Just a small tiny prose, sad and sweet to keep you all happy, or rather me, because I like writing it way more than people read it...enjoy!

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my love of Doctor and Donna

Synopsis: It wouldn't take her tears away but it would help, so he gave her the biscuit

Comfort Food

To say that Donna was sad would be ridiculous, it was much more than sad, it was heartbroken. And the Doctor knew this.

He didn't know what to say, he didn't know how to hold her and he didn't know how to take her pain away. So he did the only thing he knew how to do. He made her a cup of tea. He made himself one too and took both to where she sat on her bed looking for all the world like a broken woman.

He put both cups down on her bed side table and silently sat next to her.

Out from his endless pockets he pulled a pack of chocolate digestive biscuits.

They wouldn't stop her pain.

They wouldn't erase her tears.

And they certainly wouldn't be a long term fix but right now, for some reason, they were what they both needed.

So he pulled one out and placed it softly on her knee.

'One for you.'

Pulled another out and placed it on his knee.

'And one for me.'

She turned her head the quarter inch to view his face. He had a sad, dopey smile and big kind eyes awaiting her and she had a thankful sad smile for him complete with shimmery tear-filled eyes.

The chocolaty substance tingled on her salty tongue and the oats stuck between her teeth and for just that moment, Donna allowed herself to forget and enjoy the simple pleasures of a sugary treat.

The Doctor watched her carefully as he chewed his own mouthful of oats and chocolate. He took note of the change in her eyes, from complete loss to an infinitely small amount of acceptance. He watched in relief as the corner of her lips turned up just the slightest little inch and for a moment, it was just he and Donna enjoying a biscuit and a cup of tea and Wilfred Mont, Donna's granddad wasn't dead.

For just a moment, but like all moments, they pass and with it came the grief once more and this time, the Doctor pulled her into a hug so tight, it dared the whole of space and time to break them up and shared out two more biscuits.

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