Chapter one: A new grim reaper

I woke up early in the morning. The light from the blue sky of the Shinigami world shone down through my bedroom window. The first thing I did was run to shut the curtains. The light really annoyed me. In the shinigami world, almost everything was a light shade of blue. The streets were light blue, the library was light blue, almost everything was blue. It pissed me off. I sat at my vanity table and brushed my copper blonde hair until it shone. I curled it slightly and dabbed on some mascara. All shinigami could be distinguished by their eye color, which was always the same; a bright yellow green. My eyes were more yellow than green and shone like lanterns in the dark automatically. They would also light up when I was angry.

I took a look at myself in the mirror. I was small and fragile looking. I was turning twenty two this year, but I always looked as if I was still eighteen or nineteen because of how thin and delicate I was. I had long waist length curly copper blonde hair, the standard shinigami eyes, delicate features and small hands with long fingers. When I had told my friends I wanted to become a grim reaper, they had started laughing. It's true I looked too weak to even break a stick but laughing was just downright mean. Grim reapers and shinigami were the same thing. Grim reapers, however, were those shinigami who were trained to do their job, who had licensed death scythes and who went to the human world regularly. I had never been to the human world even once before in my life. I had never seen a living human either.

Everyone who had been to the human world told me that they looked exactly like us, but couldn't use death scythes. Some people said humans were nice. Others said they were disgusting and bloodthirsty monsters. I guessed that just like Shinigami, humans could vary in personality as well. They said that we were also far ahead in technology. What we had now, they would only have in a hundred and fifty years. I couldn't imagine life without a computer or a cell phone to call my friends. The portable phones they had were huge. Our portable phones were pretty big, but they weren't any bigger than our hands. It was good in a way that they were big, because I dropped my cell phone all the time, down stairs, from the pier into the water at times by accident. If it was any less bulky, it would have broken instantly.

I felt nervous as I got out my shinigami training uniform. Today was my first day that I would begin my training to become a Grim Reaper. There was a building attached to the library of Cinematic records where all the new grim reapers did their training. I had no idea how they wanted us to fight in this. My uniform consisted of a pleated black miniskirt, a white dress shirt and a black blazer with silver lining and a black bow. I put it on and did the bow up. I put black leggings under my skirt to make it even a little more decent. How was I supposed to fight in a miniskirt? The people in the managerial class were probably insane. Or perverts. I laced up my boots.

"You know, you really shouldn't close your window like that. I won't be able to get in." A voice came from the window. I turned to see my old best friend sitting on the windowsill.

"Hey Grell" I ran to hug him. He was like my big brother. I looked into his smiling face. "One of your eyelashes is coming off."

"Huh?" He ran over to my vanity table and fixed it. I laughed.

"You've been getting crazier and crazier these days, Grell."

"I can't help it if I want to look my best." Grell said, patting his red hair into place.

"Did you meet a handsome man in the human world?" I asked teasingly.

"Oh yes… the red river of passion flows through me" He said, still looking at his reflection. "He already has a contract though. He will be mine later on, though, when he gets rid of that brat once and for all."

"A contract? You mean he's a demon?" I asked.

"Yes… look, I managed to snap this photo of him yesterday." He said, showing me a picture of a guy with long black hair. He certainly was attractive, but I didn't see much in him. To me, demons were disgusting creatures no matter how attractive they were. "He's absolutely to die for, isn't he?"

"I guess…"

"Oh, come on, Leah, I need some reassurance at a time like this. Woman to woman talk. Do I look good enough?"

"I say you look fine." I turned towards the windowsill making a mental note to look up a spell that would turn Grell permanently into a girl. Then he might have a chance. "Do I look fine?" I asked.

"You seriously aren't worried about how you look at Shinigami School, are you?" Grell asked.

"Come on, how often do you see a female grim reaper? Besides those who work at the office"

"More importantly, how often do you see a very cute one like yourself who can also use telekinesis?"

"You're not making it better." I said. "I already feel like a freak with my powers. By the way, you still haven't given me the hair color changing brush."

"Your hair is amazing as it is. Though it would look nicer if it was red… but it looks better the way it is than brown!" We walked out the door. Some shinigami girls and boys were already walking around by the pier. I always wondered why it was called a pier. There were never any ships. It was just a slab of concrete, a dock below it, and then a sea of water.

"Come on, I'll walk you there myself. I have some business to attend to with William… Speaking of William, he'll be the one directing all your lessons today. He's not too bad. He's an insensitive clod sometimes who won't see a lady for her true beauty, but he can be nice at times. I'm sure he won't pay much attention to you. Young grim reapers don't really take his attention." Grell kept talking as we walked up the path. Once you got him started on a good conversation, no one could make him shut up. But after ten years, I was used to it.

"I'm not that young. I'm only a year younger than you two." I said. I made a pebble lift off the ground and fling itself into the sea.

"You're still only beginning your studies as a grim reaper. By the way, when you're there, you'll have to address me as Senior Sutcliff." He said smugly.

"Not a chance. I'll still call you Grell. Didn't you put on my report that we were family even though we aren't?"

"Um… well… I might have tweaked it up a bit…"

"Why?" I demanded. "I spent all night working to make my resume perfect!"

"Well… I wanted to make you seem more attractive to some of the guys there… You're a budding flower, Leah. You haven't had your first romantic experience and I say it's about time!"

"It's not like everyone will be reading my resume, only a select few. Besides, I don't want a boyfriend who's a grim reaper. It will only make my studies harder." I said, doing a face palm. This was going to be an absolute nightmare.

"I'm sure once you see all the charming and handsome young men; you'll change your mind." Grell said as he opened the door to the shinigami library. "After you" I walked in, slightly dreading what I would see inside.