Title: A Twisted Sense of Altruism
Rating: M
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya, Izaya x Psyche
Prompt (DRRR!Kinkmeme): Abused!Roppi is found by Izaya who takes him home and cares for him. When Roppi starts meeting with Shizuo, angst, drama and fluff will follow.
Disclaimer: Don't own Durarara! or the characters ^^''

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The rest of the day carried on with ease. Izaya did not exchange more than a few words with his secretary, except for when he demanded she make him tea on three different occasions. To his relief, the boy was lying fast asleep each time he checked on him. It wasn't until a few hours after sunset as he was just finishing up his work for the night that a piercing scream emanated from the bedroom. The chair Izaya sat in violently toppled over as he stood up and ran for the door, hurriedly digging for the key in his back pocket.

With a loud click, the door unlocked and Izaya shoved it open, peering inside as he prepared for the worst.

The young boy was alone, and curled up on the bed, blankets and pillows scattered across the room, with tears streaming down his face like waterfalls.

'Ahh… Should have known…'

Slightly disappointed, Izaya slowly approached the sobbing child, ignoring the urge to cover his ears at the annoying cries. He carefully placed a hand on the other's head hoping that a bit of comfort would settle him down, but the boy was not calmed in the slightest. His eyes widened, and he began screaming and kicking like a toddler having a fit.

"Hey… For a guest, it is pretty impolite to be making so much noise, don't you think?" Regardless of whether he was heard or not, Izaya carried on, feeling his patience fight a losing battle against the boy's obnoxious cries. "Stop."

When he snatched the boy's wrist and forcefully pulled him up from the bed, the boy became almost hysterical, screaming loud enough that Izaya was sure the neighbors could hear him. As his temper finally snapped, the informant suddenly smacked the boy across the face, leaving a bright red mark on his cheek as he choked on his cries. The boy's eyes were wide, as though waiting for a following, more terrible act to occur, but Izaya simply let his wrist go and he fell back onto the bed, the only sound in the room being the sound of his breath hitching each time he took a breath.

"Are you calm now?" Izaya frowned. He didn't want to be a babysitter. And if he had to be, he would do a terrible job, as he did with his sisters who turned out as bizarre as he. Once the mess began to bother him enough, Izaya stood up from the bed and began picking up pillows and blankets, and setting the boy up so that he was properly comfortable in his bed.

"Are you ready to talk to me yet?" Izaya masked his annoyance with a concerned gaze as he stared at the boy, waiting for an answer. Trying to be patient until the boy finally shook his head, 'no.'

"And I suppose you won't be willing to tell me your name either?" Izaya scowled, preparing to leave the room.


The informant stopped, quickly turning around before re-approaching him. "What? What was that? I couldn't hear you."

"Ha…chimen…roppi.." the small voice was barely audible, but Izaya, who practically had his ear pressed against the boy's lips, listened closely.

"Your name is Hachimenroppi?"

The boy bit his lip and frowned, as though a feeling of regret had just taken him over after finally speaking.

"Hachimenroppi… Like… Useful?"

The boy nodded slowly once more.

"I see. So you are useful then. That's good. I like useful people. Hachimenroppi… Too long. We'll shorten it to Roppi."

The boy nodded again.

Izaya smiled, face devoid of any real emotion as he continued to speak, "Well then, Roppi, I hope you'll prove yourself as useful as your name states! Your first test is to start speaking to me. Come to the front room when you think you are ready to start talking. After you decide to talk to me, you can have dinner."

Roppi smiled weakly as Izaya found himself significantly amused. He could tell the boy was far too trusting, making him an exceptionally good tool. But at the moment, the thing he needed most from Roppi was to ease his own curiosity about the child's unknown history.

"So are you ready to talk yet, or would you like to starve for a while?" he smiled.


"Follow me then, Roppi."

Once he had helped him from the bed, Izaya led him to the living room, motioning for the boy to sit on the couch beside him.

"Well then… Let's begin."