Julie Powers vs. His world

A/N: this is my first fanfiction! *Le gasp* I'm as big of a fan of Scott pilgrim as Neil is to Sex bob-omb (knives chau note: NOT AS MUCH AS ME!1!1), but I couldn't help noticing there are some characters who haven't really had a fanfic about them. Yes, that means I'll be focusing on them. (Scottaholics note: WE WANT SCOTT! WE WANT SCOTT!).So, wish me luck! I'll probably write up, Lisa, knives, Stephen and Wallace in upcoming stories but right now, let's focus on our favourite party hostess. That's right, Julie Powers.

Disclaimer: I do not own Scott pilgrim. Oni Press and Brian Lee O'Mally do.

Chapter 1: Julie 3 Powers is in a relationship. No likes.

"Julie Powers is dating someone else!" Stephen Stills shouted at his ex band mates.(Stephen Stills: age 23. Status: mind-blown.)

"So she does have a heart..." Kim muttered under her breath.(Kim Pine: age 24. Rating: doesn't need one. She's cool that way.)

It was a casual day in Toronto, Canada and the Gang were bored out of their poor, 16-BIT-ified minds. Everyone was shocked from the Julie X ? News. Except Neil, who wasn't there at the time.

" are these info boxes going to be a regular thing, weird voice in our heads?" scott said. (Scott Pilgrim: age 24. Rating: not the hero of the story for once!) "There getting annoying... Wait where's Neil?"

*death Glare*

"PAY ATTENTION SCOTT!" roared the group. Even Ramona was annoyed.

"emm... I'm gonna go look for you- I mean Neil." Scott stammered, as he crawled out from under the table. The rest of the gang held their breath for some reason, and exhaled when Scott left the room.

" I can' believe it..." whispered Stephen Stills.

"Scott's not gonna like it..." muttered Lisa. ( Lisa Miller : age 24 Status: moved to Toronto 3 months ago when she realised she sucks at acting. Sad face.)

"he'll go beserk..." grunted Wallace.

" I'm still amazed that Julie found Someone." Giggled Stacy. Her face soon turned sad however, then she said: "but why does it have to be Lawrence..."

CLIFFHANGER! So Julie's going out with Lawrence, Scott and Stacy's brother! Who saw that one coming? Anyone? Never mind... sorry the chapters so short, just remember this is just the intro. So yeah... thats all for now from the Gaming god! Amen!