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"What is going on here?" Lucius asked after walking into his son's sitting room and finding Harry, his niece, and wife sitting on the couch laughing, while his son sat in the same chair he had used earlier and was too busy pouting to notice his entrance.

Draco jumped up at his Father's voice and walked over to him. "Please Father; please get me away from them!" He pleaded.

"Narcissa," Lucius laughed at the desperate look Draco was giving him, "what have you done to my son? You've seemed to have broken him."

"The poor boy has an issue with the word penis," Narcissa said coyly, "which might have been brought up in our conversation a few times."

"A few times," Draco spluttered, "Father they were comparing people! Sizes, girths, lengths, and Mother just brought up colors!"

Lucius chuckled, earning a glare from his son. "What did you do to provoke your Mother, Draco?"

"What did I do? What did I do, you ask?" Draco seethed. "Nothing. I did absolutely nothing." Lucius gave Draco a suspicious look. "This time, I truly did nothing."

"It couldn't have been that horrible…" Lucius began, but seeing Draco's pale face and tight features made him stop. Looking to the couch, he found three very innocent individuals, who all seemed a bit too innocent. He sighed. "Why must you always torture him Narcissa?"

"I don't know what you're talking about Lucius," Narcissa replied haughtily, "we were just having some girl talk."

Lucius groaned in sympathy. "Then I'm truly sorry Draco." He was just glad he escaped before that began. Last time he had to sit through girl talk—which in Narcissa's world meant talking about sex, romance, more sex, and sometimes what normal people would consider actual girl talk—he had drank through three very expensive wines to drown out the voices. "So was that all you did while I was gone, or did you make any progress on choosing Harry's future husband?"

"As a matter of fact, we have made some progress." Narcissa snapped, not at all happy about her husband's apology to their son; she really wasn't that bad.

Lucius rolled his eyes at his wife's attitude. "Well, who are the lucky candidates?"

"We didn't get very far, but Harry didn't like any of the ones we did suggest." Draco informed his Father.

"Enough of that for now, Lucius you said that when you came back it would be time to do the fetus transfer, so why are we not leaving?" Narcissa asked her husband, serious for the moment.

"There is nothing wrong, so stop worrying. The girl is a bit hysterical at the moment and we have plenty of time to do the fetus transfer, no need to rush." He informed them.

"Oh," Harry said, "is there anything that happened that we should know about?"

"I spoke to Severus briefly and he informed me that Dumbledore put a secrecy spell on the Order about what they discussed before he brought you, the Weasley children, and Granger up. He also told me that he isn't certain what potions were used, but once we give the girl truth serum after the transfer we should get some clues that will help him find answers." Harry nodded, he had already thought as much. "There's more unfortunately. Dumbledore has plans for you that Severus says didn't change after finding out you were a bearer."

Harry frowned, "What could he be planning? Do you think it's connected with this?"

"I'm not sure, but you need to be careful regardless." Lucius said.

Harry nodded.

"Good, now who wasn't good enough for our little Harry?"

Draco rolled his eyes. "Other than Theo Nott, none of the other suggestions were real."

"Hey," Luna complained, "those were real suggestions. It's not my fault your delicate sensibilities were offended."

Glaring at his cousin, he turned to his Father, hoping he would find an ally. "Father, not only did she suggest the Dark Lord and Severus, but she also suggested you."

Lucius gave his niece a gentle—highly amused—smile. "Luna, you know you're Aunt and I are perfectly happy together."

Luna shrugged, "I thought you might want to experiment."

Lucius chuckled delightfully, he could hear Narcissa and Harry giggling, but he was focused on his son who looked like a ripe strawberry. "Draco whatever is the matter?"

Glaring at his Father he growled, "You were supposed to stop them, not help them!"

"Sorry Draco." He apologized, smirking. "So those were the only ones? Don't tell me you spent the entire time I was gone tormenting Draco?"

"No dear, just most of the time," Narcissa teased, "but we really do need to find Harry's potential husband, we're just having a little problem finding someone that Harry finds attractive."

"Well that's easy to solve," Lucius said, "who do you fantasize about?"

Harry blushed, "Uh, I don't really do that."

"What?" Draco asked skeptically.

Harry shot him a wounded look. "You said there was nothing wrong with me."

Narcissa gave her son a frown before focusing on Harry. "There is nothing wrong with you dear, Draco's just didn't think before he spoke. I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier, but Regulus had never really shown any interest in anyone either. We always thought it might have been because he was a bearer." She said, soothing his worries. "We also haven't thought about your use of the Purity Charm. This might be one of the consequences it hinted at, or it could just be a result of you using it for so long. The charm was only meant to deter the roaming hands of a fiancé, not to help prevent rape."

"That sounds plausible." Harry offered in the silence that followed. "So, what changed? Did his parents arrange a marriage or something?"

"Oh no dear," Narcissa tittered, "your Father was just very persistent and in the end it paid off. It probably helped that they had known each other their whole lives and Sirius was your Father's best friend."

Harry grinned; he always loved learning something new about his parents. "But how did he know that Father was the one? I've known Draco for a long time and I don't think I could ever want to bond to him."

Lucius spoke up before Narcissa could, "Your Father was very persistent, but he also was someone Regulus knew he could go to if he had a problem, even before you Father started pursuing him. Sirius might have been your Father's best friend, but Regulus was someone that your Father always watched out for, and Regulus knew that."

"But I don't have anyone like that," Harry said sadly.

"No darling, you might not have someone who you could bond with who you can turn to like that, but I have no doubt that anyone in this room would do anything for you." Luna gently reminded him.

"She's right dear," Narcissa added, "but remember what I said earlier about feeling safe," Harry nodded, "that can be a good starting point for us to go from. Now try and think of the safest you've ever felt, when was it?"

Harry thought about it and knew he wouldn't have to think as far back as his childhood because he could honestly say he had never felt safe during that time. When Hagrid had rescued him, he hadn't really been feeling safe, more like relieved that he knew he would have somewhere to escape from the Dursleys. Hermione and Ron had been his friends first year, but they weren't exactly the type to make someone feel safe—no they had expected that from him. Second year, the first couple of months were torture, especially when he started feeling sick and he thought he was dying. When he had started to bleed that night in December and had sat crying in that abandoned classroom, thinking someone would find his dead body the next morning, but instead a blond first year Ravenclaw had come skipping into the room and just sat and held him. For hours they had set there, until Draco Malfoy had come traipsing in—he had been looking for Luna Harry had found out later—and demanded to be told what was going on. It had been the start of their friendship, but it was so much more to Harry, who had never had anyone just be there for him. Draco might not have shown it with words, but he had with actions when after seeing Harry tears had joined the two on the floor just offering comfort. Harry knew that was probably the safest he had ever felt.

Harry didn't say all of that though, no he simply said. "The night Luna found me." The night he found his family.

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