Chapter 28: new times, new life

I walked down the streets. The arena had been fully repaired. I was so happy. Everyone I had cared about had survived. Up until yesterday, we had been focusing on moving the shinigami families back into the shinigami world, and fixing all the damaged buildings. Thankfully, those buildings were only work industries and not homes. Today was my birthday.

I was twenty three years old. I had actually lived to see my twenty third birthday. And now I didn't have anything to worry about. No one would ever try to kill me again. In the course of a year and a half, I nearly died three times. Could anyone say relief?

I walked over to William's house and knocked on the door. He opened it, smiling happily.

"Happy birthday, Leah"

"Thanks." I said. He led me inside.

"I think you'll like your present."

"I told you not to go overboard." I said, sighing.

"Don't worry, I didn't."

It was nearly dark. The sunset cast a beautiful yellow glow through the window. William filled two glasses with champagne.

"Cheers." I raised mine. The radio was playing softly in the background. The music changed, and I realized it was what we liked to call 'our song'.

"Would you like to dance for a little?"

It was a really nice evening. We spent a lot of time talking, dancing and laughing.

"I'll be right back. Would you mind having a seat?" William asked. I sat down and waited as he disappeared behind a hallway. He reappeared with a small, neatly wrapped box. He gave it to me.

"It looks so nice that I don't want to rip the wrapping paper." I joked.

"What's inside is much better." So I opened it to find a small black box. I popped the catch open and lifted the lid. A small ring glittered in the light. It was simple, but beautiful. It was silver with three red rubies in it. I looked up at William. He smiled and took the box.

"Leah, will you accept my hand in marriage?"

I nodded and he slipped the ring on my finger. I was happier than I had ever been in my life.

The last few lines of our song were playing.

If this is really how it's going to be…

We kissed.

shouldn't I wake up from this dream by now?

All I knew that if this was a dream, I sure as hell didn't want to wake up.


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