Roach very carefully packed his belongings into his backpack making sure everything was secure. Picking it up, he stood up and turned as the lieutenant came into the room.

"Any signs of them?" Roach asked.

"None at the moment have been sighted, thankfully." He said as he slumped into a ruined couch and pulled his psp out.

'Already resorting to electronics…' Roach thought to himself as he smirked as he drank from his rockstar and sat down next to him watching. Rarely there have been calm moments like this. It has been three days since the epidemic in the area started. Contact to HQ had seemed somewhat worthless seeing how they haven't even received a single call back. The last word they got from the office that was day ago was that a pick up would arrive soon. But how soon would that be?

Roach watched carefully as the lieutenant scratched his nose and coughed quietly. It has been the seventh time he has done that within the last three hours. He was stubborn all right, but he decided to let the lieutenant think he was fooling him, for the time being. A little cold should wear off in no time. Yawning, he got off the couch and went to one of the windows that were covered with any wooden bars they could find for cover.

"Why the hell are there Zombies here?" Roach said as he peered through the makeshift wooden bars for any sign of movement. He had his balaclava pulled up as he unclipped his berretta and counted his remaining ammo. He and Ghost were stationed in the main room of the first floor of the hotel as Price and Soap were maintaining patrol in the hallways. Upstairs were maintained by Archer and Toad but they haven't even left the room they were sleeping in for at least four hours now.

"What do you think they're doing?" Roach asked about the lazy soldiers as Ghost continued watching whatever the hell he was into.

"Don't know mate and I really don't want to find out. Probably keeping each other warm if you know what I mean." Ghost bluntly said as a loud static came over their ears.

"I HEARD THAT! This is an-open-channel you jackass!" A voice came on the headset as Ghost tried to restrain himself from laughing.

"Please be more gentle Toad~ I-I think I'm-" Another voice came on the radio.

"Shut the hell up Archer." Said the first voice as the other could be heard laughing quite hard in the background.

"Oh? Like to keep your victims quiet while you molest them?" Ghost decided to join in as Roach sighed at the situation.

"That's pretty sick if you ask me." A Scottish voice cracked on the radio as well.

"Oh fuck you guys. We're moving out now. Over and out."

"Hey Ghost. You two alive?" The remaining voice asked.

Ghost sighed in irritation as he answered. "You can hear me talk can't you Soap? Any sign of them yet?"

"Nope. HQ's being an ass right now. Price is having a field day with the electric box on this side of the building right now." He said as the Captain was yelling at a small metal box pulling wires left and right. It was pretty much a losing battle.

"We'll send word later Ghost. We're a bit occupied at the moment."

"Right." Ghost turned as he saw the boards have been quiet for an hour now. Strange. Standing up, he looked over the balcony of the second floor they were on and saw a heap of corpses being burned for good measure. Zombies already smelled bad enough but the smell of them burning intensified the rotting smell even more to where it was almost suffocating. The balaclavas did little to prevent the rotting stench from reaching their noses.

Roach was using his berretta as resourceful as he could and made every shot count. All headshots. This made killing a bit slow but there was no wasted ammo. He even decided to start bashing in skulls with the end of the gun to insure complete stillness.

It was a good move on his part; even though they were people the virus claimed them to nothing but walking fucking corpses.

"Excellent work Roach. Help me carry the rest of the corpses around so we can burn them. I think we're safe for tonight so after that we can go to sleep while Archer and Toad keep watch sniping."

"Is that even a good idea?" Roach asked as he heaved the body into his shoulder. He was pretty happy at the way the lieutenant was being friendly towards him now compared to how judging he was when they first met.

"It's my idea, so yeah; I'll say it's a pretty damn good one." Ghost finished as he tossed the body onto the already lit pile and stomped on his cigarette. "You guys, we're going to sleep so I'm turning the radio off, we're good to go?"

The radio cracked on. "Anyone else going in there with you?" A British voice came on that could belong to no other than the Captain Price himself.

"Just Roach."


"Right. Over and out." He flipped the switch as he climbed the stairs into a room as Roach followed him while turning his off in suit.

"You think I can play soon?" Roach asked as Ghost tossed the psp behind as Roach caught it. Both entered the room and as Ghost closed the door and stood still for a moment.

"Ever wonder why I turned off the headphones Roach?" He asked as Roach felt confused. Now that he thought about it, he never turned the line off for anything. One time he even heard a toilet being flushed when he was in field practice. But the situation they were in was different so Roach hadn't really noticed.

"Well, no one wants to hear the bloody mess going on out there so that's why." He answered as the lieutenant looked slightly disappointed. "Why? Something else on your mind sir?" He asked as he started to play BlazBlue.

"….Nah. Let's just get some rest. I'd expect to find quite a mess when we're awake and I better not find you playing that when I wake up." He said as he pulled of his sunglasses and put on a sleep mask that had red evil eyes where his eyes should have been. Unnerved a bit by the sleep mask, Roach sat next to him seeing how it was the only bed while playing with his headphones so the lieutenant could sleep in silence.

"Or what?" Roach dared to ask as Ghost looked over his shoulder a bit annoyed at the response.

"Or else the technicians will have some more scrap metal to play with. Night bug." He threatened and turned to sleep.

"All right, night sir." He said as he switched off the device and laid his head on the pillow and closed his eyes.