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It was mid Sunday, little rays of light peaked into the room through the gaps between the curtains into a room with two beds. One was empty and made, it looked as though no one had slept in it. The one on the other side of the room though was not empty.

For under the covers lay sleeping was the young male heir of the Kamiyama family.

The only sounds heard were chirping birds outside the room and light snoring sounds coming from the sleeping male. Excluding these sounds the room was silent until…

"Young Master we got the tape you wanted!" the door was opened by the two bodyguards referred Right and Left, of the black haired boy as the stepped inside the room and closed the door, one carrying a tape in a protective case and the other a TV and a tape player.

The young Master groaned but sat up, the covers concealing the lower half of his body from view. He glared at his two bodyguards, took a sigh then said, "What are you two babbling about!"

"We got the tapes you wanted! The ones you asked for the other day to figure out where you put your book." One of the two replied as the other set the device up.

"Good, good! Now one of you get me breakfast!" he demanded, you see over the past few days he was looking for something he lost, even though he had lost it at least a month ago the issue of needing to know where it was only recently came up, you see for it held some pictures he would not like any one to see in.

"Right away, young Master! What would you like to drink with that though?" the bodyguard who wasn't setting up the device asked.

"Yes! I want… Fine Chocolate milk." The young master replied, the bodyguard who asked the question nodded and walked out of the room.

"Hurry up! What's taking you so long?" Tomoza complained.

"I just finished young Master! All you now is to press play." the bodyguard told the younger male.

"Good, good where's the remote?" The black haired male asked his bodyguard, who immediately gave him the remote.

Tomoza began searching by pressing fast forward button repeatedly.

The footage on the tape had been from video camera's the young Master had installed into the shared room ages ago to catch anything or anyone who tried to break in a take something of his, he just never really needed to look at them, well actually he forgot completely about them for some time, too busy thinking about how to prove he was better than the low class samurai.

Speaking of the low class samurai, only a month had gone past since the twins real identities had been found out, and were given a punishment. Right now in fact the black haired boy's roommate Kou of the twins were probably attending some lessen with his older sister Tsukiko.

It was funny to think that no one could tell they switched places constantly, especially him the male heir to the Kamiyama family when there were obvious signs showing that they sometimes switched, like their heights difference, Tsukiko's and Kou's strength difference, and many others.

'There was also that issue about Tsukiko's sempai…" Tomoza thought with an unknown feeling bubbling in his chest, 'Not that he was better than me!' he smirked at his thoughts, pressing the fast forward button again but to his dismay no signs of fast forwarding came on the screen.

His face fell into a frown before he said, "What the hell is this things problem! Treating me like this!"

"Ah, the batteries must need changing young Master." Replied his bodyguard still in the room,

"I don't think we have any spares, I'll go get some right now though!" the bodyguard said before hurriedly leaving the room.

"Hmm…" it was official the young Master was bored now he couldn't press fast forward and the footage being shown was not interesting in the least, no wait… he could feel blood rising to his face and his body froze on the spot, thanks to the image now being shown on the screen.

It was of Tsukiko, taking a shower, and she was naked, and also his sister. Wait… What! His sister! The young male's eyes widened his hand blocking his view of more private details of the Woman's body's.

He doubled checked. Yep that defiantly was his sister, in the shower with Tsukiko both of them nude. 'Wait… DON'T TELL ME THE LOW CLASS SAMURAI SWINGS THAT WAY!' his mind screamed the same unknown feeling and shock bubbling in his chest.

His sister was now hugging the super strength female. His mind was running over time from the words heard on the footage just seconds ago.

"…I just have one favor to ask."

"I'd like you to marry my little brother, Tomoza."

"AWAAAAA!" he screamed, 'Ane-ue, asked her… to…' honestly it did explain why she acted strangely the next few days after that, 'I even made her watch me bathe…'

Sadly it was too much for the young Heir, he fainted.

Thirty minutes later.

"Young Master wake up!" cried the two bodyguards who had just returned moments ago. The tape player had been stopped and turned off.

"Urgh…" the boy groaned, he did not appreciate being shaken awake by his own two bodyguards, he was about to insult them but he froze upon hearing the door open with two well-known voices catting.

"Hey Kamiyama, what are you doing on the floor?" Tsukiko

He just couldn't take it. So he choose the option that seemed best to him at this moment to pass out again.

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