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Prologue : Level B Angel

"I-I'm sorry..."

Were the words I last remembered when I woke up on the cold ground. My memory was all foggy and all I could remember was my full name, age and those words..

I sat up and looked around, I was in a plain white room. It was cold here, no doors no windows.. I wonder how did I get here? Than I started hearing a voice.

"Welcome, level B angel Collin Andrew." The voice said.

"Who are you... wait.. What are you and how do you know my name?" I said getting up looking everywhere. There weren't any speakers or somesort.

"I am 'God'." The voice said.

"Yeah right, go ahead and pull a trick on me. Whats this 'level B angel' thing anyway?" I said unconvinced.

"So you do not believe me?..Hm... well for starters you already died." The voice said.

A rush of cold air lifted the atmosphere.

"I-I'm.. dead?.." I asked shivering. The word dead resonated in my head..

"Yes, it seems that you have lost most of your memory.. is it?" The voice said.

"Well, it cannot be helped... " The voice continued, than a little door appeared.

"Go through that door, there will be some clothes for you to change in. A person there will explain to you a lot more than I did.."

"W-WAIT! GOD THING.. WHAT EVER. HOW DID I DIE!" I yelled wanting to know.

"I'm sorry but I cannot answer that, your reason of death is unknown.. I will explain further another time.. My time here is done.." The voice said disappearing.

"DAMMIT!" I yelled punching the wall, I sighed and turned my head towards the door.

"Seems like I have to go there huh?.." I thought and started to walk to the door.

When I got in there was another room with 2 doors, 1 labeled 'changing room' and the other 'exit' and there was a small pile of clothes on the ground. A computer thing appeared on the wall, I jumped up out of surprised.

"Please choose your own outfit from the pile of clothes there, than proceed to the changing room to change. After you have finished, you may proceed to the exit." A robotic voice said.

"Woah.. computers?.. In.. heaven?..." I mumbled a bit impressed and confused.

I went up to the pile of clothes and took out some stuff that interested me. Wasn't so fancy nor too flashy. I went to the changing room to change into those clothes, I came out immediately after.

I went to the other door and opened it. A bright light shined and I was forced to squint my eyes or just close them. The light shined brighter and brighter as I walked deeper, I blocked the light using my arms to block most of the blinding lightsfrom my eyes. As I walked a lot deeper the light faded and I was in some sort of facility. There were a lot of people with glowing wings, all different colors, they were all dressed in white, black and a different color, just like me. Everyone seemed busy with stuff. I was highly confused on where I was and how I got here, I turned aroung to go back to the other room but it was gone.

"W-WHAT THE HECK!" I thought. "Where did the door go? This is creepy.."

I stayed where I was as I watched people walk pass me, I sat down on the floor in a corner and waited for something to happen. I was half asleep until suddenly a cute girl's face appeared in front of mine. I jumped a bit out of surprise and flustered a bit.

"A-ah!" I let out my head hitting the wall behind me.

"OH OW.." I said placing my arms behind my head.

"Oh sorry, did I surprise you?" She asked.

"Well?..." I said getting up.

"Your Collin Andrew? Level B rank angel? Right?" She asked me.

"Eh.. yeah... I'm kinda new here so I don't know much.." I replied.

"Oh, it's fine. Everyone here started like you did. Anyway my name is Jeanna Hart. Level B rank angel just like you. I'm in charge of the newbies here." She said straightening up.

"Oh hey.. Can I just call you Jeanna?.. I don't like formality." I asked.

"Sure. Than I can call you Collin?" She replied as I got up.

"Yeah." I replied. "So... now what?" I asked.

"Right, please follow me." She said and started walking.

I followed behind her, I noticed that she had small bright light pink glowing wings. Her wing colors matched with her eyes and hair, above her head was a little halo. As we continued walking I was looking around, a few places caught my eye.

"Hey.. Jeanna, whats that over there?" I said pulling on her white jacket.

"Oh that? It's for the other new level B angels. You'll be going there when you get your wings." Jeanna told me.

"Wings huh?.." I mumbled.

"Yep, every angel here has a pair of wings and a halo that matchs their color." Jeanna explained.

"Color?.. " I asked.

"Yep, you will be assigned a color and they will change your eye, hair, clothes and ear color to your assigned color. The color will classify you, of course you might wonder if we run out of colors.. But there are many colors in the world. Plus there's the cycle of reincarnation that I will explain to you later." Jeanna said.

"I don't quite get it.. everyone here is.. already dead?" I asked confused.

"Yes.." She replied sadly.

And we continued walking with a long period of silence following us, until we reached a room. A few other people were already there, like me they were wingless.

Jeanna designed me to sit on a chair, so I did. I sat on a chair not to far from the front nor was it close to anyone.

Jeanna walked up in front and a few other angels did.

"Welcome to heaven. We are your instructors for a limited period so feel free to ask us questions if you have any." A purple headed 4 eye said.

"So any questions now?.. I think you do." Jeanna asked smiling.

A few people raised their hands.

"Why are we here?.." A person asked. "I mean yeah we're in heaven.. but some people who already died a long time ago isn't here."

"It is because people here are people who died on another date than when they are suppose to die. You can say, your expiration date has not been 'expired'." 4 eyes said.

"How did we die before our death date?" I asked

"You were killed by a 'demon'. There is an organisation similar to ours in Hell, like us, they go on earth to do their missions and they turn into human forms. Unlike them we help people and assure safety. Our mission is to prevent people from being killed by Demons. The Devil's missions are to assinate people and they turn into us, Angels." 4 eyes explained.

"Like us they get to reborn into the human world once again after they become a Level A Demon. If they die in the human world their souls are stuck in hell until it disappears milleniums later." Jeanna added.

"About demons.. how are demons born.." A guy asked.

"Like us angels, they are born from death that is not their expiration date. Causes are most likely to be suicide." 4 eyes replied.

"What do we do here?" A girl asked.

"Well this is the 'Heaven' facility, your main goal to is to be 'reborn' into your human world again. In ordeer to do so you have to elevate your rank to Level A angel." Jeanna replied.

"Do we have to be reborn?" A man said.

"Well it is your main purpose, but you can stay as an angel form for a long period of time here but eventually you will have to change. This place will not age you and you will not die in Heaven. But when you do missions in the real world you have a chance of dieing again, if you do you will be sent to the 'real' heaven in which you may rest in peace." 4 eyes replied.

"So in other words.. our souls are not resting in peace even though were already dead." I said.

"You catch on fast." Jeanna smiled.

"What are we going to do now?" I asked.

"Well, we will introduce you the buildings and your dorm room. After that you will gain your wings, halo and special identification ears." Jeanna replied. "After that you have the day off in the dorms."

"Okay, let us start the tour." 4 eyes said pushing his glasses farther up his nose. "We'll split all of you into 4 groups that will go with 1 of our instructors. My name is Keen Watson. Call me Keen."

"Jeanna Hart." Jeanna said waving.

"Eli Cordela." A man said.

"Marie Perrio." A woman said.

"So let's see.. I'll start by forming my group, than Jeanna, than Eli and than Marie." Keen said. "Let's see.. I'm taking, you, you, you, you, you and you." Keen said pointing to some people. "Now follow me." and Keen started walking out the door, the small group followed.

It was Jeanna's turn, she had a huge smile towards me.

"You~!" She said pointing at me. I sighed. "And em... you, you, you and you.. ooh and you." She said pointing out 5 other people. "Follow me!" She said cheerfully, I had no other choice but to follow her.

Our small group wandered around with Jeanna as our tour guide, it took us more than 2 hours to cover just 1 building and we took a break at a cafeteria.

"So Collin what do you think of this place?" Jeanna asked sitting in front of me.

"Very huge." Were the words that came out of my mind.

"You'll get used to it eventually." Jeanna smilled at me.

"Collin... You need to smile more! You have like a 24/7 poker face on just like Eli, thoug Eli has a grumpy frown most of the time." She said poking my face.

"I have no use smiling anyway." I said pulling myself away from her.

"Aww..." She let out.

After 15 minutes of break we were off again to another building, at the end of the day I was exosted. I was in my dorm, on my bed half asleep until the door bursted open. I jumped up and immediately sat up. 3 guys walked in 1 who seemed pretty strong and muscular he had spiky dodger blue hair and eyes, another who looked like he was shy and reserved he had yellow hair and eyes the 3rd one.. not a kind of person I would stay with,he was hype and has a lot of energy he had neongreen hair and eyes.

"Hmph.. you must be our other dormate." The blue haired one said.

"Eh yeah..." I replied.

"The names Zack Dufront. Hope we can get along." He said climbing up a bed.

"Collin, Collin Andrew.." I said.

"I'm CJ Key." The green haired one said happily. "Yellow head over there is Elliot Raine."

"H-hi.." Elliot said shyly.

"Hey. Nice to me you all.." I said.

"Hey Collin! You haven't got your wings and halo yet right?" CJ asked.

"Yeah. Don't have 'em." I replied.

"Wow.. dude your eyes are like the coolest thing ever than!" CJ said walking up to me and stared into my eyes. I was a bit disturbed.

"Really?.. I don't see whats so special about them.." I said honestly.

"But they are gray! Almost white. Thats like so unatural, so how did you get your cool eyes?" CJ asked hoping next to me on my bed.

"I guess I was born with them?... I don't know, I don't remember everything." I replied.

"Oh, so you don't remember your past either. I don't too! But its totally fine dude, I understand how you feel." CJ said.

Elliot started climbing up the ladder to the bed above me.

"Well, its night now. Let's talk some more tomorrow." CJ said getting off my bed and climbing on the other bed's ladder.

"Yeah.. 'night guys." I said going to sleep.

"Now that I noticed it.. are we going to sleep in our normal clothes?.." I asked.

"Eh... Good question. We just got here in Heaven today too.. So we don't know." CJ said.

"I think you have to have your ears first." A whispering voice said.

I looked up and it was Elliot.

"You have to have your ears to set your clothing.." He whispered.

"Oh.. wow I'm in a bad situation.." I said. "Ah.. too bad... Thanks anyway."I replied going to sleep.

End of day 1

Prologue END

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