Summary: AU. Caroline gets more than she's looking for when she picks up a one-night stand.

A/N: This story tweaks with quite a bit of the plot of the actual series. For instance, Damon and Caroline are never involved, Klaus gets to Mystic Falls far earlier, and he has his own body right away. I also posted this a little earlier than I planned as a tribute to our Caroline since I heard Candice Accola wouldn't be in tonight's episode. Klaroline all the way!

There were happily ever after girls in this world. The girls who got to ride merrily off into the sunset on white horses with their knight in shining armor. Then there were the other girls. They were the girls who always managed to attract the villains of the story. Caroline Forbes may have looked every bit the modern day Cinderella waiting for Prince Charming to show up with her glass slipper, but in reality she was that other kind of girl.


Caroline went to the Grill on a mission. She was seventeen, freshly stung by the slap of rejection, and bored of being good. She's ready to let loose a little, and the moment she saw him decided he'd be the one to help her do it.

She eyed him like fresh meat, and gave him her most winning smile when she caught his eye. The drink in front of him told her he's probably too old for her, but he's sex on a stick and she just didn't care. He finished off the last of the amber liquid in his glass without breaking eye contact. The intensity behind those eyes made every muscle in her body go taunt with anticipation. Then to her utter disappointment he turned back to the bartender and didn't look back her way.

Somewhat deflated but still determined, she sat at a booth close enough to the bar to catch his attention should she wish to. She had hardly sat down when the bartender Tony, who she had never seen leave his station while on shift, approached her setting down a glass of familiar amber liquid.

"From the gentleman at the bar," he nodded to the man she had just been eying, who was looking at her once more, and walked back to the bar.

Caroline nodded in thanks taking a sip of the smooth scotch glad it wasn't the first time she's tried it so she doesn't embarrass herself. Inwardly, she was stunned. Everyone in town knew she was the sheriff's underage daughter. How did this stranger get them to serve her? Maybe Tony was just suffering from memory loss. Regardless, she wasn't sure what her next move should be. She'd never actually picked a guy up before.

But she's Caroline Forbes and no one could imitate confidence better than her, so she stood purposely sliding her hands over her hips as if to smooth out the tight purple dress she wore. Picking up her drink, she walked over to him. A thrill ran through her at the way his eyes roamed up and down her body appreciatively. It was almost lewd, but damn if it didn't dampen her panties just a bit.

"Klaus," he introduced. His smooth accent melted her insides as he extended his hand and she took the seat next to him.

She took his hand, "Caroline."

They stayed like that seated facing one another, hands grasped, the other holding their drinks.

Finally pulling her hand away she asked, "So Klaus are you new to Mystic Falls?"

"Not exactly," his smirk kick started the butterflies in her stomach. "I lived here a long time ago. I just got back into to town."

"Moving back?"

He shook his head, "Just passing through."

Caroline couldn't help but think that made this a hell of a lot easier.


She was lucky she didn't crash her car on her drive back home what with all the distractions her passenger was providing. She nearly swerved into oncoming traffic as he brushed her hair off her neck with one hand to kiss the exposed skin there, while the other rested just above her knee and started making a path up her inner thigh.

She couldn't hold back a gasp as his fingers brushed against the edge of her panties. Her fingers white knuckled the steering wheel as one finger slipped under them and he took her earlobe between his teeth.

Klaus smirked against her ear whispering, "You're wet."

Caroline gulped in response. She had never been happier to see her house in her life. She pulled in the drive parking hurriedly and pulled the key out the ignition. Turning to him, she captured his lips in a heated kiss. She kneeled in her seat and climbed over the arm rest without breaking the kiss. The fluid movement surprised him enough allow her to take his wrists in her hands and place them on her hips so she could straddle him more easily. Using the advantage the position gave her, she moved her hips down, brushing her lace panties against the rough denim of his jeans where she could feel him hardening.

A strangled groan escaped him ending their kiss, and Caroline smirked in satisfaction rolling her hips again. The next time he bucked at the same time she moved against him, and she hissed tilting her head back.

Klaus leaned forward licking the column of her neck his hands moving to her ass. Caroline responded lacing her fingers through his hair and pulling him back to attack his lips. Continuing the humping of their lower bodies, Caroline kissed along his strong jaw nipping occasionally.

"You wouldn't happen to have control issues would you?" he asked amused as he leaned back to further allow her to leave sucking kisses down his neck.

"No," she answered between kisses. "Control and I don't have any issues." Another kiss, "We get along fabulously."

He chuckled at her response, slipping his hands up under her dress and back down her panties to grab onto her well-toned buttocks directly. "Is that so?"

"Yes," she sighed euphorically at his touch grinding against him harder.

She could feel the exquisite pressure building around her clit every time she pushed against him, but it wasn't enough. She panted against his neck nuzzling the spot where his neck met his shoulder. She ground once more and hit the same wall, her pleasure unable to peak without more stimulation. "More," she whined.

Klaus slid his finger across her slit coating it with her juices earning a whimper from the blonde in his arms. He pushed his finger into her making a slight come hither motion at the same moment he bucked into her at just the right angle.

Caroline exploded in ecstasy. The world became warmer around her as her center pulsated. In the heat of the moment, Caroline bit down hard where her mouth connected to him. So hard, she was afraid she might have broken the skin, but he didn't seem to mind as he only held her against him more tightly. She felt his cock twitch as she clung to him coming down slightly from her high.

She laughed softly pulling back from him as far as he would allow, "So," she said after a moment.


"Want to come inside?"

His response was to open the door and make his way toward her house with her still wrapped around him. She couldn't help but feel incredibly turned on at how he carried her as if she weighed nothing.


Caroline lay next to Klaus in the hazardously tangled sheets on her bed. The man was a certified sex god. She felt strangely disappointed she wouldn't be able to get to know him, and not so strangely disappointed she wouldn't be experiencing another tryst with him as he was probably leaving Mystic Falls soon.

Klaus stirred next to her. "You think loudly," he murmured.

She giggled turning on her side to face him. Resting her on her elbow, she smiled at him, "Sorry."

He pulled on the arm resting at her side until she was sprawled over him. His hand hitched her leg so he had access to her cunt. He moved his fingers over and through her folds softly.

"Klaus," she sighed grabbing onto his biceps.

One then two fingers entered her as his thumb rubbed gently over her clit. She was close to achieving another orgasm when he spoke. "Caroline I have something to tell you."

"Wh-what?" she writhed against him.

"I have a biting fetish too," he confessed. Caroline fell over the edge with the combined sensation of his fingers working against her, the vibrations his voice sent through his chest to hers, and his lips against her. She cried out sharply in both pleasure and pain as his teeth pierced her neck, unable to see his incisors had elongated into fangs.

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