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Prologue Konoha Oct.10 11:19 p.m.

All is peaceful in Konoha the festivities are bubbling with life the liquor was pouring one could easily hear children laughing all in all it was a grand festival except there is one orphan who isn't enjoying the festival which celebrates the 'death' of the infamous Kyuubi No Kistune that orphan is Naruto Uzumaki

With Naruto

A thirteen year-old Naruto was sneaking out of his apartment to avoid the mob that comes every night on his birthday Oct.10 the blonde jinchuuriki was dashing across the rooftops hoping to avoid anything the dreadful night had to offer him


A woman is standing over a dead corpse of an old man she was dressed in a dark gray kimono an Oni mask hid her face behind her mask you can see long white hair and golden eyes that seem as if they could literally burn through your soul and she had two poles on her back but if one looks closer they are actually blades hidden inside one sword had the kanji for 'heaven' on the pommel the other had the kanji for 'hell'

The old man looked down at his own body in shock first he had a sharp form of pain come from his chest then he found himself looking at his lifeless body he turned and asked the woman "Why?" the woman pulled out the 'heaven' sword and tapped the pommel on his head and replied "Because your time is up."

The old man was ascended in a golden light and disappeared the woman sighed and said "It never ends." Then she shifted her gaze to Konoha thinking 'Might as well finish my rounds in Konoha,'

With Naruto

The orange-wearing blonde was trapped in an alley being beaten by three ANBU one had the mask of a lizard the second had a mask of a rat and the third had the mask of a beetle all were shouting things like "You killed my wife," or the ever classic "Die demon!"

The ANBU with the beetle mask pulls out a kunai and says "Now let's finish the demon scum!" before he could kill our blonde hero a shadow descends making the ANBU nervous the rat shouted "It's the hokage! Run before he kills you!"

Before they could make a break for it their hearts stopped beating and noticed they were looking at their own bodies the shadow whispered into their ears "Going down." And then they found themselves chained to rocks just above a lake of fire and before they blacked out due to pain they heard a booming voice that said "Welcome to Hell!"

With Naruto

Naruto found himself looking up at a blurry figure and said "Going to finish me off teme?" the figure tilted it's head and thought 'He can see me?' upon closer examination she noticed the near-fatal wound and concluded 'No. He can't but he is so close to dying he can at least make out a fuzzy image of me.'

The figure turned to leave until she felt something grab her kimono looking down it was the blonde boy the woman then thought 'This boy looks familiar. Where have I seen him?' the blonde looks up revealing the whisker marks it was then she figured it out 'This is the boy who contains the Kyuubi!'

Naruto locked eyes with the woman and said "You're not like everyone else in this damned village; you don't have any hate in your eyes," the woman raised an eyebrow and responded "No I'm not." The blonde boy was quickly shedding tears and said "This village stinks of rotten people they beat me for no reason other than not being able to see past their hate they call me a demon but they commit the sins of demons themselves; they don't follow the 4th hokage's last wish they trample all over it and laugh because of this I REGRET EVER BEING BORN IN THIS VILLAGE!"

The woman looked at the sight before in shock thinking 'So the hatred of Konoha has driven a boy to this,' after her thought she quickly hardened her face in rage and said "I hear you boy you might not be able to change the views of the older generation but you still have a chance to save the younger generation from their ignorance " while she said this Naruto nodded in understanding and started dragging himself

The woman looked and asked "What are you doing?" The jinchuuriki coughed some blood and replied "I Have to find Ji-chan." It was then his left arm came out it was dark purple almost black clearly nothing but dead flesh the woman looked at it in disgust and said "Wait."

Naruto looked back and saw a blade heading straight at him it pierced his left hand and then he felt a burning pain in his arm his arm was coming back to life but it was different it was pale grey like the kind of grey a dead man would have and on the back of his hand was a tattoo of a yellow eye with a black-slit pupil and in his hand a sword appeared it was like a crucifix the blade was black the handle was made of gold and it was covered in sapphire jewels (Think Dracule Mihawks sword from One Piece) the sword was seven ft. long and the handle was at least three ft. long and on the pommel was the kanji for 'death'

The woman kneeled down and whispered "My name is Yagami Yuuko but you know me better as the shinigami this is my gift to you Uzumaki Naruto become strong and maybe one day we will meet again" The blonde looked back in shock realized he was talking to THE shinigami his vision was going black and before he passed out he saw his grandfather figure End Prologue