"Ya know… I haven't really thanked you properly for saving me…"

Gilbert smirked, he was finally back to his old and daring self again. With a slight blush Matthew raised an eyebrow curiously. Gilbert growled to himself and put an arm around the pale Canadians neck and placed his other hand on the Canadians cheek. Matthew paled even more, and his cheeks flushed darker than his hoodie. Matthew just started at the albino in front of him. Said albino smirking with a look he wasn't sure he liked.

"What is this?" Matthew giggled nervously, he obviously didn't know what he meant.

"You'll see Once its over…" Gilbert purred, blowing Matthew's ear. The blonde shivered, and moaned under his breath.

Gilbert smirked once more before leaning forward and kissing him. Matthew was stuck, he could reject him, let him get on with it, or kiss back, but his mind was all over the place, he was being violated by someone he'd just met… and enjoying it? His brother could burst in at any minute, but Matthew didn't seem to care, he like being taken advantage of. With a mental sigh he decided to kiss back, and put an arm around his violator's waist. His heart was beating faster than ever and he felt the others skin burn up against his own.

Gilbert softly bit down on the Canadians lip, making him yelp, which allowed Gilbert to slip his tongue into the others mouth. Matthew hesitated at first, and then got really into it. Gilbert hadn't noticed it before, but the blonde had a tongue piercing, and he got his own tongue caught in it.

"EHH… IM STHUK!" Gilbert shrieked, awkward mood kill.

The Canadian opened his eyes and looked down at their now conjoined tongues, the first words that came into his head were "Oh Shit," Gilbert glared up the Canadian in hate.

"DEW SHUHIIIN!" Gilbert shrieked again, the Canadian rolled his blue eyes sarcastically and sharply pulled his head back, freeing them both.

"OW! Ya didn't need to do it so hard!" the albino whined, Matthew smiled down at him, before his face went totally white as he looked down the stairs. Something really didn't feel right.

"Dude, you okay?" Gilbert laughed, before he followed Matthew in looking downstairs, when he saw what was going on he turned even paler than usual. Someone that looked similar to Matthew was standing there, probably terrified.

"Okay… Matthew… I'm gonna pretend I never saw all that…" The blonde at the bottom of the stairs coughed, and he turned around and left through the front door. Gilbert looked up, puzzled at the shivering Canadian.

"I'm gonna take a guess… that was your brother, wasn't it?" Gilbert muttered, Matthew looked down at him and sighed. He wasn't as pale, he was just blushing again, immensely.

"He's never going to let me live this down…" he moaned, Gilbert sighed and put an arm tightly around the Canadians waistline. making him lean forward a bit.

"You're cute," Gilbert smiled

"Change of subject?"

"Yeah, you're REALLY cute,"

"If you say that one more time I'll beat your ass with a hockey stick,"

"I'm kinky, I'll enjoy it, you're cute,"

With that Matthew rolled his eyes and kissed the other, then stood up with a flirtatious giggle.

"I think we should finish what we started, do you?"

Gilbert sat up and looked up at the smirking Canadian then laughed to himself.

"I couldn't agree with you more if I wanted to…" He purred, adjusting himself so he could stand up.

Matthew put out a hand and helped him up, then wrapped him in a tight embrace.

"I'm not really a hugging kind of person, can we please just fuck?" the albino moaned, Matthew sighed and licked the said albino's cheek, then actually managed to pick him up bridal style.

"Saves energy, you're gonna need it,"