Sorry for the long wait and the fact this is not a chapter, my computer crashed (again) so I lost my all my hard work. So it might be awhile before I can update something because of both my faulty computer and I'm saving up for a new and better one.

As compensation, I'll let in you my readers in on a few secrets. First, I'll be working on a Naruto/ Legend of Zelda crossover (Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword). Second, in my story Uzumaki Meister; a special guest from the Street Fighter series will appear. I won't say who or what their role shall be but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Also… I fucking hate Kishimoto, That whole 'Curse of Hatred' crap was a bunch of bullshit he made to justify both Sasuke and Obito. Furthermore, redeeming the both of them too? Now that completely tears it, Sasuke while I despise him, his reasons are understandable (At least going after Itachi and later Danzo, but afterwards spread out of control), though I still hate that he was redeemed. But Obito? That is several steps too far, I mean, he incited the Bloodline Purge in Kiri, murdered both Minato and Kushina by sending Kurama on a rampage (Which also killed an unknown number of Konoha Shinobi) he started the Fourth Shinobi War, therefore killing even more people; all because he got friend-zoned by his childhood crush and because she was killed doing her duty as a Kunoichi? And both Naruto and Minato are going to forgive him just like that? Even after claiming to see his past? Wouldn't that also include all the wrong he's done? That is a fucking sick and absolutely fucking pathetic joke in and of itself, bad fucking punch-line included. Well enough of that, sorry for the long rant, but if you agree then review or PM me; and once again I'm sorry for the wait and I'll get back to writing as soon as I am able. Thank you and May God Bless America.