Phantasmagoria: A sequence of real or imaginary images like that seen in a dream.

Snow Prelude ~ The Sequence Begins

Prelude: An action or event serving as an introduction/ an introductory piece of music.

A few notes, strung together with a tune could create powerful emotions.

Pain on a canvas, depending on the colours, could express emotions from deep rage to a lingering sense of happiness.

A single phrase could change the lives of two people and those around them.

Snow fell silently and slowly onto the ground, coating the land with a cold blanket of white silk. Every time a snowflake landed on the water of the pond, it sent a ripple through the water and quickly melted away. It was cold, yet the small pond had not yet turned into ice. The snow was like a soft powder, gracefully making its way down from the sky above.

Norway watched the snow lightly fall onto the surface of the pond from the edge of underneath a large fur tree. It wasn't dry, however, being Norway, it didn't matter. He was used to sitting in the snow and for some reason never got sick and frankly didn't care much about sitting in the cold. Maybe it was something to do with being a Nordic country.

The leaves of the tree were thick, though not thick enough to stop the snow from floating down and landing on the tip of Norway's nose. With that, he shuffled inwards to lean his back on the bark of the tree. The snow appeared to be coming down a bit harder now. However he didn't care.

He simply closed his eyes.

"Hey. You."

A familiar voice called out.

Norway's eyes flickered open, only to meet eyes with none other, than himself.

His eyes grew slightly wider, but not wide enough to show his emotions. What was this…? A shape-shifter? Was this some sort of mystical creature playing tricks on his eyes?

"You could respond to me. However you're scared. There are two of you. It's impossible." The other Norway smirked. He seemed to be all round paler than the 'real' Norway. He was also slightly translucent and was wearing something that looked like a long, white cloak that appeared to absorb the snow around him.

"…What are you?" Norway ignored the comment about being scared and looked at his other self suspiciously before letting his hair fall over one eye.

"I am you of course." The illusion-like being began to move closer to him. Norway didn't move. He didn't want to. He wasn't incredibly scared.

"I can see that you look like me. But how do I know you are me?" Norway was as stoic as ever.

"I know your desires. I know the person you want to be with." The phantasm sat in front of Norway, looking at him straight in the eye.

The nation averted his eyes away from the being, flinching slightly at the word 'desires'.

The snow didn't float anymore. Neither did it fall.

It danced.

It was a dance of confusion and fear- mixed emotions colliding together before violently making its way to the ground.


Its voice was like breathy whisper, yet it was as clear as a summer's day.

Norway darted his head around to react to that name.

Alas, it was gone.

'It's just the snow getting to my head… just the snow… just the cold…' He thought to himself over and over as he quickly made his way inside his house. 'I should take a shower to calm myself… it's just the cold… my body is probably reacting to the cold…' He kept thinking as he made his way to the bathroom. He shut the door and sighed before starting the water and removing his clothes. Already the steam had begun to build up. Slowly, he stepped into the shower, letting the hot water soak him. It sent a small shiver down his spine from the pleasuring heat. After a while, the cold had left his body, and was replaced with shimmering heat.

After getting changed, he heard a knock at the door of the house. Right now, he didn't feel like seeing anyone. However he made his was downstairs and opened the door slowly. It was Iceland.

"Halló Noregur." Iceland spoke calmly but seemed rather troubled by something.

"Halló Ísland… something the matter?" The slightly taller nations led his fellow Nordic nation into the living room. Iceland sat next to Norway on the creamy white sofa; he sat hunched and just fiddled with his fingers. "Nor… tomorrow I'm getting some test results back." He spoke indistinctly while fiddling with his fingers.

"Oh…? What type of results?" Norway asked curiously. No one informed him of this.

"To see if we're…" The silver haired nation took a deep breath. "To see if we're biological brothers."

Norway was trying to take this in. He wanted to know if they were brothers…? Iceland may have wanted that even so, he, himself didn't want that.



"…bróðir." Norway tried to recall the Icelandic word.

"H-hvað?" Iceland stuttered slightly.

"Call me that if the results come back positive." Norway chuckled, very slightly. He wasn't sure if it was a lie or not. Why did he want the one he loved to call him 'brother'? It was wrong. But then, Iceland blushed a soft shade of coral pink and looked at Norway. It made those thoughts wash away out of Norway's mind.

It was cute. He was cute. Iceland was cute.

He wanted to see his blush more.

"I-I'm not calling you that!" The younger nation diverted his eyes slightly.

"Only if the results comes back and you are my brother."

"…Fine…" Iceland mumbled, showing a hint of hesitation and regret.

"Good." Norway smiled slightly, trying not to show his delight too much.

After Iceland had left, Norway decided to lie down on his bed, reflecting on the events that just happened. He looked outside. The snow was quite heavy.

"You're a bit of a sick bastard, aren't you?"

Norway sat up and turned to face where the sound was coming from.

It was that thing again.

"Who gave you the right to say that?" The less paler of the two glared at the other.

"You did. I am you, after all."

"You're not me. You're a mystical creature who thinks this is a good idea for a prank." He spoke with a slight hint of annoyance.

"You're a liar now." It retorted. "You want the person you love to call you 'brother'? How disgusting."

All too quickly, his 'other self' pinned down Norway onto the bed. "What the hell do you think you're doing…?" Norway struggled to get out of its grip.

"I'm showing you how you really feel."

Before he could breathe a word, a cold, icy hand had slapped him across the face. Despite the pain, his face remained stoic.

"You're such a liar. You lie about your emotions. Not even God knows how you feel."

Suddenly, a fist pounded into his right cheek.

Norway bit his lip, flinching slightly.

"You missed your opportunity to tell him." The tone was frighteningly stoic. Another blow was sent to his face.

"I-It's not true!" Norway yelped in pain as two fists, clenched tightly together with fingers intertwined came down hard onto his forehead.

Slowly, icy cold fingers snaked around his neck. "The more you deny it, the harder it hurts…" The lookalike whispered into the nation's ear as the grip increased. He shuddered in pain and almost scrammed when two nails dug into his throat. He couldn't breathe. "St-Stop it! P-Please!" He pleaded as he choked. However the lookalike didn't give in. Nails sunk deeper into his throat. Everything became a haze and started to fade away into white. The last thing he saw was the snow.

Falling lightly at a deathly slow pace.

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