Out of all the students, Ashley cared the least. She knew only that the Warweary needed to be stopped, and the presence of his robotic body, as well as depictions of robots in fiction, gave her an idea.

She took a glass of water, filled it with water, and, while everyone else was shocked by the revelation, spilled the water on the murderous robot, making him go sparkly and shut off.

After a while, when everyone was now shocked at the robot's second and surely last death, she ripped of the dead robot's arm and eye, led Skepkitty to a power outlet, and, while holding the appendages, made more sparkles happen and the sentient intelligence of separate robot parts made the arm and eye attach to Lillias as if the massacre had never happened.

Well, there was the difference that Skepkitty was now a cyborg and that the arm was painted in a white-brown-black pattern which would always remind her of him, but they were free, and the evil fanfiction empire was put to a dead end.

"But how we're going to escape?" Lucy asked.

And then everyone realized that when Skepkitty arrived, there must have been a way for her to get out. Ashley, since she lead the whole plan, opened the window and everyone walked out, leaving the attempted murder scene of the 337th untouched...

And leaving Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise dead, as its only creator was dead, and no one was trying to learn it so it could be passed on.

...Maybe after a hundred or even a thousand years.


Author's idiotisms: Next I'm probably going to make an Alterniabound-styled game FutureBound: An Official Reimagining and Sequel of OFU Portal: The 4th Millennium Edition. If it gets made, it will feature all twenty of the "S***b players" (still not doing pre-Scratch trolls. Still not doing pre-Scratch trolls). Or another OFU, Skepkitty's Academy of Invader Zim, if I somehow get her permission and force myself to read the entire collection of The Half-World.