Ok, this idea has been swimming around my head for ages, and I finally got some free time to write it. Sorry to all my readers about not updating my other fics, I've not had time and this has been driving me insane.

Anyway, here it is and sorry if it's cliché.


"Another barrier?" Joshua asked, slightly sarcastically. "That's annoying."

"Yeah, and right in the way of Cat Street too." I said, holding my arm where it hit the barrier.

"No Reaper in sight, either..." Joshua looked round. "Not one... Wait." I turned and saw one of the Reapers that acted as both kinds running towards us.

"Sorry 'bout the wait." He said, panting, as he stopped in front of us, leaning on his knees, the wings emerging from his back rising above his head. After a few seconds he stood up straight, still breathing heavily. "So, you want past this wall?" He asked.

"...Why else do you think we'd be here?" I asked. Idiot. I thought.

"Ignore him. So, what's the challenge?" Joshua asked.

"The challenge is...is..."

"We're waiting..." I muttered. He's probably forgotten.

"...Um, sorry. I forgot." The Reaper said. I slapped my face. Knew it.

"Can you think up some challenge, or just let us through then?" Joshua asked, calmly as ever.

"Sorry, but you have to do something..." He said. "No Noise around here..." He looked at us, then grinned. At least, I think he grinned. It's hard to tell, what with that bandanna over his mouth. "He he. I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner..."

"Well come on. What is it?" I asked.

"Your challenge is...to kiss." He chuckled.

"What the...!" Joshua's normally calm demeanor broke. I blinked, sure he was joking.

"It's that, or you don't get to Cat Street." The Reaper said, leaning on a wall and watching intently.

"So it's either us kissing, or my sensor isn't fixed..." Joshua mused, the mask of calmness back on his face.

"I vote no sensor." I said, turning to walk away from the wall.

"Hold on a second..." Joshua said. I turned, then tried to dodge the hand that grabbed my shirt.

I failed. Joshua pulled me in, and left just a short, almost teasing kiss on my lips.

He let go of me, and I stepped back, realizing I was blushing. "Well, it is just you, me and that Reaper who will know." Joshua reminded me. I glared, then realized that the blush on my face just made it ineffectual.

"I'm not going to forgive you for that." I muttered, glaring at the Reaper. He hadn't moved, but was clapping now.

"Mission complete." He chuckled "Wall clear." He held out a pin, and the wall flashed, then vanished.

We walked through to Cat Street. "I'm not going to forgive you for that." I muttered darkly.

"He. I'll make sure you get what you deserve." Joshua said.

I cursed under my breath. Cursed Joshua, and the part of me that hoped that he would do that again.

There we go. Sorry once again to all my readers, even if you don't read this. I really hoped this would be longer...

Anyway, I hope you liked this and I'll see you again soon!