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Namisa was shocked, and utterly confused.

Her prince had turned out to be a Female, she didn't know what to think at the moment. All she wanted to do was sort out her feelings, 'Mama in heaven what did Namisa do to deserved this!'

Kou no it was really Tsukiko the twin that held the massive inhuman strength, and had saved her from dangerous gases, like it was it was the most natural thing to do. Tsukiko was strong, determined, and radiated a sense of leadership. But she was a girl therefore not a prince!

Namisa sighed she could already image her dreams of a happily ever after washing down the drain.

Then there was Kou the twin who was amazing at doing housework, cleaning, cooking, and knitting, anything that didn't involve massive amounts of strength. But unlike Tsukiko she just couldn't imagine him being her prince at all. It was like asking Motomomo to mature from his self-obsessiveness.

It was wrong but somehow just somehow she still thought of Tsukiko as her prince, just with longer hair and a big bust.

She wiped her mouth with a napkin, removing the drool that slipped out of it from her thinking. She let out another sigh, a small smile making its way across her face. 'Tsukiko isn't a prince at all… but Namisa's heart still longs for her…'

She had decided.

Although Tsukiko wasn't a male by birth it didn't mean that she couldn't be, just a little surgery and that fact about her gender could change. Yes Namisa could imagine it now, Tsukiko as a male would be even more attractive and fall deeply in love with her at first sight then whisk her away to the nearest chapel grand enough for their marriage.

But there were still a few problems that stood in Namisa's way.

One, Tsukiko's classmates.

Two, Kou Tsukiko's younger brother or her soon to be brother-in-law if she could convince him.

Three, Motomomo and Mariri.

Yes Mariri Kamiyama, her own childhood friend would be a big problem indeed, and Motomomo obviously had a crush on Tsukiko anyone who knew him could see that, he even stole Tsukiko from her back when they were about to wed, and then in front of the hole school.

Namisa was no fool. She knew that Mariri had set her eyes on Tsukiko the moment she heard why she entered the school for. Back then of course Namisa had thought the reason she hugged Tsukiko was because she was happy for Namisa.

If Namisa was correct Mariri aimed to be head of the Kamiyama family, but what she wanted Tsukiko for though Namisa wasn't sure of, but she knew she would have to fight for Tsukiko if Mariri was serious.

Namisa's smile grew, with new found determination she set out to find Tsukiko. 'Namisa will get her happy ending right Mama. She just has to fight for her prince! Right.'

She continued her path, boys blushing at the mere sight of her till she reached class 1-A.

'If this doesn't work Namisa won't care. Tsukiko doesn't have to be a prince for Namisa if she doesn't want to. Namisa is fine with her being my Knight in shining amour.'



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