A/n: Just another one-shot... Enjoy and all that...

After their oldest sister Prue died, all the responsibility and strength had fallen to her. She hadn't asked for it. She certainly didn't want it either. But she had it.

She was expected to be the strong one. The responsible one. The one that always knows the right thing to do. The one that knows where she's going and how to get there. For the most part, she was those things and knew them. But other times..., it was just so hard. To always know..., to always be there for her sisters. Everything was just so overwhelming.

The Charmed ones were unique. Very, very special. Never before had such power been created. They were to stick together and defeat all evil.

In fighting demons and warlocks, there were no sick days or I-just-don't-feel-like-the-demon-thing-today. It was kill or be killed, or perhaps worse. And yet, she was expected to be the strong one, to always know where to go next, what to do next.

Sometimes she wondered if Prue ever felt this way.

She never had time to dwell on that though. There was always another demon, another warlock, another magical something that required her attention.

Sometimes, she just wanted to sit and cry. It was all so unfair. To be up to her all the time, to be expected to be strong, to be expected to be completely confident in her actions.

She was laying on her bed in her room. A pillow hugged tightly to her chest. Tears fell from her eyes, dampening the pillow on which she laid. She was so tired of being right, of being in control, of being relied on, of being the strong one, of being the confident one...
More tears silently fell from her chocolate brown eyes.

That was when someone orbed into her room, nearly falling onto the bed.

"Oh sorry, still trying to get this orbing thing down...," Paige, her youngest half-sister, said apologetically as she leaned against the squishy mattress of Piper's bed.

"It's fine," Piper replied, hurriedly wiping her tears away.

"Are you okay?" Paige asked, taking a seat beside her oldest sibling and turning towards her, concern evident in her light brown eyes.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Piper sniffed, not looking her sister in the eye.

"Piper, you've been crying. What's wrong?" the red head reached a hand out to lightly stroke the brunette's cheek.

A single tear fell.

"It's nothing..., really."

"Piper..., we're sisters, you can tell me anything."

Piper cried then, leaning into her sister's neck, sobbing quietly, the sobs nearly soundless as Paige stroked the older woman's hair lightly, unable to ease the pain as it wasn't magical in nature.

They sat for an hour, Paige softly stroking Piper's hair and Piper crying, the sobs easing to sniffles and tears.

They continued to sit, even after Piper's tears had stopped. Just enjoying the silence, Paige not wishing to press her older sister when she was in such a fragile state.

"Thank you," Piper said softly, not moving from her sister's side.

"Any time. I'm always here for you Piper," the red head replied, only just barely hesitant as she tilted the older woman's face up to her own.

Slowly, they began to lean together, closer and closer until their lips touched. The kiss was soft, passionate and loving. When Paige broke the kiss, Piper simply hugged her younger sister tightly and they silently decided that Paige would be sleeping in the bed with her that night.

Paige slid under the covers with her older sister. Piper laid with her head on Paige's chest, listening to her strong, steady heartbeat.

"Thank you," the older woman said softly.

Paige didn't bother with a reply, stroking the older woman's hair instead, making sure she had fallen asleep before she closed her eyes as well.