"Aw, it's pretty close." Tyler McCarthy and Shawn Detham were standing side by side. Both held a gun in a head, but Shawn also held a machete. My hand flew up to my mouth to try to hold back a scream as I realized that the blade was dripping with blood. What if it was a friend of my or Nick's, what if it was a teacher? I buried my face in Nick's back trying hard not to picture it.

"Tyler . . . Shawn, what the hell are you guys doing." Both of them had grown up with Nick; they use to play together in there neighborhood. They had, at one point, all been inseparable, but high school hit and like many friends they weren't as tight of a group as before. They still hung out when they could find the time; just last Friday night they had a horror movie night over at Tyler's house and now he was killing student's, kids he grew up with.

"We're fed up with everything." Tyler answered. "We were going to end our lives but realized that if we were going to do it why not do something completely crazy and then end everything, I mean it's not like we'd end up in jail." Shawn said with a all to big of a smile.

"No your right but you will end up burning in hell." Shawn turned around to face Devein.

Devein was well known in the school, not threw popularity but because he was the senior classes junkie. You wanted anything you went to him you wanted alcohol, fake ID's you just had to call him up. Even though he did all of that he was a nice kid, he got good grades didn't treat anyone badly and when he did there was always a good reason to back it up.

Shawn shrugged his shoulders at him and tilted his head sideways a just a little, then BAM in one fast simple motion Shawn had hired his gun and fired it right threw Deveins chest, he fell back on a table that he had been leaning against. His arms were both dangling over each end of the side of the table, his legs swung slowly at the end of the table his body laying almost directly in the middle. The blood was coming out so fast that there was a puddle of it on the table and already starting to form one on the floor.

"Perfect shot." Tyler said. Shawn swung around to face him smiling his hand up in the air for a high five. I was so petrified that I wasn't able to scream when the gun went off. I didn't want to stare at Deveins body but I couldn't help it. Just a minute ago he was breathing had life inside of him, could walk, move, his heart was pounding in his chest; but with one small single peace of fast moving metal he was died.

Nick had tightened his grip when Shawn fired the gun, he was shaking his head slowing. Tyler looked back at us. "Amazing isn't it how fast you can take a life?"

His smile faded "Anybody ells in this room better come out, if you don't and we find you your automatically died."

Two boys appeared from the far end of the library, I didn't recognize either of them they looked like freshmen, a girl fallowed just behind them she looked to be a freshmen too. From a table Markey and Jenna appeared they were juniors he was on the swim team and she was a cheerleader. Two more girls appeared from behind the librarians' desk, one of the girls was in my science class she was a sophomore and the other I'd seen with her before but didn't know her.

"Everyone come and stand over here by Nick and Sarah." Tyler said pointing at Nick and I with a gun. "Shawn go look for others."

We stood there for what seemed like forever in piercing silence. Without any warning you heard a high pitch scream from a girl and then silence. No gun went off and all I could picture was him using the machete. A shiver went up my spine making my body shake violently for a quick second, a tear running down my cheek. Nick gave me a little squeeze knowing he felt my body shake.

"That's it, you should have seen that little bitches face when she screamed me." Shawn tried to imitate the girl. I didn't know who she was in a way I was glad because if it had been a friend of mine or someone I had known I would have broke out into a million tears, but the gnawing in the back of my head wondering who she was, it felt just as bad as knowing.

"Okay this is how it's going to be, just next door is the teachers room it's comfortable and we're a little worn out so we're all going to go in there and just chill for a little while." Tyler stated.

It seemed like Tyler was the one in charge, it could be possible that he was the one who came up with this whole idea. Tyler had always tried to lead Shawn and Nick when they were a group but Shawn always fallowed Nick, but when Nick started branching out Shawn started to fallow Tyler.

Tyler always envied Nick a little and with him in this kind of mood, there was a possibility that Nick may not live past today. I thought about all of this as we made our way to the teacher's room.

Tyler and Shawn plopped down onto the couch while the students stood motionless and silent. I stood against Nick, my face buried in his chest and my arms folded between our bodies. One of his arms was wrapped around me the other was stroking my hair trying to calm me. His warm lips were pressed to the top of my head.

"Every things going to be okay, I told you I wont let anything happen to you." he whispered. I raised my head to look at him "It's not me that I'm worried about, your not Tyler's favorite person in the world, what if you say something he doesn't like, he probably wont even thing about it and just point and shoot." The thought made me cringe burying my face back into his chest.

I tried to remember all the good time I had with him. When we first met at a summer camp we were both pared up together for the Olympic Games. The first time I started to wear more girly clothes he wouldn't even hug me because he said he didn't want to touch the girly pink, even though I didn't last long I still bring it up. When we entered junior high school, both of us were petrified neither of us would leave each others side for almost a two months, even when we had to use the bath room if the other didn't need to use it one of us would wait outside the door; I guess it was a good thing that we had all the same classes together. When we got our license and drove to New York City around Christmas time, he tried to teach me to ice skate which I still can't do to this day. And when I kissed him today, I know that what was happening wants a good memory, but his arms around me for the first time knowing it wasn't a friend hug the feeling was amazing, the way our lips moved in perfect sync with each other; it was if we'd been in a relationship together our whole life.

I was snapped out of my happy thoughts by Shawn. "So who's going to die a gruesome painful death next?" he held up the long blade still dripping with blood.