Gilbert never really cared much for snow, it wasn't really something that amused him. He hated driving in it, it was a nightmare to him. The car he was driving in wasn't exactly something that worked well in snow, it was crap that his brother bought him. As the flakes of ice water threw themselves onto his windscreen, he cursed under his breath, continuing to use the wipers.

He sighed, and turned the car left into a small place to park for a while. He was totally lost, he'd never been to Canada before, and decided to take a trip, but instead he found himself stuck. He was in the middle of nowhere, and surrounding him was high mountains and peaks, he shivered then soon turned on the little radio. It was silent. Apart from the harsh breathing coming from Gilbird.

"damn snow… never does any good…" he moaned, violently turning dials and pushing buttons. Every station was all fuzzy, and most of the music on was stuff he didn't listen to. He thumped the radio with his fist, in a desperate attempt to make it work, but nothing happened. He sighed and lay back. He turned to the seat next to him, to see Gilbird all curled up in his box. He looked like just a yellow ball of feathers, well, that was pretty much what he was. He opened his black eyes, and then looked up while ruffling his little feathers. He looked as if he was mocking him.

"Pyo pyo!" Gilbird cheeped, stumbling out off his box to sit on his masters lap. He sneezed and fell backwards, making Gilbert laugh cruelly.

"you're a total dumb ass but I guess that's why I love you…" Gilbert muttered under his breath, picking up his fluff ball and sitting him on his shoulder.

The car was cold, and there was no heating either, he reached over into the back seat and pulled a fleece blanket out from under his chair. It wasn't exactly what you'd call awesome, but it did what it was supposed to. He'd bought it at Wal-Mart for a pretty cheap price, but it was fine for emergency's, like being stuck in Canada. The snow didn't ever seem to stop, and it was getting dark, really dark. The sky was a mixture of reds and purples. He smiled and snuggled into himself, it was probably pretty late at night, plus the time on his watch was totally off, putting him in a really awkward position. Gilbird nuzzled into his cheek and chirped noisily, so Gilbert put some of the fleece on his bird too. He closed his eyes and though about calling someone, but then figured his mobile was out off battery, plus he'd forgotten to put credit into it. In a matter of minutes, the windows were covered in thick snow, making it pitch black. He switched on the windscreen wipers, and when the window was clear, it was still black. He could see his breath, and decided it was best to find a place to stay for the night, and as he drove out of the lay by, the radio rapidly turned on, startling him. The first words said that he understood were blizzard, snowstorm, and icy roads.

"I could've guessed that…" Gilbert moaned, turning on the headlights, Gilbird cheeped in agreement and fell back asleep on his shoulder. In a matter of seconds the radio turned back off, and the car was back to it's bitterly silent state. Gilbert scowled at the radio and threw it into the back seat. Gilbird screeched loudly, snapping gilberts head forward. There was a loud crack sort of sound, and the car jolted forward. as gilbert opened his eyes, he figured out they were now racing down a slope, into a bed of sharp jagged rock. He closed his eyes tight shut, and knew he was going to die, and in a matter everything went white. He felt agonizing pain all over him, and heard the sound off Gilbird weakly cheeping. The pain continued as he heard newer sounds, and he felt himself being pulled at and dragged out of the car, it was freezing. He could tell he was out in the snow, by the way the cold numbed the pain and relaxed him. He though about Gilbird, praying that his companion was ok, he expected the worst and he soon blanked out completely.