I never thought it could possible happen to us here in Salem, a boring town in New England; but it did and the consequences from the action executed were fatal.

My senior year, I had high hopes. It was going to be the best year of high school. I wasn't going to deal with crazy obsessive drama I usually dealt with every year; I was going to have fun, party, celebrate my last year of high school; then on to collage.

My best friend Nick and I were going to go to Chester Collage together. Sure we hadn't been accepted in yet and we hadn't sent in our applications, but it was our senior year, you get caught up in everything. Everything being your future, your newly found freedom, starting your life independently.

A month into the school year and everything was going great. The senior class had completely changed everyone stopped separating into groups. There was a party happening at the end of the week that the, I guess, popular click was throwing the entire senior class was invited.

October 5, 2012: The day of the first senior party; the whole class was in a buzz. Excitement filled the class rooms and halls.

7:30 A.M

"Nick!" I shouted as I got out of Cassie's old silver beaten up mini-van. Nick turned his head away from his group of friends and smiled at me. He turned back to say goodbye to the group. My smile fading as he looked away. "It's our senior year, why don't you and Nick finally get together?" I rolled my eyes at Cassie.

"Don't give me that. You like Nick; you've liked him for as long as I've known the two of you." She was right but it wasn't going to happen. "It's not worth loosing our friendship over. He's my oldest friend I can't loose that." She rolled her eyes and walked away as Nick walked up.

As soon as Nick couldn't see her she turned around and made a kissing face towards us. I raised my eyebrows not amused. A confused look came over Nicks face and turned around. She snapped back up straight, smiled and ran off.

He turned back to me with a confused look. "What was that?" he pointed behind himself were Cassie had stood. I shook my head as if I didn't know what he was talking about. He dropped it and moved on to something ells.


"Yes Nick?"

"I would be honored if you would let me walk you to your first class." He smiled

"Why Nick, I would love to have you walk me to class." I smiled back

We laughed as he swung his arm around my shoulders and walked towards the school.

"So" I started as Nick opened the front doors to the school for me. I smiled with a little head nod to the ground. "Yes." Nick linked his arm into mine. "I was wondering if you would care to accompany me to the party tonight." His cute but slightly devilish smile spread across his face. "I would." That was that and we were off to the cafeteria for a small breakfast then History class.

8:00 A.M

We reached history class. At the open door Nick stepped back and held out his arm, looking like a perfect gentlemen. "After you."

The class was completely full, we made it just before the bell rang and the teacher walked in. "I've got a surprise you guys." Everyone's moods perked up, but this was a high school teacher dealing with, what looked like, a whole class of seniors pumped for a whole night of partying, just because she said she had a surprise for us doesn't mean were going to like it.

I turned to Nick who was thinking the same thing. She held up a peace of paper stapled to at least five more papers. "A quiz." The entire class booed her. "I didn't say you guys were going to like it." she stated. "We didn't even get to study."

Snarky Parky, one of the few people in the senior class that didn't like that everyone was getting along, sat right in front of me.

Her father was some big time lawyer in Boston, she got everything she wanted. She was what you seen in the movies with the perfect blonde hair, always wearing something pink, always wearing expensive brands. She even had the perfect bitchy attitude towards anyone that was lower than her. And with everything on top of it she's probably going to end up being valedictorian.

"Well Mss. Parky I'm sorry, but its just what we've been learning for the past month; it shouldn't be that difficult." Anne-Marie rolled her eyes but didn't continue the conversation.

The teacher put papers on the front row desks and told the students to pass it down. When Anne-Marie turned around to me she gave me a soft smile. I smiled back nicely.

Before high school, before her father became a big time lawyer, we were really good friends; best friends. Then high school came and everything changed. I was never mad at her because it wasn't just her, everyone I knew had changed to I wasn't going to hold it just over her head. We don't talk or hang out anymore but I am the only loser that she leaves alone.

I read over the test before starting it. Amazingly while reading it I was able to answer almost every question before reading the multiple answers. I flew threw the test and waiting for everyone to finish.