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They were all arguing; their opinions stated loudly over one another, all of them thinking they knew what was best. Harry ignored all of it. The only person's opinion that mattered was his own and he had no one here that he could talk to about what was happening.

Finally having enough of the yelling Harry calmly said, "I want her in Azkaban."

Those closest to him stopped talking, but the others were still arguing and hadn't noticed the room becoming quieter, so Harry repeated himself. "I want her in Azkaban."

Everyone was staring at him, maybe waiting for him to say or do something else; he really had no idea what so he just repeated himself once again hoping his request would be put into action. "I want her in Azkaban."

Dumbledore cleared his throat, disappointment bleeding through his entire body. "We heard you Harry, but you don't honestly want her to suffer in Azkaban for such a small mistake do you?"

Harry just stared at him. A small mistake? "Headmaster, you and I both know Azkaban isn't the harshest punishment she can receive. There are laws about this for a reason. Just be glad that's the only thing she will be put through."

"What do you mean by that?" Mrs. Weasley screeched through her sobs.

Harry turned to look at the woman he had briefly looked to as a mother figure. She had flour on her dress, she must have been baking before she was summoned, her hair was loose and there were more grey streaks than there had been just a year ago. She looked old, worn. Except for her eyes. They flashed with knowledge, and a glint of ruthlessness that Harry had hoped he had imagined when she had first arrived. She looked devastated, but was it because her daughter was facing a life sentence or because her plans failed? "I think you know what I mean Mrs. Weasley. The potions Ginny used required restricted ingredients. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to figure out who provided them, and once whoever helped is found I will be taking them for everything they have."

Instead of being scared, Mrs. Weasley looked confident. "You must stop this foolishness Harry. I can understand that you're scared of what it means to be a father, but to deny your love for our Ginny, it's cruel. After everything our family's done for you, this is how you repay us." She shrieked.

Harry almost laughed. "First of all Mrs. Weasley I don't owe your family anything. If you want to get technical about it though, sure why not; let's think back to my second year, or Ginny's first when Ginny was dying and I saved her life. I think that pretty much covers all the debts you might think I owe to you, don't you think? In reality you should have given me a reward and the Weasley family should have pledged a life debt. Something I did not ask for then, but now I might just change my mind." Harry said innocently, pretending to not see the angry looks being sent at him from almost everyone in the room. "If that doesn't satisfy you, well I guess I could bring up the thousand galleons I give to you every time I come to stay with you for two weeks. Which I would like to add is about half of what your husband makes a year." Seeing Mrs. Weasley's increasingly red face Harry decided that he was finished making his point on that ridiculous claim. "But enough with that, why don't we move on to your claim that I love Ginny. It's a very interesting one considering I've never even talked to her long enough to know who her favorite quidditch team is, let alone anything important enough for her to be someone I could be in love with. In fact the only conversations I've had with her have lead me to believe she is a petty, naïve, spoiled child who only cares about becoming Mrs. Boy-Who-Lived." Harry ignored all of the shouts of outrage and continued. "Now about the most important lie that you made Mrs. Weasley, about how I was scared of being a father, it couldn't be the farthest thing from the truth possible. Not only is it lie but it's also how I know your lovely little daughter didn't just rape me and erase my memories. You see I'm a bearer, so there's no possible way for me to have children with a witch." Harry winced from the explosion of voices after that revelation.

Then there was no sound. Nothing. Not even the snoring from the portraits.

"Now that everyone is quiet, Harry why don't you explain to us why you would think such a thing?" Dumbledore demanded.

Harry shrugged. "Sure, since you asked so nicely. I found out in second year after I started showing symptoms—no need to get into those—but everyone was so caught up in the Chamber issue that no one noticed." Harry smiled tightly. He had lied, someone had noticed, but there was no need for these people to know that.

Dumbledore frowned. "Why didn't Madame Pomfrey notify me of this?"

Harry's smile became bitter and most of the silenced Order members had to idea why. "Oh I don't know maybe because it's none of your business, or it might be because I didn't go to her."

"If you didn't go see a Healer then how do you know you're a bearer. It could just be similar symptoms." Dumbledore asked. "Miss Weasley wouldn't lie about something like this Harry." He scolded.

"Of course she wouldn't. Why exactly would I though, hmm?" Harry asked, expecting no answer. "And I never said I didn't see a Healer, I just didn't see Madame Pomfrey."

"When and how did you go see a Healer?" Dumbledore asked sternly.

Harry frowned. He didn't want to answer the Headmaster's questions, but he saw no other choice. "The summer after second year, I took the Knight Bus." He sighed, frustrated that they had gotten off topic. "That's not why we're here though. I want Ginny sent to Azkaban, charged with line theft and whatever else she's committed by doing this."

The Headmaster frowned at him. "Harry I really think you need to think things through. If you send Ginny to Azkaban then your child will be born there, is that what you want?"

Harry laughed. "Don't try to guilt me into letting her get away with this Headmaster, it won't work. By the end of today my baby will be nowhere near Ginny Weasley because I will be having my personal Healers do a fetus transfer as soon as they can arrive and then the Aurors can take her to Azkaban."

"Harry, think about this reasonably. What does it matter if Miss Weasley is the one to give birth to your child, it is still her child just as much as yours, even if she is in Azkaban, but there is no need to send her there if she is pregnant."

Harry shook his head. "No, she is going to Azkaban, there is no mo—"

"Then perhaps Miss Granger could help." Dumbledore interrupted. "We could allow Madame Pomfrey to do the fetus transfer to her before we discuss Miss Weasley's punishment more." Dumbledore suggested.

Harry sighed. "How many times do I have to say this; I want her in Azkaban." Harry said frustrated by the Headmaster's denial, or stupidity, whatever it was. "And you misunderstood; I will be getting the fetus transferred to myself and then having the other parentage replaced."

Harry stood up, looking around the room at the various people who occupied it. "Now if you would excuse me, I need to contact some people." And with that Harry apparitioned out of the room.