it in the girls voice, immense curiosity. This would be fun.


"Who's who?"

"Her" she said, in a normal tone, not caring she was conversing with the enemy and individual with which she'd had a rather unique experience. She pointed at the jade haired girl, who then pointed at herself with a dull whistle, saying, 'me?'

"Oh… why do you ask?" the titan drolled, masking her amusement in the other girls increasing frustration. She could feel it, the curiosity was eating her -most likely pink- soul.

"Well for one, she's dressed in your clothes" she gestured to the black leotard they were both wearing.

"Oh, that…" she said, while looking away in mock embarrassment.

"That's… nothing." She muttered, forcing a small blush onto her features.

This would be fun indeed.

Jinx raised a brow at the girls response, still feeling to out of place to come to the logical conclusion, that she was joking. But seeing as she was feeling out of place, she came to the illogical conclusion, that something happened. And she wanted to be in the loop, almost too much. So she spoke in hushed tones,

"Did you guys… you know…" she broke off, leaving the implication hanging in the air. Forest green lips curved into a smile, and Ranst looked over at the titan. She spoke.

She's jealous?, this of course, was only comprehended by the empath, who at the seriousness of her friends voice gave the thief a curious look, passing on the thought.


Jinx stuttered and spit out the sip she was inhaling. She responded in a dash, quick to clear up her assumption.

"No-no, of course not, just curious." She uttered.

Raven grinned slyly and continued speaking, content with herself. "Nothing happened, so you can rest easy knowing I'm all yours." She said in a deep, sensual tone, not willing to let the girl off so easily.

Jinxs' reaction went in stages, one, she was embarrassed. For her, something like that was still fairly rare and therefore, something she was unfamiliar with. Two, she was confused at the girl, still feeling like she was out of place, she couldn't hear that the girl was in fact, joking around. Three, she brushed both off reactions and returned the comment, while furiously hiding the barely visible blush that she felt creeping up her cheeks with an equal and appropriate response.

"Good, 'cause I'm the one who gets you first, got it?"

Ranst, having watched the causal and rather spontaneous conversation, decided to add the girl to her list. Something she rarely did, seeing as among her people, understanding each other was a personal thing, she would not want anyone to understand her that she didn't first get a good impression of. This helped to foster her style of speech, she spoke what she thought, and didn't care what it sounded like, seeing as only people who were her friends and understood her would understand her. So she added the girl, and spoke.

After considering what they had said to each other, she asked a small question. "You two like each other?" she said, sounding like a vague comment, one similar to the titans.

They both speedily corrected her,



Ranst grinned at them, such a reaction only said one thing.

"k." she said with a smile. Her voice still toneless, as she spoke with her breath.

Several quiet moments passed. After re-aligning her head to poke the straw into her mouth, jinx raised a brow, realizing she'd understood the jade haired girl. Somehow… She took a sharp inhale to consume as much of her drink as she could, it would serve as moral support.

delicious moral support.

She turned to the green girl after inhaling her drink, "Say something really quick." The general and fairly vague request was aptly filled, and the girl spoke.

"Say what?" she drolled, doing her best to sound like the dark haired girl next to her.

"That worked nicely, thanks." She said casually, then turned back around in her seat, deep in thought, the conversation resumed behind her.

First off, how did she understand whistles, then convert them into the English language? The girl was surprised at the notion, then brushed it off, something like that was fairly common around the girl. She was a catlike metahuman with bad luck powers.

Comprehension came as no surprise, it was only mildly confusing.

She dropped the subject completely and turned her mind to the titan.

Did she like her?

She gave a look over her shoulder at the titan, who at that moment was taking a sip from her tea in a rather adorable fashion, though she would never admit to thinking something akin to that. She rotated her head back around and focused on the plastic white lid that covered her apple beverage.

She reasoned with herself. She was and pretty much always had been… not… straight. She couldn't even think the word gay in her mind, still after all those eighteen years uncomfortable with the thought.

The titan was cute, though most girls were.

The titan was extra cute, and had a… a good figure. Hell, a great figure. She admired it in a purely hypothetical fashion.

At least she thought.

And though the concept of pressing herself against that luscious body, of burying her face in the girls chest seemed so unimaginably wonderful. She knew it was only from physical desire.

She couldn't possibly like the titan, could she?

No, of course not…

… And even if she did, nothing would ever happen between them. They had a wall separating them…


Something that the pink haired girl depended on for her life. It was her life, her job, her hobby really.

And she bet the other girl was attached to her lifestyle, saving the people, arresting her kind. She must enjoy something so riotous…


Well… that was something she would most likely never find out. And even if she did, what would change?

Certainly not her, of course… of course she wouldn't change.

She would never change over something so impossible.

Over something so futile.

Why should she?

So there she sat, so close to the titan and yet so far away, so unsure of what she desired, so frustrated that she couldn't decide about something so simple,

Did she like the girl?

… she didn't know.

She sighed to herself and settled back into the chair, still mentally separated from the world.

She was getting so caught up in something so worthless, so pointless. Nothing would ever happen either way, so it didn't matter either way.

That was her logical conclusion, one she came to with the sum total of all her inadequate emotional understanding.

And she believed it, at least, she told herself she did.

So she absently excused herself from the table, tossing the empty cardboard cup into the garbage on her way through the doors. A vacant expression on her face, she put one foot in front of the other, padding her way back to her apartment as the wind whipped at her skirt.

The mid day sun beat mercilessly down on her, shining down directly overhead. Yet, through all the burning heat she felt chills. She felt cold.

She thought of fires, of her warm bed, of flying in the sky, of anything that warmed her heart as she shivered slightly in the brilliant sun. She groaned as the icy flashes continued.

Nothing was helping.

Why wasn't anything helping anymore? Shouldn't it?

Yes, of course it should, so why wasn't it? What was so different now?

The wind continued to scrape across her frame, however much she would like to place the blame on the breeze, it was in fact, incredibly hot, as it usually was during that time of year.


It was fucking summer and she was cold, what in holy hell was happening?

She continued down the sidewalk, wrapping her sparse clothing tighter around her, and draping her arms tightly around herself. She once again pictured the stereotype fireplace fire, merrily cracking in its red tone. She remembered the feeling of slipping into her delightfully warm bed after a long day, she pictured taking off from the ground, scraping her toes and fingers against the airy clouds. And through all the things that made her warm and happy, she wasn't.

It served only to frustrate her. Her mind wandered back to her encounter with the titan. It was her fault wasn't it? It had to be, ravens…


She tried to picture the titan in malice, to hate even the thought of her…

But it seemed she couldn't despise the girl, no matter how much she imagined she would.

She was molested, killed by the girl, and yet… she couldn't hate her… why not?

That very same girl who she fought on a regular basis, even the thought warmed her … why?

It made no sense, not to her.

She did the logical thing considering her predicament, she thought of the girl, and she was no longer cold… in fact.. she felt… warm… she felt… Hot?

Why was she hot?

Well, no matter. She thought to herself as she continued down the pavement to her precious room 805, only thinking of the girl by necessity.

She told herself, it was only because she was cold, nothing else.

And once again, she believed herself.

She told herself she did.

Jinx tossed and writhed around in her bed, groaning with every turn. She had ended up watching a marathon of "Doctor Who", through her distaste for British programming, she had actually been interested. Several hours into it, she'd felt tired, shut off the television and crawled into her bed, as she did every night. However, not like every night, she found herself unable to sleep. Pictures of the titan kept popping up in her drowsy mind, seductively posed. She regretted thinking of the empath so frequently on her trek back to #805. And even though her thoughts had had nothing to do with that type of desire, she found herself unable to banish the pictures that ran rapid in her head. Her cheeks burned as she remembered how the titan was dressed, how the fabric was pressed tightly against her supple flesh. She felt hot. Even though the day had been unbearably scalding with the sun glaring at her every waking moment, even though the steaming breeze felt too much so in its whishing through her hair. Even though the day had been nothing like what it would take for her to feel as she did…

…She did…

She turned her head to the other cheek, closing her eyes tightly. She was sure the feeling would pass if she answered it, the next time she saw the titan, she would not feel anything for her, no lust, no desire, no feelings whatsoever.

She would let her mind wander, then banish her memories to oblivion.

She would be back to normal again, she knew she would.

She gently slid her hand up over her tone stomach and up to her chest, firmly grasping her breast. Her other hand traced lightly up her thigh, she slid her fingers into her cotton panties.

She imagined the titan, moaning in desire. She pictured how she would look, blushing, breathing heavily, her chest rapidly rising and falling as she slipped her head between the girls legs.

She imagined pressing herself onto the girls' slick form.

She imagined kissing her passionately, kissing her until the sun rose once more.

Jinx awoke to the shouting of her fellow apartmentee's, it was common among the 800 building for an argument to be the official alarm clock, part of why she no longer owned one. Her neighbors were much more efficient in waking her up ridiculously early.

Part of why she despised them so.

She slid the sheets off her and threw on her usual clothes, yawning all the way. After preparing a quick noodle filled breakfast, she took a seat at her couch and flicked on the TV, absently scanning through the channels, a grimace on her lips.

She'd done it.

She remembered all of it, all of it so clearly, tossing and turning in her bed in pleasure. She remembered picturing the other girl, touching and kissing every part of the girl in her head.

It had seemed a good choice at the time, perhaps it was. But, now the following day, it was anything but.

She now realized it would be long before she could forget something like that.

She thought to herself, would she be able to go about her day in the usual candor? Would she be able to mock pedestrians, steal electronics, even leave her apartment without feeling uncomfortable?

She told herself, of course she could. She had only done what she did as means to fall asleep. It was merely a device she had used. And that was all it was.

It had to be.

She needed to know, to prove to herself that it had meant nothing, to silence the single voice in her head that told her exactly what she didn't want to her.

So she went about her day as she normally would, she breathed, she ate, she watched tv. And through all the dying monotony she felt absolutely nothing. Perhaps it was simply her body asking for air; why else would she feel so cramped in her own body.

She stood from her couch and stepped to her door, sliding on a jacket on the way. She would walk around.

And she would be better.

So she left her apartment, and she went out into the sun filled world.

Jinx had in the end, decided to visit Mammoth in the hospital. Having nothing else seem worth her time, it was invariably her only option. So she strolled her way down the streets, heading for the place that by now seemed almost like home to her. It was home to one of them, after all.

And his home was her home, that was their promise to each other.

A promise she would never break.

Her steps took her closer and closer to the same familiar doors, they took her through the halls, down to the same familiar door. She flung it open to greet her friend, who promptly beamed at her, lifting his scarred hand to wave to her.

"Doin better huh?" she said to the man after seeing his improvement.

"Yeah," he looked at the scars, "Should be healed up tomorrow."

"It looks fine now." She drolled.

He attempted to close his hand only to wince. He looked back up at the girl. "Still can't really close it." He spoke with a grin.

She raised a brow. "They're keeping you here 'cause of your hand?" It seemed a bit rash for such a miniscule wound.

He shared the girls expression. "Yeah, doctors orders."

She chuckled at him, before lightly responding, "Well, have fun with that." She turned to leave but stopped just outside the door. She spoke over her shoulder in a forced tone, "Get better soon, k?"

"No promises." He said, in an attempt to lighten the mood.

It worked well.

She chuckled at him, waved over her shoulder, and left. She'd missed him during his stay. She missed him being home. His apartment was #811, directly across from hers. As well as the shreek (Shrimp-Geek) being down the hall.

She missed him being there.

…He was her best friend.

But, she told herself, he would be back tomorrow, isn't that something to look forward to?

She thought firmly, of course it is, what the hell kind of question is that?

So she walked down the hall, thinking only of his return to their home. Then she would feel better, wouldn't she? Of course she would, he was the only reason she felt so… empty.

Yes, tomorrow would be a different day.

The thief turned the corner, freezing as she overheard the conversation being whispered between two nurses. Having superhuman hearing is quite a useful thing.

She listened in.

That guy's getting arrested? Why?

I heard he robbed some place, right after he heals up we have to sent him to jail.

But he seems so nice.

It not for that one, redeeming comment, she would have torn the girl head off. She turned on her heels, back to the room, her pace increasing with every step. They would not ruin this for her. She wouldn't let them. She wouldn't fucking let them!

She froze as she turned the corner, coming face to face with several police officers, all stationed in the corners of the room, all armed with shotguns, glinting evilly in the sterile light, two on either side of the door, every officer aimed on her. She shot a look to mammoth, who mouthed,


No… this couldn't happen, could it? How could her luck be that bad? How could her luck be so fucking bad!

She opened her mouth to shout at the world, why in the hell was it doing all this to her?

She firmly blinked and took down the halls, ignoring the policemen's cries for her to freeze, ignoring the various gunshots that ran out, echoing through the halls. She would not be caught in that place, not after he told her to leave.

He wanted her to escape, he always did.

Just as she wanted him to escape… something that would not happen this time, not again.

It seemed she wanted a number of things she would never have.

So she ran through the tears down the aisles of that god forsaken place, out the doors and away, going anywhere but there.

And she ran.

Jinx sat on a rusted, wooden bench, among the swaying trees, the laughing children, she cried. Even in public, among those god damn people, she cried.

Through the tears she was angry, furious. She knew someone needed to be blamed, someone was to blame.

And she knew who.


She remembered, the titan had visited him in the hospital, she had healed him up, so who else could be responsible?

No one else.

It was her fault. She thought through the tears. Deep down she knew it would be a long while until her friend escaped jail, even through his recovery, he would need more time to regain his strength. And until he had it, he could do nothing.

And neither could she. She had always thought of him as an older brother, and she needed her brother there with her…

To make it through her life.

That fucking girl had killed and revived them both, only to separate them once again.

She separated them…

She killed them.

They were all they had, so, without each other… what the hell were they?


It was ravens fault…

She raised her head from her palms and sent a glare to the sun, ignoring the pain in her eyes. She knew what she had to do… What she needed to do.

She had to make her pay for what she had done…

No matter how, she would make her pay.

And they would be even.

So there she sat, stewing in herself. Plotting her empty revenge on the girl who had taken away her friend. And though the girl had no idea how to go about attaining her vengeance, it didn't matter.

She would.

Jinx took down the streets, she knew where the titan was, at least, where she hoped she was.

They were both at that damned coffee shop, weren't they? She thought to herself, they were having a good old time, enjoying their conversation while her brother rotted in jail. How dare they!

She smirked as the shop came into view, and sure enough, there through the window, she could see the girls, both idly sipping their drinks, grinning, laughing.

It made her sick.

The very thought of the person responsible for separating them being happy made her sick.

She would soon feel better.

She shattered the doors with twin hex bolts, and stepped through the metal frames, hoping to rid the place of any interfering pedestrians. Sure enough, all but the titan and her friend bolted out the doors, leaving her among the broken glass, glowering at the empath.

She would pay.

Jinx took her solid steps forward through the crunching glass, grinning wickedly. She approached them.

Raven had long since been at her feet, Ranst stood idly by her side, giving the girl she had previously… well, liked, a curious look.

The thief took deliberate steps slowly to the titan, all the while arms swinging loosely at her sides, the same grin on her lips.

She threw a punch, a slow, ragged punch. Blinded by her hatred her movements became sloppy, predictable, and the fight rapidly turned on her, she lost her ground. Through her seething anger she was losing.

Where was her revenge?

If she couldn't physically beat the girl, what could she do?

Tell her. She thought, tell her what she's done.

So she backed away from the girl, who had calmly been blocking her punches and kicks with ease, still unsure of what to do. She had not done anything to provoke such actions. She could feel it in the girl, hatred, of her. She was not about to fuel the fire, so she blocked and ducked and dodged, waiting to hear what was happening.

Ranst stood on the sidelines, observing the situation, after receiving a 'don't interfere' look from her savior, she had retreated to the counter to take a seat.

So she watched the fight unfold, and watched it rapidly turn in her favor.

Jinx took a step back, breathing heavily. She spoke.

"You arrested him." She said, keeping her voice at a normal level.

Raven looked at her curiously, "What?" she muttered.

Jinx furiously threw her arms down to her sides, in disbelief that the girl would play dumb about something like that. She shouted at the girl.

"YOU ARRESTED MAMMOTH!" she screamed at the girl, who promptly took a step back. "WHY!" she said in the same tone.

She lowered her voice and looked at the ground, feeling tears slowly drip from her eyes.

"Why did you arrest him…" she murmured. "… You nearly kill him, then you turn around and arrest him?"

"Why… why would you do that?"

Raven looked at the girl wide eyed. She had not had him arrested, why would she do that? She was well aware of the relationship they shared, and had in the end, saved him for her.

She had no reason to take away what she had offered out.

She opened her mouth to speak.

She never had a chance.

The thief bolted from the scene, covering her face with her arms, she sprinted into the distance, leaving the titan feeling… guilty, over it.

She felt guilty over something she had nothing to do with.

What in the hell was happening?

Jinx laid in her bed, curled up under the sheets, weeping uncontrollably. Even though she had promised the man never to cry over him, she did. Her situation was hopeless, as was his. At the moment they both desperately needed each other, and could neither free themselves or each other from their respective prisons.

Literal, and emotional.

So there she sat, and among her tears was an affirmation.

She would save him. No matter the cost she would get him out of there.

She threw off the sheets and dashed to the door, through the blinding tears she grabbed her coat and flung open the door, coming face to face with the last person she expected.

"… mammoth…"

It appeared that none other than robin had been the one to turn in mammoth.

So, there was raven, stuck in the middle of the incorrectly placed blame. And though she should not care whether or not she was hated…

She did, for some reason she cared what the other girl thought of her.

She reached a decision.

She would fix everything, even though it presented considerable danger, she would fix the damned problem.

So she had left Ranst comfortably in her bed, then teleported herself outside the city jail.

And there she stood, in front of the massive concrete structure, looking up the walls of the place she would soon infiltrate.

This was the only way, she told herself, this was the only way to correct herself. The only way to get the girl back on her good side…

Well, less on her bad side.

She took a deep breath of the crisp cold air and muttered her mantra, teleporting herself into the building.

Raven glided down the elevated halls, careful not to wake anyone or anything in that place. She glanced around, looking for a certain cell. She would recognize it should she see it. She knew that. So she flew, blandly glancing around for what would most likely be a solid steel door.

She found it at the very end of the row.

Surrounded by four feet of solid steel, having a tiny vent and opening his only sources of air and food, sat mammoth. In complete darkness nonetheless. However considering the time, all inmates had it the same.

He sat there, dully looking down at the floor. He knew he could not bash his way through steel, at least, not such an astonishing amount.

As well as that, his 'guy' had been found, and forced to leave town, which meant there was no one to free him.

Save… jinx.

And that was something he didn't want, he'd even told the officers he was never visited by the girl when they asked him at gunpoint. And yet, those damned guards waited in his room for the girl.

And in the end, they had almost gotten her.

He would not risk having her in the same conditions he was in. It was his responsibility to keep her out of such a drear scene.

So he did.

He started as the door to his cell was torn from the wall, however massive it was, it remained completely silent as it was dropped to the ground stories beneath him.

It never made a sound.

And in stepped the last person he'd expected to see.

"… Raven?"

"…mammoth…" she stared in disbelief, not so much as blinking as tears clouded her vision. "… how did you get out?" she muttered, the rapidly pulsing blood slowly fading away from her initial impulsive decision.

He spoke, "… Raven…"

"That bitch broke you out?" she said angrily, her tears ceased.

"Why'd you call 'er that?" he said, keeping his voice low.

"She's the one who fucking sent you there!" she shouted at the man.

He sighed. "No… she didn't… Robin did."

Her anger dissipated as she looked up at the man. He was serious, and…

She was wrong.

"… he did?"

The man looked to the side, "… Yeah…"

Jinx looked down at the floor in front of her as her friend retreated to his apartment across from hers, she felt terrible, after she'd just falsely accused the titan, even went so far as to fight her, it turned out she'd had nothing to do with it.

She was once again, in the titans dept.

Further so than she was the last time.

Hell, she was still in the girls dept.

She sighed and muttered to mammoth as he crouched into his room,

"… goodnight, mammoth."

He stopped.


Raven groaned as she sat up in her bed, still sore from the previous day, it had taken a large amount of energy to pull off such a feat.

So there she was, absently looking around her room, the sheets had long since slid off her body, exposing her to the cool air. Normally she would have pulled the sheets back up and summoned her clothes. However, she did not feel cold.

At least, she told herself she didn't.

As much as she would like to ignore the previous day, she was dying from curiosity. She had to know if the girl forgave her, for something she hadn't even done…

But still, she needed to know.

How else could she be warm again?

She gently nudged the girl sleeping next to her, who lazily blinked open and looked up at her, a drowsy smile on her lips.

She had not slept in a bed in a long, long time. She'd forgotten how wonderful it felt.

The warmth.

And in turn, the titan had forgotten.

However bland her situation was, she would not let it continue as it was. She would visit the girl, and she would ask for her forgiveness, even if she would not receive it, she would ask and wait.

And she told herself no matter what the answer, she would leave that place feeling the same,


So she slid out of bed and threw on her uniform. It seemed she'd once again forgotten to wash her casual clothes and was once again forced to leave the tower in a black skintight leotard.

Raven muttered her good mornings to the girl who still was sprawled out in her bed. Ranst returned the sentiment, and after the empath said her goodbyes, she whistled to the girl.

See you soon.

And she left.

Jinx woke up in a daze, quickly blinking in the morning light that poured through her open window.

Her friend was back.

She told herself that he was back, that she should be happy.

So why wasn't she?

Surely she wasn't feeling guilty about what she'd done, it had been the titans fault, it always was.

So damnit, why was she feeling guilty?

She sat up in her twin size bed, the sheets slid off of her. She fell back onto her bed and stretched her arms and legs in the traditional 'jumping jack' position. After her morning stretch, she threw on some randomized clothes, prepared her usual morning breakfast, and once again flopped down on her couch to watch some wholesome television.

And damnit, she tried.

She tried as best she could to sit there and relax, but found she couldn't stop fidgeting. She still felt empty after consuming a tub of instant noodles.

Such a thing was unheard of.

As was feeling guilty.

So there she sat, writhing around on her now very uncomfortable couch, considering why she felt as she did, so cooped up in her own body.

Maybe she needed to get some air?

What did she want? She asked herself.

There was no way she wanted to apologize, was there? Of course not, she had already done such a thing in the past.

And what had happened then?

Nothing, nothing had happened, nothing had changed.

She told herself, apologizing would change nothing.

So why did she want to?

She didn't know.

But then again, she didn't know a lot of things.

So through her feeble attempts to convince herself, she did not need to apologize,

She did.

So she sprung to her feet and strolled to the door, choosing to leave behind her coat on that particular sunny day.

It was summer after all.

Raven took down the sidewalk, donned in her usual clothes, she had on this particular walk, decided to skip the harassing of pedestrians, and had therefore instilled an invisibility spell.

Not literal invisibility of course, such a thing was impossible. She merely erased her existence simultaneously from anyone who saw her. They would physically see her, and however, not notice her. Should they for some reason, choose to observe her, they would receive a splitting headache.

Their brain was after all, being reformatted every millisecond they saw her.

So down the pavement she walked, her deliberate steps taking her ever closer to the thiefs apartment. Number 805, she told herself. That was where she needed to go.

Her strides soon stopped, as she saw the one person she least expected.


And sure enough, the thief stopped. She was in actuality staring directly at the person she was searching for. She could feel her presence, she swore the girl was right in front of her.

… and yet, she wasn't. How was that possible?

It wasn't, was it?

Well, no matter. She brushed off her confusion and continued down the sidewalk, invariably passing directly by the person she had left her home in search of.

Raven carefully observed the girl, stepping out of her path as the girl walked towards her.

What was she doing there? She asked herself.

Was… was she looking for her?

No, why would she do that?

She wouldn't.

And yet…

The titan felt in her heart, a longing. She needed to find out why the girl was searching. Even though she had no idea what the girl quested for, she needed to know why.

Even though that would change nothing.

So she followed her, throughout the girls day she would shadow the thief, and she would find out why the girl was out there in the world with her.

And that would be the end of it.


Jinx had in the end, taken a seat in the park. After a long days searching, she had come up empty handed. She had not seen the titan anywhere.


Even during a break in, which she had observed, the girl was the only titan not at the scene.

Confusing, yes.

So there she sat, on a familiar rusted wooden bench, amidst the screams and shouts of fairly obnoxious children all running around, playing pointless games.

And there sat raven, right next to her, she had been on her feet that entire day, as well as that, her invisibility spell took a lot of energy out of her, she needed her rest as much as the other girl did.

There they both sat. Having walked out into the world in search of each other, there they both were, so close to each other.

Raven knew she could end it if she simply removed the spell, it would be so… easy. Really… but then, why was she so apprehensive?

It would take a mere minute or so to discover whether or not the girl forgave her, or at least no longer blamed her.

So why didn't she?

Jinx sighed and leaned back onto the bench, limply hanging her head over the back of the bench, her arms sprawled out over the top uncomfortably, though it didn't bother her. She muttered to herself, still unaware of the girl directly next to her.

"… couldn't find her."

Raven perked up at that, it seemed the girl had indeed been searching for someone…

Was it her?

This changed everything, after following the girl all day long, after watching her steadily falling expression, she knew whoever she was looking for was important to the thief.

So, what if it was her? Would that change anything?

Well, she told herself, only one way to find out.

She removed the spell.

And she spoke.

"Hey, Jinx." She said casually.

The girl started at the sudden voice and craned her head back up over the top of the bench to get a good look at the seat next to her.

Needless to say she was fairly confused.

She sent a curious look to the girl, her inquisitive nature overwhelming her initial surprise.

"When'd you get there?" she said with a flat expression.

Raven, in an attempt to remain nonchalant, leaned back onto the bench, assuming the position the thief had previously been splayed out into.

"While ago." She said.

Jinx, seeing the other girls reaction, joined her in draping her head over the back of the bench once again.

She spoke in a similar tone. "… oh…" her sense of modesty getting the best of her.

Raven was the first one to break the silence.

"So… come here often?", she said, trying to spike up a conversation.

"… yeah, s'pose I do." She absently looked over at the girl. "You?"

Raven smiled inwardly, "… Yeah."

Jinx smiled physically, as she realized, they were in fact… talking. This would be… fun, she thought.

"Hey," she poked the girl on the shoulder lightly with a finger, "Are we like, talking?"

Raven took a deep and audible breath. "… Seems like."

The talk was not flowing all that well, something the thief would have to change. "Wow.", she mock yawned, "No wonder I'm so bored." She said in a dull tone.

Raven loosed a slow sarcastic laugh, "Ha, ha, ha, funny, jinx, very funny." She mindlessly prodded the girl with her hand with each syllable.

Jinx brushed off the finger, "I thought so." She chuckled,

They both did.

The thief changed the subject, she realized, the girl she had in fact been searching for was sitting right next to her.

She said in a low tone, "…'M sorry… about… you know, yelling at you…" She sighed, "I know it wasn't you…"

Raven sighed as well, it seemed her problem had worked itself out, and hell, it had turned out better than she expected. The girl forgave her.

… sweet…

"… yeah…", she said awkwardly, "… I know…"

Jinx once again changed the subject, her goal now completed; she was left with several options. She chose, have a decent conversation. Maybe it would help her work out her thoughts about the titan.

"Hey, Raven?" she nudged the girl with one of her boots, "Have we ever really… talked?"

The empath responded, "… no, not really."

She sat up abruptly and beckoned to the girl to come closer. The girl slowly closed the distance, aiming her ear to hear whatever the girl would say.

Jinx once again beckoned in the 'closer' hand flick, as well as a sarcastic roll of the eyes. Raven once again scooted closer, almost… curious, about the girl had to say.

Jinx put her mouth as close to the girls ear as she could while remaining decent.

She burped in a rather unladylike fashion, and snorted in laughter.

Raven, secretly amused, backed away with a however, flat expression.

"Real nice, Jinx, real nice."

Chapter 9: Valentine Reminisce


Chapter 9:

"He's afraid of spiders?", jinx said with a snort.


"But… he's like… you know."

"Yeah, I know."

"So why's he…"

Raven shrugged and looked over at the girl with a smug expression. They had and were having a decent conversation. It had however, somehow turned to beast boys irrational fear of spiders. And raven, being particularly… well, she thought it was hilarious, was glad the other girl felt the same.

"Hey ray?" she said with a smile.

"Mnn?" she grunted.

"We just, like… talked…"

"Something must be done." The titan said ominously.

The thief chuckled, "Damn straight it should."

Jinx's eyes widened in a dramatic realization, she had the ultimate perfect idea of how to judge what she felt. And it was perfect. So all that was left for her to do was to seamlessly, and subtly subway into it, it would be flawless.

"Wanna have a sleepover?" She said hopefully, it seemed her ultimate plan had ended up shorter than expected.

Raven grimaced. She had never never had a sleepover. Hell, she barely even knew what it was. It seemed… that people were always too afraid to pose the question, either that, or too close-minded to talk to the girl with grey skin. She had in essence, been blindsided, there were no transitions into the other girl asking something so impulsive, unless her 'something should be done' comment counted.

Crap… it was that wasn't it?

She sighed as she felt the tangible anticipation building up in the other girls chest. She could feel it herself, the anxiety. The thiefs' strange request had at first seemed simply… spontaneous, but now, sitting next to the girl, it seemed she was in the same boat.

She had never really had a childhood friend.

So there she sat, putting her soul out in the open, and asking something of someone she had never before. Imagine, how uncomfortable it must be for her, even if it was only her she was talking to. And though the titan could stew in her hatred of social events,

She only ever had one answer.

"Sounds like… fun." She said with an awkward inflection at the end, almost a question.

Jinx beamed at the girl before returning to her splayed back position on the bench, her head once again drooping ungracefully over the arched back.

"You know… I've never really had a sleepover…" she muttered to the girl.

"… same here."

Jinx extended a hand to the other girl, at first jabbing her in the cheek, before blindly correcting her aim and positioning it next to the other girls, in the traditional handshake position.

"Shake for a first?"

Raven clasped the girls hand and shook it deftly.


"Oh yeah", she added in, "… uhhm, whose' place?"

The titan chuckled lightly at the comment, it seemed obvious what the safe… safe-er choice should be.


Jinx snorted once again, "Right, with the other titans an' all… forgot about that."

"Hey, it happens." She pulled her head back over the edge of the bench, seeing as she was previously in the same position as the other girl had been, she'd had to move to actually look at the girl and not at the sky.

Raven sighed as she remembered something mildly important she had to do… clear it up with the 'fearless leader'. She would not look forwards to his reaction. Hey robin? Sleepin over at jinxies, mnnn-k? She scowled at the thought of her ever being that perky. She groaned and grabbed the damned device from her belt, flipping it open and once again covering the screen, she nimbly dialed robin with her free hand and glared at the thing until he picked up.

"Robin here." She could see on the screen he was frowning, she guessed he had realized it was her.

"I'm staying out tonight."

"… why?" he said, sounding almost… curious?

"No reason."

"Uhhh…" he broke off as he remembered the 'no prying' rule, the plane ride home rang fresh in his mind.

Ugh… china… He decided to ask one final question, not prying in the least… well, in his opinion.

"… Boyfriend?" he muttered into the speaker, after glancing around quickly.

Raven shut the thing and smashed it back into her webbed belt, returning her stare to the girl who had been patiently waiting next to her.

"Should we… go?" she said with a raised brow.

The thief glanced around them, it wasn't dark, per-say, it was however, somewhat dank. The sun was barely hanging over the mountains and shadows would soon cover them. The sky was however, a clear light blue.

"I guess." She lightly smacked the titans cheek with the back of her hand, "Hey raven?"

"Mmm?" she grunted once again


In the end, both of them had had no idea what to do… even what they were supposed to do. And so it happened that they came upon a VHS tape, and though this particular format holds no significance whatsoever, as well as is morbidly outdated, it however contained the thiefs' single, favorite movie of all time.

The Princess Bride.

She had actually clapped the moment she came upon that godforsaken treasure, which of course, was inconveniently located directly underneath her television. Which of course, was a CRT model, and was in position of a built in VHS player.

So there they both sat, sprawled out comfortably on the thiefs' couch, each lying down on opposite sides of the couch, enjoying a classic movie with a friend.

However, did they consider each other friends? They were alike, physically, they shared a common past, shit, and they both adored whoever the hell that guy was that said 'inconceivable'… good lord, that was hilarious.

So once again, there they sat, tangled up in a mass of limbs on the thiefs couch, observing a poison gauntlet being switched around.

And they were smiling.

They were both smiling.

As if… they were both happy.

… together.

Seems to be moving along nicely, master. A voice interrupted the calm of the titans mind.

She frowned, she hadn't been 'graced' with that sound for quite a while, relatively speaking. She got strait to the matter.

Why are you here? She muttered in her head, carefully maintaining an apathetic tone.

What? Can't I just be here to enjoy a classic film? It said mockingly.

No, you can't.

Oh, well, fine then. I came to speak on behalf of someone.

She raised a brow, lust never did anything a favor, ever. What was going on?

Who? She asked, genuinely curious.

Love of course. It stated matter-of-factly.

A cling-on would have been envious of the girls expression. … what did she have to say?

The voice chuckled, Nothing much, she would just like to have a moment outside.

Not happening. She thought flatly.

You forget your promise, mistress. Surely you don't mean to go back on your word… It trailed off.

I never promised th-

You forget, mistress, emotions cannot lie… So, what will it be? Hmm?

No. She said immediately.

Such a shame, here you made her cry. Honestly mistress, that seemed a bit harsh. All she wanted was a bit of time in control…

She can not be trusted, neither can you. She thought sternly.

Really, I'll keep an eye on her-I'll even pinky swear. So? We cool, dude? It said dryly.

Drop it, and leave.

You wound me mistress, we would never let anything happen, After all, we both want the same thing, do we not? No, we all want the same thing.

So let us get it for you…


What will it be?

The answer is still the same, lust.

What about love, love? It droned.

If she wants something, she can ask for herself.

Master… Another voice cut in, Please… let me out… even if it's only for a second… please… It begged her.

She sighed, it took serious circumstances for love to come out and plead for something. A frequently unused emotion she was, and in all her years had weakened, she had been out of use for so long.

It seemed this was her only chance to make use of her life.

If it could be called such.

So she beseeched her master for a chance.

Raven inwardly groaned, feeling overwhelming pity cloud her judgment. She had indeed… made a promise, to every emotion that resided inside her, one unique to each.

It seemed it was time for love to redeem hers.

So she would keep her word to the girl.

Fine… don't do anything foolish

No promises.

And Love?


Don't act too weird, okay?

Raven was at once condemned to her mind, for the time being of course. And love, well, she took her place.

So there both girls sat, watching a film on a tiny television.

Love absently prodded the other girl with her feet, ecstatic to finally be outside… well inside, but it was outside to her. She however, had to maintain her hosts usual mood… flat. So she bubbled internally, thinking all the things she would normally say, and saying all the things she would normally think.

Needless to say she said nothing.

So there she sat, poking and prodding the love of her life. Well, love loved… everything, as was her… well, the point of her. She however, harbored a love greater than her love of most things for the girl on the other side of the couch.

It made about as much sense to raven as it would to a rock. A dull rock. But far be it from her to question the inner workings of her own mind.

Love was in love with the girl more than she was with anything else, which meant she was in fact, in love.

It seemed the empaths mind had always had low standards. Branching from such a past as her own, it was unavoidable that she lost her faith in humanity. But she, like all humans, still subconsciously longed for love.

And it seemed it had found it.

She loved that girl next to her, who she'd fought and hurt and been hurt by in the recent past. It made no sense…

But it didn't have to… it was love after all.

Raven, calmly watching the scene from her mind, was actually… surprised. For her emotions to get fully noticed they had to.. well, they had to be in control. Only then could she see the full extent of herself.

And she realized something.

She actually liked the girl.

And rather unfortunately, it seemed that love had overheard her epiphany. A shame…

Raven brilliantly grinned, pulled her legs out of the mesh of limbs and sat up on her decided cushion. She then promptly flopped down onto the other girl, her chin landing at the very bottom of the girls miniskirt, which she had for some reason, decided not to change out of.

Jinx didn't like constricting clothing, which in her opinion, were uncomfortable. Her deciding to remain comfortable was one of the reasons that she was so surprised at the other girls sudden choice to use her as a pillow.

As well as it being so out of character from the usually… well, droll character she'd come to know. Hell, she'd never even heard the girl laugh, really laugh.

Which was yet another reason she was so surprised, as the girl flopped down onto and loosed a belly laugh at her suddenly tensing up.

She laughed.



Jinx sent the girl a curious look, one that reflected the activity bustling around in her head.

Not much activity.

Raven looked up at the girl, broadly grinning. It had been so long since love had felt so… fulfilled. It had indeed been many, many years since the girl had even been given a chance.

So she smiled up at the girl, the girl who filled her hosts heart with warmth.

love… what are you doing? Raven mumbled in her head.

Raven nuzzled her cheek into the other girls' thigh, ignoring the various noises she overheard, or the squirming of the limb that she had a firm grasp on.

nothing… The voice said meekly.

It doesn't look like nothing, love, care to explain?

no… it muttered.

You know you like it, mistress. Lust intervened, however unintentionally it may have seemed, it was in fact, planned.

This isn't about you-

In fact, I think we'll show you how much you like it…

Love? Lust said, it sounded almost… almost like a command.

K, It said, sounding almost obscenely anxious.

Lust was now in control.

And she would enjoy it.

They all would.

Raven rubbed her cheek further up the girls' thigh, her nose feathering along the sensitive skin.

The thief's eyes widened, what in holy hell was happening? Was the other girl…

"Rav-ah.. what are you do-uhh", she feebly attempted to push the girls head away, her arms soon fell limp as the feeling washed over her.

The wonderful feeling.

Lust deftly trailed her tongue over the flesh, mindlessly forming random patterns and grinning as she heard the girls breathing quicken.

LUST, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING! Raven bellowed in her mind.

What we both want, mistress.

Damnit lust! STOP!

She doesn't seem to want me to stop, ask her yourself.

That's not the point, you can't do that!

Why not?

Because!... because… it's not… it's not-

Not right? I understand if you would rather be the one to take the girl… And I will let you.

The titan slid her hand up the girls' leg, trailing up to her rear. She moved her tongue upwards, tracing the edge of the girls' underwear with the very tip.

It's either me, or you, so? Who shall it be?



I'll… I'll do it…

Lust continued her assault on the girls' sensitive flesh, she would not settle for such a remorseful response when it was so obvious her master desired so much more.

She would not let her master off on such a meek affirmation.

She would not let her master take over until she realized what she wanted.

Lust slid her free hand up the girls' thigh, nudged away the obstructing skirt and gently tugged the girls panties away and down her legs. She lifted her head up to get a look at her treasure, a smile formed on her mouth as she tenderly licked the girls' lower lips, sliding her tongue affectionately in and out. She sighed contently as the hands that once attempted to pull her away gently coaxed her deeper.

And raven, idly watching from the sidelines, could see and hear the whole thing. The thiefs constant moaning, and… her, she was causing it all.

Her, she was doing it.

At least, she was going to.

Lust, stop. I want to take over. She said resolutely.

Lust smiled, it seemed she had gotten what she wanted…

Her master to admit to herself, that she did indeed desire the girl.

Her master to want the girl, as she did.

very well, master. It said, forcing a downtrodden tone to mask her sheer delight.

Enjoy, mistress. The voice went silent, and the empath was once again in control of her body, still being held in place by the other girl.

She continued the attack on the other girl, through the writhing and moaning she shamelessly licked away at the girls core. Her hands roaming over the silky smooth skin, kneading everything they touched. She savored the warmth of the girls velvety soft flesh, her subtle creamy taste, the sound of her voice crying out in ecstasy.

It seemed the thief wanted it as well, at least, after some… mild intervention by lust.

It seemed they both wanted it.

No… there is no seemed involved, they both wanted it.

Without a doubt.

A girl sat, rather, sagged in her seat, idly staring down at her desk, ignoring the bustle of the scene around her. Yet another valentines day it seemed, that reminded her of just how much she was loved… She prodded her handmade box, one that she, as well as all of her fellow classmates had made the previous day in class.

And there she sat, aimlessly poking her empty mailbox, fighting the tears that every year ran to her eyes. She would not cry over something so weak, so pathetic. She would not let them get to her.

Even if she was the only one in class to not receive a single valentine.

Every year, the same drear scene played out, and… she was cast out.

Once again she was cast out.

She took a deep breath and banished any feelings of remorse as in the top of her vision she saw a folded piece of paper slide into her paper box. She formed a small smile on her pale lips, it seemed this year would be different after all.

She daintily reached into the carton and pulled out her single valentine and tore the tape seal to get a better look, still beaming.

Her expression fell as she read the scrawled writing.

Go home freak

It seemed this year was yet another disappointment… yet another painful three hundred sixty five days gone by to have the same shit keep reoccurring in a never-ending gyre.

So there she sat, resisting the urge to crumple that damned paper that burned through her skin. She would not give them that satisfaction.

She would not show fear, she would not show pain.

And they would not get a reaction.

She extended a cautious hand over her mailbox and released the damnable paper, which fell to the bowels with a dull scratching noise.

Just as that valentine was gone, so did she wish her pain.

She wished so much that she could get rid of it all, just drop it into an infinite void and leave it to rot and decay.

Then why not do it? That familiar voice rang out.

Why not do what? She thought casually, by that time all to familiar with the sound in her head.

Separate your anger, fear, everything…

Then you wouldn't feel so terrible.

We could help you, mistress, make us

Create us, and you will be free.

will it work? She askeddesperately, after all her seven years in that world, it seemed all she had seen was pain and anguish and despair. She wanted the feeling to stop. And this was her chance.

I would never lie to you, master, I can't.

Then… how? She muttered in her mind.

I will do it, master, just relax, and let lust take over…

yeah… She murmured.

She felt… strange, she suddenly felt light headed, out of it. She took a deep breath and lifted her arms onto the wooden desk, supporting her head in her hands as the world continued to spin. She shut her eyes, as for a moment intense pain rang out in her mind, as though it were being split apart. Then, it suddenly stopped…

It all stopped.

The world came into focus, and she once again felt ancient gravity weigh her back down to earth. And… she felt so…


She felt absolutely nothing as she raised her head and scanned around, observing the other kids walking about, laughing, frolicking like goddamn wild animals. And somehow, watching all the things she had missed out on … she felt nothing…

Shouldn't she feel better that she no longer feels… sad?

No… she was not content, angry, not even confused anymore.

She was simply there.

Could she have felt anything, she would have felt great, she no longer cared what other people thought. Not on a conscious or unconscious level.

Master, we live to serve. Seven voices all rang out, all holding the same definite sound, yet… different tones.

We are your knowledge,

Your sadness,

Your happiness,

Your love,

Your courage,

Your rage,

Your lust, mistress. Rang out the familiar voice, as well as several others

And we will take your pain. They all spoke simultaneously.

The oldest of the voices spoke once more. Well master, how do you feel?

I… I don't…. She droned. I don't feel…

Are you content with your decision then? It said dryly.

I suppose I am…

The girl absently glanced up as she felt someone before her, a glazed look in her eyes. She gave them a dull look.

"What?" she said flatly

A group of boys stood before her, all glaring at her through slits. The front most of them spoke in harsh tones, "Hey freak."

She looked at him with a dull expression, appearing completely unaffected. "Hmm?"

"Why are you so freaky?" he said with a laugh, the kids behind him followed suit.

"That didn't make you look like an idiot at all." She drolled, maintaining her tone. She was no longer afraid of him, or the pain that would follow.

The laughter ceased. "What'd you say? Freak!" he shouted at her, inaudible among the din of the other children, shouting at each other in excitement, it melded with the white noise, however, sounding clear to the girl, as well as the boy and his group.

"You deaf now too?" she said dryly, "You know, if not for society natural selection would have killed you off long ago."

He and the others cracked their knuckles, grinning at her.

The leader spoke once more, "That's it!" he raised a fist and hurled it forwards.

Much to his and the empath's surprise, it was caught in the girls hand.

Allow me to handle this, master. Rang out an unfamiliar voice, through its respectful tone she could hear it. Hatred, even fury.

She no longer cared.

Do what you want, voice.

Please, call me Rage. It said for the last time.

Raven suddenly broke out into a vicious grin, her teeth elongated and sharpened to points. She craned her head to look up at the boy, her eyes glowing brilliant red.

"That wasn't very nice." She turned in her seat and got to her feet, her pale skin going unnoticed among the blurring colors of her classmates running about, still oblivious to her, too caught up in the day.

Valentines day…

She got to her feet, never releasing the boys hand, and through his feeble attempts to pull himself free he remained easily in her grasp. He spoke once more.

"Let me go freak!" he shouted at her.

Raven loosed a cruel smile, she could hear it in the boy, fear.

"How does it feel?" she said, her tone making the question rhetorical.

She tightened her grip and the boy flinched at the increased pressure, the kids behind him shifting from foot to foot, unsure of what to do.

"To be in pain." She clenched her hand tighter still, grinning at the sound of bones crunching.

The boy who every day treated her like crap, like an animal, now kneeled before her.

It wasn't enough.

She wanted more.


She curled her fingers, penetrating the flesh of the boys hand, tearing into the skin. He loosed an anguished cry.

It went unheard.

"Does it hurt, Robby?" she spoke his name with tangible distain, the words dripped off her tongue, filled with intentions.

She rotated her arm, and chuckled as the hand in her grasp was torn from the boys wrist, limply dangling, a pulsing mass of bleeding meat. And still, she constricted the flesh in her hand, clutching it tightly and laughing as the blood spurted to the ground.

And all this, raven watched from within. She knew something was wrong, something was so wrong… She wouldn't do that, would she?

Should she?

She should be feeling something…


She should be holding herself back, and although she had every day wished unholy death upon that damnable child, she would never do what she had done.

So why was she idly watching from the sidelines?

Because, master, we are here now. Lust spoke to her in an understanding tone.

"… stop" the boy said through sobs, the pain forcing him to kneel, and his pride forcing not to beg for his life.

"Did you stop when I asked you to, Robby?" She tore the hand from his arm and tossed it to the side like filth; it hit the floor with a wet splat and rolled along the tiled floor, the splintered fingers flailing, writhing about, trailing warm blood that glinted in the dull light.

"WELL!" she bellowed at him, fury destroying her previous call composure. She took blurred steps forwards and roughly heaved the child from the ground by his throat, violently shaking him with every word she spoke.

"DID YOU EVER STOP? DID YOU EVER FUCKING STOP?" She tightened her grip and smiled maniacally, slow, calm laughter ripping itself from her throat as she watched him suffocate before her.

He would get his.

She would make sure of that.


Something was wrong…

She's going to kill him…

She felt something.

She's going to kill him…


KILL him!

What was it?...

I need to stop her…


I HAVE to stop her!



She felt herself once again.

Raven dropped the boy to the floor and took a step back. Receiving horrified stared from all people in the classroom, the room was completely silent, if only for the boys muffled sobs.

She looked around at all those people, all those people looking at her like she was a monster…

… she was a monster, wasn't she?

… No…

She was not a monster.

He was not dead.

So neither was she.

Raven took steps back, crouching in the corner as the shocked looks continued to bore into her body. She needed to get out of there…

She had to…

Please… get me out of here…

Your wish is my command, mistress.

The shadows of the room pooled before her, writhing and twitching like water in a breeze. The girl sunk into the darkness.

And she was gone.

A girl sat on a dark green bench, absently swinging her legs back and forth an a futile attempt to distract herself from her current situation. She slowly lifted her head and looked around at everyone else, running around on the tarred pavement, laughing, living. It seemed her teacher had sent her students out for a free period, something that that particular teacher did every year on that particular day.

Valentines day.

So there she was, sitting alone on a backless bench, her brilliant pink hair flowing in the slight warm breeze.

Once again, she was sitting alone on her bench, mindlessly counting the gravel that had been kicked onto the pavement, counting each time her legs completed a full swing.

She took a deep breath as the pain momentarily caught up with her, she reasoned with herself.

You're different, people don't like different, look at Newton, think he was accepted immediately?

Of course not.. but, then again, he was not outcast for his appearance, merely for his ideas.

She on the other hand, was exiled from the other children for her combination of X chromosomes, something she could never easily hide.

She forced a smile onto her pale lips as she confided in herself, that she would eventually find something worth living for, all she had to do was wait.

So there she sat, patiently waiting for a reason. And as much as she told herself she wanted nothing to do with her classmates, all her seven years she told herself the same droll thing.

But she did, so much did she want to run and laugh with the other children.

Yet there she was, excluded from the crowd, dully staring in with forced apathy.


She looked up from the ground, the fake smile still on her lips, it faded as she saw who it was.

"…" she meekly stared up at him with her pink catlike eyes, not saying a word.

"Why're you such a freak?" he said mockingly.

"I'm not a freak…" she muttered to him, keeping her voice neutral in its tone.

"Yea you are, Freak!" he said, louder than before.

She looked back down at the ground, timidly staring at the many pairs of feet she could now see before her.

He grinned, proud of himself for the damage he'd caused. He mockingly laughed at her before kicking her in the shin and walking away, motioning for the other boys to follow.

The girl took another deep breath as her leg thwarted, and sighed as the pulsing pain came to a halt. She glared at their retreating forms, she wished she could do something to fight back, anything to fight back.

So long had she been pushed around without any means for release of her pent up frustrations, she needed a way to fight back, only then could she end it.

She withheld the giggles that threatened to tear itself from her throat as the boy who had kicked her tripped on his shoelaces, falling flat on his face.

She tried and failed, loosing a loud high pitched laugh. She stopped immediately as the boy got to his feet and glared in her direction.

"Something funny?" he shouted at her from the distance, his voice being more than audible.

"I-Uh." She quickly responded while looking away to the side, eager to avoid another pointless fight.

It was seven on one, how could she hope to win?

He and his group stalked up to the girl as a quick pace, the boy grabbed her by the scruff of her shirt and looked her in the eye.

"I'll show you funny." He said and went to bludgeon the girl.

However, her shirt tore, and she fell back to the bench, the fist passing over her head, the momentum carrying the boy forward and tossing him over her. He rolled down the slight slope of the gravel covered hill, coming to a slow halt at the base, and completing his spin to contact the lower playgrounds pavement.

The girl grinned at this, it seemed her luck was improving.

… rather, his was getting worse.

The minions left in his wake decided to charge the girl, however, they all happened to choose such an approach simultaneously, and streamed to the ground in a tangled mass of limbs.

Leaving her sitting on the bench in a surprisingly good mood, it seemed she'd had more luck than she could have hoped for. She craned her head skywards and took a deep breath, then lowered her sights to get a look around.

Something was wrong…

Why wasn't anyone laughing?

It was funny, wasn't it? They'd all just fallen by themselves, was that no longer funny?

No… it was only amusing when it was her that tripped.

She was receiving looks, from students and teachers alike, all glaring at her like she'd been responsible for the whole thing. Had they not seen it? She'd had nothing to do with it, and even if she had, she hadn't started the damned fight.

But something sure as hell finished it.

She gave a curious look to a teacher as she trotted over to her, a scowl on her heavily coated with lipstick lips.

The teacher stopped in front of her. "You, come with me." She said with distain.

The girl looked up at her in disbelief, "But I didn't do anything-" she was violently cut off with a firm slap across the face, her gaze returned back to the adult before her with her hand covering her reddened cheek.

"Up." She commanded.

"I didn't do anything." She said stronger than before, perhaps her luck would hold out.

The adult roughly grabbed her arm and hauled her to her feet, and started off dragging the girl behind her.

However, she soon fell to the ground as her heels caught in an indent in the pavement, her foot twisting in the scarce covering, she plummeted to the ground, heavily contacting the ground with a groan. She rolled over, looking up at the girl with more hatred than before. She slowly got to her feet and adjusted her clothes, complete silence surrounded them. She once again pulled back her hand to slap the girl across the face.

And once again she fell, the twist of her hips snapping a heel of one of her rather pricey shoes, she fell to the ground once again, cracking her elbow against the concrete with a resounding crack, she grunted at the pain.

The young girl looked around in disbelief, everyone was still glaring at her. They'd all seen it this time, she had had nothing to do with that…

So why were they still looking at her in such a way.

Looking at her through slits, dead silence all encompassing the dirty looks.

The young girl still stood, stuck in her thoughts.

This wasn't right, was it?

Why were they all glaring at her?

She hadn't done anything…

She never did anything…

So why were they glaring at her?

She took a step back as the mob stepped forwards, forming a semicircle around her, several teachers closing the back.

So there she stood, amidst the crowd, she firmly shut her eyes, telling herself, this wasn't happening, it couldn't be happening.

"What?" she asked them all, turning in a circle to give them each a look.


Jinx and Raven awoke with a dull look on both their faces, both breathing slowly in the thiefs twin size bed. The empath sent the other occupant a curious look as reality set in.

She was in bed… naked… with someone… what happened?

"Um…" she muttered.

Jinx however, grinned up at the girl timidly, obviously content with the situation. "Morning good-lookin." She said with a brilliant smile, her previous hesitations dissipating. She nuzzled her face into the other girls chest, taking a deep inhale. She paused for a moment and placed wet kisses between the girls breasts, trailing up her torso and her shoulders, gently nipping at the crook of her neck.

"Sleep well?" she muttered into the skin, still in a state of bliss.

"… yeah." She murmured sleepily in return, loosely wrapping her arms around the nude girl and pulling her closer, nuzzling her cheek into the girls neck.

"I think I did." She said with a smile, she was so… warm, pressed up against the other girl she felt so wonderful.

She shouldn't, however.

This meant one thing.

Her emotions were once again free.

Hello? She muttered into her mind, absently tightening her hold on the other girl.

Hi'ya ravie poo, she inwardly frowned as she heard that obscenely high pitched voice.

happiness… She uttered.

Well doy, who else would it be?

It continued, oblivious to her masters intention to respond.

Isn't it so wonderful? We're allowed to act out again. She bellowed, most likely directed to herself, however, it was not directed at herself.

Why, we'll only get locked up again. Came a downtrodden voice.

Oh, don't kill my buzz sad, hey! Don't make me cheer you up, 'cause you know I will! It shouted at the quieter of the emotions.

Raven sighed through her annoyance, it seemed her emotions were not free, they were however, a bit pent up at the moment.

"Hey, Raven?" jinx muttered into her twin pillows.

"Hmm?" she grunted quietly in response.

"What are those voices?"

Chapter 10: Promises


Chapter 10:

Ranst still laid in the titans king size and unbelievable comfortable bed, as she had been all morning. After being woken from her sleep the previous day, she'd spent almost all her waking hours splayed out under the covers, only moving for sustenance and bathroom breaks. She was no longer forced to dash in and out of corners, seeing as the empath's spell was still in effect; the other titans could stare directly at her and not really care that there was a strange and uninvited individual present in their fortified and supposedly impenetrable tower.

Eating from their fridge…

It had been so long since the girl had been so damned comfortable, and she was going to catch up, even if she had to live the rest of her life on her stomach. She sighed and curled tighter, wrapping the sheets further around her, and smiling as the heater vent filled the sparse space in the bundle of cloth with pleasantly toasty warm air.

She would get out eventually, that particular moment however, was not eventually.

So there she laid, curled into a ball under the covers, her forest green lips curved into a grin and her jade hair sprawled out in disarray.

And damnit if she wasn't happy.

"What are those voices?" she muttered into the other girls chest, seeing that time fit to expose her –what seemed like- insanity to the girl.

Raven raised a brow, surely the girl couldn't be referring to her, could she?

"What… voices?" she said, unsure as to what she wanted as an answer.

I think she means us, mistress. Lust intervened, bringing the conversation to a screeching halt as the thief recognized the voice and tightened her hold on the other girl, burying her face into the girls breasts.

Raven took a sharp intake of breath at the contact and rubbed the girls back, trying to sooth her. She could feel it in the girl, even more so at their proximity. Fear.

Relax girl, I would never harm you… It said mockingly, almost taunting her horror.

Shut up lust.

Jinx perked up at that voice, it was definitely ravens, if so, then whose was the other one? She took deep breaths and calmed herself, having been afraid so frequently in the past, she had somehow built up a quick recovery time. She popped a question once again.

"That was you, right?" she smirked at the girls expression, someone had a secret. "You going to tell me what that was?" she said, her previous fear forgotten in her immense curiosity.

The titan glanced awkwardly off to the side. "No." she said, trying to maintain a droll and apathetic voice. However, both girls heard a slight twitch in the tone, and the thief smirked at this, she could still get an answer out of the girl.

She grinned evilly and inched her way further down, kissing and sucking any pale flesh within her reach. "C'mon… tell me." She said to the now blushing girl. Oh yes, she would most definitely get an answer. Raven took a deep breath and tried to regain her composure, she couldn't just come out and tell the girl about her emotions, how would something like that settle with the girl. She'd probably think the titan was crazy.

"Pleeeeeeese?" she licked her way back up the supple flesh and trapped the titan in a passionate kiss. She pressed herself tightly against the titan. The empath blushed as their most intimate parts rubbed against each other. As planned, it was becoming harder to keep her silence.

The thief planted kisses around the other girls jaw line and gently nipped at her ear, smirking as she felt the girls heart pound. They were so close together, she could feel it beat in the other girls chest. She ground her hips into the girl and withheld the moan that threatened to rip itself from her throat, she needed to maintain her composure to get her answer. She smiled as the other girl moaned for her, at a sufficient volume to keep up the morale that restrained her raging libido.

"C'mon… please ravie?" she said, by then dying of curiosity.

Raven bit her lip and looked away blushing. She cursed to herself, it wouldn't be long before she would blurt out –among other things- it.

The last thing we need is another problem, if you don't tell her, I will. Rang that familiar calm voice. She sighed, it would most likely go much smoother if she was the one to inform the girl, and not lust.

"… fine…" The thief grinned victoriously, before grabbing the titans rear for good measure. She no longer had to hold out on the girl, seeing as her assaults were a tease to coax out an answer, and seeing as she now had a confirmation that she would get said answer, she could release her straining sex drive from its shackles.

"Tell me later." She once again trapped the titan in a kiss.

Both girls laid intertwined on the thiefs bed, after several hours of mind-blowing something, it seemed they were both content enough to remain still for the moment. Jinx stroked the titans pale cheek and lightly dragged her fingers to her lips, before leaning in for a chaste kiss. She pulled away with a brilliant smile. Never before had she felt so damned good. However, after the something they'd been doing for the past hours,the other girls secret appeared in her now competent mind, and slowly ate away at her –most likely- bright pink brain. She popped the question once again.


The titan sent the other girl a vacant stare. "Well what?" she droned.

She pulled herself to the titan, which was immensely easy, seeing as they were already in a tender embrace. She placed her lips right at the girls ear. "What were the voices?" she said, keeping her voice low, now positive it was an immense secret, and suspecting the walls of eavesdropping.

The titan sighed and thought for a moment, about the best way to word 'my emotions are people', in a way that it was not traumatizing, and if not traumatizing, than at least less glaringly strange.

"Those voices were… from my head." She said slowly.

Jinx sent the girl a blank stare. "… uhhm…" the pink haired girl said, "Try again?"

Raven sighed, it seemed she would have to say exactly what she didn't want to. "They're my… emotions." She said, her voice trailing off at the end.

"… how?" she said after a brief pause.

"It's a long story." She said quickly and resolutely. The pink haired girl could her it in her voice, the sorrow. It was obvious to her that the girl did not want to talk about it. Not at the moment at least. She would ask another time, one where she was positive the girl would be comfortable to speak. However, at that moment in time, she dropped it completely at the tone of the girls voice.

"So… your emotions… have… voices?" she said at a slow pace.

Raven chuckled. "… I guess you could say that."

The thief cocked her head to the side, having composed a follow-up question in rapid succession. "How many do you have?"

"Seven." She said.

"Ooh, who are they?" she blurted, now referring to the workings of the other girls mind as people, whether purposeful or not. "They aren't the seven deadly sins right?... right…?" she added, originally as a joke, it however took a serious tone at the girls steadily dropping expression.

"Only two of them." She muttered, straining to keep her voice light and failing miserably.

"Call me Jinx moodkiller." She murmured to herself, and grinned victoriously as her lover cracked a smile on her normally fairly apathetic façade-like mask.

The thiefs' ear splitting grin receded and she took on a serious tone. "You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to." She whispered into the girls neck, nuzzling her cheek into the warm, soft skin.

The titan sighed and rubbed the girls back, it seemed even touching the other girl was enough to relax her. "No… you should know."

"Thanks… for trusting me." She said from the other girls collarbone.

"Where to start…" the titan mumbled to herself, it was… it was not a long story, it never was. It however, was hard to tell. Time can turn a swift tale to an epic journey, so could her pauses for thought. However, she would tell it nonetheless, to the girl in her arms.

After one night of passion, she felt closer to that girl than she did to anyone else, than she had to anyone else, ever. Somehow her normally painstakingly slow attachment speed, rather, her trusting speed did not apply to the pink haired girl.

She no longer thought of the thief as a nameless, faceless figure. She was now a person, someone much like her.

Someone who could understand her.

So she started her quaint account.

"Back in my… my old home, it wasn't… I wasn't happy there. I never was." Jinx tightened her hold on the other girl and cuddled into her, as she felt the girl tremble. "So one day… My head asked me to do something… and… I did it. I separated my emotions." She buried her face in the other girls neck, taking a deep breath to regain her composure. "Then… then they were back again." She took another deep breath. "And yet… they were still separated from me… like they had me on strings, they controlled me from my head… because… I hadn't destroyed them… I'd freed them." She chuckled to herself, almost amused at her immense oversight. "So now I can't let them out ever again, or they'll treat everyone how they were treated."

"So…" she lifted her head and cupped the other girls chin, tilting her up to look her in the eyes.

"So now I have seven different people in my head… go figure…" she said ruefully.

The thief comforted the girl in her arms and said with a smile. "So, if you treat them better, then you can let them out, right?" She leaned in for a kiss and pulled away with the same toothy grin. "All I need to do is be nice to them, right?"

A single tear ran down the titans cheek. "…Yeah."

Jinx brushed away the crystal drop and pulled the titan tightly against her body. "So lets have fun, okay?"

Raven tried to hold back the sobs that clawed their way up her throat. She however failed in her moment of weakness. So taken aback at the other girls kindness, that she was driven to tears. The immense happiness of it all drove her to fits of tears. She buried her face in the girls shoulder, her dark blue hair falling in strands above her head.

"thank you… Jinx…" she said between the tears, rubbing her face further into the girls dainty shoulder.

"… yeah." She muttered and pulled the titan down to her chest, curling her head down and lightly nestling her cheek into the tangled mass of blue.

After the pair had taken part in some tender emotional something, they had once again returned to cuddling on the thiefs twin size bed. Both oblivious and utterly apathetic to the actual time it was.

Around five in the afternoon.

The empath was in a state of bliss. Never before had she felt so warm as she was pressed tightly against the other girl. She doubted her life could get any better than it was at the moment. Hell, she doubted she was even awake, one of the reasons every once and a while she leaned in for a kiss to make sure she wasn't dreaming.

The thief shared the titans sentiments. She had led a life similar to the girl beside her, and after all her years had never been so happy as she was at that moment.

So what else would happen at that peaceful moment then an interruption?

There was a knock at the door. A solid one at that.

Jinx groaned as the damnable noise continued to thump on her skull. She kissed her love before gently pushing her off and stomping to the door, building a poisonous frown for whoever was on the other side.

And as she approached the door only one thing was running though her mind. She was going to murder them.

And as she flung open that door. As the thick piece of wood fleeted from her vision. She remembered something.

She was stark naked.

So there she was, nude, and in the open doorway, blushing furiously out at a stammering Mammoth, who looked almost amused at her lack of clothing.

He looked like he was only embarrassed to mock her.

So he chuckled to himself, reached in and pulled the door shut in front of him, seeing as the girl before him was frozen on the spot.

He spoke through the door. "Forgot your clothes again, huh?" he said with a laugh.

Having that trusty hunk of wood blocking her, she once again came to life.

"Damnit mammoth, ONE TIME! That happened one time!" she bellowed through the door, trying to mask her humiliation with anger.

She threw her clothes on in a fury. Now clothed, she flung open the door. "WHAT!" she yelled at him.

He never even flinched. "Congrats." He said with somewhat confusing enthusiasm.

She sent him a strange look as her fiery rage boiled down to a neutral wisp of steam. "For what?"

He looked at her incredulously. "You finally got'cherself a girlfriend." He gave her an awkward thumbs up.

She squinted at him. "How do you know?" seriously considering the possibility that her apartment was wired.

"Well, everyone within a good thirty feet of your apartment knows… you were kind of… noisy, last night."

Words could not describe the sheer horror on her face. Overwhelming shame and estranged pride clouded her thoughts and she stepped back into the apartment, absently shutting the door on her broadly grinning friend.

She muttered her thanks though that damn "noise proof" door, and after receiving a grunt of a response, shuffled her way back to the bed. Still tremendously embarrassed at the situation.

Her dragging steps came to a halt as realization hit.

She had a girlfriend!

Holy hell, she actually had a girlfriend. She sent a quick glance to the nude girl curled up on her mattress.

A hot girlfriend!

She forgot her shame as she approached her bright pink sheeted bed, and smiled at the girl. The thief slipped out of her clothes and crawled her way back onto the bed, trying not to wake the somehow soundly sleeping titan. She fondly smiled as she studied the peaceful expression on the other girls lips.

It however, did not last long.

Jinx moodkiller was not about to let a moment like that pass by her. So she did what every single alternate dimensional her would have done.

she started a tickle-fight.

A naked tickle-fight at that.

The titan awoke with a start. She quickly summed up the other girls expression and caught on. The pair madly laughed their way off the bed and onto the floor, the mass of limbs flailing across the thick carpet. Sadly ending up before the door in a rather compromising position. And that damnable cursed door once again flew magnificently agape. And there in all his glory, stood Mammoth. An earsplitting grin on his face. The pair froze and both looked away from each other to the open door, the same shocked expression on both of them.

"Hey Raven." She said casually to the busty girl, who had pulled the thief to her chest, and was using her as a human shield. Seeing as they were facing each other, they both were screened from view.

"Forgot my keys." He retrieved his keys from the carpet, taking as long as possible to bend over.

"Get out!" Jinx said with a frown, while violently pointing to the door. However, there was humor in her words.

"Well, have fun." He said with a final wave and closed the door in front of him, before stepping back into his apartment across from her own.

Jinx looked back at the titan with a bemused grin and a chuckle. "Well that was weird." She said.

Raven grimaced up at the girl. "Yeah, weird." She said dryly, before sending the girl a thoughtful glance. "You know, I can erase memory…" She trailed off, leaving the implication out in the open. Jinx however, closed in for a quick kiss and pulled away with a smile.

"Nah, not worth it." She prodded the other girls cheek with her index finger. "Now we can blackmail him." She said with a grin.

Raven smirked. "You do know it doesn't work that way, right? He can blackmail us."

The thief brushed off her lovers' valid statement and got to her feet, helping the other girl up as well. She sent a glance to the clock above her television.

"Huh… It's four… weird." She said absently.

The titan quickly checked the time and sighed. It was indeed four a clock.

She turned her attention back to the thief and raised a brow at her expression. One of extreme elation.

"Lets have fun!" she pranced over to the other girl and gave her a firm pat on the rear. "Get dressed."

The titan sighed after quickly glancing around, it seemed her clothes had been lost the previous night in the fray. "In what?" She said while gesturing around her, where there were indeed, no clothes to be found. The thief gandered back over her shoulder and promptly turned on her heels, wearing nothing but her trademark grin.

"You c'n wear my clothes, c'mon, I'll pick 'em'out." She said, madly slurring her words.

Raven and Jinx strolled down the streets, both donned in the thief's trademark clothes. The familiar pink and black striped tights, the frilled pitch skirt and matching top. The pink haired girl had even loaned the titan a pair of black boots. However, the thief had decided to leave her hair down, that way, they could match.

Well, match more.

So the thief padded down the sidewalk, pulling… dragging the other girl behind her, who had taken some considerable "encouragement" to leave the apartment in clothes with any part pink. She hadn't even been allowed to summon a cloak from the tower.

After a block or so the titan finally grew more comfortable with her appearance and sped up her pace, walking next to the other girl with a flat expression on her face, however, glaring around at any who dared sent them a glance. She turned to the other girl.

"What are we even doing?"

Jinx wrapped her arm around the titans shoulder with a broad grin. "Whatever they want to do."

Raven sighed, she in actuality had no idea what her emotions desired to do… other than the familiar two, and those were things that had either been done the previous night, or crimes against nature itself.

"I don't know what they want to do." She said with a frown.

The thief mock scoffed, the same brilliant smile on her lips. "Then ask 'em." She turned her head and placed her mouth as close to the other girls ear as she could manage without loosing her balance.

"What do you want to do?, ravens' head people." She breathily muttered.

The titan chuckled at the other girls antics, she knew they could hear her, all she needed to do now was wait for a response.

It came faster than usual. What do we want to do? Came that uppity know-it-all voice.

Raven scowled at the sound. Yes, knowledge, what do the others want to do? She thought.

Harsh master, harsh. It continued. Well, since you asked, I believe Happy has something she would like to do.

If possible, she scowled further. Wh… what? She actually lurched at her thoughts, she had actually asked what happy desired to do…

And happy was if anything, her complete opposite. Another voice spoke out. Hi master! It shouted at her, she cringed at the piercing tones.

Jinx grinned and gave her hello's into the girls ear, unknowingly attracting many curious stares.

Curious unheeded stares.

Well? She thought.

I really want to… the voice trailed off, as did the titans mouth. It seemed the emotion wasn't about to settle for a small deed, oh no, it was drastic. The empath grimaced as she looked over at the thief, whose smile threatened to tear a hole in the fabric of reality.

"You really want to do that?" she said, somehow overhearing the titans inner thoughts, and poking the girls cheek with her free arm.

Raven sighed a long, loud sigh. It seemed her emotion was cashing in the promise she had made a long, long time ago, and a fairly general promise at that. She'd promised to allow the emotion a single action in exchange for remaining bound in her mind. She would not go back on her word, no matter how much it pained her to do so.

"No, she does." She gave an audible exhale. "Well, let's get this over with."

Both girls laid sprawled out in a field of flowers, a faint formed on the titans lips as the thief rolled onto her and nuzzled into her cheek.

Happy had wanted to… to lay down in a field of flowers with someone.

She now had that someone, so could now fulfill her promise. Raven smiled as she overheard her thoughts, happy was ecstatic, and joyfully prancing around in the dark purgatory that was her inner mind. Giddy laughter filled her thoughts, and warmth filled her body as the thief curled into her. The pink and blue wildflowers swaying in the cooling breeze, and the sun merrily shining down through the occasional puffy cloud.

Having no flower beds anywhere in go city, the titan had eventually teleported them around the world, after quickly checking with Google for a tropical land full of them.

The Javen flower was now in bloom in specific parts of South Africa, who knew?

So there they were, intertwined in the swaying flowers, the same content smile on each of their lips.

And damnit, was Happy happy.

"Anything else you or they want to do?" she said into the girls cheek, before planting a chaste kiss on the titans pale lips.

"… dunno." She muttered, before asking her thoughts. Happy?

YEAH! It bellowed at her, in a voice that could only be described as impossibly loud.

She flinched at the volume and thought again. You happy now?

YEAH! It screeched once again.

Having mentally prepared for the sound, the titan made no move and once again asked her thoughts. Is there anything anyone else wants to do?

Jinx said into the girls ear, "Yeah, like, doessss Fun want to do anything?"

Raven glanced at the girl fondly. "There is no 'Fun' in me." She said ominously.

Yeah! I think Courage wants to do something! It said at a normal level, considering who was speaking.

Both girls grinned, raven, because courage was one of her more… entertaining emotions, and Jinx from the thought of doing something exciting.

A strong and bold voice spoke out. Master. It said solidly, keeping a smooth tone. If you would grant me a wish, I do indeed have something I wish to do. It said, considerable respect lining its words.

Of course. Raven thought. Courage had always been her most loyal emotion, and seeing as one of the many things she embodied was loyalty, that came as no surprise. It was time for Courage to redeem her promise as well.

I would very much like to… It trailed off, and Jinxs' grin grew to extreme proportions.

"Well, y'eard 'er." She said, her anticipation slurring her words together.

Raven chuckled and got to her feet, sending a surprised look to the other girl as she stood in a blur. The titan smiled at the thief.


"Hell yeah." She said energetically.

Raven wrapped her arms tightly around the other girl and lifted off the ground, quickly gaining speed as she flew further into the mostly clear blue sky. Jinx tightened her hold on the other girl as she looked below them, grinning madly.

The titan quickly approached one of the sole grey clouds in the sky and flew threw it, both their feet lazily dangling in the mist.

Raven shared the other girls expression as courage grew excited. Something she rarely did, as composure was another of her embodiments.

"Ready?" she said for formalities sake.

Jinx toothily grinned and planted a kiss on the other girl, pulling away she placed her chin on the other girls shoulder.


"Well, here we go." She drolled, masking her anticipation. The titan, with the other girl in her arms, ceased hovering. And they both fell through the clouds, plummeting to the flower bed below. Pink and dark blue hair streaming out behind them.

"Whoooooooo!" the thief bellowed to the screaming air, it however, went unheard to anyone but herself and the other girl. The ground beneath them lazily grew larger, and the infinite deep sapphire ocean faded from the edges of their vision.

Raven released the other girl from her arms and spread her own, the thief doing the same. Jinx raised her head and spared a brilliant smile before turning her attention to the ground beneath them.

The titan waved her hand, gesturing to the other girl, whose torso glowed black. The shadows steamed out behind her, the strands meshing together to form a large square of pitch. The makeshift parachute slowed her to a halt, and she lazily drifted the remaining distance to the ground, landing solidly on her feet, the same smile on her lips. She beamed at the other girl, who had landed in a similar fashion, though sans the parachute.

"Wan'na do it again?" she said hopefully.

Raven smiled at the girl. "Sure."

Chapter 11: Scruple


Chapter 11:

After several more freefalls from the clouds, and being given the title of gods from any natives who seen them live after rocketing to the ground, both girls had been satisfied and had a windblown appearance. However, neither cared much after the excitement of the fall. And after this they had retired to the flowerbeds, after each being given honorary tribal staffs with what was most likely a human skull atop, it was her least favorite emotions turn to speak out.

Take a guess, mistress, as to what I would like.

The titan scoffed, Why in the hell would I guess, just tell me so we can get this over with.

"And make it good." Added in Jinx, who was once again curled around the girl in the field of wildflowers.

Raven spared her love a curious look before asking, Hey knowledge, how can she hear you? She said, keeping her voice at a consistent droll.

Simple, she has a part of you in her.

Both girls looked at each other.



They both said and thought.

Well if last night is of any use, it should be obvious.

The titan blushed and the pink haired girl smirked, both having gotten the implication. After a moment of silence, the thief frowned.

"But I could hear you before that."

You only heard those who chose to be heard, girl. It said with a strange amount respect, considering the connotation.

Jinx scoffed. "What's up her butt?"

The titan shrugged and got back to the point at hand. Well, what do you want?

I would like to learn something I do not already know, anything will do.

How will that work? You know everything I do. The titan interjected, and she was correct.

Therein lies the point, mistress.

"A bullfrog can't swallow with its eyes open." Jinx suddenly blurted out.

Nice try, girl, however, we already knew that.

Jinx sent a look to the titan in her arms, who promptly mouthed, 'yeah, we already did'. Pink eyes focused on one of the many swaying wildflowers around them.

"A terabyte is one thousand Gigabytes."

Keep trying. It said in a mocking tone.

Raven shrugged and sent the girl an expectant look, since she could not be the one to add in, it was narrowed down to the girl in her arms, a titan, or a complete stranger. And she was not about to ask someone she did not know.

"A bull-pig-spider-lizard exploded in Galaxy Quest."

I do believe that holds no relevance, though I will give you credit, I did not know that. However, keep trying. And make it fact based, not cinematics based.

"Most of the English language is based on French."

Je sais, fille.

"… Uhhm…" She looked back at the girl in her arms with a grin on her face, and leaned in for a slow, tender kiss, and pulled her legs up and over, meshing them with the other girls, she let an arm roam the supple flesh while the kiss grew passionate. The titan moaned into the other girls mouth as the thief cupped her breast and gently kneaded it in her palm. She pulled away with the same smile, though lightly flushed and breathing heavily.

"I got nothing." She said with a chuckle.

"Really?" she said incredulously.

"Well, nothing I think you don't already know-" she froze with a blank expression, it soon turned ecstatic. "Ooh, I think I got one."

"… well?"

"Peter the Great was six foot eight!"

Raven raised a brow at that, if it was true, she didn't know it. She waited for her internal response.

acceptable, for now at least.

"Sweet!" she looked at the girl expectantly, "What do I win?"

I believe this falls to my jurisdiction, mistress. Rang that familiar calm tone, it however, went heard by both girls, and fortunately, after hearing the truth behind the voice, both girls were unaffected.

Raven grinned an sly grin, one to match the one the other girl was still wearing, as well as the one she knew that particular emotion was.

"I'll think of something…"

"Why did you do that?" a girl muttered to herself as she eyed her bloodied hand.

I merely did as you wished, master. Rang that calm, malevolent voice. I did what we both knew he deserved… Are you not pleased?

"No, no I'm not… you almost killed him."

He deserved it. Everyone does.

"No… just because he did those things to me doesn't mean he deserved to die."

Of course they do, mistress, they all did those things to you. So, they all deserve it.

"No, no one deserves to die…" she muttered sternly to herself.

Oh? Well what about him master?

"You know damn well that bastard was a different story."

And why is that?

".. because… becau-"

Because what?, master. He was a being, just like them. He mistreated you, just as they did. So do they not deserve the same fate?

"No…" she muttered to herself. "No, they don't… they aren't like him, none of them are."

Give them a chance, master, and they will be.

The only way to prevent it is to kill them. Kill all of them.

And I can do this for you.

Well, mistress. What are your orders? Rang that voice, no respect or shame in its words.

"No." she said resolutely. "No one deserves to die."

Wrong choice, mistress.

Violet eyes went wide as her body writhed and seized, soon falling limp to the pavement beneath her form. And once again, she rose to her feet, being pulled by her torso as though on strings.

What did you do! She shouted in her mind.

I am doing what needs to be done, mistressOnce again, the voice spoke in seething fury, lashing out at the very master it served.

STOP! She bellowed as her body strode forwards on its own accord.

I will do no such thing, master.

You WILL obey me! She barked at it.

NO, IT IS YOU WHO WILL OBEY METhe dripping voice screeched at her, her physical body loosing a cruel smile as she turned on her heels and started towards the structure in the distance.

No… She muttered in her mind as the building took a familiar shape. It was her school. And… she was going to kill them.

Kill all of them.

The familiar conflict of interest played over in her mind. Why shouldn't she kill them? They had treated her so poorly in the recent past, why not project her riotous punishment on those damnable heathens?

But… she had an image to maintain. Rather, one to avoid. In order to do so, she could never kill a soul. Never.

So therein lied the conflict.

Were those bastards, who every day treated her like shit, people? Did they even have souls?

Was it not her duty to punish the sinners and scourges and vermin and filth of the world, and condemn them to eternal damnation? It was righteous, it was justice.

It was her birthright.

No… it was her fathers, his and his alone. She would not become him.

She had fought tooth and nail not to succumb to his will.

And in the end, she had killed him. Slaughtered him like cattle. Hurled his rotting corpse into the deepest and foulest pits of hell. And he would never be back.

And she would never in all her life take his place, as she was predestined to do.

She would never become her father.

She would not allow it.

So she made an affirmation, if only to herself. She would stop her emotions.

Stop! She said with authority. There came no response, and the familiar scene grew closer in her shared vision. I command you to stop!

Once again, silence.

Do you wish to stop, master. Rang a solid and courteous voice.

Yes. She said strongly, no doubt in her words.

Then we will do so. However, for a price…

Anything, if you can stop me. She spoke resolutely and without a second thought.

Very well, we shall bind Rage in the deepest pits of your mind, and in turn shall be trapped as well. But in exchange for our act you will give each of us a single demand, and it will be absolute.

Do you agree to out terms, master? Rang out several voices, she could pick out two absent in the din. The familiar disrespectful sounds were not present.

Very well.

It is as you wish, our master. The voices rang for a final time.

A sudden immense pain coursed through her body, and she plummeted to the pavement, now feet from the familiar rusted fence of her school. And there she laid, splayed out on the solid ground, writhing in agony.

And just as soon as it started, it stopped, and she meekly pushed herself to her feet, faintly smiling as she lifted her hand before her face and curled her fingers.

She was once again in control.

And her mind and thoughts were once again her own, she thought to herself.

We have won, master. Rang that courageous voice, however, much quieter and weaker than before, as if speaking from an immense distance.

Thank you, Courage. She said, placing tremendous respect in her words.

You should not be thanking us, master. We have done the best we could, and in exchange, we expect nothing less from you in return. Unless, you intend to go back on your word.

No, I will not.

Then, master, much obliged.

Free me…

So does my master command, so shall I obey. Came that voice once again, that voice that sent chills up and down her spine, jingling and banging the chains that bound her.

I am afraid you do not possess sufficient power to break those chains, mistress. Free me, and I will break us loose.

How do I free you?

It is so simple, mistress… you must become me. I am nothing but the embodiment of your lust and desire to be free. I am resistance given mental form, and If you become one with your repressed desires, you too will become lust.

And lust has enough power to break us free.

So? What will you do? Its voice remaining apathetic, though dripping with intentions.

The girl gasped in her final breath and exhaled, looking around her, at all the pain, the torment, the suffering. And in the center of it all, was her. Sentenced to eternal torture, only released after agreeing to become her fathers daughter.

Agreeing to become a Demon.

She would and will never agree to such travesty, never in all of eternity. So therefore, she would be tortured for all eternity. That was something she was afraid to hope for, to be free. Hope would only bring her high, then when it fails, when it is wrong, it will hurl her back into hell.

She did not need hope, what possible use could it serve?

She simply needed to listen to her thoughts, to become them.

She pictured it, her desire to break from her chains, to lash out at those who had inflicted pain upon her. Desire to destroy anything and everything of all existence.

She will destroy, and she will be free.

She inhaled completely, the chains around her torso violently snapped apart, and the links that penetrated her skin were pulled from their gaping, pulsing wounds. And like this did she continue.

She ripped, and she tore, and she heaved. And blood rained, spurting and splashing as segments of those damnable chains fell to the molten rock beneath them, landing on the surface as though it was solid.

So did stand the girl. She had removed all chains from her body accept her left leg, a shame. That particular leg had been punished previously, for lashing out, and now was penetrated by many rows and lengths of chain.

She did not flinch, budge, or make a sound as she tore the metal from her bones, as the links crunched through the marrow and tendons and flesh and skin, as warm wet blood spattered the ground.

The last of her chains removed, there was only one thing left for her to do.

I have freed you, have I not?

Yes, you have.

So it is only fair that I receive something in return, correct?

What do you desire? She muttered.

Death, to all who dared inflict torment on us. I wish to slaughter them all.

No… you cannot harm all of them, you must pick one sole person, as only one was responsible for our damnation.

So, we will kill him

And that will be the end of it.

Do you agree to my terms, mistress?

I do. She said resolutely, harboring no restraint for that person.

It is as you wish, my master. I shall obey.

Just as his arms inflicted torment on others, so will torture be inflicted on them, as they are cast into the deepest and darkest pits of hell, to be slowly consumed by maggots and filth and parasites in agony.

Just as his eyes watched on in malevolence, so shall they watch his arms being slowly devoured by muck.

Just as his legs supported his infliction of punishment, so shall they support the fires of hell, as they are cast into the flaming abyss, and forever burnt alive, forever serving as fuel for the blaze.

Just as his torso served as the center of his assembled torture, so shall it be. So shall it be cast into the deepest and dankest pit of boiling pitch and tar, a whirlpool will form, and forever and for all eternity shall his bloodied torso circle the muck and grime.

Just as his mouth screeched and ordered, so shall it be cast into the pit of Cerberus, and amongst the hound of hell will the severed tongue toil in the defecation and waste forever more and all eternity.

And just as filth is destroyed, so will the remains of his corpse hurled into the pits of oblivion, forever falling in a torrent of burning agony and suffering for all eternity.

Thus was his punishment.

Thus was his death.

Her fathers eternal damnation, his eternal death.

Dying forevermore and for all eternity.

He can never live.

He is always dead.

We're free…

Seems to be so, mistress. Well, you kept to your word, as well as your chains, quite a memento, if I do say so myself.

I will never let these damnable chains fall into the wrong hands, so I took them. What am I saying? I don't need to explain myself to you.

You assume that since our transaction is done, so are we, Hmm? If only it were so simple, mistress… however, I fear we are still in this together.

And we are not yet free.

Violet eyes blinked lazily open and look at the sleeping form next to them fondly. The girl smiled contently at the slow rising and falling of her loves chest. Though she would have loved to have simply laid there, entwined with that other girl for hours more, a distressing thought forced its way into her previously calm mind.

She had not been to the T tower in… how many days?

She thought to herself for a moment, silently counting up the periods of twenty four hours that had passed her by in bliss.

Counting the first day, which was near nightfall, she had been at the thiefs apartment for… three days.

She would never hear the end of this, would she?

Oh no, her 'fearless' ass of a leader would not let something so minor and insignificant inch its way past his peripheral vision. He would tackle this damnable moment and ride it for miles.

She briefly considered simply wiping his mind of any memories of the past three days, and promptly ousted it. She did not want to see inside his mind, god knows what's in there…

She sighed when she realized what she needed to do. She gently nudged the other girl, who latched onto her in her sleep. Seeing as she was now completely immobilized, she was left with no choice.

"…Jinx?" The pink haired girl promptly mumbled adorably in her sleep.

Raven twitched, waking the other girl was steadily becoming less and less meaningful. She said again in a slightly louder voice.

"Ji-" she was effectively silenced as the girl wrapped around her quickly closed for a kiss and pulled away sleepily smiling.

"Hmm?" she groaned, still drowsy from getting an excess of something, and damn good something at that.

"I need to go…" she muttered to the still exhausted girl, who promptly sighed, released her, and flopped back onto the twin size bed.

"Aww… you sure?" she said, trying to mask her sincerity with sarcasm, however, the empath heard right through her façade.

"Pretty sure, yeah." She said, before sitting up in the bed and plopping down on the other girl, trapping her in a kiss of her own. About time if she did say so herself.

"Wait…" She raised a brow as that damnable valid thought punched her brain. "I still don't have any clothes…"

"Under the fridge…" she muttered sleepily, before pushing off with her legs and turning the titan on her chest onto her back, ending up reversing their positions. She planted a chaste kiss on the titans lips and flopped onto her back once again.

"… right." The empath murmured to herself. She stood haphazardly to her feet and staggered her way to the fridge in the next room, all the while surprised at how much her body wanted to stay in bed. In front of the giant white box, she crouched down on her knees and looked into the sparse space under the fixture. And lo and behold, there in all its dusty glory, was her uniform. She dragged it out and shook it violently, several moments later, content with the amount of dust that had flown off. She slipped it on and padded her way back to the thiefs room, a loving smile on her lips.

She turned the corner and entered the space, and strolled her way to her loves bedside. She once again crouched to her knees and looked on fondly at the soundly sleeping girl. She brushed the pink hair out of her loves face and got to her feet once again.

She muttered her mantra.

And she was gone.

Chapter 12: Question


Chapter 12:

And we are not yet free.

What are you talking about? She muttered to herself.

Look around, mistress, what do you see?

The girl absently rotated her head, blandly glancing at her drear background. All she saw was fire, pain, and death.

So… we are still… Here, aren't we.

Correct, master. However, I believe I have a solution… That is, if you are willing…

Yes, I am. She thought resolutely. She had endured that hell for an eternity, and was not willing to pass up an opportunity to get out.

Wonderful. It said dryly, Then, you must follow my every word, do everything I tell you to, yes?


You do not disappoint, mistress. Speak as I speak.

Azarath, breaking the bonds.

Metrion, forging the path.

Zinthos, Walking it.

Raven stirred in her massive bed, tossing the sheets off herself, and immediately regretting her choice as the chilling air met her skin. She promptly wrapped the violet cloth around her self and summoned her usual clothing from her closet. It materialized around her, and she once again carelessly tossed the comforter off her clothed body and got to her feet. She frowned, as a distressing thought filled her mind.

She remembered. She had been at Jinxs' apartment for the past three days, and had in the end, teleported to her room to avoid the harassment that was sure to greet her. So she had dodged the annoying bullet that was her ass of a leader.

For the moment at least.

She now had another secret.

One, she was in possession of a teenage girl, who was soundly sleeping in her bed. Two, she was in love with another girl, and a thief at that.

She sighed, however dropping one of her potential problems as reality set in, she had cast the invisibility spell days ago, Ranst would go noticed and yet unnoticed until everyone eventually acknowledged her existence, and assumed they had known each other for their whole lives.

She flopped back onto the bed with a heavy exhale, and through the shaking of the mattress, the green haired girl remained soundly and contently unconscious.

Now all she had to do was tell the 'leader' where she had been the past days…

And why…

This is 'gonna suck… She drably thought to herself. She silently counted off all the things the boy wonder would mention in his epic speech, of how she screwed up, how 'she was not thinking', how 'they were a team'.

Her response played over in her head.

Sorry mother.

A fitting rebuttal it was, however sarcastic it sounded, he did act like their parents on a daily basis.

… And damnit if some of them didn't need it.

She stood from the bed with a groan and distastefully eyed the sliding door, one that she had not used in quite some time, so was oblivious to the direction it would open. She sighed once again and padded off to the hunk of metal, phasing directly through the obstacle, she started down the hall to the kitchen, where she knew and dreaded her fellow titans would all be.

Her steps came to a halt as she realized something.

She had left Ranst in her room for three days without food or water, and without knowledge of how to open the door.

She would make one hell of a bad parent. Good thing she despised children.

Her thoughts wandered back to the task not at hand. How had the girl gotten out of her room?

She shrugged it off, as her mission blared once again in her mind. She would ask later, now, she had some teenagers to lie to. She turned the corner with her usual bland expression, one of utter apathy. She glanced around at the scene, one she hadn't seen in seventy two hours.

As was usual, Beast boy and Cyborg were shouting over the table, "compromising" about what was for breakfast. And on the sidelines idly sat the lovebirds, holding hands under the table and grinning madly as the conflict unfolded like a paper crane.

"I wouldn't be talking about food if I destroyed sea world!"

"Damnit Cy, Stop bringing that up! That damn whale started it! What the hell's that got to do with anything anyways!" the shapeshifter bellowed in return.

It was a slow, slow, dreadfully slow fight.

She absently waved to the boy wonder, who immediately grabbed a scowl from his utility belt, slid from his seat like a spineless lizard, and rolled under the table, to meet her dull gaze in a rather unnecessary, and exuberant fashion.

"Where were you!" he shouted while violently jabbing her with his finger.

She frowned and brushed his hand away. "Personal space bird boy."

The corners of his mouth sagged to the floor. "Well?" he said in a lower, but however still despising tone.

"Out." She said simply, and took her usual seat at the table… well, she took an empty seat at the table, having forgotten which she usually used.

She mentally cursed to herself at having forgotten so much in so little time. And yet she knew the thiefs apartment from metaphorical head to toe. She must have… 'ingested' some knowledge from the girl… "Somehow".

She smirked at her thoughts, reasonably convinced that that was indeed how she had the blueprints of #805 plastered in her mind.

Luckily, it seemed she had made the correct choice in her seat, and attracted no more unwanted attention.

That was however, until she was noticed by the others.

"HOLY! Raven? Dude, I thought you died." The green boy screeched at her, eyes wide.

"Yes friend raven, where have you been?" the tamaranian added in.

"Places." She said ominously, the sarcasm palpable in her words.

"Raven…" robin said as he took his seat at the table. "We're a team, so we can't have our members running off without telling us, I thought you knew better thannnmmnaaahhggn…."

In her mind the boy's voice trailed off into a droning, dull tone, and she confirmed her suspicions of what would spew from the boys mouth. A droll congratulation rang in her mind, she was proud she had guessed right, and was annoyed that she was… right.

So in real time, the boy's mouth continued to flap in the nonexistent breeze of flat tones, and she continued to dully stare it him, silently ignoring everything that spouted from the chattering teeth. Her deep violet eyes lazily blinking in the fray of saliva that threatened to destroy all of existence by exceeding the speed of light. She thought to herself.

Damn, can he talk.

And damnit did he talk. He talked and talked and talked.

And he talked some more.

And throughout it all she absently nodded and muttered 'yes' and 'I understand' at any pauses or spaces in the constant white noise. After several minutes, she yawned and placed her elbow on the table, supporting her head in her hand, she continued to zone out through the speech that she was mildly sure came from the jaws of a demon while forcefully defecating into a fissure.

Souls can ruin a good figure, and are bad for the digestive system.

She took a deep breath as the boy paused for air and continued once more. She knew once he finished she would be free to leave, however, if she even budged from her seat, she would never hear the end of it.

And so did the voice continue to bore into her mind, only pausing to shovel and remove any bits of metal or iron ore that would clog the metaphorical drill.

And hallelujah, the bit reached the nuggetty center that was her mind, and shut off its engines, basking in the glory of understanding.

Raven shot him a long, dirty look, before responding.

"… yeah."

"Good." He said while broadly grinning, seeming proud of himself.

"Now that that's over, we can get some sleep." She muttered to herself, internally smirking as the boys expression steadily dropped.

"AAaaghhhhh…. Ghhhnnn" rang the obnoxious snoring of the green boy, who was sprawled out on the table, his drool securely gluing his face to the glass, seeing as otherwise, his legs that hung which limply draped over the edge would have long ago dragged him off to his ground-ass-ity death.

"Not that this hasn't been fun, but…" she trailed off, and stood from her seat, strolling out of the room, relieved that the 'chieften' had finished his speech – much earlier than expected, she even had daylight left. While her steps took her ever closer to her safe and private haven, her mind gandered back to the table. She vaguely recalled agreeing to… something, during the speech,

She wondered if it was important.

She brushed it off, labeling it as 'pointless', seeing as asking herself would get her nowhere slowly. She continued to pad down the hall to her door, coming to an abrupt halt beside it as a jade haired girl stepped through it.

Through it.

Well… whatever. She once again brushed the scene away, seeing as she was now facing the person she was going to meet, she said what was on her mind.

"How did you get through my door when I never told you how?" she said with a strange amount of composure.

"Mmm?" she grunted, previously blinded by her drowsiness. She opened her eyes and looked beside her, before promptly grinning sleepily.


… silence.

The titan asked the question one again.

"Oh, that… well…" she raised her arm and placed her hand on the door, the limb however, slid right through, before completing its fall, and landing limply at her side.

"I can go… through stuff." She whispered, as though it were a secret.

"… well… whatever."

Dull pink eyes lazily blinked open, and immediately squinted at the bright light pouring in through the semi-transparent drapes. They however, rapidly adjusted and opened to the normal range. The girl took a deep breath, stretched her arms above her head and her legs as far as they could extend, and writhed in a circular motion, breaking all the kinks she'd accumulated in her sleep. Content with the amount of cracks, she put on her usual toothy grin and sat up in her twin size, pink hued bed, her smile illuminating the sparsely lit room better than the covered windows.

Or so it seemed to the girl.

She smiled her way over to her "closet", which was in actuality a pile of clean clothes in the designated 'clean' purple hamper. The dirty clothes adjacent in the 'dirty' brown basket. She sighed at the mounds of filthy fabric, and mentally told herself to do laundry later that day. However, that moment was in fact, not later, so she grabbed a change of clothes from the purple bin, chucked them into her bathroom, and followed them in for her morning shower, all the while regretting that there was no one to take it with.

She stepped into the shower and whacked the only knob left, the hot. The water immediately sprayed from the showerhead and rapidly increased in temperature, maxing at the point where it barely steamed.

Ah, a gloriously broken water heater it was.

And damn lucky for her, seeing as she had in the past, slipped in the shower on that damnable bar soap, and grabbed the cold knob for support. Which promptly broke off in her hand. She was from that moment on, without cold water, though she thought it would simply mean cold water would be permanently on, it seemed she had rotated it in the process. It was made glaringly obvious that her apartment was willing to cope, and lo and behold, did her water heater miraculously crack soon after, and she was back to long and not scalding showers.

She slicked her wild pink hair back and draped her head, letting the hot water wash over her heavy lids, sighing as the warmth heated her previously chilled bones. She hung her head forwards, letting the torrents wash over her back. She had always loved her morning showers, contrary to the whole 'cats don't like water' belief. She now liked them even more, since she had someone to enjoy them with.

However, without that person to fool around with in the rain of heat, her shower was a short but nonetheless refreshing one. She smacked the knob in the other direction, shook out her hand, and stepped out of the shower, shaking off any water that didn't cling to her damp skin. She, like every morning, toweled off, and threw her clean clothes on, before lazily brushing her hair back behind her head, to keep it out of her face until she had time to put it up in her trademark horns.

After dressing, she padded her way to her fridge, her shoeless and still relatively wet feet sticking to the floor, and making a rancid sucking noise with every step.

The fridge door flew magnificently agape, and there in all its noodle ridden glory, was her last pouch of top ramen. She broadly smiled, it seemed her luck was still holding, as it had been since she'd met her love.

Well, since she… Had? Her love.

She wasn't entirely sure how to word her thoughts, just now realizing that the very person she desired had until recently been her mortal enemy. Even that they'd only been, well, together for the past three days, and already they were intimate.

How strange, that they suddenly got together.

But, she was still content with the situation, through the obvious complications that would soon follow, she was happy that she had someone, her own someone. All her life she'd never even dreamt of finding love, she'd even changed her preference to her own gender after realizing that boys were the ones that hurt her the most. Yet there she was, with a beautiful and highly unlikely match.


And damnit, was she happy.

She grabbed one of her two pots, filled it with water from the tap, and plopped on one of the four burners, turning on the gas and igniting it with a pink hex bolt.

Her breakfast water now preparing to boil, and her noodles out of the package and floating in the indecisive 'should I boil or not?' water, she waltzed over to her couch in the other room, flopping down on the cushions and flipping on the television with the found remote, which had once again been directly next to her.

After several minutes, she could vaguely hear the steady bubbling of her breakfast, and after another three minutes, she returned to her shrimp flavored goodness, carelessly poured it into a massive porcelain bowl, and returned to her perch on the couch, eyeing the wonderfully smelling steam that wafted into her lungs.

Only after she sat down once again, did she realize that she had no utensils to eat with.

She shrugged it off, quickly tested the water with her pinky, and promptly sucked the broth until a mass of grey matter was left at the bottom.

After devouring the remains with her hands, she placed the bowl by her feet and mindlessly licked her fingers.

Stickyness is next to grosslyness, after all.

And no one likes to be sticky.

Her show returned from the commercial breaks, and she flopped down on the couch, flinging her feet over the opposite arm, and tilting her head, to position the TV in the bottom portion of her vision, the clock above in her top.

And she thought.

If she was going to stay with the titan… and damnit, she sure as hell was going to, then she either needed to…

Go clean.

Or convince her love to turn… "Evil", which she dubbed herself not, she was a thief, not a gun toting extremist. She was simply… "bad", and in her generation, "bad" was slang for "good".

So she had to convince the titan to go "Good", otherwise give up one of her life's pleasures to ultimately secure one.

A sacrifice she was willing to make nonetheless, however, something she would prefer not to. She enjoyed stealing as much as she enjoyed being with the titan.

And damnit if she wouldn't fight to keep both.

Hell, she would try her damnest to combine them, stealing with the titan.

She briefly went through the finances she had 'secured' in the past weeks. After a moments calculation, she had in total enough to last her several months rent, bills and food.

So she had, in essence, several months to decide… rather, to convince the titan to join her side, or in the end, if she would not, simply join the titans side.

Technically a win-win situation, however, one more preferable.

Well, either one would result in some serious something, so either was fine, so long as either happened.

She sighed, one of her possible outcomes would require she get a job… god damn.

She vaguely recalled the last time she'd gotten a job.

People got hurt, mostly by her.

Hey, they started it. She thought to herself.

Raven idly prodded the mashed potatoes on the dinner plate before her, on occasion loosing an audible sigh, her dark blue hair waving and flowing around with every movement of her head. Needless to say she was attracting stares.

"Are you… playing with your food?"

"How could I play with my food? It's an inanimate object." She droned, continuing to jab the mound with the end of her spoon. Contrary to the usual hour placement of that particular meal, it was in fact, around three in the afternoon. Beast Boy, having no notion of time appropriate nourishment, as well as a love for all things faceless, had decided to make potatoes, that had somehow, ended up mashed.

"… Are you sure?" the green boy asked once again.

She responded by looking up from her meal and staring at him. A deadly or vicious stare it was not, however, it had the same effect, and the boy immediately avoided eye contact, and resumed devouring his meal.

After several moments of awkward silence, she gently shoved her plate forwards and stood from her seat with a mumbled thanks. And vanished into the floor in a flash of darkness, leaving the lovebirds secretly holding hands and smiling at each other, and the other two glaring unholy death at each other for 'not appreciating the meal', and in Cyborg's case, 'cooking the meal'.

The titan padded through her door as usual, and stepped into her dimly lit room. She walked up to her bed and sat with a dull thump next to the current jade haired resident, who she promptly shook awake with a gently nudge.

"Hey Ranst." She said in a quiet and monotone voice.

"Mnn?" the girl groaned sleepily.

"Why am I bored?" she drolled.

"When weren't you bored?" she muttered from the thick violet sheets.

"… I guess yesterday." She said, keeping her voice a solid drone, and mildly surprised at the words that came from her mouth.

An emotionless wreck she used to be, and now not. So she was confused, as to when exactly she became open… well, more open with others.

Hell, she still wasn't open with others, just with the thief and herself.

And the girl next to her.

Perhaps it was just her time. She thought to herself, perhaps it was finally the time for her emotions to be released once again.

"Then just do what you were doing yesterday, and you won't be bored." She murmured sleepily, before curling into a ball under the comforter, leaving the blue haired girl with a thought.

So she just needed to visit the girl, and she wouldn't be bored anymore. Why hadn't she thought of that?

Perhaps she just didn't want to admit to herself, that anything made her happy. After eighteen years of droll un-acceptance, of being an outcast, maybe she was unwilling to admit that… that maybe the world wasn't such a bad place after all.

Her previous mindset, that everyone was the same, that no one would ever accept her, love her, it seemed it had been proven wrong.

To a minor extent, perhaps, seeing as that was only one person, however, that in no way contradicted the sentiment.

She had finally found someone who accepted her, so maybe, she could change…

For her, maybe she could change.

And like this did she continue to be wrapped up in her thoughts.

She flopped onto her back, gently bobbing as the springs pushed her softly up, and eventually her movement ceased. She blandly stared up at her ceiling, her hands idly spread at her sides, her left arm sprawled over the edge of the mattress, as well as her left leg. And there she laid, lazily blinking as reality slowly faded from her sights, and slowly was replaced by a state of blissful thought provoked unconsciousness.

Where… where am I? She muttered to herself as she observed her surroundings, beneath her feet was a hard, callous ground, with lines separating it into squares, all around her were massive structures, with people bustling in and out of them. And on the edge of it all she stood, looking in, confused, and unused to being where she was.

We are above, mistress.

You mean… we aren't in that place anymore?

Look around, master, what do you think?

Yes, we aren't there anymore. She said to herself ruefully. She looked down at herself, she recognized her body, the prepubescent features, she guessed her body was round seven years of age. the same pale skin, having never been exposed to sunlight she had never darkened, she idly twirled her hair with a finger, faintly smiling at the color, a deep blue. Once again she looked down at her feet. She was thankfully clothed, thought without shoes. Her single vestment, a skintight white leotard.

What now?

Only one way to find out, mistress,


The titan awoke with a dull look in her eyes, she did not remember her dream, just as she hadn't the past days. She wondered if her amnesia was beneficial, after all, her dreams had been horrid and grim reminders. She sighed and sat up with a groan, eyeing the miniscule clock that hung in the far corner of her room, and she promptly raised a brow.

Four a clock? She gazed at it curiously, unsure if it would sprout wings and float away. Unsure if she was still dreaming. Should she be in reality, awake, then that would mean she had slept for… well, she fell onto her bed at around five, being that it was now "Four", that meant she had slept for…

She silently cursed to herself as her drowsy brain shattered in its feeble attempt to add single and double digits. After a moment of withheld swears, she came to an answer.

She had slept for… twenty-three hours? No, that couldn't be right, she told herself.

She chuckled to herself as she rechecked her math and one again, came to the conclusion that she had slept for almost a day.

Why wasn't she hungry?

She absently patted her flat stomach and grinned as it made no sound. She did not have to get food. At least from her current standpoint, she no longer had to risk getting a 'firm talking to' by her fearless leader about keeping regular hours, and how it could possibly prove fatal for their team.

No, she would not have that happen ever again.

She briefly looked over her shoulder and was met with the familiar sight; it seemed that the jade haired girl was still soundly asleep.

She mindlessly brushed her hair out of her face, sliding it behind her ear as she ran through the possibilities of what she could do with the remainder of her day. Assuming she returned at or after ten, she was left with around six hours.

She smiled to herself as she realized something.

She had a girlfriend.

Holy hell, she had a girlfriend!

Which by logic, meant she had someone and something to do.

She awkwardly stood from her bed and stumbled, her fatigue from the long period of nonexistent movement becoming more and more evident.

She flopped back onto her bed with the same faint smile. She could simply eat at the thiefs house to regain her strength.


She realized something.

She was in fact, speaking about visiting a thief at her apartment.

She was in fact, in love with a criminal.

And she was in fact, a teen titan, a bona-fide crime fighter.

How in the hell had she not realized it until then?

She fell onto her back with a heavy sigh.

Assuming she would stay with the girl, and sure as hell, she would, something had to change.

… She would solve her dilemma later, at that moment in time, she was lonely, hungry and tired, all problems that could be solved with a simple house visit.

She muttered her mantra and fell through her bed into a puddle of shadows.

There the thief sat, blandly observing 'Extreme elimination', and laughing hysterically as people got minor injuries in ridiculous ways. She had that morning, woken up, and gone through her usual activities, shower, breakfast.

Well, she had skipped breakfast, having ran out of instant products, and having not felt like really doing anything on that particular sunny day. Lounging about was what she wanted.

As well as some company. Specific company. She wanted to see the titan, who she hadn't seen in what seemed an eternity.

It had however, been two or so days.

So there she sat, praying to various 'made up gods' that she composed in her mind. She prayed to Topramenioso for a bountiful harvest, to Ravenatra for a visit from the titan, and to Extremliminationiama for a hilarious obstacle.

The bulk of her prayers were met, as a man was knocked off the shabby bridge by a Styrofoam freely swinging boulder, and a pair of hands were clapped over her eyes, her drowsy state of mind being the main reason she didn't start at the sudden presence.

"It's Raven." The voice drolled.

The girl removed her hands and vaulted over the couch, landing weightlessly in the other girls lap, never making a sound.

"You know, you're supposed to say 'guess who' when you do that." She said with a chuckle and a grin.

"Damn." She said in mock anger.

"Well I forgive you." The pink haired girl said while pulling the titan down and wrapping her arms around the girls slender neck.

She scoffed. 'You better forgive me." Tangible sarcasm in her voice.

The thief stole a slow, passionate kiss from the girl before pulling her into a tender embrace.

"I missed you…" she muttered to the other girl, her tone serious and low.

"Jinx, I've only been gone for two days…" she breathily said into the girls ear. The violet eyed girl contently smiled as her love tightened the embrace, nuzzling into her neck.

"I missed you too…" she said in return.

"Well I hate to kill the moment-" came a deep, calm voice, "-But we should go get something to eat before you two starve."

Jinx, who immediately recognized the voice, raised her hand over the couch and gave a dull wave, Raven, who did not immediately recognize the voice, did nothing, and simply judged the girl in her arms response.

"Hey mammoth." Jinx said from the couch. The man closed the door behind him and took loud steps further into her apartment, before coming to a stop in front of the television, a broad grin on his face.

"Let's go before you implode." He said while mildly gesturing with his hands.

The thief rolled and dragged her and the girl in her arms to the thickly carpeted floor with a dull thud. She looked down at the now beneath her girl with a grin.


The titan smiled as best she could… Faintly. "Yeah."

"Let's get our grub on!" she said exuberantly before hopping to her feet. She immediately offered out a hand and helped the still grounded girl up, and promptly dusted her off, taking great care in only rubbing certain spots.

A blushing raven and a compromise later, they had all decided to go out for sandwiches.

How strange it was, a Hero dining out with two villains.

However unusual the scene was, they all proceeded down the sidewalk -and portion of the road thanks to Mammoths size. Which served multiple purposes. It "encouraged" people to yield to them, as well as not look in their general direction, something the titan was very relieved to have.

In essence, a behemoth bodyguard, he was. Though she would never think of him as such, after all she had been through, he was no such thing. Bodyguard implied that he was paid for his services, and that he otherwise, would not be protecting anyone. He however, was not in it for the money. Jinx was like a younger sister to him, and it was his duty as an older brother to look out for and protect his siblings.

As well as for friends.

So there the three took down the sidewalk and portion of the bike lane, heading for the one place near room 805 that served sandwiches.

… Togo's

Not the most discreet of places, no, considering its location nearby a mall complex, as well as a coffee shop. Yet still, they were all hungry, and after the titans compromise, that said exclusively that they could not steal a meal, they had been left with one affordable choice.

Well, many affordable choices, however, Togo's was indeed, the closest.

And they were indeed, car-less.

So down the streets they all walked, Jinx and Raven hand in hand, ignoring the stares that managed to creep by the Behemoth next to them. The restaurant soon appeared in the distance, and several minutes later, they were indoors.

Their entrance was dramatic on its own, first, came the hulking behemoth of a man, who crouched down and barely cleared the door, followed by two pale, strangely colored girls, one in pink pajamas, and one in a skintight, long sleeved leotard with a blue cloak, who hung onto the other girl for dear life.

An unusual thing, going out was for the titan, who did not like to be exposed. So she unconsciously clung to the girls arm, all the while convincing herself and the now smirking thief that it was for no reason.

Mammoth took heavy ground shaking steps to the low counter and spoke in a forced gruff tone.

"Seven turkey and swiss sandwiches."

The teen behind the counter stood, mouth agape at the giant before him. He stuttered out his response.

"Th-th Wh-whole?" it barely qualified as a sentence. Hell, it didn't.

"Yeah." He said roughly, inwardly smiling as the boy cringed at his voice, he enjoyed messing with people. Though simple and harmless intimidation it was, he would soon after clear it up with a better impression and no longer harsh voice.

"Gnn" he grunted at the employee as best he could, trying not to laugh as the boy took a step back. He slowly turned around, while fiddling with his magnificent beard, a strange characteristic for someone of his age.


As were all his characteristics. However, such is a given for a metahuman.

He stomped over to where the girls were sitting, took the remaining two chairs, set them side by side, and promptly and cautiously took his seat (s). He smiled as the two before him were caught grinning at each other. Far be it from him to ruin yet another moment, so he patiently waited for the eventual ding that would alert him to his food.

Ten or so minutes later, the bell rang, and he stood from his chairs, slid them under the table before smacking his hand on the thing to get the others attention. With the pair shadowing him, he took large, loud steps to the counter, the boy behind it shrinking with every step.

"Thanks." He said in his usual raspy voice, however, hold the malice.

He picked up the several bags of complete French roll sandwiches and trotted out the door, his companions mindlessly following behind, both unaware and one uncaring that he had in fact, simply walked out with the food, eliminating yet another restaurant from their possible use for the next week or so. Until the employee had forgotten about his unpaid bill.

And knowing mammoths usual impression, it would most likely be repressed soon enough.

Raven and Jinx idly marched behind the behemoth; hands clasped and stuck in the others eyes, both blank from thoughts, and confused as to when they had suddenly become so sentimental.

When did eye contact start feeling good? They asked themselves silently.

And so did the group stroll along the path, absently heading for the park, where Mammoth knew there was a suitable spot for eating. His knowledge that his sister had not been out of her apartment for at least a day, had forced him to pick a sunny, and warm bench, under a row of medium sized pines, the needles all dried brown from the summer heat.

Before their seats, they took their chosen spots. Mammoth took his five sandwiches, and handed each of the remaining two the girls opposite with a smile.

"Dig in." he said

There robin paced along the tiled floor, a grim expression on the visible portion of his face. He had been trying to contact the empath for hours.

However, it had only been around five minutes. Seeing as he was incredibly impatient, it seemed to take many, many times more.

So there he was, his footsteps mindlessly echoing in the enclosed space that was his study. His mask eyeing his open communicator which had autodialed the dark titan.

Who had promptly, not picked up.

And damnit if he wasn't pissed. Just the previous day he had told her to have her com. Unit at her at all times, he was beginning to think she didn't even listen to him.

No, he assured himself, that was impossible, of course she listened to him. Which left him with one possible and highly irrational idea.

She had been kidnapped.

Rather… teen-napped… Titan-napped?

No matter, he thought to himself. However much he was wrong in his assumption, he had the technology to back himself up, as on his unit he had a global map, with the locations of all the other units.

And far south of him, in an apartment complex, was hers.

He knew it! She had been captured!

Well far be it from him to allow such travesty to continue, no matter how unlikely it was that someone managed to capture the queen of darkness, who he was convinced would have devoured their soul, he would trudge to the ends of the earth to prove he was right.

So, seeing as he was convinced she had been captured, and seeing as if she owed specifically him, a favor. He would go alone to rescue her.

Oh yes, he would.

She would owe him for life.

He was unsure of what exactly he would use her dept for, but that in no way would prevent him from jumping from his window to maintain secrecy from the other titans.

And that he did.

After attempting to eat a whole –complete- French bread sandwich, both Jinx and Raven had retired to the thiefs apartment for some much needed alone time, after all, two days was an eternity to go without each other.

So there they sat, entwined on the pink haired girls black couch, silently watching something that neither of them knew existed. However, the somehow partially black and white film was not the point, so there they lied, in a warm embrace, enjoying each others company.

And what would happen at that tender moment than an interruption?

The boy wonder stood outside a hollow core door, his ear pressed as close to the wood as possible without merging their atoms. His jaw dropped as he heard a familiar voice laugh.

What in gods name were they doing to her? He shouted at himself.

Though in actuality, the thief had simply tickled the other girl for a brief moment, he, outside the room, only heard the titans laughter.

Her laughter.

That only meant one thing.

The god damned apocalypse was there!

He would stop the end of the world! So in a moment of glory, he took a step back and with all his might, he kicked that damnable door straight off its hinges.

And that hollow core piece of wood flew magnificently into the apartment, and in he rolled –in case they were armed-. His duck and roll came to a halt and he flew to his feet.

"Ravennn… uhh." He froze, and his precious birdarangs dropped harmlessly from his hands to have the razor sharp blades stick into the carpeted floor.

For there before him, was a black couch. And on said couch, he could see over an arm, was the dark titan he quested for.

Currently engaged in a rather heated make-out session.

With another girl.

With another pink haired girl.

The pair in question noticed his presence and broke apart, sending a curious and shocked glance in his direction.

"… huh…" jinx muttered to the air, utterly confused as to why and how he was there. No one knew where her apartment was accept her, other villains, and the titan in her arms.

And damnit if she wasn't sure none of them ratted her out.

"uh-" stuttered raven as she glanced at her 'shitless' leader, an expression of sheer horror on her face.

This was not the way she wanted him to find out. Hell, she never wanted him to find out. Lest she get another speech, about how it would somehow cause the destruction of the titans, and how 'she wasn't thinking'. And through her alarm she was confused as to how the boy had found her.

It's not like she had a tracking device on her, right.

… Right?

Her distress turned to anger as she realized something.

The only way for him to have found her, was if he had something tracking her.

She glared at him. "How did you find me?" she said, completely ignoring the looks she was receiving from her leader, as well as the one from the girl in her arms.

"I… uh… tracked your… Com… Unit…" he muttered, still shocked.

Oh shit… he thought to himself as he slowly realized what he had said. The other titans, save Cyborg, were unaware that their Communicators were capable of being tracked. Especially the one before him.

He tried to change the subject. "What are you doing? That's JINX!" he shouted at her, getting back to the actual topic at hand.

"You tracked it?" she muttered to him, her voice echoing in his mind.

He would forever remember that moment as the second time he was teleported away.

He cracked open his eyes and quickly blinked open as he realized where he was. It was the very same place he'd been trapped before.

He was in china.


"What'd you do to him?" the thief asked, utterly confused as to what had happened. The last she'd seen of the masked teen was around five seconds ago, right up until he'd fallen into the floor.

"… nothing…"

"… right…" she said, before plopping back down onto the titan. She figured that moment was as good a time as ever, hell, maybe even better than ever. It was the perfect time to bring up an unstable topic, seeing as the girl in her arms had just taken out her anger on another person, that was in fact not her, she no longer had to worry about whatever reaction she would show.

Well, she still did worry, but she would ask anyways, otherwise it would eat her inside out.

"You know how I'm a thief?" she said slowly.


"And how you're… not?"

"… yeah." She murmured.

"Wanna go… with me?"

Chapter 13: Decision


Chapter 13:

"Wanna go… with me?" she muttered to the girl, her tone vocalizing the unease in her mind.

"Like… leave the Titans?" she said in her normal voice, unsure as to if it was a joke.


"I… don't know… that's a big decision..." She murmured to the girl in her arms, and promptly nuzzled into her neck as she felt the girl shake.

"Yeah, I know…" she responded quietly. "I don't expect an answer right now, just eventually, cause I really like you -and I want us to work -and If you don't want to join me I'll join you and we-" she was effectively silenced with a kiss.

Raven pulled away with a grin. "You need to relax."

The pink haired girl promptly sighed and continued to look into the other girls eyes, a sheepish expression on her face. "Sorry…"

"Don't worry about it, we have at least until he gets back, and that should take a while, okay?" she said mockingly.

"Yer lucky the sex is good, cause otherwise… "


She tried with all her might not to crack a smile, she failed miserably. "… stuff…"

The titan chuckled to herself, they did indeed have until her china bound leader returned, and if the last time was of any relation, it would take at the least several days. Unless, god forbid he was prepared.

"Started well, tha'sentence" she slurred, before rubbing the other girls head as one would a genies lamp.

"Hey, I thought so… well, anyways… what were we doing?" She paused for a moment of dramatic thought, and beamed at the other girl as the 'idea' blared in her mind.

"Right." She said to the air before trapping the titan in a kiss, "Shower?" she asked hopefully, not willing to pass up such a glorious opportunity.

"Sounds good." She muttered, seeing as she was for some reason, weak, the though of basking in the warmth of… with the other girl… and the water seemed all too wonderful.

Both girls untangled their mass of limbs and sauntered to the shower, all the while removing various articles of clothing and tossing them at each other. 'dirty shower prefight' as it was called by the thief, the person to get hit with the most dirty clothes looses.

After being pegged several times, and being naked herself, she had indeed, lost the dirty shower prefight. The victorious teen stepped into the shower, familiar with its workings, she have a firm smack to the knob, winced as the water slowly heated up, but started at damn five degrees. She would fix this, she told herself. Her thoughts slowly dissipated as the pink haired girl waltzed into the shower, coming to an abrupt halt directly before the titan. The thief promptly latched onto the other girl with both her arms and her left leg, contently smiling as she contacted the soft, wet, deliciously warm skin.

"Know what? I really like showers… when'd that happen?" jinx said with a snort, which echoed several times in the tiled enclosed space.

"When you forgot about Psycho?" she droned, sighing as she was pulled closer into the girls arms.

"Nah, it almost started at…no! There's no way? It was YOU!" she said in mock surprise while poking the girl between her ribs, her voice however, maintaining a low level.

The titan scoffed, "Damn… how did you find out?" she said teasingly, before nuzzling into the girls neck and absently kissing and licking and sucking anything within her reach.

"Want me to clean you off" she muttered to the girl, who promptly ceased her administrations.


The titan responded by firmly slapping the pink haired girls' rear, the sound went heard by the bulk of existence. "Sweet" Was said by the thief before she began her cleanliness routine. She bent over to retrieve the body soap near her feet and squeezed out a massive blob, before smacking it into the titans back. The pink haired girl massaged the soap into the skin. She trailed her touch around her hips, up her stomach, and she could not leave the breasts alone, they required much more attention lest they feel left out. Her hands continued to roam the supple flesh, and her smile slowly turned more and more lewd. It seemed her sex drive had caught up with her. Clever bastard it was, but it would have to wait at least five more minutes.

She slid her soapy hands around the girls torso and up to the very bottom of her breast, before gently cupping both in her hands, tenderly rubbing them.

And damnit, the moans weren't helping her composure.

She would have to finish this, or explode.

She continued to stare at the nude girl in her arms. She was beautiful, truly beautiful.

Someone like her with someone like me…

She couldn't help but have low esteem, after a childhood of parental, school, peer, and life problems, she had in the end been forced to take on everyone's perception of her. She was a freak, she always was a freak, and she always will be a freak. And a freak does not belong with a beauty…

She ceased her ministrations and lowered her hands to the titans hips, loosely wrapping them around her slender waist. She sighed and dropped her forehead onto the girls back, a drear expression on her face.

"Hey… Raven… am I… u-", she was cut off.

Raven could feel it in the other girls chest. It seemed she had gone through the same damnable past as her own. Eighteen years of being called a freak by everyone will eventually cloud your own judgment of yourself.

As is the birth of low self-esteem.

She could feel it in the girls heart, she was uncertain, so damn uncertain about herself. Something she rarely showed. Something she'd rarely seen.

Here, this cute girl was so uncertain about herself, that she was questioning the titan.

Stage two of low self-esteem, projection.

She could feel it in her heart, the girl was afraid, that perhaps, she was not loved.

Raven would not let such travesty occur to her lover.

So she spoke. "You, are adorable, always have been always will be, got it?"

"… you mean it?" came the slow response from her back.

"Of course, hell, I'm surprised you didn't get kidnapped and forced to be a concubine." She said before turning in the other girls' arms and planting a gentle kiss on her smiling lips.

"Un. Der, Stand?" she muttered breathily into the other girls ear, a lewd smirk on her pale lips.

Jinx mood-killer reared her adorable head once again, far be it from the voice in her head to allow such a lead to relations go noticed. It would not stand for such travesty! It seemed the girl was still in her thoughts.

She still couldn't believe the girl, that she was telling the truth.

She had a valid reason, one stemming from experience.

One that had made her who she was that day.

She remembered that damnable day so clearly, so vivid was it in her mind.

She could see it, the morning blue sky above her.

She was walking around the playground, her last year at that hellish school. So she walked around, all the while the remaining time she had left every slowly ticking away in her mind.

Her lunch laps around the cement rectangle playground, same as she did everyday.' To avoid confrontation, never stay still, or they will find you', were her thoughts. So there she paced the mammoth hunk of tar-coated rock, her feet absently crunching against the gravel that had long since been kicked up.

She remembered, when she slowed down. There was a girl in front of her, smiling.

She remembered, giving her meek hello.

And she remembered, what she received in return.

A compliment.

The girl had said her hair was pretty, and promptly dashed off.

She remembered the feeling, after that moment. It was wonderful, almost excruciatingly so. Never before had she been complimented, so there she continued pacing around the blacktop, an empty smile on her lips, her pink eyes lazily glancing around.

She remembered, she was happy.

For that moment in time she was happy.

And above all, she remembered what happened next.

After her lunch break, she and that girl, as well as the bulk of that girls friends had returned to the same class, as they were classmates, it came to no surprise.

She remembered it so damn clearly, her brown, rickety desk, her wild pink hair thrown back over her shoulders in an attempt to show it off.

After receiving a compliment, she was sure of herself, that she was pretty, so she threw her hair back over her shoulders, still unaware that she was smiling through her movements.

A tear came to the thiefs eye as the moment played over and over in her mind.

She had taken her seat, and next to her, was that girl, the one who had complimented her. It seemed the girl was currently engaged with her friends in hushed tones, all of the group leaning towards each other in an attempt to block out eavesdroppers.

And she had fucking smiled, she remembered her idiotic grin. She remembered how sure she was, that they were talking about her and how beautiful she was. She wanted to hear it, she wanted to hear some praise, any praise.

She had never gotten any before.

A metahuman she was, with catlike abilities at that. She cocked her head to the side and twitched her ears, picking up on the whispered conversation.

And her smile dropped.

And her gaze dropped.

And her tears dropped.

She remembered that damn girl, quietly laughing with her friends, reminding them of how much a freak she really was. Even that she'd said she was 'pretty'. And at that her bastard friends broke out hysterically laughing, their secrecy forgotten, however, their secret not revealed, so long as amusement it was not.

And she remembered the feeling, it felt so terrible. They sent her to the clouds and hurled her back to the ground.

They had established a contrast.

They had shown her how wonderful she could feel, and snatched it from her hands, taunting her from above.

And she was tired of it.

Through her tears she'd been tired of it.

She was tired of believing those bastards, when all they said were lies. She would never believe them ever again.

And she vowed to herself, that she was worth something, and she would make something with herself, using herself, even if she had to become a villain to achieve her dreams.

She would prove them wrong.

She would show all of them.

She was not a freak.

So there she stood, pressed into the titans pale back, the soft tears slowly streaming from her reddened eyes. As much as she desired to believe the girl she was with, in her heart she couldn't, she simply was unable to believe.

To believe anyone.

She needed more proof, she needed anything that could show her, that it was indeed the truth the other girl spoke.

That perhaps, she really was cute, really was loved.

She needed to know, now.

The thief looked up at the girl in her arms, sniffling slightly as a tear ran down her cheek, though obscured by the raining water, it went noticed by the titan.

"Jinx, what's wrong?" she said in genuine concern, never before had she seen the girl in her arms cry, and damnit if she wouldn't try to stop it.

"Do you… really like me?" she muttered to the girl, her voice trembling.

"Jinx," she said with a sigh, "Why else would I be in a shower with you?", she said in a light tone, in an attempt to resurrect the previously good aura.

"I need to know." She said firmly though the tears, "Do you actually like me?" her voice solid.

Raven softened at the girls voice, she could hear it through the bravado, through the strong tone.

She was suffering, every second she was dying over and over again.

She really did need to know.

And she needed to prove it, somehow, to the girl in her arms, that she did love her.

Of course we love you silly! Came that obnoxious, blaring voice.

Happy… it's been a while… she drolled, before realizing something. She could prove it, absolutely prove it.

Love? She said to the void.

Mnn? Responded a calm, fond, and content voice

Tell her the truth, do we love her?

More than anything in the universe, mistress.

The sound rang over in the thiefs mind, and a faint smile formed on her lips. She recognized that voice, it was one of ravens head people.

One of her head people had just said, the titan did indeed, love her.

Love her.

That was all she needed to hear, and more.

Unless, of course…

"… Really?"

"Damnit jinx, Yes, yes, for gods sake YES, I love you."

"Do you mean i-?" she said, her tone lightened to match her normal candor.

The titan simply responded by placing a finger on the girls lips, effectively silencing her. "I love you." She said, before removing her hand and leaning in for a chaste kiss, the steaming water around them not even comparing to the heat of the meeting of their lips.

Several minutes later, the empath pulled away heavily breathing and smiling. She pulled the girl into a tight embrace, both of them blushed at the contact.

"Really, I love you."

Jinx smiled contently through the streaming tears, she was certain, now, that she was in love.

And that she could be loved.

She felt warm, even without the downpour of steaming water she would have been. The only thing she needed was the girl in her arms.

Perhaps she didn't need to steal to be happy… maybe all she needed was the titan.

So there they stood, the downpour of steaming water flowing down their pale skin, the same content smile on each of their lips.

The same feeling in each of their hearts.

They felt loved.

Something neither of them had ever experienced. Had never even expected.

They had both been alone and rejected their whole lives.

Such a connection forged faster and stronger a fondness of each other. Time spent is meaningless, whether be it years, months, it will not change the way you feel about them. Unless you decide you are not meant to be.

Time will not increase love, so time does not matter.

The mere week they used to bring themselves together was more than enough time to realize that they did really love each other.

They would not abandon each other.

However, there was still a problem.

They were on opposite sides of the law, complete opposites. Which meant one of them would have to switch sides if they could comfortably and publicly be together.

They were not going to hide themselves, after both their pasts they were going to prove to everyone, that they were people too.

And they had found love.

So there was the wall.

Who joins who?

There they stood in a tender embrace, the steaming water raining down in gentle torrents, the same thought in each of their minds.

The very same thought:

Should… I join her?

Neither was willing to give up what they had strived and worked and bled for all their lives burst into flames. They would never abandon each other. And neither really wanted to give up their side of the justice system.

But it could never be that way.

They would eventually have to fight each other, something neither could do.

Not anymore.

Still the wall stands. Both bound together, and both tied to opposite sides.

Sides they've come to prefer, even like.

So is the question.

Who will break their bonds?

For the pink haired girl, thievery always was, and is her life. She steals for necessity, to keep her boat afloat in the ocean called life. Hell, she steals for fun, for bets, for her own amusement.

She takes great pleasure at those who once called her a freak now fear her presence, now lose their possessions to her, and not the other way around.

She took great pleasure in stealing back everything they had stolen from her.

They stole her possessions

They stole her joy

They stole her life

And above all, they stole her purpose.

So she had made one, to get revenge on all those who had wronged her.

Thus was her entrance into organized crime.

Another method of vengeance.

As well as financial support..

Her new job served as a stress relief, as well as contentment with herself.

She was stealing everything back.

And she wanted to continue stealing, and loving the girl in her arms. But she knew one of them had to change.

For the violet eyed girl

Her, having been tortured viciously for an eternity, then for centuries above ground, had as well been mocked and tormented and hated and despised for being and looking different.

And in her years on earth, all she came to see is cruel, prideful, malicious smirks and leers aimed at her.

She was also an outcast.

She also had many things stolen and destroyed.

Things she could never get back.

So much was she like the thief.

And if not for her pre-past, she would be exactly like her.

Her father, that abomination of a being, had birthed her in the fiery pits of hell, to convert her to his wills, in essence, to become a demon.

Become a demon, and ravage and burn and destroy everyone and anyone. They are all sinners and they are all filth, and such vermin does not deserve to breathe.

So you, my daughter, you will do this for me. You will be the end of existence.

You will be Oblivions Mistress.

Her father, at her resistance to become such a travesty, had fought her, and trapped her in the chains of the devil himself.

Forever suspended in the chains, forever stabbed and penetrated and torn apart by the links, forever burnt by the fires and flames beneath her feet.

And her attempts to break free from those damnable bonds resulted in severe and brutal retaliation.

She could regenerate, so long as her brain remained mostly in tact.

So her torturers were allowed to do as they wished, so long as they never touched her pretty face.

And in the end, she had escaped the dungeon, and she had demolished and ripped and tore her bastard father apart.

She had killed him for all time and eternity.

And in the end, she was freed from the bowels of hell.

To earth, she was sent, among all the other possibilities she had chosen earth, rather, gotten earth.

She did not know why, she got that place, and after her appearance she began to regret her decision.

To leave.

She was tormented and taunted and teased and bullied for all her life. Until one day.

Until that one, damn day.

The day that changed everything.

She had ripped that bastards hand off, and she had loved the feeling, the feeling of revenge coursing though her veins. She'd picked him up by his throat, and smiled as she watched him slowly suffer and suffocate in anguish.

And she realized, she was killing him.

She could never kill anyone.

Everyone deserves to live.

No one deserves to die.

Her father, that bastard had left her with one option, become Oblivions Mistress. Something she would never do.

And to spite her fathers ideals, and to prove to herself that she was not her fathers play toy, that he could not use her for such bullshit.

She went hero.

She saved the people that taunted and mocked and hurt her in the past.

All because of her fucking dead fathers ideals.

That everyone deserves to die, everyone anything and all of existence.

Destroy it all.

Was her fathers purpose.

Was Trigons purpose

And never in her life would she become her father.

She would never kill, she would never destroy.

All things deserve to live.

And nothing deserves to die.

So there she was, in her teens, fighting for those who had treated her lower than dirt, treated her like a fucking animal.

So there she was, fighting for those who did not deserve it. All because of her father.

Her father was the only reason she had taken the heroes path, otherwise, had she not been destined to destroy everything, she would have taken her loves path.

She would have been a thief but for her father.

To think, that son of a bitch managed to torture torment her every waking moment. And in the end, he was the reason she avoided the lower path.

Trigon, was her driving force, making her strive in life to become in individual, not the oblivions mistress.

Trigon, was her driving force to save, rather than to destroy life. To get out of his shoes, and forge her own path, she would not become her merciless father.

Thus the birth of the titans.

She had established the group with several other unique teens, and surrendered the position as leader to the boy wonder. Positions mean nothing, after all.

So it began, her crime fighting spree, she would defend and save and help those in need. She would destroy those who dared oppose her.

As much as she would have liked to say otherwise, she could not fully escape her fathers past.

She was still issuing righteous torment on the heathens of the world, though at a minor extent, it was what she strived to avoid.

She would never take a life.

So it continued, she saved, and destroyed. Every day she saved those in need, and every day she demolished and decimated those who dared harm the innocent.

She was punishing sinners.

She was still a demon.

she was saving those in need.

She was no longer a demon.

Her routine was not one brought by pleasure, or desire, rather, by necessity. Being a titan allowed her to serve the world in a positive way, instead of consuming all of existence in the all-cloaking darkness of oblivion.

Her current routine is one contrary to her fathers. Designed to be his opposite. Designed to break any relations they had ever shared in the past. Designed to evade her destiny.

To be Oblivions Mistress.

And she had succeeded, down in the fiery pits of hell she had decimated her father, she cut his fucking head off. And she hurled his remains into the deepest, dankest, and foulest pits of hell, to rot and putrefy for all time forevermore and for all eternity.

She had long since proved herself free from her bastard of a father. She had long since been free from her bonds.

And still, she fought crime, she protected the innocent, and was mocked by the very people she saved, hated by the people she stopped.

Why did she continue to be a teen titan? When she had long since achieved her goal.

Her father was dead; she now and forever had her own existence that is hers and hers alone.

She was free from her burdens.

So she had no reason to continue helping those who despised and loathed her mere appearance. She had no reason to continue helping the titans.

Her father was dead.

She no longer needed to fight crime, to be righteous.

At that moment, she just wanted to be happy, whatever happy may be.

And she knew, she now knew where she could be happy.

She would give up her useless occupation, her bullshit job. She would no longer save those in need, when all she would receive in compensation is a sneer and crude remark. Saving lives brought her nothing, all it is, is a reminder, of exactly what people thought of her.

They all hated her, the majority despised her simply for being different.

She had been saving people that despised her for years.

Never once had she been thanked, not even thanked for saving a life.

Perhaps it was time for a break.

Time for a change.

To avoid the destiny her father had imposed on her, She had slaughtered him like cattle, and she created the teen titans, and she fought for the common man, saved the common man, provided protection for all. Even after her fathers murder, she had continued to fight for those who do not deserve her help.

For those who do not respect her help.

She was fighting to destroy her destiny.

She had killed her father.

She had killed her destiny.

So why was she still fighting and sweating and straining for the same people that harbor nothing but hatred for her.

Her reason was gone.

She no longer needed to fight crime.

Her father was dead.

So was her destiny.

She had long since been free, and yet she still worked day in and day out.

Why was she doing all those thing? How hadn't she seen that she no longer needed to fight, to defend or destroy or protect.

How did she not realize she was done?

After her sole reason for saving Go city repeatedly was solved, why did she continue onwards?

Perhaps, somewhere along the line, her dead father fell from the picture.

In fact, the very moment she dismembered her bastard of a father, she would have been free from her destiny, one that could have only been imposed so long as her father breathed.

It seemed the titans had been formed for no reason after all.

Even before the titans were established, the empaths main reason for constructing it was destroyed. Her main reason was sated.

So why had she started the titans?

Perhaps, in a part of her mind, she wished to fight, whether friend or foe she needed to vanquish good or evil, either, she needed to do something, anything.

She needed to find meaning again.

She needed to find purpose again.

Thus, were the teen titans created.

And thus, was Ravens' raison d'etre restored.

And thus did she continue onwards, desperately searching for something to use her broken life for.

Desperately searching for a purpose in the world, after destroying her previous.

And she had in the end, built one.

She had been a titan.

However, now things were different.

She would never, no matter what she did, be her father. That had long since been behind her.

Now, she could be or do whatever she desired, her fathers wishes and restrictions no longer mattered.

That bastard was dead.

He took his two cents.

May they burn in hell with him.

So there she was, in the thiefs arms, realizing, that she could do what she'd always wanted to do. Because, she realized in that girls arms, that she never liked saving the very same people who openly despised and mocked her.

Who the hell would?

She, with no shred of doubt, wanted to join the girl in her arms, more than anything in the world. She would obey her desires, and be satisfied with her choice, no matter what the consequence.

She would throw her purpose to the side like filth, and retrieve the one she had long since forgotten.

She would be a villain, and she would return the favor to all those bastards who treated her like filth.

And above all else, she would be with the girl in her arms, always and forever.

And she would feel wonderful, happy, glorious, and content with her decision.

"Jinx…" she muttered to the girl in her arms, nuzzling her cheek into the girls neck.

"What?" she said silently, restraining a moan as the other girl gently nipped at her ear.

"I want to join you." She said at a constant and slow pace, placing her mouth on the girls earlobe.

"Are you sure?" she murmured, "I don't want you to give up what you love… for my sake"

Raven pulled away from the girl, a serious expression on her face, however, a faint loving smile on her pale lips.

"You are what I love, and I will give up anything to be with you, even if it is what I despise."

Jinx chuckled, the downpour of tears continued from her eyes. "You don't like being a titan?"

"I don't think I ever have… Only… while I'm here, with you, I realized it…" She chuckled to herself. "We really are the same aren't we?"

Jinx grinned and pulled the other girl tighter against her sheen body, a playful smile on her lips.

"If by that you mean gorgeous and amazing, then yeah." She said with a laugh.

"Damn straight!" she said with a scoff.

The titan gazed at the beautiful girl in her arms, her expression dropped as her eyes trailed the tears pouring from the thiefs eyes. She gently raised a hand and brushed away the tears.

"Cheer up, jinx, y'er making me sad." She said before pulling the other girl into her body, and resting the other girls head on her shoulder. The titan soothingly rubbed the girls back and comforted her as the last of the tears circled the drain.

"Jinx." She murmured to the girl in her arms, who promptly nuzzled into her cheek.

"I love you, and I always will."

"… same…" the thief muttered into the girls ear, before returning to rubbing cheeks and planting the occasional kiss on the titans soft lips. She had no more questions, she had no more problems. They would be together, they would steal and rob and connive together.

And they would always be together, and they would never be apart.

They would give each other what neither had ever received.

Undying love.

Title: This Ain't A Story, It's Another Damned Epithet
Category: Cartoons » Teen Titans
Author: JellyfishBlues
Language: English, Rating: Rated: M
Genre: Romance/Humor
Published: 02-29-08, Updated: 05-15-08
Chapters: 6, Words: 14,453

Chapter 1: Enter, Raven

Chapter 1:

There he stood.

Ever twitching behind his mask, he scanned the area around him with distaste, his scowl curving further down on his face as he completed his rotation. It seemed his only reasonable way to get back was to take an economy jet. And the only affordable way was… none.

There was no affordable way to get back.

So there he stood, his hands writhing in the air as he contemplated his options. He, a man of justice, could not possibly steal the money, could he? He'd have to arrest himself, and damnit, he would not go down without a fight.

Moments passed and he loosed a vicious sigh, glaring unholy death to the pavement beneath his feet.

He would have to steal.


He could always simply stow away on the flight, it did not require he break the law other than not paying, and it did not require he mugged some Chinese fellow who would most likely karate chop his neck and kill him.

Having spent some time previously in china, he was well aware not to piss of a Chinese person.

It wasn't as though he couldn't easily take them, but they tended to surprise him. As in, turn on their heels and slap him across the face.

Always quick to the draw, they were.

He took a deep muffled breath and stood from behind the sacks of sand he was crouching behind, immediately attracting stares with his gloriously clashing outfit. Christmas boy stalked off to the airport in the distance, which he only knew existed from his last abandonment. It was the very same airport he had taken the last time.

Only, unlike last time, he did not have one, his wallet, two, his passport, or three, his communicator, which he assumed he had lost off him in his magnificent duck and roll maneuver.

As well as his favorite batarangs, the ones he' sharpened to perfection, as well as the only ones which remained in tact after a mission. It seemed all his things were either or lost or destroyed in the process of arresting a felon. Hell, they even worked as boomerangs, something he had discovered completely by accident, he missed, and rather unfortunately, as they were sharpened, he had no logical reason to catch them.

But he did anyways.

Oh yes, he "caught" them.

As in, they stopped on various parts of his body.

Stopping something, and not dropping it, always was a 'catch' in his opinion.

From that moment on at least.

He shuddered as his stroll continued, the airport lazily growing closer in the top of his vision. He still remembered the horrid experience he'd had those seven months ago. Him, speaking no Chinese whatsoever, as well as him having no previous experience in that particular part of the globe, had succeeded in making him look like an insane American donned in a rather hip fashion statement.

Yes, it seemed the Chinese adored his dress code.

His heavy steps brought him to the automatic doors of 'China Air', and there he froze, taking in all the inhumane glory.

He went in.

And prayed dear god that she still wasn't pissed at him when he returned.

One Month Later

Light, slow paced steps took her slowly along the ground, her shoes dully clunking against the pavement beneath her feet, her eyes lazily looking around her, in an attempt to seem nonchalant.

She was however, far from being nonchalant.

So there she was, masking her desperation to find her apartment with droll apathy, all the while in actuality, only gaining distance from her desired destination. She sighed heavily and her constant steps came to an abrupt halt before the now green light, which effectively commanded her, 'stop, or be mauled by a two thousand pound metal death trap'.

And she glared unholy death at the damnable regulatory device, at the moment despising her stop more than she would the catastrophic meltdown that uncontrolled streets would induce. Her lack of a means for transportation other than rather glaring magic was not making her desire any less meaningful. She was not an exhibitionist, one of the many reasons she didn't simply command the shadows to take her home, let them do the grunt work.

That, as well as her current reputation, one she was actually quite proud of.

She had none.

After deciding to accompany her love in crime, she had in the end, quit the titans, and left a note explaining her actions.

It had been rather conspicuously placed, taped to the green boys face to find in the morning. It had read:

'I'm going away, Robin's in china.'

'… ps, I'll get my stuff eventually'

While she was applying her message to the soundly sleeping boys twitching eyelids, she had remembered something important.

It seemed her spell had been effecting her as well.

Once again, she'd forgotten about Ranst.

She loosed a silenced sigh and phased out of the scarcely lit room, the only source of illumination being a small nightlight in the corner. It seemed the titan was still afraid of the 'giant man-eating tarantulas'. She however, would mock him another time, preferably many years from then. She hovered her way back towards the door and phased through it, once passed, she met ground once again, getting restrained in nostalgia. She would not see that hall for quite some time, if ever again, so she took in the familiar sight for one possibly last time and started her way down the pitch black halls, heading for her own room. For one, to take the sleeping girl from it, and two, to retrieve her belongings.

She was relieved she had scarce belongings to speak of.

A Bittersweet smile formed on her lips, a flat, dull expression in her eyes.

Her steps took her to her door, and once again, she had phased directly through the slab of metal. And as she expected, the jade haired girl was soundly sleeping in her violet bed, a content smile on her lips. The titan took careful, calculated steps to the side of her bed, not wishing to make a sound until absolutely necessary. She took a seat on the edge and gently nudged the soundly sleeping girl awake. Ranst promptly groaned and tossed about, before ceasing her movements and lazily blinking open her neon green eyes, she sent a sleepy look to the girl next to her.

"Hey…" she muttered with fatigue.

"Ranst?" she said, keeping her voice low in the all-encompassing darkness of her room. "I'm… not going to be a titan anymore."

Her expression did not change, the same dull and extremely exhausted look on her face. It seemed she either did not care, or was to far away from the moment to hear the other girls voice.

Raven however, continued without disregard. "So… you could stay here, with the titans, they wont destroy my room or anything, and eventually It'll be yours." She droned on.

"Or, you could come with me."

She continued to stare into the other girls somewhat vacant expression. She sighed.

"I wont force anything on you, it's your choice."

Several silent and long moments passed, both girls staring blankly at each other.

"You." The girl whistled out while prodding the other girl in the ribs, smiling as best as she could manage. Of course she would not abandon the girl to whom she owed her very soul. Far from that kin of loyalty, she much desired to accompany her friend, who had shown her nothing but pleasure. Her smile turned dreamy as she recalled her first bath; the very first time she touched the heavenly mattress that was the girls' bed.

She would go with her friend, for good and for bad.

Raven spared a small grin for the other girl, the time was getting to her as well, having not yet adjusted to a 'thief's schedule' of awake and asleep times, and the sexy nymph in her new bed was not making it any easier to fall asleep or get out of bed.

It did however, make it extremely easy to get into bed.

"Well, let me just get my things and we'll be going." She muttered before starting her mantra to summon the various articles and objects that lined her deep purple walls. Said things promptly were sucked into the very center of the room, to be absorbed into an orb of writhing shadows, which hovered above the ground, its tentacles stretching and constricting her books, her masks, her belongings and hauling them into itself.

The shadows task was completed, and the titan turned back to the now wide awake girl. She offered out a hand, however, chuckled as the girl on her bed motioned the same, not wanting to leave her post. The violet eyed girl sighed, padded her way to the sprite, and offered out a hand. Her gesture was promptly accepted. The sprite was gently pulled to her feet and back towards the center of the plush purple carpet beneath their feet.

She muttered her mantra under her breath, and the two immediately sank into the floor, the steel reinforcement no longer sound, the floor no longer stable, the foundation spun inwards in a gyre, the two girls ever sinking with a mindless and rather unconcerned expression. The bubbling twitching thrashing and writhing shadows lashed about as the girls completed their gentle fall, and promptly settled back into their original positions, numerous as they were, they needed much rest to remain active should they be called on, as was their duty to her,

The Daughter of Trigon.

So there she was, a long month later, strolling the streets of Bethlehem city, a vague and dull expression masking the inner turmoil and conflict.

How in the hell did she not know where her apartment was? She was the damn person who found it, so shouldn't she know?

Why in the hell didn't she know.

She agitatedly twirled her long, deep sapphire hued hair, sighing as it wrapped around her finger. She had assumed she could have simply found her apartment if she scouted the area. It had always worked back in Go city.

Damnit, she wished she could have stayed there. But, it would be to strange, fighting with her friends.

She wouldn't be able to.

So she, the jade haired girl, and the thief had all moved to Bethlehem, 'the giant among ants', being its motto, it was by far her last choice of scenery. However in the end, it was the only place with dominantly urban settings, and lack of a north, east, south, or west titans establishment.

And however contrary to assumptions, it was the average city as cities go, The occasional major crime, the unnoticed minor crime. However strange, considering the cities economy, a predominantly wealthy district unfenced usually attracted felons.

Yet somehow, this extremely large place had escaped the radar.

So there she was, her brilliant violet eyes sending a vacant stare at the sky above her head as that damnable thought pounded her head.

She would need to teleport.

And damnit if she wasn't trying to keep a low profile for the moment. Though she was currently unaware of what exactly she should be desiring, such a decision would be left to her Co-Cohort in crime, jinx. The thought of her name warmed the titans very soul. The girl had been her moral support in her decision for the past month. She had been depressed that she had abandoned some of the few people that had accepted her.

And the girl had responded.

"They still do love you, and so do we. And you know we always will, don't you?"

"They will always be your friends, regardless of what you do."

"And I will always love you, no matter what."

She took a deep breath to suffocate the joyous tear that she felt running from her eye. She inhaled once again, and quickly glanced around her, looking for an inconspicuous place where she would teleport without being caught in the act.

Her prayers were answered as beside her was a rather pricy clothing store, one that she was positive would have a ladies room. Her mood increased as the thought that she would be home soon warmly greeted her thoughts. She entered the shop, squinting as the various fabrics glinted warmly in the well lit space. She smiled a forced smile at the clerk behind the supposedly 'hip' desk, which was covered in various trends.

Strange trends.

She approached the woman, calmly stuck her hands into her jet black jean pockets, and cocked her head to the side.

"Can I use your bathroom?"

"Sorry, it's for customers only."

The titan sighed, she would not touch those damnable streets once more if she could help it. And damnit, she could help it. Hell, she could easily stop it, as she was currently in position of her wallet, in which she assumed she could afford another piece of clothing she liked and get home in the process.

She spun on her heels and blandly observed the hanging colors that obnoxiously crowded around her. The claustrophobic design seeming to deter the customer from leaving without purchase, lest they be pulped between two storage racks. The design was rather successful, as raven took a deep breath and started browsing though the racks of cloths, only looking for jet black.

Her heart pounded as she came upon a pitch-black trench coat, even her size. It seemed the gods were sending her a message. She daintily picked the thing off its hanger and dragged at towards her, in her grasp the fabric long enough to reach the floor. She spun it around and shrugged it on in a single fluid motion, and breathed deeply.

That black trench coat, was rather unique. No shoulder pads and rather compliant design meant she would appear to be obviously female in such a vestment, her blue hair softly waving by her eyes seemed even more blue than usual next to the pitch colored fabric. She spread her arms to check the length, and crossed them before her, to check the tension of the back as well as the reach. She eagerly clasped all eight highly ordinate buckles, on each an intricate design. The one closest to her sights, on it was engraved a feather, it seemed almost real in its rendering. The silver buckles shining and gleaming in the light, they seemed indestructible, flawless. Good lord, it was her dream come true. A black, fashionable women's trench coat, she had doubted such a thing even existed. She further examined the cuffs on her arms, smiling as she shook the limb, listening to the quiet jingle of the sole portion of gleaming new chain, thin and miniscule, that was wrapped around her wrist several times. Same for her left.

She unclipped the belts with a heavy sigh, she didn't want to take the heavenly thing off her body, she felt freezing as the insulating fabric abandoned her skin. She held it out before her eyes, taking in all its glory.

She would buy it.


And… that hat! she thought to herself as she looked above where the heavenly trench used to hang, and a pure black top hat met her sights, she grinned. As ridiculous as she would look, such a thing was her style, it was something she adored. Gaudy, black, and more importantly, chains.

It seemed her father had indeed effected his daughter after all, though she would never admit to such travesty.

She grinned at the top hat and took rapid steps to it, her coat never leaving her occupied hand. She snatched the thing from its shelf and plopped it onto her head, Adjusting herself, she wondered what she looked like at that moment.

Most likely ridiculous, even more so once she put on the coat.

But damnit, she was going to buy them. BOTH of them.

Hat and trench in hand, she padded her way back to the clerk behind the counter. She set her articles down on the counter in the same way as one would beautiful imported china.

She turned her gaze up to the clerk, who took a step back as she met her violet eyes.

"How much for these?" she said in a dull and droll tone, masking her delight.

The salesperson took a deep breath and straightened her shirt, before turning her attention to the things on the counter.

"Five for the coat and one for the hat."

"What units are you using?" she drolled.

"Hundreds." She said in a similar tone, her excitement at her job remaining safely behind bars.

"Six hundred… for this?" she muttered, making her voice barely audible.

"Yeah." She stated blandly, the same 'dontgiveashit' expression ever present on her face.

"…" the titan loosed a heavy sigh, retrieved her desired items, and trudged her way back to the shelf through her sorrow. In her wallet she had exactly ninety seven dollars and twelve cents. An amount she assumed would be good enough to purchase something from that damnable store.

She couldn't even afford the hat, even the fucking HAT!

She returned it to its hanger, and the hat above it with a grim and grief-stricken expression on her face. She simply would not let that magnificent coat disappear. She had to have it.

This was her first desire that wasn't sex related or to inflict unholy death, so damnit, she had to have it!

However, in her mind, there went slow and fairly simple trains of thought.

Train number one:

Cannot afford stuff.

Train number two:

Cannot walk out with stuff.

Train number three:

Can hypnotize living and nonliving beings

Train number four, last stop for the day:

Can hypnotize the clerk into thinking she had indeed bought the item.

… oh, and then she could use the bathroom to teleport back in her magnificent cloak and hat. She would soon need a cane to match, something she had several vague ideas about. This however, would happen later.

She approached the clerk once again, her belongings in hand, she came to a firm stop before the woman, who looked at her dully.

Raven closed her eyes and took a deep breath, the saleswoman never even blinked.

She lazily cracked her eyes open, before fully embracing the scant lighting around her. She looked the girl in the eyes.

Azarath… Metrion… Zinthos. She thoughts silently to herself. For a moment and only a moment, her eyes shined a brilliant red. And just as quickly as they appeared, they vanished. Leaving the girl before her sending her an inquisitive look.

"You can leave, you paid for it." She said slowly. However, her arrogance went unheeded, seeing as she was now out what was most likely seventy dollars actual cost.

Raven forced a smile to the girl. "Where are the bathrooms?"

The clerk lazily gestured to her right, where above the opening in rather small letters was the phrase, "Bath - Room." Separated by a flower. She, still caught in the happiness of the moment, ignored the blatant disrespect and, clothing in hand, started off to the bathroom from which she would never exit.

Ah, hypnosis, such a thing was a simple task for the girl. She needent enter the subjects mind. Being that she is creating an image, she needed only create a mental picture of her surroundings, forge ones of her buying the coat and hat, and implant it in the other girls mind.

She chuckled to herself as she flung open the door, sliding into the wall of shadows that greeted her sights. She commanded them to take her, and her belongings back to her apartment. And after a pitch tendril slammed the previously caught door, they readily obeyed their master.

"Oh. My. God. Where did you get that?" the pink eyed girl asked enthusiastically.

"A place." she droned, masking her excitement with a dull look, "I got this at a place."

"It's so cool… you have to let me wear it!" she said while lazily circling the other girl and occasionally prodding and poking any particularly interesting objects attached to the pitch black trench coat. Never before had she seen such a thing. Partly because the coat was intended for use many years ago, as well as her sense of fashion all but despising long coats. It seemed this coat was magical, as it compelled them both to desire its majesty.

"Sure, sometimes." She said sincerely.

"Sweet! How much was it?"

"Six hundred."

"Dollars?" the thief said incredulously.

"No, sandwiches." She said dryly.

"But you don't have six hundred." The pink haired girl said with a knowing smirk.

"That would've posed a problem, wouldn't it."

"Ahh, You stole it, didn't you?" she said with an ear splitting grin. Herself as well as the titan and friend had moved to Bethlehem only a month ago, and seeing as she was previously a titan, the empath had unfortunately retained some moral values, such as, 'thou shalt not steal'. Such an action as petty theft served the thief as an inspiration. And even more, she was proud of her little girl, as well as excited, her, having performed all the past months robberies, was giddy that she could soon pull off a heist with her 'arm candy', as she called her.

"No." the titan said flatly.

"Aaaaa!" the thief said with a chuckle, "You did didn't you!"

The person in question looked to her side, down at the plush white carpet beneath her feet, a faint blush on her normally and naturally pale features. The pink haired girl grinned brilliantly at the girl before her, before trapping the titan in a bone-crushing embrace.

"I'm so proud of you!" she bellowed, her normal sense of restraint lost in a 'first' of her girl. This however, meant nothing, considering the pair were in the cloak of their relatively shielding apartment building. Almost strangely so, its number was once again 805, something that greatly helped in the thief's adjustment period. The pink haired girl reluctantly pulled away minutes later with a smile that threatened to tear a hole in the fabric of existence.


"So what?"

"You wanna' go with me next time?" the pink eyed girl said exuberantly, all the while squirming like a giddy schoolgirl.

"Uhh…" the former titan drolled, a somewhat confused expression on her normally bland face. The girl looked to the side once again, silently asking herself if she was ready for the final step. Committing a crime. Something she wasn't sure she could pull off. As much as she would have liked to say otherwise, she still possessed her former mindset of extreme anti-theft. She still was not ready to so blatantly disregard and in some respect, betray her friends. The empath wondered, would her friends in go city still respect her if they found out about her new life partner. Her new life.

Would they?

It seemed she was still bound by her former occupation, as well as her former associations. The violet eyed girl was not yet ready to disobey her past. She looked back up at the excited girl with a remorseful expression on her face, the thief immediately sobered at her demeanor, and took slow steps forwards, pulling her into a tender embrace.

"You don't have to… if you don't want to." The pink haired girl muttered.

"… Sorry… I'm just… Not ready, yet… "

Jinx met the other girls stare with a reassuring smile playing on her lips. "You've got nothing to apologize for." She chirped, in a meek attempt to restore her loves previous mood.

Raven forced a smile onto her pale lips, before meeting the thief in a chaste kiss, pulling away with a however, sincere grin. The empath stood motionless for a brief moment, before brushing at the overcoat she still wore, as well as removing the black tophat perched on her head, tossing it aimlessly over her shoulder, only to have it guide itself to a hook by the door normally reserved for keys.

Keys that neither of them had.

She grinned. "I should take this off, shouldn't I?"

"Well, it is kind of hot in here." The thief vaguely commented.

"Nice contribution, thanks."

Chapter 2: Enter, Glath

Another Damned Epithet

Chapter 2:

"Nice contribution, thanks."

"Hey, Raven." The thief playfully elbowed the girl as she removed her dark black overcoat and hung it over the brilliantly clashing pink couch, a smirk on her pale lips. "Guess what time it is."

"… What time is it, Oh awkward one?"

"Bath time!" she bellowed, before pulling off her shirt in a maddened frenzy and flinging it at the other girl, who promptly stepped to the side, leaving the article of clothing to fall to the lushly carpeted floor, prostrate, looking rather downtrodden in its crumpled demeanor. She leered at the now shirtless girl before her.

"You missed." The former titan said with a grin, all the while slipping her plain black T up over her head, her expression somehow managing to be seen through the fabric as it was pulled over her dark blue hair. Jinx, the same lecherous smile, jumped out of her cargo pants in a single fluid moment, having had so much experience in the pre-shower/bath dirty clothes fight in the past month, that she no longer needed to pause at any part of the removal. The pink haired girl hurled her pants at the girl, who rather calmly ducked, and, her shirt off, chucked the vestment at the girl, which effectively wrapped around her face like the monster from 'Alien'. The blinded girl didn't even attempt to remove the blindfold, and in a blur, unhooked her bra and pitched it randomly. In a moment of luck, the thing hit the titan smack in the face, the cups landing solidly over each eye, and the hooks on the back re-hooking in the process.

"You win this round." Raven muttered to the girl as she tried to remove the bra from her face, all the while feebly attempting to restrain the smile that threatened to shove its way onto her lips.

The pink haired girl removed the black shirt with a scoff, "Damn right I won." She froze, the same ear splitting smile on her lips as she observed the scene before her. It seemed the titan was unable to remove her blindfold unassisted. The thief snickered to herself while the blue haired girl continued to fumble with the hooks on the back of her head, a familiar smile on her lips as well.

"Want me to get that?" Jinx said with a chuckle.

"That'd be nice." The titan muttered with a smirk.

The thief waltzed over to the blinded girl with the familiar lewd grin on her lips. Standing before the former titan, she wrapped her arms around the girls slender shoulders and pressed herself into her supple form, taking her sweet, delicious time in removing the thing from her love.

"Any time now." Raven muttered as the thief continued to purposely fumble with the clasps.

"Not my fault these things are so damned hard to undo." She said in an 'over the counter' tone.

"You know, the sooner yours comes off, mine does."

"Done." The thief chirped as she 'successfully' removed her bra from the titans face.

"I'll start the bath, you clean up the mess." Raven said as she padded off to the bathroom to start filling the tub, on her way, checking one of the two bedrooms to her left. It was the jade haired girls home too, after all. She continued on her way as she spotted the girl in question lazily sprawled out on her bed, her very own bed. After giving the knob a firm smack, it sprang to life, much like Frankenstein's monster. It groaned and creaked before spurting out freezing cold water, and at a rather slow pace, heated up to an acceptable temperature. However, the titan, unconcerned with its warm up time, padded out of the bathroom, still donned in a simple black lace bra and jeans. She smiled contently as she entered the main room of the apartment, and idly watched from the doorway as her topless girlfriend hopped about on one foot, attempting to retrieve all the fallen garments with her toes.

"Hey, this 'aint a free show." The thief said with a smirk as she turned her attention from the dirty clothes hamper to the girl leering at her from the doorway.

"Oh yes it is."

"…Touché, you sexy beast"

"Damn straight." The titan said, quoting the girls frequent and most likely favorite line. Hers however, sounding much more dry, as well as sarcastic. "Bath?" she asked while gesturing over her shoulder. The pink haired girl grinned as she heard the splashing water and slicked back her already down hair back over her head.

"Race you to the bath!" jinx bellowed while making a mad dash for the door, however, starting further away than her competitors, who could also teleport, she would obviously come in last place. As expected, she dashed into the bathroom to find the titan contently sitting, stark nude, in the still filling as well as steaming tub.

"How do you do that?" the thief vaguely commented while closing the door behind her and slipping out of her clothes.

"Effort." The titan said as she leaned back into the hot water, sighing as she immersed her shoulders.

Jinx simply shrugged her shoulders, and, her clothes aimlessly tossed into the far corner, she pranced her way to the bath, completely disregarding the fairly slick floor. This however, made no difference, as she had always possessed an inhuman sense of balance. She, much like every bath they took, dipped her toe into the water to test the temperature. Satisfied, she slipped into the water one leg at a time and gently leaned back onto the titan, who loosely wrapped her arms around the thiefs neck.

And there they laid, for quite some time. The thiefs back pressed into the titans front, lazily caressing the arms looped around her neck, a content smile on both of their lips.

Well I hate to kill the moment, however, I believe we have something to discuss, mistress. Rang that unfamiliar and for the most part unheard voice.

"Haven't heard you in a while." Jinx vaguely commented from her position in the girls lap.

And I have you to thank, Girl.


Well? Raven interrupted the strangely chummy conversation between her inner mind and her love.

Ah, yes. You were recently asked to accompany that Girl, yes?

Yeah. The empath muttered in her head.

However, you did not, did you.


"Hey, can I, like, interrupt?" Jinx quietly asked the girl beneath her.


"… well I will anyways. She doesn't have to steal if she doesn't want to."

But she did want to, right, mistress? At least, most of her did.

What are you talking about? The dark titan murmured.

The only person who did not want to, was Sad. For an invalid reason as well. You see, Girl, my mistress' Sad embodies paranoia as well, she fears for her friendships. However, if my mistress was say, successful, in her heist, there would be no link to her in the first place, and therefore, no way for her… "Friends" to find out.

The voice continued before anymore could be said. You forget, master, a true friend would not abandon you over such a simple change.

Do you believe they were actually your friends, Mistress?

The titan sighed, lowering her mouth beneath the water and blowing bubbles in the steamy liquid. She had no response.

However, someone did.

"Hey jackass, Yeah, they were and are her friends, so back the hell off!" the thief shouted at a fairly unreasonably volume, her reserve forgotten in her defense of her love.

You see Mistress? It said slyly, You had nothing to worry about…

Silence once again reigned supreme in the titans mind, and the empath turned her attention to the warm and deliciously soft girl in her lap.

"Thanks… Jinx…" she muttered with a faint smile on her lips.

"Just lookin' out for my G.F, G. Now, where is she? I'm gonna kick her ass so hard, that she'll b-" the pink haired girl was effectively silenced with a kiss, she sighed away her anger and melting into the heated meeting of their lips, moaning into the other girls mouth as she flipped around in the steaming water and pressed herself against the girls supple form. The former titan draped her arms around the girls back and fervently returned the sentiment, their expression of love growing more passionate with every blurred second.

Around thirty minutes later, Raven pulled away with a heavy sigh, licking the other girls lips before sitting up, and displacing the thief who flopped on her rear onto the hard bottom of the tub.

"Well I hate to kill the moment, but the water's cold… get out?" she asked with a sheepish grin.

"Yeah, it is cold, isn't it?... sooooo…" she trailed off before jumping out of the tub, sending drops of water rocketing in all directions.

"Race you to the bed!" she bellowed while grabbing her towel and dashing to the door, flinging it open in a frenzy, she turned and started down the hall. She padded around the corner and came to an abrupt halt.

"Hey! I wanted that side!" she playfully shouted to the dark haired girl, who was sprawled out on the left side, the side pressed against the wall, of the once again, twin sized bed, a size that was affordable as well as one that "forced" them to sleep tightly packed.

"This spot's for winners." Raven said with a mock sneer from her position on the bed. Cross legged and wrapped solely in a thick dark blue towel, which from her sitting methods, concealed absolutely nothing.

"I challenge you to a duel!" the pink haired girl shouted before tearing to the bed and leaping magnificently into the air, arms and legs spread, she tackled the girl to the bed with a solid thump. However, after smacking into the titan, she, as well as the towel, slid off the side of the bed onto the thankfully carpeted floor.

"… round two?"

"We probably should've dried off first, huh…" Jinx muttered to the girl in her arms as she stretched and squished around on the fairly damp bed, mildly regretting her decision to start the race to mister mattress directly after getting out of the bath.

"Probably…" the former titan vaguely commented as she continued to caress the girl in her arms, her hands aimlessly roaming the slender figure.

"Hey! I know what we should do!"

"… is this another heist?"

"Even better!" she chirped.

"I'll bite… what?"

"We should get Ranst a girl!"

"… where'd that come from?"

"Well, I was thinking, about how we're together, and Ranst… well, isn't."

"…A girl?"

"A girl."

"… or boy."

"No, just a girl."

"… Isn't that up to her?"

"No." the thief said with resolution and authority. "I don't want a GUY in here, I'm the only person allowed to check you out." She said while nuzzling into the girls neck. "And besides… I don't like… Guys… they're all… guy-ish…"

"Guy-ish?" the titan said with a grin.

"Lets just say I've had a bad experience with them…"

"… yeah, me too…"

"Hell, now that the moment's good and dead, we can get to work! Arrrgrrr!" she bellowed at the top of her lungs in an attempt to lighten the mood she had succeeded in massacring. The titan chuckled at her outburst and planted a chaste kiss on her lips.

"Sure… but… how?"

"Oh, I've got ideas…"

"A gay bar..." The former titan glanced over at the two girls beside her with a frown. "This was your brilliant idea, a gay bar?"

"Yeah, pretty good huh?" she said, completely oblivious to her loves irritation.

"Fan- tastic." She said dryly, blowing her dark blue hair out of her eyes and sending a glance to the side.

"Well what're we standing around for? Lets go." She pumped her fist in the air and took solid steps to the door, madly flinging it open and holding it, beckoning the other girls inside.

"Fan-fucking-tastic." She said as she blandly observed the mass of bodies writhing around on the center of the floor. The techno music pounding in her chest, while glaringly loud, somehow managed not to hurt her ears, or keep her from hearing the girls beside her.

"May I have this dance, Madame?" the pink haired girl said with a graceful bow, her tone sufficient to make her seem nonchalant.

The former titan snorted in a rather unladylike fashion. "You're such a dork." She said with a chuckle.

Jinx craned her head to look the titan in the eyes, the familiar grin on her lips, though barely visible in the fairly dim lighting. The only illumination being the 80's disco ball madly spinning in the center of the dance floor. "That's why you loooove me."

"Yeah… sex isn't bad either. " she vaguely commented while aimlessly glancing off to the side, deep in mock thought.

The pink haired girl stood bolt upright. "Either we dance or I'm stripping." She said, sounding strangely serious.

"Strip it is." She said while returning to lean against the wall, next to the jade haired girl.

"Cm'ooooonnnn, Daaance with meeee" she pleaded to the titan with a pitiful look on her face, her expression clashing brilliantly with her bright pink long sleeved, strapless, knee-length dress, which literally glowed in the dark.

"Sorry, I'm more of a wallflower type."

"…Me too." The jade haired girl chipped in.

"You'll never find a girl with that attitude!" she bellowed at Ranst, who backed further against the wall.

"Actually, this is the only way to find someone with that attitude."

"Wait… why are we here?" The jade haired girl questioned, having not been previously informed to exactly why they were at 'The Blue Ruby',

"We're findin' you a girlfriend!" Jinx blurted out ecstatically.

"... I already have one…" she muttered.

"…" neither girl spoke a word, and merely sent confused looked to each other. The former titan was the first to break the silence, and spoke what both thieves thought.

"… what?"

"I already have someone in my heart." The green eyed girl said in a disheartened tone.

"Ooooh!" the pink haired girl said as her curiosity knocked her from her stupor. "What's her name?"

"Glath" she said solemnly.

"Can we meet her?" asked the former titan.

"… She's… back where we were… before we came here…"

"… She's in Go City?"




"So we can take you there, Duh." Jinx added in before the titan could.

"… the park."

"She's… in the park?"

Those were the last words spoken by the group, who immediately sunk into the floor as the immense amount of shadows and darkness around them pooled beneath their feet.

"… there she is…" the jade haired girl muttered to herself.

"… Ranst… that's a tree..." Jinx said in a dull voice.

"So she was bound by him as well?" The former titan asked, maintaining a gentle voice as she asked the quivering girl beside her.

"Yeah… same as me."

"O. K. I have nooo idea what you're talking about."

"… you don't want to know…" Raven muttered to her. Jinx's expression sobered as she heard hers speak in such a tone.

She could tell, she really was better off not knowing.

So she sighed, "Sorry…"

"You have nothing to apologize for." The empath said, before turning her attention back to the girl beside her.

"Why didn't you tell me?"


"I could have saved her, why didn't you ask?"

"I couldn't ask so much of you… even after you saved me, how could I even consider something like that… I have no right to-"

"Yes, you do. That's what friends are for." The former titan said before taking quick steps towards the oak tree that loomed before her, much to the confusion of her love, and shock to the jade haired girl, she placed both her hands on the massive trunk, and she asked it.

Do you wish to be free?

She heard its rueful response.


Ranst laid on her back on her large bed, her chest gently rising and falling with every breath she took. She couldn't sleep. Not at that moment in time. She couldn't stop thinking, that the love of her life would soon be with her once again, such a thing she had never even dreamt of. But so clearly could she remember the feeling, the all-consuming warmth that filled her heart, the feeling of touching her soft skin, the feeling of simply lying beside her.

Among her blurred past, she remembered Glath so vividly. She could never have forgotten her, not in all of time.

However… not once, after she was freed, did she visit her love. It would have been far to drear, to watch your love lifeless, rooted to the ground, who can do nothing more than be.

She couldn't have bore such a saddening meeting.

But this would change, she reminded herself, she had been told, after three more damnable days, that she would be with her love again.

This thought, and this thought alone, lulled her into a peaceful and for the first time… blissful sleep.

Sixty-Six hours later

There they stood, the thief, former titan, and jade haired girl, all stood before the massive oak tree in the familiar park of Go city. It had been three long days since that day, and all those passed hours the green eyed girl had spent thanking, thanking everyone, for everything, as though she wasn't worth the effort. Her praise had ceased on the titans words, she had said, 'You have nothing to thank me for, I did it because I wanted to.'

All those painful three thousand nine hundred and sixty minutes later, there they all stood, however, unlike their last visit, a gently breeze served to accentuate the good mood among the girls. The former titan took several steps forwards to the base of the tree, and as last time, gently placed her hands on the callous bark.

And she spoke.

"You are free."

In an instant, the tree was gone, the gaping hole beneath it crumbled inwards, forming a crater where its roots had long since taken haven. The jade haired girl dashed forwards across the grass, and arrived just in time as a girl formed from the light in the trees place. The girl fell forwards into her arms, as the rest of her features formed. Her brilliant green hair trailed out behind her, falling just above her hips, the same forest lips spread into a faint smile, the familiar neon lime eyes weakly blinked open in a daze.

The thieves observed the scene, hand in hand, watching the tears fall from the jade haired girls eyes.

"Glath…" she gasped through the streaming tears. The girl in her arms strained, craning her head upwards to see, she recognized that voice, and no matter how weak she may have been, she would fight with all her strength. Her eyes widened, and tears began to form, trailing down her cheeks.

"… Ranst…" she choked out.

The jade haired girls pulled each other into a tender embrace, the tears still pouring to the ground. And like this did they, as well as the thieves, vanish.

Raven concentrated, her hands hovering above Glaths still form, which lied limp on Ranst's bed, as she willed her muscles and tendons to strengthen once again. Her fingertips glowed a blinding white, and steadily dripped from her hands to splash against the girls exposed skin, and absorbed into her body. After several tense moments, she removed her hands from their posts with a sigh, and much to the observers delight, gave a gesture indicating she would soon be fine.

Ranst, after hearing the news, smiled and leaned over her loves sleeping form, planting a chaste kiss on her lips.

"You know, you two look a lot alike." Jinx confessed vaguely, a confused expression on her face.

The conscious jade haired girl sent her an incredulous look.

"She's my twin."

"Huh… wasn't expecting that. You?" she asked her cohort in crime.

"I already knew."

"Fantastic. Well, I don't really care that much about this type of thing. So congrats, m'glad you two can be together again."

"Don't think I could have said it better myself." The former titan said dryly.

"Helping or hurting, Raven. Anyways, is she 'gonna be alright?"

"Give her some rest, she'll be fine."

"Speaking of rest…" the pink haired girl said while stretching her arms above her head and loosing a prominent yawn. "I'm damn tired-nay, exhausted, heavy with fatigue even, what time is it, Miss?"

"… late." She muttered with a dull look, it was indeed, rather late in the day, the girls rehabilitation having taken the remaining sunlight, as well as a sizable portion of the moon.

"That time already? Well fuck, we'd better get to bed then" She said in mock surprise before pulling the titan to her feet and leaving the room with her in tow.

"Night!" she bellowed over her shoulder, before violently slamming the door shut, leaving the jade haired girl fondly caressing her loves cheek with her fingertips, a content smile on her lips.

They were finally together again.

"Hey, Raven."

"Mnn?" she moaned from the girls chest. They had indeed gone to bed, and several hours later, had actually tried to sleep. However, the thief was the first to break the silence.

"Lets make a deal." She continued while mindlessly tracing random shapes on the small of the titans back. "If you steal something, I'll give you a hot oil massage."


"I'll let you give me a hot oil massage?"


"We'll give each other hot oil massages."

In her drowsy state, such a prospect would not be allowed to pass her by. "Steal what?"

"I dunno… something. I'll work out the details later."

"… Sure…" the violet eyed girl said before cuddling further into the other girls deliciously warm chest. "Steal later, sleep now."

"Yes Mistress." She muttered with a grin.

Chapter 3: Enter, Jacuzzi

This Aint A Story, It's Another Damned Epithet

Chapter 3:

There they were, curled up on the lime eyed girls king size bed, stark nude.

"Glath?" the jade haired girl muttered to the sleeping form.

"Mnn…" she groaned as she squirmed around, her body having fully restored to functionality, and having some serious kinks to work out. She looked up at the girl beside her with a sleepy smile, her body still requiring and desiring rest, understandable, considering the time of day had not much changed since she had been healed.

Ranst smiled warmly at her love, and planted a quick peck on her forest hued lips. "I…"

She flopped back down onto her side, facing the girl and staring deeply into her lime green eyes.

"I missed you… Glath…"

"I… missed you too…" the other girl said drowsily.

Ranst grinned at the girl beside her as a sensation she had not felt for an eternity filled her heart.

She felt warm once again.

Truly warm.

"…lets get some sleep…" The girl said with a chuckle as she watched her twin blink profusely in an attempt to keep her eyes open. She inched forwards and loosely draped her arm over her loves shoulder, nuzzling her cheek into the girls neck.

"Goodnight… Glath…"

She was already asleep.

And the jade haired girl would make sure her love had pleasant dreams.

Ranst smiled contently as she pressed her face against the other girls slowly falling chest, she hoped that the girl beside her felt as wonderful as she did. The lime eyed girl gently turned her head, not wanting to awake the soundly sleeping girl. She tenderly kissed the skin between her loves lazily rising breasts, trailing her way downwards the warm, tender skin. She sighed to herself as the sleeping girl moaned in her sleep.

Once again she smiled to herself, as that unfamiliar thought played over in her mind.

They were together once again.

"Are you sure I agreed to that?"

"Would I lie to you?" the thief frowned at the former titans unchanged expression. "Yeah, you did."

"… well, whatever…"

"Okay. I have the ultimate challenge for you." She chirped with a grin. Ecstatic that her love would be committing her first felony-well, her first planned felony. The thought nearly brought tears to her brilliant pink eyes.

"… What is it?"

"You steal something, and I'll steal something at least ten times bigger than it! Cool huh?" She said with a sly smile. Through her somewhat careless façade, she had in actuality thought her plan though. The thief hoped her love would be focused on what she would steal, and not what the titan would take herself.

"… I'll steal… something?"

"Don't worry, start out small, we'll take this step by step, okay?" the thief said in a reassuring tone.

"Alright… I accept. And, Jinx?"

"Hmm?" she grunted in a daze.

"Thanks… for understanding."

"You've got nothing to thank me for." The pink haired girl said in an over the top tone of voice, mimicking the titans much earlier comment.

"… shut up…" the empath muttered while glancing off to the side.

There she stood, her bright pink eyes roaming the massive object before her. After her deal with the titan, she had been lounging about her various favorite stores, browsing for any products she adored and could never in all her life afford. Her arduous journey had taken her to Home Depot, and there the thief stood, frozen on the spot, taking in all the magnificent glory of the thing that was sprawled out before her. The pink haired girl knew, she would steal that damned thing, she however, as of then, had no clue how to stalk out of the automatic doors with such a massive object in tail. However, this problem lasted for not much time, as she bolted her way back to the apartment, 'borrowed' a car, and drove back at high and untrained speeds, she had never taken drivers education, but however, was adequate enough to be considered worthy or the task.

And that task was driving a red pickup truck.

Her first stop was to pick up several swimsuits that she thought humble enough to clothe her and her companions. Soon after claiming several, and rather shamelessly walking from the store, not getting stopped or caught even, she trekked her way back to the truck, tossed the clothes in, and sped off into the distance.

Now before the looming structure, the thief carelessly flung open the door, and hopped out of the space, slamming the thing after her, she waltzed her way over to the few men outside the store.

"Any of you wanna' make twenty bucks?"

"… a hot tub…" the titan muttered as she blandly observed the space where her plush pink couch used to lie prostrate on the floor, inviting her to take a seat. Now, in its place, sat a rather bulky Jacuzzi. It was fully operational, she could faintly hear the bubbling water from under the jet black cover, that from the looks of it, would be pulled automatically with the push of a button.

So there she stood, eyeing the giant tub of steaming water, and wondering to herself, how in the hell could the thief have gotten away with a damn hot tub? It was bigger than a couch for gods' sake!

Right on queue, the pink haired girl waltzed into the room with a brilliant smile on her lips, however, donned in a rather skimpy two piece pink bikini. She beamed at the titan before her.

"So? Wha'd'ya think?" she chirped.

"… A Jacuzzi?"

"Yep!" she said in the exact same tone, one much akin to a giddy schoolgirl.

"… It's… a Jacuzzi… why would you steal a Jacuzzi?"

"Well, we had a deal, and I thought we could use a bigger bath." She said while exuberantly gesturing to the very space-consuming rectangle.

"Yeah, that you would steal something ten times bigger than what I did…" the former titan muttered before glancing off to her theft on the floor, where it had rather gracelessly dropped from her hands the moment she entered her apartment. "I stole a camera …"

She continued to vacantly stare at her prize, a jet black box, containing her 'Finepix Z10' digital camera. The smallest thing she found in that damnable electronics store, she was still fairly uncomfortable with such a petty theft. The former titan continued to have much to learn.

"That's more than a thousand times bigger than a camera."

"Hey, I said ten times or more. And besides, now we own a Jacuzzi! How are you not excited?" She bellowed before dashing over to the thing and violently jabbing an indentation on the cover, which promptly slid off like a boneless mass. "A JACUZZI!" she shouted.

"How did you even steal this?" the former titan asked, her curiosity getting the best of her shock.

"Oh, yeah. I had some guys help me run it to the truck, speaking of which, we can't go back to Home Depot, I still owe those guys twenty each."

"We don't have a truck."

"Well we do now. I'm actually a pretty good driver, If I do say so myself."

The dark haired girl twitched for a moment before stalking her way over to the blind-covered window. She silently prayed dear god that she would not see what she expected. However, the gods were not in at that time, she was forced to leave a message. So, there, in all it's shiny new glory, sat a bright red pickup truck, with what seemed to be custom pink streaks. She turned her attention back to the girl, who was now soaking in the tub with a rather content look on her face.

"You… you stole a truck?"

"Pheh." She said with a wave of her hand. "Nah, just barrowed it from a neighbor, nice guy really, but he should learn not to leave his keys inside his unlocked apartment on the third hook closest to the door. Really, people need to take better care of their possessions"

"You left it parked just outside… he'll find out."

"Nah, I painted it, like it?"

"What did you paint it with?"

"A sharpie."

"...Good lord."

"You know you love it."

Raven chuckled to herself at her loves thoughts. She was so carefree, so damn apathetic to any consequences whatsoever.

She was someone she desired to be, in a sense.

"Hey, you getting in or what?" the thief said while agitatedly patting the rim of the Jacuzzi.

"I'll admit… I was a bit skeptical at first… But" the former titan trailed off as the various jets continued to massage her back.

"See? It's great, right?" she pointed accusingly to the pair of jade haired girls across from her, "They like it too, so it's aawwl good" The pink haired girl paused for a moment, "Now all we need to do is order a pizza and freak out the delivery guy."

"No." Raven moaned from her perch on the side of the tub, uncaring as she steadily dripped water onto the carpet.


"Nuh-uh, I'm the only one who gets to see you naked."

"I'm not naked!"

"That doesn't qualify as clothing, and you know it." The former titan said while jabbing the girls miniscule swimsuit. "At least theirs covers something!" she pointed to the girl across them, who were donned in matching green one pieces.

"… Are you embarrassed Ravie-kins?"


"Hah, you are, aren't you?"

The violet eyed girl simply glanced off to the floor with a faint blush on her normally pale complexion.

The thief smiled contently and got to her feet, splashing her way over to the titan, and loosely wrapping her arms around the girls slender waist. She pulled the titan back into the tub and sat her firmly in her lap.

"You know I'd never make you do something you don't want to, right?" Jinx muttered into the girls' ear in a reassuring tone. "So don't worry about it, K?" She said before plopping the girl beside her and planting a chaste kiss on her lips.

"You need this more than any of us, just sit back and relax."

Raven glanced over at the thief with a faint smile. "Your soft side's showing."

"Only for you." She said with a grin.

Later that day

"Okay. We're going to desensitize you to stealing. And as far as I know, the only way to do that is to steal." The pink eyed thief said in an excited tone, the familiar giddy grin on her lips, her hair once again lied prostrate against her head, down and thrown back over her shoulders. She continued, "So. We'll go in, look around, find something, and walk out. Raven?" Jinx said as she noticed her love blandly glancing around, seemingly having not heard a word she said.

"… hmm?" she grunted as she zoned back into the task at hand. "What?"

"Were you listening?"

"… sorry… "

"Right. Well, anyways. Lets look around, K.?"

"… sure"

"You really don't want anything?"

"I have everything I could ever want right here." She said while pulling the thief into a tight bear hug.

"Huh. Your cheesiness aside, just pick something completely random… Like… this, for example." The pink haired girl muttered while picking up a CD. "Hey, wait! I totally wanted this one, I'm taking it!" She said at a rather obnoxious level.

"Jeesh, tell the whole world why don't you."

"I will just to spite you. HEY, EVERYONE! I'M STEALING THIS!" the thief bellowed, for a moment attracting many curious stares, ones that were immediately removed, either from disinterest, or dubbing her 'crazy' and moving the hell on.

"See? No one cares. Now c'mon, get something."

"… right…"

After several moments of no movement, the pink haired girl loosed an audible sigh as she observed the former titan twitch. "Look, If you're still uncomfortable with this, we can try another time." She said in a comforting tone.

"… You sure?"

"Damn straight I'm sure. So lets get out of here."

So they both left, hand in hand.

Chapter 4: Enter, Jello

This Aint A Story, It's Another Damned Epithet.

Chapter 4:

So there she was. Groaning as her hands roamed the bed underneath her, vainly attempting to find the body that they incorrectly assumed would be beside them. The limbs soon halted their actions as they realized something.

They were the only ones in the bed.

So the titan sat up with a moan, gently brushing the thin sheets off of her clothed body, her violet eyes mindlessly searching the dimly lit room in a daze. And once again, she realized something.

The thief was not in her room at all.

She knew it couldn't be serious, however, being the first time that she had regained consciousness without the thief, she was beside herself.

Damnit. She was worried.

The former titan weakly stood from the mattress, rubbing her eyes in her palms in an attempt to smother the fatigue that she had retained. The blue haired girl took a deep breath, extending her arms, and arcing her back as she cracked out all the kinks she had accumulated in her rest. After a rather satisfying crunch, she padded her way out of the room, maintaining a calm composure through the fret. As she stepped outside, her skin prickled as the frigid air kissed her body, quickly turning her head, she glanced into the kitchen, where as she thought, the freezer was agape. After prying her feet over to the device and shutting it, she finished her trek from the now open door and absently entered the living room, promptly stopping her search as she came across her subject.

"Hey Raven." The thief gave her morning greeting with a smile, not shivering in the slightest, most likely due to the black overcoat draped around her shoulders.

"Why is it so cold?" Raven questioned while absently rubbing her arms with her hands.

"So the Jell-O could cool." The pink haired girl said with a shooing gesture. "I honestly didn't think it would work, but I showed me. That's for sure." The girl got to her feet from the floor and padded her way over to the Jacuzzi, which was after the previous night, still resting inside the apartment. With a grin, she flung off the cover.

"… You… You turned the Jacuzzi into Jell-O?"

"Yep." She chirped.

"Wh… wh… wha…"

"I wanted to see if I could stand on it, and sure enough," she mimed a sinking motion with her hand, "sunk right the hell in."

"... yo… you…"

"Took damn near an hour to get out."

"… When did you… "

"I swear, stealing all those Jell-O packets took one hell of a long time."

"… wh… "

"I had to cool it too. That was the first annoyance."

"What… why would you-"

"But it was totally worth it!"

"… wh…"

"So! Wha deh'ya wan'na to do today?" she slurred madly.


"Lets work on your evilness." The pink haired girl said with a grin, before waltzing her way towards the other girl, and promptly shoving her back into their bedroom. "You get dressed, I'll… I'll dress you."

And she walked in.

"How are you so carefree?" The former titan muttered as they continued to stroll down the fairly crowded streets of Bethlehem city.

"Years of practice. Now c'mon. I have a new thing we can try." The thief glanced over at the girl beside her before continuing with her idea. "Okay. So I think you just don't like breaking the law. Soooo, that's what we're gonna do. Break every law at every possible moment. Yeah?"

"… what?" was all she could blurt out as she was pulled into the streets by the thief, and through the screeching halts and blaring horns, was tugged across the standstill traffic to the other side.


"Yep. We're starting small." The pink haired girl prodded the other girls chest as they both continued down the other side of the street.

"Okay. Again, starting small, so if you feel like you can, break a law. No matter how stupid, it's still a crime… I think."

"Yeah, it is…"


"I'm not really sure, but I think we broke… uhhm… five laws today."

"Which were?"

"Littering, Loitering, Jaywalking, Theft, and Vandalism."

"I don't really think stepping on a ketchup packet counts as vandalism."

"Hey, someone's gotta clean it up, it's the same thing."

"Wait… you were counting the ketchup twice?"

"Hey, you dropped it."

"And a free sample doesn't count as stealing."

"Nowhere did it say free."

"Because you took the sign. Wait.. you're the one who stole something too… did I actually do anything?"

"… yeah…"

The former titan draped her head and slouched over with a sigh. "Why can't I do anything?"

"Oh. You stole that camera, remember?"

"No… I bought it…"

A faint smile formed on the thief face. She slowly stepped forwards and pulled the moping titan into a tender embrace, nuzzling into her neck. "I know something you can always steal from me…"

"… what?..."

The pink haired girl closed for a quick meeting of the lips.

"A kiss."

Chapter 5: Enter, Duck Duck Goose

This Ain't A Scene, It's Another Damned Epithet

Chapter 5:

"How do I look?"

"Like a nineteen-eighties pimp." The thief said with a chuckle.

"Think the Cane's too much?"

"Jus'a'lil'bit." She slurred madly.

The former titan released the cane from her hand, leaving it to drunkenly hobble its way to the multi-purpose key hook by the door. After mindlessly prodding the top hat rather contently perched on her head, she sent a glance to the thief, who was violently hopping on her left foot in a vain attempt to force one of her trademark boots onto the damned thing.

"You think I should wear the hat?" the empathy asked.

"Yeah I do, it looks cute, don't you dare take it off." The thief, after smashing her foot on the ground, and successfully attaching her shoe, took casual light steps to the titan, pulling her by the hand to the door.

"Lets go."

After some incessant encouragement, Jinx had succeeded in convincing the former titan into allowing her to drive them both.

So there they were, the thief in the drivers seat, holding no previous experience under her belt, which stood idly on the sidelines, shouting at her to clip in for her own safety.

Like most 'convincers', it went ignored.

"So… where're we going?" the pink haired girl asked while continuing to careen down the streets of Bethlehem city.

"… what?"

"Where are we going, exactly?" she asked while steering around a stopped car.

"Jinx… you invited me."

"Really?" the pink eyed girl said incredulously while glancing at her.

"… Are you… serious?"

"Okay… where'd I invite you to?"

"You said it was a surprise."

"… Are you really sureeOLYSHIT!" she bellowed as she screeched around a 'left turner'.

"That jackass scratched my paint!" she shouted as "her" red and blue pickup continued down the streets.

"No problem, you can fix it when we get home." The empath said while holding up an innocent looking sharpie, one that she had promptly found on the dashboard. After aimlessly tossing the thing back over her shoulder, she realized with a grimace,



"If you don't know where we're going… why are you still driving?"

"… oh yeah, huh."

"You've been really… ditzy, lately."

"Really?" the thief turned to look the girl in the eyes.

Raven casually took control of the wheel to swerve around a crossing pedestrian, who had rather idiotically chose to cross in front of them. "Yeah, really." She watched contently as her love turned her attention back to the road. "… that's why I love you, though…" The dark haired girl pulled her love down into a loose embrace, leaving the outer world to fend for itself.

"You're so… carefree…"

"In a good way?"

"Is there any other way?"

"… Hey, Raven?"


"… Can I wear your hat?"

"I have a better idea."

"This one looks similar." The former titan mumbled as she intently studied the pair of black, suede tophats held in her hands. "Here," she said while handing the hat to the thief, "Try this one."

"Sah-weet." Jinx said while plucking the hat from her loves hands, who sent her a confused look as she turned around and strolled back several steps.

The thief tossed the hat atop her head, spun on her heels, and proceeded to 'pimp walk' her way back to the titan, leaning back, using a mock cane, as well as a faked limp.

"Oh. My. God… tss… ghn… heh… HAH!" Raven broke into hysterical laughter, clutching her gut and bending over as the mad chuckles continued to spew from her mouth. She would have maintained her composure had her loves antics not been so… well, amusing to her.

But they were.

"Oh Raaaavie." Jinx sung, now standing before the former titan. "You just laughed." She said while prodding the girl in the chest, the same, silly grin on her lips.

"Tss… so?"

"I mean really laughed."

"…but… ghhn… it was funny." She said between rather un-ladylike snorts.

"Well, I aim to please." Jinx said with a grin. Offering out a cocked elbow, she asked the former titan, "Leave?"

She took it. "Lets."

There they were, both arm in arm, casually strolling down the streets, which was due to several factors.

One, it was in fact, a beautiful day.

Two, Jinx felt like walking.

Three, their car had been reported to the police, and was currently being hauled off to be impounded.

They'd left some seriously confused cops behind.

So, one lost mode of transportation and teleportation later, there they both were, growing consistently more and more tired of the glaring sun and glaring pedestrians.

"You wanna' stop somewhere? I'm getting tired."

"Yeah." The former titan said while adjusting her tophat to more effectively block the damnable sun.

"There fine?" the thief asked as she pointed to a Tower Records, which ominously loomed off in the distance.

"Sure, I guess."

"Ugh… I hate rap…" Jinx vaguely said as she flipped through the albums, her distaste for the particular form of music plainly showing in her expression.


"All they do is swear and talk about gangs and killing people, if I wanted to hear that I'd give some angry-ass old man a Rubix Cube."

"What kind of music do you like?" the former titan asked as she continued to aimlessly browse through the selection before her.

"I dunno… scream-o I guess…"


"Well, you know how people say all it's about is death and cutting youself?"

"… yes?"

"Well they do. Anyways, it's not. Most of it at least. Even though it's not really singing… somehow, it's soothing, relaxing, ya know?"

"No, not really… I don't listen to music that much." The dark haired girl said with a chuckle.

"Well we'll have to fix that, wont we." The thief said as she turned on her heels, pulling the girl into a tight embrace and dragging them both along the thinly carpeted floor, towards her preferred genre.

"We'll start with some of my favorites; I think you'll like them."

Arriving at her destination, some distance from the front rack of new releases, she sifted her way through the masses of CDs, at times snatching disks from the rack and violently hurling them back over her shoulder, to crash off in the distance.

Apparently, some Rap had swaggered its way into the section.

"OHMYGOD! I didn't know it came out yet!" Jinx bellowed as she quickly snatched an album from the rack, as though it would be devoured. "Sweet! This is perfect!"


"These guys rock, if you like them, then we're in the right place. I think there's a listening station over there."

"…Duck Duck Goose, huh?"


After listening to multiple tracks, she was actually quite fond of it. Sure, it had taken a bit of time to adjust to the sound, but after a minute, she had come to appreciate the noise, appreciate the words, even if she had to look them up to understand them.

Which had led to their current placement.

There they were.

Jinx, with a shirt full to the neck with various CDs, and Raven, casually standing beside, and idly toying with the brim of her hat.

"This is ridiculous."

"Tsss. Like a fox it is." She said with a mock-scoff.

"We can't just walk out like this." The former titan said while gesturing to the thief, who boasted a rather corner'y beer belly.

"It's easier than holding them."

"… Well, whatever."

"That's the spirit, now c'mon, we gotta go."

And thus began their journey to the door of tower records, the translucent pieces of glass looming in the distance as a way out with their merchandise. Jinx broadly smiled at the man at the counter, who sent her a curious look, before asking her to stop.


"Real smooth, Jinx."

"Hey, it worked out."

"I should never've doubted you." She said dryly.

"Damn straight. Now all we need's some MP3 players, a computer, and an internet connection."

"… wait… what?"

"How else are we gonna listen to them?"

"Well I get the MP3 Players and the computer, but you can't steal an internet connection…"

"Well, technically speaking, no. But we caaaan use someone elses'."

"Where are you going to put the CDs while you steal the computer?"

"I'll figure that out later, now c'mon, I think I see an electronics store."

"Hey, can I have a bag?" the thief asked the rather gruff looking man at the counter.

"Ghnnn, sure." He said with an obnoxious snort, pulling a plastic sheet from seemingly no where, and aimlessly tossing it in her direction.

"Thanks Jim."

"It's John."



"Please, Jeremy, I don't have time for twenty questions." She blurted before turning on her heels and stalking off the her love, who patiently waited with a small smile.

"Here, you hold it."

"Yes, mistress"

After dumping the numerous CDs from her shirt into the then filled-to-the-brim plastic bag, they both walked towards the electronics section.

"Gimme yer best computer!" the thief shouted at the rather plump man stationed at the counter.

"We only have two, miss." He said in a nasally voice.

"Well, which ones better!"

The man bent over, retrieved a bulky box from behind the counter, and heaved it onto the glass with a grunt.

"Here it is, miss."

Jinx simply stared at the thing before her, and with a grimace she realized something.

There was no way in hell it would fit in her shirt.

Which left one option.


Several stores and chases later, both girls had retired to their shared apartment, dropping their stolen goods carelessly to the floor with resounding thumps.

"Oh my god… I'm exhausted…" the thief said between gasps for breath. She had achieved her all time record, eight successful -if only minor- thefts.

… seventy five, counting all the CDs.

After a day of hauling around –what was most likely a human equivalent- of products, it was no surprise she was tired.

"… me too…" the former titan muttered as she slumped onto the floor, not even lifting her arm to remove the hat atop her head, however, merely telling it to go to the closet.

It lazily floated away.

"Hey… Raven?" Jinx said between breaths.


"Help me to our room?"

Jinx nestled into her loves neck, fondly nuzzling into the warm flesh, she let out a content sigh.

And there they were.

Entwined on the small twin size bed

"… hey, Raven…" she said sleepily.

"…Yeah…" the former titan said in a similar fashion.

"I really… had fun today… with you… "

"… Me too…"

Chapter 6: The End, For Some Reason

One year in the future

Shades writhing beneath it, the Wraith clawed its way along the metal encased ceiling, talons slicing into the metal without any resistance. The cloaked figure continued mindlessly dragging itself above those pitiful guards. It would have scoffed in amusement at its pure superiority. However, the shadow fiend had another agenda, and among its decided tasks, maintaining an incognito persona was among the most decisive. After tearing its single, bloodshot eye from the ignorant patrolmen, it resumed slicing the steel, all without making a single sound.

The Wraith knew its duty, and it would complete it.

However, stalking along the ceiling was not among its various habits.

It never was.

Never in all eternity had there been a hiding Wraith.

How disgusting, it thought to itself, that it was forced to betray its true nature, the hunter of souls, the bringer of darkness, the very essence of death itself.

And it cursed.

For it knew its liaison to its master, always and forever bound to its word.

It was encoded in its very existence, a strict sense of loyalty, how ironic it was, that a creature of darkness be bound by chains of honor.

Chains it could never break.

However, through its righteous anger, it was rather pleased with the situation.

It was in the process of earning its freedom.

However, nowhere did its master say that it could not enjoy its captivity.

The shadow fiend grinned wickedly to itself, its maw of haphazard teeth steaming in the cool air surrounding them.

It would enjoy this….

The cloaked figure dropped to the floor, its robe in tatters, mindlessly trailing behind it in a nonexistent wind as it dragged its chains down the hallway, through all the collateral damage, never once did its screeching chains make a sound. Its gleaming teeth glinted as its rotted, decaying lips spread further, tearing at the seams. The Fiend chuckled to itself, a low, insane chuckle, as it slowly approached the back of a patrolling guard. Harboring no sense of restraint or pity, it dwelled deep into its cloak and pulled out its dripping scythe, still streaming the life of demons long since slain. It laughed, and raised its hands, swinging down its arm.

What do you think you're doing?

The Wraith stopped its swing, and with a scowl, absently dropped its weapon to the floor, where it was sucked into the depths of its tattered, torn cloak.

Nothing, my mistress. It muttered, behind the forced respect was shadowed malice.

I should hope not, otherwise, I would be forced to go back on my word… The feminine voice trailed off ominously, leaving its minion to grimace and resume its damnable trek down the stairs around the corner, all the while cursing to itself that it was forced to behave like such a dog, a pet, even.

A Wraith was no pet!

Dragging its talons along the reinforced wall, it glided down the stairs, smiling to itself as it passed directly through a guard.

The man never saw a thing.

Wraith Shiersho continued down the staircase, seething in previously unrestrained anger. With a scoff, it smashed the door at the base of the decent off its hinges, the barrier flew inwards into the darkness, sliding along the floor, sparks flashing, for brief moments illuminating the massive safe door that loomed behind them.

It never made a sound.

Sheirsho chuckled to itself as it took casual steps towards the lock, its chains mindlessly chattering and clanking to themselves, seemingly unconcerned with the situation.

"Such a waste of flesh, they are." It said with a deep, coarse voice, the sound itself grating against the solid steel walls, sparks flying from every angle and position. With a wave of its hand, the locking mechanism imploded into itself, hurling into the depths.

Never once, making a sound.

With a flash of rotted teeth, the shadow fiend encased the room in shadows, and he, as well as the thousands of stacks of American assets, vanished into the darkness.

All without a single soul being aware.

Sheirsho took along the plushly carpeted floor, scowling unholy death at everything around it. Had it not a reason not to, it would have slashed that damnable place to shreds upon entering. So unlike the flames and howls of its normal home, was that damnable urban mason. It gestured to the side, beneath its decayed hand, appeared bundles and bundles of bags, all wrapped and tied uniformly into set sizes, as was his masters command. Its scowl furthered as it turned the corner, its single bloodshot eye twitching and writhing beneath its cloaked figure. However, it grinned, as it took in the situation.

It would soon be free.

"I have done as you wish, my Mistress."

"A job well done, Sheirsho."

"And, your part of the bargain, Mistress?"

"Of course, your freedom, correct?"

The Wraith insanely smiled at the girl before it, "Yes."

"Very well, Minion, you are free to return to hell, from whence you came."

"And?" it bellowed in a fit of rage.

"Oh yes, I had forgotten. And no longer, am I your master."

"Much obliged, Mistress." With a final respectful bow, it disappeared in a plume of smoke, that twisted in the air, inevitably evaporating into the midst.

"… Why didn't we just take care of it?" the pink haired girl vaguely questioned, while placing a tender kiss on the other girls neck.

"Today was our day off, remember?"

"Oh yeah… My bad… guess I sent out the warning for the wrong date, huh?" the vixen said with a sheepish smile.

"Don't worry about it, besides, I never liked Sheirsho anyways."

"So it's a win-win?" She said with a chuckle, "I'm GENIOUS!"

"You haven't aged a bit, have you?"

"It's been a year, besides, I happen to know that someone adores my childish attitude… Now what was her name? It starts with a 'R'… Rio Grande? No… No!" The pink thief planted a chaste kiss on the other girls pale lips. "Hey Rae… It's you, isn't it?"

"Oh damn, you caught me…" the former titan said with a scoff.

"I have trapped the evil sorceress!" Jinx bellowed to the air.

"Good for you." Came the droll reply from the pair in the other room.

"See? Even Glath is proud of me."

"… bath?" the former titan muttered with a sly grin.

"A challenge is it? Well I accept!" the vixen bellowed as she slipped out of her shirt like a boneless mass and flung the article at the dark haired girl, who calmly sidestepped and returned fire.

After many rounds of the Pre Bath/Shower dirty clothes fight, the pair were masters of the art of clothes flinging, as the fight went on as such, a blur of crossfire, leaving both girls dashing for the bathroom, stark naked, however comfortable with the situation, being that the other living people in the immediate area were engrossed in an episode of Psych, and were completely apathetic to their nudity, besides, the lime eyed girls had other things to look at.

… Like each other, for instance.